The Outlandish Companion by Diana Gabaldon

The Outlandish Companion

Perfect for readers of the bestselling Outlander novels—and don’t miss The Outlandish Companion Volume Two!#1 New York Times bestselling author Diana Gabaldon has captivated millions of readers with her critically acclaimed Outlander novels, the inspiration for the Starz original series. From the moment Claire Randall stepped through a standing stone circle and was thrown back in time to the year 1743—and into a world that threatens life, ...

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TitleThe Outlandish Companion
Release DateMar 31st, 2015
PublisherDelacorte Press
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Romance

Reviews The Outlandish Companion

  • Alison
    The Outlandish Companion is definitely for the lover of all things Outlander. A reader who has never laid eyes on Diana Gabaldon's series will no doubt find interest in the sections that delve into her writing technique and research, past career in academia, and the sprinkling of folk lore. But, I fear, the rest of the 600 page book will be lost on the non-lovers. Thankfully, I am a lover.It has been quite a few years since I have read the first ...
  • Barbara ★
    I was rather disappointed in this companion book. After reading J.R. Ward's Blackdagger Brotherhood Insiders Guide, I kinda expected this companion to be similar with inside insight into the characters and little tidbits of information not presented in the books. It read more like a dictionary. There are synopses of each book (through book 4 Drums of Autumn). She actually broke down each novel into roughly 15 pages or so. No insight just straight...
  • Tracy
    I'm currently with my mom who is in the process of passing away from a terminal illness. She is an Outlander fan and I've spent many hours over the last few days reading to her from this book. It has been enjoyable for both of us to spend our time in this way. There were parts of the book we really liked and parts that weren't really something we wanted to know about, but probably interesting for others (things about the herbs and medicine Claire...
  • Ana
    Besides coming in handy to readers who’ve paused mid-series for a lengthy period of time and want to remember the events of the previous books, before picking up where they left off, The Outlandish Companion is a captivating insight into the writer’s creative process. How the first book came about, plus the research that went into further developing the story of Claire Randall Fraser. I was pleasantly surprised by her down-to-earth vision o...
  • Lori Anderson
    I love love LOVE the Outlander series, so of course had to have this book. I thought it had many interesting bits, but also a bunch that I didn't care to read (and that's ok! That's what I expected!). I liked FINALLY knowing how to pronounce those Gailic words but WHY oh WHY didn't she have the Foreign Language Glossary in alphabetical order? What a PITA to look up anything.I did like reading her email exchanges with her computer group as she was...
  • Amanda
    This was an enjoyable extra to the Outlander series, though I did skip some sections, such as the list of characters, horological interpretations, Gaelic glossary, etc. It was amusing to see her write about being an author in the early days of the internet, and about her plans for the series when there were only a few books published, and to see how those plans have changed. I read the updated edition, but not all sections were as up to date. One...
  • Kitty
    This book was written as a "companion" to the Outlander series - a book full of fun facts, background details, and stories about "the making of" the series written by Diana Gabaldon. It was written after "Drums of Autumn" (the fourth book in the series). I waited until I had read the first four before reading this - and I would definitely recommend that, as there many "spoilers" included here, as well as a "synopsis" of each of those books. The f...
  • Susan
    If you are new to the Outlander universe, this is a gem of a book to pick up. Not only are there detailed summaries of the first books in this remarkable series, the author also has different chapters on where she got her ideas for the characters, her thought process on writing, information about herbal cures, a list of music that would bring Scotland to mind, frequently asked questions, Jamie and Claire's horoscopes, a listing of other books to ...
  • Nicole Karlson
    I'm kicking myself for not reading this sooner. Until now, I have used the companions as reference books-which they are wonderful for-but I didna realize how much I would love reading all they contain from cover to cover. If you are an Obsessenach like me, I highly recommend you READ these. It was simply delightful from page one. Can't wait to dive into Volume 2.
  • Julianna
    Reviewed for THC Reviews"4.5 stars" The Outlandish Companion is an indispensable reference guide to all things Outlander. This book covers the first four volumes of the Outlander series, but Diana Gabaldon is reportedly working on a second volume which will detail the books that have been written since this one was published. Being a hard-core fan, I read it from beginning to end, and for the most part found it to be very enjoyable. As with most ...
  • Liz
    I discovered this book when I was in the middle of the series and found it useful, but I think it could be improved (and hope it will be when Diana completes the series and another such volume might be required).1) It would have been easier to find negotiate the glossaries if the terms had been listed in alphabetical order rather than the order in which they appeared in the book. 2) What was the point of horoscopes for the two main characters? Th...
  • Suzie
