Whisper of Evil (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #5) by Kay Hooper

Whisper of Evil (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #5)

Someone is stalking the little town of Silence...Three victims have fallen to a killer’s savage vengeance. Each of the dead men was a successful and respected member of the community — yet each also harbored a dark secret discovered only after his murder. Were their deaths the ultimate punishment for those secrets? Or something even more sinister?Nell Gallagher has come home to Silence more than a decade after leaving one dark night with her ...

Details Whisper of Evil (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #5)

TitleWhisper of Evil (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #5)
Release DateJun 25th, 2002
GenreMystery, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Suspense, Fiction, Thriller

Reviews Whisper of Evil (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #5)

  • Freda Malone
    When you have FBI psychics scattered all over the place, it is no wonder that this series is about recruiting other psychics. Even though the writer seems to be fixed on small towns, there is no shortage of psychic phenomenon going on in each murder. Agent Bishop is head honcho, lead psychic and he is married to none other than his one true love, Miranda, who is also psychic. In the small town of Silence, undercover 'psychic' FBI agents try to so...
  • Glenn Harris
    Psychic FBI agents pursuing evil while falling in love. What more could you want?
  • Sheila Melo
    So Close to Being So GoodThe Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series is a paranormal suspense series that includes romances but at times drifts between wanting to focus on the romance and then pulling back, wanting to focus on the crime mystery but then pulls back. At times the books feel like there is a deep struggle for what the focus of the book is. THE STORY: Nell Gallagher returns to her hometown after the death of her father to settle the estate....
  • Nikki
    I love how I can never figure out who the killer is. I can always figure it out usually about halfway into a book but I have never been able to figure out who the killers are in any of these books and I love it
  • Witchmetal
    These books just keep getting better and better.
  • Micky Cox
    A plot full of twists and turns, just when you think you have figured out who the killer is another possibility is tossed in front of you. The 5th book in a paranormal FBI group series that is interesting and suspenseful. You absolutely don't have to read the series in order as any of these could be read as a stand alone. However, you would be missing out on subtle nuances that allow the steady flow of characters to develop and flesh out further ...
  • Dimitar Jovanovski
    This is the first book I read by Kay Hooper and it shurely won't be the last. It was a real page-turner for me. The plot is complex ,every character has a secret and maybe there are too many story lines but it was ok with me. The book has so many unexpected twists and turns that readers won't be able to predict what happens next. Can't wait to read another book by this author.
  • Lauren
    Whisper of Evil3 StarsA good premise but the poor character development and weak investigative process make this a mediocre addition to the series. The pacing is off as the buildup toward the climax is drawn out and tedious while the denouement is too rapid and anti-climactic. The romance reads like an afterthought. While Max and Nell have the potential for some sizzling chemistry, their past relationship is revealed in dribs and drabs, which mak...
  • Jennifer
    This was fine. It was solid fare of the same flavor of the previous books. I think that my mini-gorge of the first five books in the series will be enough for now. These books, while enjoyable for fluff reading are formulaic, because, although previous characters always make cameos, it always features a new psychic woman, and she always gets back together with her first love, who is a "protector" male. Eh. I think I would enjoy this series astron...
  • Brent Soderstrum
    Another paranormal murder mystery by Kay Hooper. I enjoy books with twists and this has a few that pop up at the end. My only complaint with Hooper's mysteries is that the bad guy tends to be someone who there is no way you could have seen that person being the murderer. It tends to be some non-descript character who is mentioned a few times in a meaningless manner. So to those who say "I didn't see that one coming" I respond "Who could have?"Nev...
  • Eve
    I never felt involved with the story nor with any of the characters. I really dislike writting style that has too many threads and introduce characters that have no real input to the story. I want well developed, strong and likeable main characters, good dialogue and interestingly plotted storyline. Something like e.g Dream Man by Linda Howard.
  • Kate
    This book would make a spooky movie. It has all of the thngs that would make an audience be swept up in the horror of the plot. It is the story of a young woman who returns to her home town of Silence to handle the estate of her father. She arrives in town after 4 men have been murdered, all who have dark secrets. When she left 12 years earlier she escaped severing all ties, saying good bye to no one, not even the young man who loved her.Nell Gal...
  • Jennifer
    This one was a bit...less. I liked the connection she had to her hometown, but there were SO MANY characters you had to keep track of that it got confusing. Some were just in passing and they didn't need a full name, let alone a full page of what they were wearing.However, it did have a good twist, it read quickly and I enjoyed it.
  • Tameka
    I must say that this was the most twisted book thus far. loved the fact that just when you think you may have it figured out it is not exactly what you thought.I think the only that irks me is that I had that lingering question about her mom. I really want to know where she is?such a devious mind and I love it. off to read the next book.
  • Chris
