Never Smile at Strangers by Jennifer Jaynes

Never Smile at Strangers

When nineteen-year-old Tiffany Perron vanishes without a trace, the residents of rural Grand Trespass, Louisiana, launch a desperate search to find her. But few clues are unearthed, and before long another young woman disappears.As locals continue to vanish, residents begin to discover that they might not know those closest to them as well as they had thought. Lies and insecurities quickly surface, leading everyone to question one another…and t...

Details Never Smile at Strangers

TitleNever Smile at Strangers
Release DateJan 27th, 2015
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreMystery, Thriller, Suspense, Fiction, Crime

Reviews Never Smile at Strangers

  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    3.5 starsThis book is set in a small southern town. Full of closet drinkers and adultery. The author does a great job of describing small town life. You can almost smell the bayou coming from this books pages.Tiffany Perron goes missing. Everyone should be spooked a bit, but teenage girls in this town may be a tad on the dull side. They still wander in the woods and hitch rides. I'm sorry. Someone goes missing in my town and my ass is packing my ...
  • Sue
    “Never Smile At Strangers” by Jennifer Jaynes is an amazing debut Southern thriller , that combines everything that you want in a novel; mystery and suspense, intriguing characters, a great dark thriller and a believable plot. This book has everything! It is a definite winner, and the second best book I have read in 2015. The tension remains high throughout the novel…while a twisted killer is on the loose! Love this quote from the novel:"Yo...
  • Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
    I am a new fan of Jennifer Jaynes and her writing and not without good reason. I read the second book in this series first (not realising it was a series) and whilst it was fabulous to get a big of background from this first book linking to the second, both could be read no problem as stand-alone books. I really enjoyed this read, I felt it was a bit darker and more sinister than the next book in the series and I love me some dark and sinister s...
  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    I just powered through this book!19 year old Tiffany disappears after a fight with her boyfriend in a bar.Locals think she has probably run off, but her best friend doesn't agree. She is afraid something bad has happened to Tiffany.Then another girl vanishes, and relationships in the town start to crumble as lies and secrets are exposed.This book kept me guessing right until the very end.I have already started the second in the series......Ugly Y...
  • Alice
    3.5-4 starsI've always been interested in watching mystery and thriller movies and tv series, but not in reading books of this genre. Well, my interest changed a few months ago, that's why when I saw this book on NetGalley and I read the title, I knew I had to read this one.This story is set in Grand Trespass, a small fictional town in Louisiana.Haley Landry is having a tough time lately; her father died and she has to take care of her mother who...
  • Brenda
    I had trouble with this book. I wasn't feeling the Louisiana setting, and I'm not sure why that is. I also didn't connect with the characters. It felt, at first, like there were too many of them. The girls all seemed to blend together. I was almost halfway through, felt bored, and skipped to the last four chapters. It may be unfair of me to give a star rating because I skipped so much, but I did get the gist of the story.
  • Brenda
    Erica had been unhappy for a long time – back ten years to when her beloved mother disappeared. She didn’t get on with her father, and since he’d brought another floozy home, she was even more disgusted and angry. She was sure her mother was in New York, famous as a writer - she was determined to follow her when she could. Erica filled her spare time writing; sitting contemplating the peace and silence of the cemetery. Haley wasn’t sure h...
  • Linda Strong
    When a young woman goes missing in this small Louisiana town, everyone is torn between thinking she's run off or maybe something sinister has happened. Days pass and her family is fearing the worst. And then another young woman also goes missing.Take your pick of suspects .... the married man who has had affairs with both missing women ... his wife .... a boyfriend? A young detective is dispatched to investigate and meanwhile, the body count goes...
  • The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon)
    (Revised/Edited) The Set up In the small town of Trespass Louisiana, south of I-10 in a part of the world where small towns still exist, a beautiful young woman turns up missing with very few clues to what happened to her. As things unfold, we find that there are lot of people in Trespass who have secrets, and a lot of people for such a small area that have suffered personal family tragedy... and one person, who's secret, involves killing, death,...
