Finding the Way Back (The Forgiving Hearts Trilogy #1) by Erin Landy

Finding the Way Back (The Forgiving Hearts Trilogy #1)

A sweet, inspirational romance. Laurel thought life had dealt her its worst blow when her marriage fell apart. For almost a year, she worked to put herself back together. These efforts culminated in a new job in a new place. Away from all the reminders of pain and humiliation, she can begin again. But what if her attempt to escape doesn't take her away from Colton, but brings her to him instead? Colton is reaping the sorrow and misery he deserves...

Details Finding the Way Back (The Forgiving Hearts Trilogy #1)

TitleFinding the Way Back (The Forgiving Hearts Trilogy #1)
Release DateDec 5th, 2014
GenreRomance, Christian Fiction, Christian, Fiction

Reviews Finding the Way Back (The Forgiving Hearts Trilogy #1)

  • Noel
    Oh, I hate a cheater! This book, written with a Christian perspective, tells the story of Colton and Laurel. Colton cheated on his wife while away at a conference and is caught in the act. He and his wife separate for a year. Colton's humility and grief over his own actions won me back over, and I love how Laurel gave her heart over to God for healing after figuring out she couldn't do it on her own. Nothing is glossed over, there's no magic forg...
  • Debra Ashwood
    Lauel and Colton's marriage unraveled when he was caught in another woman's arms. She made him leave. Now a year later they are being put back together thru the loving guidance of God. Yes this is a Christian romance, it's also about forgiving. Both were hurt. But with the love of God and giving up all hurt unto Him they slowly can move on. Erin Landy's way of writing made this story line feel real. Not just for reading entertainment but with tho...
  • Lu Bielefeld **
  • Mom
    Loved this book
  • Daneene Taylor
    Very good book about forgiveness and loveI sincerely enjoyed this book. It was clean and very real. I felt a connection to both of the main characters and enjoyed their journey back to each other.
  • Pattisue
    This is an honest look at a heartbreaking situation. Told through past and present events, newly married Colton and Laurel Samuels have their love tested in one fateful night. “His mistake destroyed her trust in him and only God could repair the damage and restore their marriage.” He turned toward God while she turned away. After being separated almost a year, they are reunited unexpectedly. He had faced his sin immediately with regret and re...
  • Holly
    I liked this thought provoking book. I despise what Colton did and cannot imagine catching your husband in the act. How can you get that mental image out of your mind and move on? Laurel had no contact with him for a full year. Good for her! Then after accidentally running into him, she finds it in her heart to work toward forgiveness. Yes, we are to forgive but we are not required to remain married to someone who has committed sexual immorality....
  • Debbie West
    Wonderful Christian romance!Loved this book! Only one thing...Taryn, the friend, was introduced to another of their friends toward end of book. However, author said nothing about that relationship in the epilogue. It would have completed all parts of the story. This is a great story about love & forgiveness, reminding us that we're all human; but most of all, that God can make any bad situation good in some way if we turn our lives over to Him. N...
  • Olya
    It’s a very well written story.Although I don’t like subjects that involve cheating, liked how the author veawes the story around forgiveness (forgiving others but, more importantly, learning how to forgive yourself) and choosing to trust God with your future. It’s not a superficial read... you get to feel the pain, experience the struggle, walk wih the caracters the path towards healing... you feel the joy of the freedom found, the freedom...
  • Alex
    I wasn’t blown away by this book and while some people disliked it because the main character cheats, I think it was a great way to show that God uses bad times to bring us closer to him and direct us back to where we need to be. And that everyone deserves forgiveness, walking around with hatred in your heart will not improve your life, just continue to drag you down.