Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Green Eggs and Ham

“Do you like green eggs and ham?” asks Sam-I-am in this Beginner Book by Dr. Seuss. In a house or with a mouse? In a boat or with a goat? On a train or in a tree? Sam keeps asking persistently. With unmistakable characters and signature rhymes, Dr. Seuss’s beloved favorite has cemented its place as a children’s classic. In this most famous of cumulative tales, the list of places to enjoy green eggs and ham, and friends to enjoy them with,...

Details Green Eggs and Ham

TitleGreen Eggs and Ham
Release DateDec 13th, 1988
PublisherRandom House Books for Young Readers
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Classics, Fiction

Reviews Green Eggs and Ham

  • Mark Lawrence
    There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who like green eggs and ham, and those who don't.Well, three. Those who like green eggs and ham. Those who don't. And those who like the green eggs but not the ham. It's just ham, not green ham. We should get that straight. Oh, correction, it's green ham too.Anyhow four kinds of people. The haters, the likers, the green egg but not green hammers, and the green hammers but not green eggs.Actually I...
  • Peter
    This is a very complex story of two gentlemen from two very different walks of life. Introvert, extrovert... good, evil... Democrat, Republican... you get the idea. It also parallels the generational gap between those set in their ways, and those willing to venture out and explore perhaps a different approach to life. However you dissect it, there is an initial, almost uncomfortable clash between the two main characters in this saga. None the les...
  • Brad
    Say! I love Green Eggs and Ham. I do! I love it Seuss-I-am. So I will read it with Miloš Or he will read it cause he's precoš.And I will read it with my TëAnd we will read it night and day. And I will read it to my ScoutAnd she will love it, I have no doubt.And I will read it in the rain.And I will read it on the train. And I will read it in my socks. And I will read it with a fox. And I will read it in the shower.And I will read it every hour...
  • Starjustin
    First let me say I love Dr. Seuss. I just finished reading 'Green Eggs And Ham' with my granddaughter and we really enjoyed it. In short, the book teaches children to try something first before they decide they don't like something. The illustrations are great! I beleve we can all take a lesson from this one.
  • James
    Book Review 4 of 5 stars to Green Eggs and Ham, a picture book written by Dr. Seuss in 1960. Another delightful children's book full of wonderful images and fantastic rhymes. These are amazing books to use as tools that engages young kids in reading at a very early age. The topic in this one... Sam-I-Am and all the places to eat green eggs and ham! On some levels, the things they eat and the places they go are not appropriate for kids, but it's ...
  • Alejandro
    Nutritive reading indeed!!! BOOKS THAT FEED YOUR HUNGER OF KNOWLEDGE Do you like green eggs and ham? I do not like them, Sam-I-am. I do not like green eggs and ham. One of the most charming tales to help kids to learn how to read.A brilliant work made only with fifty words, where forty-nine out of those words are monosyllables.Dr. Seuss, only him.Genius is an overstatement for a writer as him.Also, I think that besides helping to learn how to...
  • Manny
    I do not think that Doctor SeussShould be a God, like Thor or ZeusAnd if you hate Green Eggs and HamMy Dear, I could not give a Damn
  • Alex
    Dr. Seuss's Orwellian dystopia finds him once again subverting reality in his funhouse world. He's not being subtle about it either. It's wild that there are whole generations who think this is cute:courtesy of this woman who is undoubtedly super niceIf your ham and eggs are green, they are rancid. Of course they are! That's what green means! They're made of poison now. You're going to get really sick. Tautological nightmare Sam I Am is trying to...
  • Mikey
    Mommy: "What did you think?"Mikey: "That was easy, Mommy! I read it so fast!! I like that book. I did a good job, right Mommy?"Mommy: "Yes, baby. A very good job!"Mikey: "I read that one without any help! I want to read it again."Mommy: "Yes you did, baby. Okay, now how many stars?"Mikey: "5 Mommy. It's my favorite!!"Mommy: "Sure baby, lets log it into Goodreads..."(Mommy logging it in, while Mikey is reading the book again. =) Perfect for 1st gr...
  • Melki
    The Argyle Sweater by Scott HilburnOkay. I never heard this little story before. It seems this book . . . . . . was written on a bet. Bennett Cerf, co-founder of Random House and Seuss’s editor, bet him $50 that he couldn’t write a book using only 50 unique words. Seuss made it work with exactly 50—but Cerf never paid his debt. Seuss probably didn’t notice, as the book went on to become one of the best-selling picture books ever written (...
  • Josh
    An exciting epic story about the battle between good and evil, It really makes you question life the universe and everything.
  • Jason Koivu
    An epic poem for the ages! Until recently only heard orally as passed down from the mouths of ancient sages (my mom and dad), I just picked up this tome and realized the eggs and the ham were green. SICK! No wonder the poor target of Sam-I-Am's incessant torment didn't want to eat the horrible looking stuff!I admire an author who can seamlessly incorporate their opinion. However, I must say that is the one failure of Green Eggs and Ham. The negat...
  • Jilly