  • Judy Collins
    NEVER SMILE AT STRANGERS, by Jennifer Jaynes, a riveting dark southern debut suspense psychological, mystery thriller of small-town secrets. Set in a small southern town of Trespass, Louisiana, a young woman turns up missing; however, could there be more to come? The town was so small it was little more than a post office, filling station, ponds, diner, tackle shop, church, general store, and an RC Cola billboard. You could only hope to escape t...
  • PattyMacDotComma
    CHILLING MURDERS IN A STEAMY BAYOU SUMMER. Mystery lovers, take a break from those dour, wintry, Scottish detectives and prepare to wander through the steamy bayous and backwoods of summertime Louisiana to find a girl who’s disappeared – right after telling her best friend about a mysterious new fella she’s a bit sweet on.You should enjoy the visit. A dark figure lurks in the trees, dashes across moonlit yards, souvenirs things from houses,...
  • sue
    Never Smile at Strangers by Jennifer Minar-JaynesMy rating: 4 of 5 starsLet me start of by saying, I just cannot wait for book 2! I am friends with this author [Jennifer Minar-Jaynes] on Facebook, so I asked when book 2 was out. I really just can't wait to see what the next installment is going to be like. Another case? I do hope so.Opening the first few pages and getting snuggled up to start this new thriller, I have to say, took me right into a...
  • Gary
    An excellent debut novel by Jennifer Jaynes that really captured my imagination. A fast moving thriller, full of interesting characters that pulls you in and keeps you riveted to the book until the end. Another excellent recommendation from my Goodread friend Sue who keeps supplying me with great reads. I am already looking at obtaining a copy of the follow up novel 'Ugly young thing'.
  • Jennifer Ricketts (Donnie Darko Girl)
    I won my copy of this book from the one of the giveaways here on Goodreads. I'm definitely happy I entered to win--I was rewarded with a well written, captivating story! Both engaging and chilling, this novel pulled me in right away and never let go. I couldn't put it down, but if I absolutely had to, I wanted to get back to it right away! I absolutely had to find out what would happen next, and there were many times where the end of certain chap...
  • J. Kahele
    I went into this book blind, not even bothering to read the blurb. I like to do that with books, so that I only have the title to work on, it makes the story more intriguing and interesting. The prologue starts with a young boy, finding blood in his house and wondering where it came from, he glances out the window and see his mother naked in the rain….it’s when I knew this was going to be a psychological thriller.As I read, things began to ge...
  • Jules
    Never Smile at Strangers is a fast-paced and rather dark murder mystery suspense thriller.There is an intriguing mix of characters. However, the one thing that the majority of them seem to have in common, is that they have so many secrets. Death seems to follow a few of them around too. I thought the character development was excellent, with some very real feeling characters. I would definitely say this is a very character focused story. I especi...
  • Petra
    Quite a good, atmospheric Southern mystery. Extremely creepy in parts. Took a while to get into it, as there were lots and lots of characters introduced at the beginning and I became confused about who's who. Once I got over that, it was fast-paced and quite intriguing. Actually started off listening to the audiobook version, but had to abandon that as the narrator was putting me off. She made the female teenage characters sound like washed-out c...
  • Lisa
    I am sorry to say i did not like this book could not connect with the setting & characters at all the story was going nowhere although i got the gist of it was a shame really as the blurb got me in. 2 1/2 stars
  • Michelle Boston
    OMG, I could NOT put this book down. Excellent small-town mystery.Super suspenseful, excellent writing and an ultra-fast read. Had me hooked from the very first sentence.I found myself sad to have finished it. :(I HIGHLY recommend!Never Smile at StrangersHere's a Summary of it:WHEN TEENAGE GIRLS VANISH in what was once considered a safe, Louisiana bayou town, the lives of four desperate young locals take unexpected turns, begging the crucial ques...
  • sue
    Let me start of by saying, I just cannot wait for book 2! I am friends with this author [Jennifer Minar-Jaynes] on Facebook, so I asked when book 2 was out. I really just can't wait to see what the next installment is going to be like. Another case? I do hope so.Opening the first few pages and getting snuggled up to start this new thriller, I have to say, took me right into a path that I was intent on travelling down with this author and seeing w...
