The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 2 by Kore Yamazaki

The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 2

Great power comes at a price... Chise Hatori's life has recently undergone shocking change. As a sleigh beggy--a person capable of generating and wielding tremendous magical power--she has transformed from an unwanted child to a magician's apprentice who has been introduced to fae royalty. But Chise's newly discovered abilities also mean a cruel fate awaits her.

Details The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 2

TitleThe Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 2
Release DateSep 1st, 2015
PublisherSeven Seas
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Comics, Romance, Magic

Reviews The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 2

  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    Check out more manga and graphic novel reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...As the second volume of a manga this volume completes the storyline started in the first and continues a new one. I have similar feelings toward it as I did for the first volume. See my review of volume one...The art is even better in this volume if you can believe it! The next story has some incredible art and we meet some new people! Spriggan is incredibly drawn and the ...
  • Selena
    B-b-but it can't end there!!!!!!It just can't!And I have to wait until December for the next volume?!
  • Rebecca
    Eventually I'll do a series review for the two volumes I've read, but this was another great read. I'm looking forward to volume 3!P.S. Since you're probably reading this, thanks Luke for letting me borrow this and read it before you.
  • Jennifer
    I'm enjoying this atmospheric supernatural story, and I like the magic system and folklore feel. It seems as though the big "villain" has been introduced, so I anticipate that the plot will start to move more in the third volume, and the side-characters will become more developed. My opinion about the romance (?) is still up in the air. I find the relationship between Chise as slave/guinea pig/student/daughter/eventual wife to Elias's master/scho...
  • Autumn (Writer of A Writer's Corner)
    The following review is based off my own opinions, thoughts and reactions. So in other words brace yourself. *There may be inappropriate words such as curse words.* You have been advised in advance.* Heaven...I'm in heaven...Heaven, I'm in heaven! My prayers for a delicious book two have been answered and I'm completely in love! However, not as in love as Chise and Elias! Oh ho ho, I have so much to tell you, my lovely bookworms! For starters, ho...
  • Jessica (HighFantasyFanatic)
    I freaking love this Manga!!!!Amazing progression of the plot in this one + so many cats.
  • Cherry (_forevermint)
    Ever since I heard there was going to be a prequel anime for this manga, I've been dying to continue the series. I loved this volume! Chise was steadfast and strong and I love how she doesn't waver despite people trying to sway her opinions and abusing her tragic history to manipulate her. She's amazing. Also, we get to meet the faerie queen in this volume which is just all sorts of awesome
  • Bre
    I really like this series. I feel like it's supposed to be romantic but it comes off as more mystery as the main character learns more about becoming a mage and solving problems.
  • Thetravelingpanda
    OMG! This volume was even better than the first one! I am so mad that it ends on a cliffhanger like this one (no spoilers I promise)! I was a bit sad that the relationship between Chise and Elias was not getting a bit more developped but it was good also to see Chise discover her new powers and the world behind them.
  • Sylwia (Wish Fulfillment)
    This sequel progresses well from the first volume, keeping up the same clever writing and enjoyable plot. The characters continue to be engaging, even as we're introduced to more in this volume. I'm really enjoying this manga! (Also, I didn't see anything problematic in this one, so my previous worries were unfounded.)
  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    Uh oh that ending. This volume was really good. Like that the characters keep getting interesting. And that cover art. Same with the last one too. Seems with each volume the art keeps getting better and better. Oh and the story obviously. Liking this series so far.
  • Jenna
    This volume did not keep me interested. I have the next two but they are due back soon. I might hang on to them and try the third. Might end up dnf-ing the whole entire series though.
  • Kameron Mitchell
    Less interesting than book one, but we met more characters and developed the plot some. Onward!