    I had to pick a childhood book for my 2016 Reading Challenge with the Machalo group, so this one wins. Why? I have it memorized. It was required reading for me according to my children so that they would go to sleep at night. Something about the repetitive wording would lull them off to dreamland.
    5 Green Eggs and Ham ★'s “Try them, try them, and you may! Try them and you may, I say.” And yet another delightful book from the one and only Dr. Seuss :) It's loaded with wonderful images and fantastic rhymes. That the kids really get into and will love reading or singing along whichever you prefer. Green Eggs and Ham is really funny and silly and it's also a lot of fun. No wonder why it's a classic. The illustrations are big, bold and c...
  • James
    ‘Dr Seuss’ being the pen name under which Theodor Seuss Geisel wrote (taking his middle name and making full use of his Oxford University PhD in English literature) was the American born grandson of German immigrants to the US. Beginning his career in the late 1920’s as an illustrator and cartoonist, it wasn’t until nearly 30 years later that Seuss produced his classic series of children’s books that so many of us know and love.Never ha...
  • Nathan
    Roughly fifteen years ago, when I was just starting out in high school, nothing in the world was more subversive or thought-provoking for me than staying up late on the weekend and watching Saturday Night Live. Around the same time, I think during the final year or two of the Reagan administration (my memory is not so good), the Reverend Jesse Jackson made a cameo appearance on the Weekend Update segment. He read Green Eggs and Ham. No adlibbing,...
  • Tim
    I think Seuss is a genius at two distinct genres of children's lit -- the message book and the early reader. This is the book in which I feel that he best balances the two. From the message side, Sam teaches us about persistence while his unnamed, skeptical pal learns that one need not cling desperately to an old idea because ideas (like tastes in oddly colored foodstuffs) can change. But it's also a great example of what a child's reader should ...
  • [Shai] Bibliophage
    I have to read this twice before I was able to grasp the moral lessons that this children's story book wants to impart to readers. I'm very much aware that target audience for these story books of Dr. Seuss are kids. I can't stop myself on reading them because the colorful illustrations and story are not only enticing, but because all of his books has a hidden moral lesson in them which adult readers could really appreciate.
  • Yulia
    Sometimes things aren't so bad as we imagine them.
  • berthamason
    Books like this make me wanna have children.
  • Amy
    I never appreciated Green Eggs and Ham when I was a kid. I mean, it was ok, and it was Dr. Seuss, but it is a book about green eggs and ham. When my niece and nephew were born, however, all that changed. I should say, when my very strong-willed, don't-take-no-for-an-answer, nag-the-grown-ups-until-they-break-down-sobbing niece and nephew were born, Green Eggs and Ham read like a completely different book to me. That Sam-I-Am drives this poor... w...
  • Alexxy
    WTF?!I understand the moral of the story. I also understand this is a children's book. Doesn't make it less stupid. Good god it was short!
  • Nadin Adel
    I like the idea that you should never judge a book from its cover.Dr. Seuss way of writing stories in such rhythmic manner to teach kids - and even adults - lessons is really magnificent!You may watch an illustration through here:
  • Sam
    On the surface, this seams to be a simple tale of learning to like things you never tried. but if you dig deeper, you find a much more sinister manifesto filled with mind control and evil world domination. Yes, I may be treading on thin ice but many have overlooked the subtext and true purpose of this microtome.Be cautious if you plan on reading this book. not many can remain the same once they have peered into a bucket of pure truth.
  • Miriam
    I was very open to trying new foods as a kid, but Sam I Am actually makes me want to refuse them just because he's such a pushy jerk.
  • Tassa DeSalada
    I’ve read this book probably thousands of times and it’s still a favorite of mine. I can recite it by heart, and my children can do the same.
  • Ferdy
    Lots of fun. Loved all the different rhymes, they were cleverly written with how simple and catchy they were, the illustrations were great as well and perfectly depicted the absurdity of Sam-I-Am and No-name's back and forth about the green eggs and ham. Wish I'd read it as a child though, would have absolutely adored it then.
  • Stephen
    3.0 stars. One of those books that everyone read and loved as a child and I was no exception. What was truly special was reading this book to my five year old daughter and re-living the magic through her eyes.
  • Barry Cunningham
    One of my favourite children's books, so good I have my own copy. I read this to my children and Grandson, over and over, sometimes night after night as bed time reading. Marvellous messages make miraculous moments - there you see, I'm nowhere near as good!!
  • Bil
    I was confused at first to why use an unusual color for eggs and ham. The story clearly had a deeper meaning to it but I didn’t really grasp it. It didn’t matter though since I found the rhymes catchy and I couldn’t stop reciting them in my mind as I read the lines.
  • Jose Monarrez