  • Roo Roo Jenkins
    It's not often that I take a chance on a new writer and actually LIKE the book. However, this book truly floored me. My niece gave it to me (which is the only reason I read it) and the killer's viewpoint actually gave me chills. I loved the characters, the pacing and was, like I am with any good book, very sad to read the last page.I'd give it 4.5 stars if I could. A definite recommend for anyone who likes a good dark thriller.Never Smile at Stra...
  • Sophie
    The main reaction I had to this novel is that it was dusty. The characters were dusty and parched. The land was dusty, parched and uncared for. The context was a mournful, dusty and parched town and, along with many of the town's residents, I couldn't wait to leave it either. I didn't get it really, because it was supposed to be the Louisiana bayou. The characters were all losers, the story a bit clichéed, but I stayed until the end to find out ...
  • Tony
    This is a fantastic thriller. I have to admit, it started slow for me. Sleepy southern small town. Not much happening. But I kept with it. Jennifer's prose kept the journey through these lives interesting. Then it got good. Then it got fantastic. And it became my favorite kind of book, the one you can't put down. The killer's motivation or impetus for killing is so incredibly real, it gave me chills.Bravo, Jennifer. This one is bound to make it t...
  • Nawnee
    This story really grabs you right at the start and does not let go until the very end. It was refreshing to read a mystery that is not truly solved until almost the end. I enjoyed the fact that a few times I was positive that I knew who the culprit was only to discover I was wrong and have a different person I suspected. Jennifer did a wonderful job of keeping the identity of the killer a secret which not a lot of books accomplish, I usually figu...
  • Nadine X
    I've never read anything like this before, and I have mixed feelings about it.Basically it reads like a YA version of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The killer is revealed very early, so you're not trying to figure out who the killer is, but how everyone is going to end up finding out who he is. One cool thing this book did though is that while it reveals the killer, it disguises the killer and other characters from each other in in a way that eve...
  • Basma
    This was definitely the best mystery I've came across in so long. The title was what attracted me to it, and I'm really glad it did. "Thrilling" is what perfectly describes it.I loved the fact that through the whole story I felt like I actually knew what was happening, and all what I thought I was doing was watching the characters connect the dots, to reach my conclusion. That somehow bored me midway because of how slow the events were going at a...
  • Valentina
    An entertaining read, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat from the moment you pick it up.If you enjoy cleverly handled thrillers, then you’ll probably like this book. It is well done, with a nice sense of pacing that keeps the story moving along while building the required amount of suspense. There are some chilling moments. The killer, with all his psychological traumas is a fascinating character who takes over the pages in which ...
  • Jerry B
    A “GoodReads” friend recommended this book to us, we believe the author’s first novel. There were things we liked: the suspenseful plot and the very well-drawn personalities, especially the four leading females. What was not as pleasant was the somewhat downcast tone of the whole tale and the terrible unhappiness of almost every character, not to mention the promiscuity of virtually every teenager in the story. There certainly were plenty o...
  • Alessandra Torre
    I try and reserve 5-star reviews for those few books that make me want to drop everything and hire a billboard in order to tell everyone about this book. That being said - I really enjoyed this book, will def read something else by this author. It was a thriller, with a lot of dark characters, this is no light and fluffy read, which I appreciated. There are a few plot twists I didn't expect, so that earns my respect. Only complaint: (view spoiler...
  • Dianne
    Teenage girls are disappearing in a small Louisiana town, uncovering secrets, sins and sadness among the townsfolk. The kidnapper/killer is twisted and the town is steeped in fear, tearing apart relationships through mistrust and forging new ones through common goals and the need for answers. From the start, this is a dark and gritty tale completely un-sugar coated, exposing the people of Grand Trespass in a often brutal way. This debut novel bri...