    THIS SUMMARY/REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST. ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLY3.5 THE STORY: Nell Gallagher returns to her hometown after the death of her father to settle the estate. It is not a good time to be in town because there have been four murders of prominent men who appear to have been killed because of secrets they possessed. It ...
  • Kathy
    Very exciting book, kept my interest with plenty of surprises. On to the next in the series.
  • Diana H.
    Not my favorite Bishop book, but a quality read none-the-less.
  • Crystal Karre
    suspense all the way
  • ☆Jamie☆
    Whisper of Evil is book five in the Bishop/SCU series, but book two in the Evil trilogy by Kay Hooper. Kay takes us on another paranormal journey of romance, suspense, fear, and determination.Summary:It has been twelve long years since seventeen year old Nell Gallagher left her small hometown of Silence behind, and the boy she loved. Nell never knew she'd come back, but her father is long gone now, so she doesn't fear that interaction. She may be...
  • Ana T.
    Continuing with Hooper and my current mood for thrillers I decided to pick Whisper of Evil next. We get to know a new FBI agent, Nell Gallagher, who returns to her hometown of Silence after 10 years away. She left one day, without explanations to friends or boyfriend which means that on her return he feels he is entitled to some explanations. Officially she is back to settle her late father's estate, unofficially she is there as an FBI agent to l...
  • Kelly
    The second book in the Evil trilogy, Whisper of Evil isn't quite as good as its predecessor, but still a great story to read. Nell Gallagher goes home to Silence, after running away without a word 12 years previously, to settle her father's estate after his death. When she gets there, the whole town is talking about the murdered men...and the dark secrets they kept whilst alive. So Nell teams up with the man she left behind, Max Tanner, and toget...
  • Cornerofmadness
    This is one of the earlier Bishop FBI psychic team (I forget the actual series title). I'm reading them out of order, badly. In a bayou town, Silence, men are showing up dead. Nell Gallagher has come home to Silence to take care of her father's estate as she's all that is left, after her sister, Hallie, had been disinherited. Everyone in the small town knows that the Gallaghers are cursed with the Sight, including Nell. What they don't know, incl...
  • Angi
    I always find myself enjoying books from Kay Hooper. I love the mystery and the eerieness that surrounds everyone of her plots. This book was no different. It begins with mystery when Nell moves back to her hometown, the town she mysteriously ran away from many years ago leaving her strange family and the man she loved behind. She comes back on the premise of settling her late father's estate, but there is so much more to the story. Nell, being a...
  • Kris - My Novelesque Life
    3 STARS"Someone is stalking the little town of Silence. Three victims have fallen to a killer's savage vengeance. Each of the dead men was a successful and respected member of the community--yet each also harbored a dark secret discovered only after his murder. Were their deaths the ultimate punishment for those secrets? Or something even more sinister? Nell Gallagher has come home to Silence more than a decade after leaving one dark night with h...
  • Kerry sullivan
    This was a surprise, the story was interesting and drew me in kept me hostage till the very last page. With thrillers I usually guess the unsub by the middle of the book but I didn't guess till four pages before the reveal. This is part of a series but can be read as a standalone as the only thing that links them is the team of FBI agents but the focus is on the case not the team so although other team members are mentioned their histories are no...
  • Stephanie
    Awesome.. I don't know how she does it but I am so captivated by the stories around each of these characters. How they all still tie in and are the Crime Unit even though they are not always working together. Sense of Evil should be in my mailbox soon then I'll be taking a Hooper hiatus when I finish up the Evil trilogy. That makes the first 2 trilogies done. After accumulating the next trilogy I will start back. I'm moving onto The Prey series b...
  • D.A. Cairns
    I liked the way the whole psychic abilities thing was explained and demystified through conversations held by characters. I also liked the slow reveal of key characters interlocking pasts. I enjoyed the character focus generally actually. Set in the deliciously interesting town called Silence, it was really about the characters with the mystery slowly reaching out to grab me. In other words I didn't really care about the crime or the killer for a...
  • Gigi
    Who knew there were so many various ways to have paranormal skills? But it sure keeps this author varying the intrigue. I liked this book quite a bit because the main character is flawed, the town of Silence is far from silent, this is the first of the novels where the main character goes home, and home isn't pleasant. Everyone has a past and it us affecting the present in tense-filled and sometimes unpredictable ways. But I may have figured out ...
  • LJ
    WHISPER OF EVIL-Sold-OkayHooper, KayReluctant psychic Nell Gallagher never planned to return home to Silence, especially not to settle the affairs of her father, whom she hated, or to help solve a string of murders that has the local sheriff scratching his head. But before long, she teams up with her old high school flame, Max Tanner, to root out the killer.While the romantic tension between Nell and Max is strong, the book's action is virtually ...
  • Angela Blanco
    This book had a rather interesting twist at the end that was completely unexpected. It kept me guessing throughout most of the book. I take an interest anyway in books that discuss the paranormal and psychic abilities, but to add in a twist the way this book did just makes me want to read more. For anyone who enjoys reading about psychic abilities, mysteries, and crime all combined into one novel, this book is highly recommended. I will definitel...