    “Try them, try them, and you may! Try them and you may, I say.”No hay mucho que decir... solo que estoy descubriendo que Dr. Seuss es el autor que debí empezar a leer cuando quise empezar a aprender inglés... es fácil y entretenido, imaginativo y didáctico, pero todo esto de una forma rara.“I will not eat them in a house, i will not eat them with a mouse,i will not eat them in a box i will not eat them with a fox, i will not eat them he...
  • Rob
    I can't tell if Green Eggs and Ham is a cautionary tale about advertising and aggressive sales professionals, or if it's about keeping an open mind about food (which would then be an easy synecdoche for any other culture). Both interpretations have merit and it would be easy to find supporting arguments for either. It is tempting to speculate that "clearly" Dr. Seuss meant for the book to be read in the latter context — but ol' Theodore was a c...
  • Jonathan Terrington
    I think I see where Dr. Seuss was headed with his books. Clearly he was a man of great culture. I mean think about it. He was into green eggs and ham*; he had a wocket in his pocket (most fashionable)**; he may have travelled a little but as is clearly even more fashionable he encouraged others to travel to imaginary lands***; he described in meticulous detail how an acquaintance of his stole Christmas****; he wrote of another acquaintance's atte...
  • Carina
    'Green Eggs and Ham' by Dr. Seuss is a delectable tongue twister of a story. The simple lexis is constantly repeated and turned on its' head to make for a fast paced, action packed rhythmic tale. The simple premise for the story is 'Sam I Am' trying to persuade or force his very unwilling friend to try green eggs and ham. Through this process the pair travel to different places and meet interesting characters. By the end of the story 'Sam I Am' m...
  • Shannon (Giraffe Days)
    I think this book and Seuss's Cat in the Hat are his two most famous books, and I'm pretty sure this is one (maybe the only one) I did read as a kid.For the adult reader (reading aloud to kids, no doubt), it's a repetitive, long, and obvious book: Sam offers some green eggs and ham to his grumpy older friend (who remains nameless), and this friend gets angrier and angrier the more Sam tries to convince him to try them (and you can't blame the ang...
  • Jason
    The best book of rhyming ever! Pretty sure Dr Seuss invented rhyming. The illustrations are like an acid trip, so always a good book to read to your kids. I've read this many times and it's my favourite kids book.EDIT: just read this two more times to my daughter. I've read quite a few Dr Seuss books lately and this is still easily my favourite. During this reading I realised how much my daughter is like the green eggs and ham hater in the book, ...
  • May 舞
    Loved it! xD
  • midnightfaerie
    You have to live in a box not to know who Dr. Seuss is. Out of all of his books, this one has always been one of my favorites. On the top of my list, because of the pictures, and the lesson involved, it teaches a child to try something before automatically deciding whether or not he likes it. It also has trains in it, which I completely forgot, and which was a big win with my twin 3 yr olds. I also, love reading Dr. Seuss books, the flow of the r...
  • Scarlet Cameo
    Acepto que este es mi libro favorito de Dr. Seuss, hizo que preparara huevos verdes sólo para poder recitarlo mientras los comía. Me encanta el uso del lenguaje de Seuss y el esfuerzo en la traducción porque no quita el ritmo y la gracia de este cortísimo cuento.Recomendado para todos los niños porque el cuento es gracioso y las imágenes hermosas._____________________________________________________Este libro es aún más gracioso en inglé...
  • Michael Finocchiaro
    Oh that Sam I am always slogging those green eggs and ham around. And the way he insists! I suppose that after a train wreck into a boat with goats and foxes and lots of other onlookers – plus Sam on my ass, I’d probably try ’em too. But not sure I’d like ’em. Even in a box…
  • Asha
    I remember when my elementary school served green eggs and ham as homage to this book. I was utterly disgusted. I did not eat green eggs and ham, I did not eat them, Sam-I-Am.
  • Manybooks
    I have always much loved Green Eggs and Ham. Both Dr. Seuss' poetic, rhythmic text and his accompanying illustrations are entertaining and enchanting (a sweet delight, with movement, joy and exuberant silliness), and yet, the presented underlying message also shows a basic and important, necessary truth (to not simply and categorically insist that one does not enjoy a certain food, but to actually try it first, that one needs to at least taste a ...
  • Ronyell
    “Green Eggs and Ham” is another brilliant classic from the creative mind of Dr. Seuss and it is about how Sam-I-Am tries to convince a furry guy in a black top hat to try out green eggs and ham. “Green Eggs and Ham” is an excellent book for children of all ages, but the repeating verses can be a bit painful to read over and over again if you are not used to reading the same verses over and over again.Dr. Seuss’ illustrations are colorfu...
  • Chris
    I read somewhere that Green Eggs and Ham was written on a dare. Dr. Seuss was dared to write a story using 50 different words or less. Those 50 words have become one of the greatest books in our families library.When I was young, this was THE book I would bring home from school. Every Wed. for 2 months, I would check our Green Eggs and Ham. My mom called the school and asked them not to let me check it out anymore. Now, many years later, I still ...