Hellboy and the B.P.R.D., Vol. 1 by Mike Mignola

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D., Vol. 1

A bizarre series of murders and rumors of something worse lead Professor Bruttenholm to send a young Hellboy to a Brazilian village on his first mission. Hellboy and a small group of agents uncover something terrible in the shadows of a sixteenth-century Portuguese fortress...Collects the five-issue miniseries.

Details Hellboy and the B.P.R.D., Vol. 1

TitleHellboy and the B.P.R.D., Vol. 1
Release DateAug 25th, 2015
PublisherDark Horse Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Horror, Fantasy, Fiction

Reviews Hellboy and the B.P.R.D., Vol. 1

  • Sam Quixote
    I was hoping this one was going to be a throwback of sorts to when Hellboy appeared alongside the likes of Abe Sapien and Professor Trevor Bruttenholm; unfortunately, aside from the Professor making a brief cameo at the start, there’s no sign of any classic BPRD characters in this book, just a group of forgettable military types who accompany a teenage Hellboy on his first mission to Brazil. At least we’re well away from the current state of ...
  • George K.
    Χθες κατέβηκα στο Μοναστηράκι μετά από αρκετούς μήνες και, εκτός από τα διάφορα βιβλία που αγόρασα, πέτυχα και το συγκεκριμένο κόμικ που κυκλοφόρησε πρόσφατα στα ελληνικά. Ήταν ένα κόμικ που αργά ή γρήγορα θα αγόραζα στην κανονική του τιμή, γιατί ...
  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    Weird. Yeah, I know that 'weird' is essential to Hellboy. But this was really weird. A hodge podge of horror with science fiction. Hellboy is awesome as always. His team kind of blurs together for me. Good action, but nothing that stood out and made me say wow. Having said that, it's Hellboy, so it's good.
  • Brandon St Mark
    A fun read, but I miss Kid Hellboy.
  • Orrin Grey
    A ruined fort. Ancient idols and Lovecraftian horrors. Nazi mad science experiments. A talking alligator. A vampire monkey. This is such delightfully classic Hellboy stuff that it's impossible to not feel like the new Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. series is a homecoming of sorts. I always hate to say this, because it's not like the artist did anything wrong, but Alex Maleev's work doesn't seem to fit into the overall Mignolaverse gestalt as well as so...
  • Logan
    Great Story! So i have not read the original Hellboy run, and since this is a prequel, i thought i'd collect this as a starting point. It's 1952, and Hellboy is going on his first mission, to Brazil to investigate strange activity. The art is decent, and the story and dialogue was well done! Also nice to see Hellboy fight the paranormal for the first time!
  • Timothy Boyd
    Very nice story of the early days of the Hellboy character. As always nice art and story by Mignola. Very recommended to comic fans.
  • Gerardo
    Hellboy, anni '50, Nazisti, Esoterismo. Il meglio dell'ispirazione di Mignola, un ritorno alle storie delle origini.
  • Canavan
    ✭✭✭Given that the Mignolaverse seems these days so thoroughly drenched in a sort of post-apocalyptic dreariness, this collection (the first in a new series) is kinda refreshing. The story, co-authored by Mignola and John Arcudi, harks back to some of the early B.P.R.D. issues. If I have a complaint, it’s that many of plot elements seem unoriginal — Mignola too frequently seems to fall back on (view spoiler)[von Klempt and his apes; I’...
  • Sorcered
    Prima misiune a lui Hellboy, povestita la mai bine de 20 de ani de la aparitia personajului... :)Da, Hellboy & BPRD: 1952 e fan service, dar are tot ce-i trebuie: tradatori, maimute cu lampi catodice infipte in cranii, zeitati malefice stravechi, morti vii, experimente naziste, diavoli cu chip de ingeri - e o dementa totala, amuzanta si distractiva. Am citit tot volumul dintr-o suflare, zambind ca un dement (atunci cand unele replici nu ma faceau...
  • Sarah
    I miss Mike Mignola's art, but Alex Maleev is one of my favorites, so I have no complaints about him filling in. His covers are particularly beautiful- I love love love the one for issue 3 of this collection.The story if fairly classic Hellboy, with a nice look back at young HB, but after Hellboy in Hell, Vol. 1: The Descent, this feels a little bit like a step back. Still an excellent read, but what I really want is the next Hellboy in Hell.
  • John
    Now this is more like it. A Hellboy/B.P.R.D book with an actually interesting story! I find so many of these titles to be a bit too leisurely and rambling in their plotting, whereas this one is fast paced, intriguing and fun. And yes, I did enjoy the darker more realistic art style of Alex Maleev here. One ofthe better volumes featuring these characters.
  • Aaron
    HELLBOY RETROSPECTIVE 2016Complaints that this is a bit formulaic are justified, but the Hellboy formula is just so damn good... still not the best foot forward for what appears to be the launch of a new series.
  • Baal Of
    Very cool Hellboy story about his first field mission. Contains the usual weird creatures, undead, Nazis, cyborgs, and betrayal within the ranks. The artwork is top-notch as usual.
  • Wombo Combo
