Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot (Captain Underpants #12) by Dav Pilkey

Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot (Captain Underpants #12)

George and Harold, and their doubles, Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold, have a good thing going. Two of them go to school, while the other two hide in the tree house and play video games all day -- then they switch! But when their malicious gym teacher, Mr. Meaner, creates a method of mind control that turns their fellow students into attentive, obedient, perfect children, the future of all humanity will be in their hands!

Details Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot (Captain Underpants #12)

TitleCaptain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot (Captain Underpants #12)
Release DateAug 25th, 2015
PublisherScholastic Inc.
GenreHumor, Childrens, Fiction, Middle Grade, Comics, Superheroes, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels

Reviews Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot (Captain Underpants #12)

  • Taco Stocco
    Wow.... The end of an era (perhaps?). Captain Underpants has always had a very special place in my heart. I think Pilkey has crafted very amazing books, especially in helping young boys to learn to read (like myself). It is amazing reading these books as adults, there is so much hidden in there that, much like other "children" media such as Pixar movies, they are actually for "all ages". I think that while this is not the most amazing or fun Capt...
  • Rachel
    My boys LOVE the Captain Underpants series and have read all the books but this is the first one I've read. I was actually pleasantly surprised. It wasn't nearly as gross as a thought it would be and had some adult humor thrown in that would probably go over most kids heads. For instance, one of the teachers is named Miss Anthrope. There were also some big words (e.g. megalomaniac) that can build up kids' vocabularies. Lastly, I loved that there ...
  • Nicola Mansfield
    And that's the end of Captain Underpants! It's been a long hilarious, successful journey that has come to a close with little fanfare. I can't say I found this volume as delightful as the usual outings. The silly toilet humour has been pared down and Pilkey sadly sinks to political correctness but it was still a wacky wild ride that tied up the Underpants story while at the same time leaving Harold and George wide open for further adventures ... ...
  • Edward Sullivan
    Harold is quietly outed.
  • Clare
    I can't believe this is the last one in the series! Surely not?! My boys have loved all of these, and I have to admit that I was the driving force behind choosing them as bedtime stories. There is something for everyone in these stories. I have heard that there are certain districts (?) in the U.S. That have banned these books, which I find utterly bizarre and rather sad. It's hardly graphic violence or pornography, and one can always chose not t...
  • Stacey
    These were so good early on...this one was horrible! My rating is one star but Finian would probably give it five! ;-)
  • Sara Rad
    I was unaware of this book being banned by several school districts in the U.S. until I researched it. But, I remember growing up and Captain Underpants being one of the funniest and most creative books that kids thoroughly enjoyed. The Captain Underpants series I believe was banned because it could have encouraged disobedience with children and had an inappropriate taste to it, which made it hard to suit for a certain age group. This particular ...
  • Alex
    veary funny book lots of action
  • Josh Blatt
    This book was about Harold and George and their quest to take down Mr. Meaner. Mr. Meaner had created a spray that would turn kid to all be good and obedient. George and Harold probably being the reason because they were the biggest pranksters and Mr. Meaner hated it. MR. Meaner had first tried it on George and Harold's Clones, Old George and Old Harold. They noticed it when they got home to the tree-house and Old Harold and Old George had brough...
  • Sarah
    It seems as if this is the end of the Captain Underpants series - oh no! Our hearts sank as we read that the scatological humour was to be toned down in this book (we though that was a joke, but there really is less of it than usual). Never fear - the series is brought to a highly satisfying conclusion. Time travel machinations are dealt with as adeptly as ever, the problem of having two versions of George and Harold is resolved, and we even get ...
  • Jenni Frencham
    This was my first foray into the world of Captain Underpants, and I ended up enjoying it much more than I expected. If my to-read list weren't already miles long, I'd probably go back and read the first 11 volumes.
  • Nick
    I got halfway until it was revealed Harold was gay. I immediately put the book down and got rid of it. Not okay in a children's story. I felt the rest was good clean fun, but this added nothing to the story and is not something that should have been brought up in these books.
  • Christie
    I read this book to see if it was appropriate for my 6 year old after she checked it out at school. In a lot of ways, it wasn't, but not for the reasons I expected. I expected tons of gross-out humour, but what there is is a lot of jokes about politics and media that would mostly go right over a kid's head. I never could decide who the audience for this book really is, because so many of the big jokes are definitely for adults. What kid will get ...
