Poems and Fragments by Sappho

Poems and Fragments

Little remains today of the writings of the archaic Greek poet Sappho (fl. late 7th and early 6th centuries B.C.E.), whose work is said to have filled nine papyrus rolls in the great library at Alexandria some 500 years after her death. The surviving texts consist of a lamentably small and fragmented body of lyric poetry--among them, poems of invocation, desire, spite, celebration, resignation, and remembrance--that nevertheless enables us to hea...

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TitlePoems and Fragments
Release DateMar 1st, 2002
GenrePoetry, Classics, Glbt, Literature, Ancient

Reviews Poems and Fragments

  • Joseph
    Simply and completely amazing. The bits of poetry that have survived only offer a small piece of the lost treasure of literature.
  • Lydia
    So this is my first time reading Sappho, and I absolutely loved it.As a queer woman, I really wanted to read her because I wanted to feel her voice and I always want queer women to be represented in work. For me, this book was really special because of how ancient it is, which proves to me that queer people have been around since forever, and always will be. ... unfortunately, though, Sappho's work is fragmentary. Fragmentary because she was a wo...
  • TheLibraryOfSarah
    What lovely poetry from an incredibly talented woman. It's beyond a shame how much of her work was destroyed. There's something about her words- how they convey such strong, specific human emotions that transcend time. The love poems clearly addressed to women are absolutely lovely, as well as the imagery of nature.
  • Brianna da Silva
    Ohhh, Sappho.The first prominent, female voice in Western literature, and - as I understand it - the inventor of lyric verse, Sappho's poetry is as gripping and relevant as when it was written, nearly three thousand years ago.She writes with passion, beauty, and intimate humanity. But there is a dark history that has followed her over the millennia.Because of the homoerotic nature of some of Sappho's poems, she is the reason we have words like "S...
  • Max Maxwell
    Ancient Greece was pretty emo. Whether it's lines like "There's a hole burning inside of me" (from Euripides' Medea , and source of Courtney Love's band's name), or the whole effeminate guys thing, or the quick-to-anger, quick-to-get-emotional attitude of goddesses like Artemis and Hera, the whole body of literature sits pretty nicely next to Brand New's discography. As we all know, emo kids seem to enjoy poetry involving words like "heart" and ...
  • Jonathan
    Where to start? There are a number of enjoyable aspects of this book - the poetry is a given - so I will go on to some other points. I will say that the translation is wonderful and I enjoy its directness much more than Lattimore's selections in "Greek Lyric".A lesbian poet, a poet from Lesbos, or both? The first time i heard of Sappho it was probably in reference to her being into chicks. If one were to read her poetry, and assumes as most do (r...
  • anna (readingpeaches)
    i'm amazed by this fact too but frankly??? lombardo's translation is one of my favourites
  • Michael Palkowski
    Sappho is a literary construct, mythological more than tangible as her oeuvre consists of a single surviving poem with other fragments derived from scraps of parchment or quotations from other authors most of whom reproduced the work with the understanding that the reader probably knew the passage in question. Her life is a complicated set of identities and ideas supplanted onto a literary output. The introduction of the book delineates this quit...
  • Adriana Scarpin
    Trabalho excepcional do Guilherme Gontijo Flores esta obra é a edição definitiva sobre Safo no Brasil, fruto de um estudo filológico detalhado que deixam boquiabertos filólogos e estudiosos de poesia, como bem amantes da cultura grega em geral. O único porém são os fragmentos de algumas poesias de Safo, estes tão ínfimos que nem podemos saber do que se trata, mas isso, claro, não é um problema editorial e que não impede de efetivamen...