  • Olivia
    That ending!!!
  • Amber-Leigh
    Interesting. Still not sure where the story is going overall, but I'm happy enough to be along for the ride.
  • To
    Jetzt also schon Band 2 und alles ist sehr durchwachsen. Die Story-Arc um die Katzen wird zumindest sehr zufriedenstellend zu einem Ende gebracht und man erhält einige Informationen darüber, was Chise nun wirklich ist und welche Rolle sie in Zukunft spielen wird.Danach folgt dann ein Kapitel, welches einfach nur ein paar neue Charaktere einführen soll. Es war alles ziemlich belanglos und hat auch nicht sehr viel Spaß gemacht es zu lesen.Zum A...
  • Alexis U
    a solid 4 star read. I really liked it!This volume gets a bit more into just how inhuman Elias is, which is something I suspected but wasn't very well-established in the first volume.The thing that is kind of annoying about this series so far is it just stops on cliffhangers, so it doesn't feel like a single volume contains one full story arc. it's kind of a cheap way to keep people reading, but luckily I'm interested enough to want to continue a...
  • Jana
  • Rod Brown
    Oooooh! Doggy! Dogs make good things even better. Awesome final panel too.
  • Jockum
    Med lovord om att den första skulle kunna nå fyra stjärnor, så kommer nästa del inte lika högt upp på listan. Handlingen kunde vara lite starkare eller röra sig lite snabbare framåt.
  • Sara
    Un segundo tomo igual de maravilloso que el primero!
  • CJ - It's only a Paper Moon
    Love this series.
  • Grace Troxel
    This review originally appeared on my blog, Books Without Any Pictures: 2 of The Ancient Magus Bride continues the story of Hatori Chise, a Japanese girl who becomes the apprentice and future bride of the Thorn Mage, an inhuman creature who lives in England surrounded by fae magic. I adore this series so far with its beautiful yet dangerous magic. It gets the fae right. And it also provides a realistic...
  • SJ
    I am really enjoying this fantasy story. The characters (especially the side characters) are interesting, the lore is great, and the art is beautiful. The quests and action have picked up nicely in Volume 2 and there’s a bit of a mystery element now as well. I still feel uneasy about Elias, though. What are his intentions for Chise? How much of his generosity is selfless and how much is predatory? There is some intense Stockholm Syndrome stuff ...
  • Tere (La Vida Secreta de una Lectora)
    La Prometida del Mago, The Ancient Magus' Bride o Mahoutsukai no Yome es una manga (y anime) que nos contaran la historia de Chise Hatori, quien ha llevado una vida de abusos y desprecio en la que nunca ha conocido el amor, ni familiar ni romántico. Un día decide venderse para al menos tener algo en la vida y finalmente es comprada por un hombre/bestia que decide convertirla en su aprendiz y en su futura esposa.Una historia de fantasía y con u...
  • Ejoyjoyeth
    Now that I have the second volume in my collection, I want the third one so badly but I have to contain my self as I need to focus on finishing some of the series I have in my shelf. Re-reading this volume, I've noticed that the feeling of Chise and Elias for each other has developed rather quickly, what I mean by that is that Elias is showing feeling that is out of his character. I just think that this was shown rather to quickly in the story be...
  • Miss Ryoko
    Whoa... I am really digging this series so far!! And I really can't get over Elias... he is such a cool character!! I can't wait until we get to find out more about him. So far, I love everything about this story - the plot is interesting, the characters are fun (despite the fact that I sometimes can't tell the gender of some characters until their names or pronouns are used :-p) and there is definitely a lot of intrigue. Can't wait to read the n...
  • Vicki
    This is definitely shaping up to be one of my favorite manga series. The ending had me wanting to pick up the next book right away! My only issue is figuring out all of the English mythological terms in katakana... it's not always easy to understand what the original word is!私の好きな漫画に入れると思う。この1冊読み終って、すぐに次の1冊読みたい。一つの面倒なことがある…日本語版を読んでる...
  • Avery
    This volume has so much more action and mystery than the first volume. In this volume, Chise is more aware of how little she really knows about Elias. Yet I’m so happy to see how their relationship is progressing! Just gonna keep it short because, on to the next volume I go!P.S. Chise is rather shippable. Send help. Woof woof.
  • M.A. Bronson
    I like the concept of this series but the story is just so fragmented, it jumps all over the place. The romantic storyline is pretty much nonexistent so I’m not sure why they bothered to set it up....🤔