  • Utena
    This is the end...?Wow I am not sure whether to celebrate a wonderful set of books or cry because it is the end of a fun series. I have to admit it was the movie's trailer that brought down the path of these books. The movie looked fun and I was certain the books would probably be just as fun. I was not disappointed when I picked up the first one that it kept bringing me back for more of Captain Underpants alongside George and Harold. These books...
  • Stacey
    I read this book as a bedtime story to Brodi. We've read books in the beginning of the series, and missed a few in the middle. But Brodi spent his money on this book at the book fair, so we decided to read it anyways. Brodi enjoyed it. Me, not as much... I found it less fun than the previous books we've read. Although I love a good fictional book, this one seemed way too far fetched. Bouncing around from present to future, made it difficult to ke...
  • Robert Owens
    And, I'm done.The series finished on mostly an upbeat after a couple rough outings.A mixture of soda, pop rocks, and something else caused an explosion from far away. Bits and pieces of that explosion went off throughout the galaxy. One piece crashed through the roof of the pysch ward where all the teachers were housed. Mr. Meaner, the gym teacher, touched it and gained powers. He was now evil and turned the teachers evil too.The yesterday George...
  • Holli Keel
    We accidentally read this one out of order, so it was confusing in parts, since it was a continuation of the previous book we haven't yet read. Without spoiling anything, I loved that Pilkey introduced a man and his husband without fanfare or commentary. Just another relationship like any other. 👍🏼 I've read reviews where parents are like, "I don't want to have to explain that to my kid!" Or "what am I supposed to say to my kid about this?!...
  • Tranylle
    ...Where to begin with this one. It started out good, had an interesting plot and funny characters. But then we get almost to the end, when George and Harold go find their future selves for help... and it shows that Harold has a husband. Call me whatever you want, but despite the times we live in, I still find that inappropriate for a children's book. When we got to that bit, my 6 year old stopped me and asked if he had heard that right, so we ha...
  • Marcos Kopschitz
    Dav Pilkey (1966) é um autor americano que faz sucesso com várias séries para crianças, como Ricky Ricota , Capitão Cueca e Coelhos Tapados , às vezes em parceria com ilustradores.Basta olhar os títulos do Capitão Cueca para ter uma ideia do tipo de humor da série. É pum pra lá, fedor pra cá, meleca, privada e por aí vai. Isso faz sucesso com meninos desde sempre, eu acho. Quem não se lembra do concurso de pum do filme do Menin...
  • Kelly Paradise
    Rereading this series as an adult has been fun. The little political quips included in earlier books for the adults were fun. Plodding through 5 chapters of political commentary/"take that stereotypes of people who hate my books!" that isn't as witty as it thinks it is before actually getting to the story? Decidedly not fun. I found myself so irritated by this volume being so focussed on insulting strawmans of the people who won't read it any way...
  • Abdulrahman M.
    Book Title: Captain Underpants and the sir stinks-a-lotAuthor: Dav PilkeyGenre: fictionRecommendation:And he saves the world. He can hop tall buildings. Oh I’m sorry i was so caught in the book I forgot about this. It is like eating the most expensive food. It is filled with flavor. This is a really fun book and it has a lot of humor. If you are the kind of guy/girl that likes fun, adventure, and humorous books than you will love this book beca...
  • Chris Schaben
    This series has really evolved over the years. It started out as a wildly immature and goofy series full of potty humor to a less gross and more serious outlook on society and the struggles for children. I especially love how Pilkey took risks and revealed his liberal beliefs through the satire of the GOP (Grumpy Old People) and the nonchalant reveal that Harold is married to a man in the future. The book strongly implies that this is the last bo...
  • Ellon
    A perfect conclusion to the Captain Underpants series! The last few books weren’t as laugh out loud funny as the first ones in the series but this one was pretty good. I loved the chapter titles that were puns of popular songs. The whole “Rid-o-Kid” plot was meaningful and sends an important message about adults wanting kids to listen.I was impressed that Pilkey decided to make one of the main characters gay but then again, I gues pilkey ha...
  • Nicola
    It's been a bit under two months and we have now finished all 12 books of the Captain Underpants series (and gone on to Dog Man, Ricky Ricotta etc.) Hard to believe that some kids have grown up reading these given the way Miss 3 has devoured these at bedtime each night! A satisfactory wrap-up and a nice lead in to Dog Man.Miss 3 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library, sometimes around particular topics or themes. We try ...
  • Jon
    This book is genius! It’s got a cartoonishly complicated plot about an exploding planet (Smart Earth) that makes a gym teacher into an evil genius who wants to placate kids into being obedient pod people. There is time travel with character doubles (and triples) and the author pulls it off with dexterity. Along with that there’s some fun potty humor along with more sophisticated laughs—entertained me as much as my 8 year old nephew.