    I really enjoy Gabaldon's books. I treasure her characters. I admire her imagery. Her fiction speaks to me.But I can't stand her voice! I stopped in the middle of this book because it was ruining the magic for me. I don't want to know how unspectacular her inspiration was. I don't want to know her secrets. Let me remain blissfully uninformed!
  • Mimi
    Like the title says, this is a companion to the series and should be read after reading the first four books. Since it contains whole book summaries and a full character index... spoilers abound. Obviously.Recommended for: those who have finished the first four books and need an Outlander crash course
  • MissCherry
    El culmen perfecto para toda seguidora de la saga Outlander. Información extra historica, de idiomas, lugares, etc, que aparecen durante la historia de Claire & Jamie. Muy entretenido y útil.
  • Sue
    Excellent a great way to catch up on the series without reading 4K pages.
  • Lisa
    I wish i had this book as a reference when i was reading the first 4 of the series. It gives a synopsis of the first several books, and then delves into some of the "why" questions for character development. If you have already read the books, and wondered how to pronounce all the Gaelic words, this book tells you the phonetic rules for Gaelic, and how the words are used. It also tells you some of the nuances of meaning that aren't obvious in dir...
  • Karen
    Oh, what a fun listen! The Outlandish Companion is a reference based on the first four books of the Outlander series. Ms. Gabaldon describes how she began writing novels, her research approach (fascinating), synopses of books one to four, questions she gets from fans, etc.This audiobook is narrated by Davina Porter, as well as author Diana Gabaldon. Ms. Porter narrates most of the Outlander audiobooks (I believe the novellas have a different narr...
  • Susan
    The introduction to this book chronicles Gabaldon's journey to becoming a ficion writer (quite a leap, considering her backround in zoology and comic books...yes, you read that right.) It is one of the funniest things I've ever read. She has such a fantastic voice in her writing, I feel as though we're hanging out gabbing over a bottle of wine. You've got to love a girl who writes: "What was the easiest kind of book for me to write? I didn't see ...
  • Lizz
    I love this book! I find that her books are so involved and intricate that when a new one comes out I need a little refresher on what has come before. In the past I re-read the first books, but now that we are at this point in the series that takes some TIME. With the companion I'm able to read the synopsis of each book and remember where we left each character when last we met. Wonderful!! I do, however, wish that she could update it since 2 or ...
  • Melissa
    I enjoyed this book (especially the glossory and pronunciation guide). It was wonderful to get some more background information about the series, what inspired it, why some things happened the way they did, etc. However, I felt that the book was much too long winded and redundant in some places. Overall, a good resource, though.
  • Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict)
    Review to come
  • Anke
    This book helped me a lot while reading the Outlander books. The most important part was without doubt the part where all the characters were specified. But yes, if you are a reader like me, reading this books over a long stretch of time and having problems remembering who is who, then you definitely need this to piece together this immense story.
  • Liz
    A skim re-read because my interest in genealogy etc is pretty limited. The now-quite-outdated sections on the internet are a little time capsule.
  • Teresa
    Interesting enough in parts, but mostly for reference. It contains a section at the end about the production of the TV series from the sale of the option for the story several times throughout the years to the start of filming in 2014. The part that I enjoyed the most was a collection of letters the author received from readers, some with questions, some with complaints, a lot of them outrageous, and her own responses to these letters. Quaint and...
  • Megan Rupp
    I am not usually one to skim, speed-read, or skip entire sections of a book. But for a book in this format, I decided to make an exception. Some die-hard fans of the Outlander series have probably read every bit of this, and there really is a lot of interesting information in here, but not all of the content is worth taking the time to read (e.g. horoscopes). A lot of the information could have been posted on her website or blog. I don't see why ...
  • Lisa Wolf
    Update review for my 2016 audiobook listen, for the revised/updated 2015 edition of The Outlandish Companion, Volume I: Basically, this is a must-have for Outlander fans, and belongs on your shelf right next to the equally outstanding OCII. I wrote up a reading and listening guide for this volume -- you can view it here at Bookshelf Fantasies.My review of the original edition of The Outlandish Companion (read approx. 2012): For fans of the Outlan...
  • Andrea
    Overall, an interesting book. I enjoyed Gabaldon's tone, and her anecdotes throughout. I learned some interesting tidbits in regards to the Outlander series, the creation and thought that went into it, as well as her process. Even got a bit of a history lesson, which is always appreciated.My only (personal) complaint is the book took on a professor/researcher tone at times, and that there were a section that was basically the art of research. Tru...
  • Abdz41
    It's rather funny to think that I bought an 'encyclopedia' for my favorite book series, but well, there it is. If you love the Outlander series, you should own this book as well. It was really helpful in providing insight, helping you keep track of things, and overall just adding fun insight into the series. I'm sure that there will be an updated version coming out soon as this one only includes the books through Drums of Autumn. Still I love eve...