    This one feels like a waste of time. I've only read the main Hellboy series and haven't read any other BPRD stuff, so maybe this story is better within the context of the larger universe, but as a stand alone story, this sucks. Basically, what happens is Hellboy and some BPRD people investigate a small town because they've received a report there's a monster, so it starts off as a pretty standard Hellboy story. Then, the good guys stumble upon a ...
  • Meghannf
    When I received this volume, I didn’t expect to discover episodes of stories. Think of short stories but with visual support. I was actually pleased with how the short stories unraveled through the volume. Each of them are interesting and introduce new creatures. The visual storytelling is definitely on point. As you learn and try to investigate along the supernatural expert team, you try to catch glimpses of clues thanks to the pencil work. It...
  • Edouard Stenger
    Two years ago I was fortunate enough to be able to read most of the Hellboy graphic novels from the Seattle Central Library. Now, I never see any volume. Perhaps a conspiracy ? the Heall on Earth series doesnt interest me. I am all for Lovecraftian horrors and how they could / may cause the Apocalypse but I am not interested in the end of time thing actually happening, either in reality or in fiction. Too much suffering. Now, let us get back to H...
  • Paul Mirek
    Seeing Alex Maleev take on Hellboy is a treat, but this is an otherwise formulaic entry in the ever-expanding Mignolaverse. The pairing of the series' usual Lovecraftian themes and Cold War espionage sounds great on paper, and co-writers Mignola and Arcudi offer some tantalizing hints of the post-WWII occult global landscape in the first issue. Once the main storyline kicks in, though, the plot becomes a slog through generic action sequences and ...
  • Robert Hudder
    Hellboy's first adventure. Yeah, there were other year's in this series but this is the first time he has gone out as an agent in the field. It is funny reading this after seeing how Hellboy turns out. It makes me think that there was a long plan when some of these stories were plotted out. It does make me appreciate Mignola's writing more. I have admired the way he mixes different legends and mythologies but then putting them in a modern context...
  • Anthony
    This was fun, but short. It also seems like Hellboy isn't really characterized fully. I know that he's basically a kid in 1952. Maybe like an 11-year old? But I know some pretty precocious 11-year olds. I see a missed opportunity here for comedy, or self-discovery, or some kind of revelation about ole Red. Instead, we get a weird monster hunt and a bunch of partly-disposable BPRD agents.It was fun. Like candy.
  • Travis Hartman
    Another great Hellboy story by creator Mike Mignola. The story takes place early in Hellboy's career, when he's little more than a teenager. You've got the usual Gothic trappings and supernatural goings on and some great visuals by Alex Maleev. It's a slight story but lots of fun.
  • Page
    I have a soft spot for Mignola's Hellboy so this was an easy sell and a quick read. I read the individual issues rather than the collected but it's the same story -- creepy Lovecraftian horror and fighting Nazis. What more can I want?
  • Megan
    An excellent introduction to Hellboy without having to go way back to the beginning. Also, evil monkeys will never not be funny.
  • Keegan Allen
    This is exactly the kind of young Hellboy stories I want, not like those terrible collections.
  • Gary Fortuin
    A so so story but great art as usual!
  • Alex Neilson
    This is the first Mike Mignola book I've read, but it most certainly won't be the last.
  • Wing Kee
    So nostalgic, back to a simpler and awesome time.This book is great, it's a good jumping on point for the series and it captures early HB perfectly.World: The art is great, it's stylish, it's HB enough to feel like it belongs in the Mignolaverse but at the same time it's stylistic enough to be it's own thing. The sense of motion is great, but you do lose a bit on the character faces. The world building is absolutely Mignola wonderful. It's origin...
  • Jared Millet
    2017 Hellboy Re-Read:So before diving into Hellboy In Hell, a prequel! Frankly, I feel that this volume is kind of a wasted opportunity. It's got all the usual Hellboy goodness: sinister castles, Frankenstein monsters, souped-up, cigarette smoking monkeys, and a Nazi head-in-a-jar. The problem is that this is supposed to be about a very young, inexperienced Hellboy going out on his first assignment, and the writing doesn't reflect that. There's n...
  • Jake
    Hellboy impresses me most in the longer arcs. In the pop and show of short stories, you get a glimpse of a wanderer's life, unsure how to tackle the world's demonic problems beyond just roaming around asking for trouble. But in this, Hellboy's first real case, you see that he was born brave and reactionary and it makes his entire existence seem less hollow. Even though I've always loved Hellboy, I always wondered how he maintained happiness follo...
  • Dan
    It's not perfect, but it opens a door to a lot of new Hellboy stories and that, in my mind, makes it. I like the fact that, given his age, Hellboy has a lot of heretofore untold history that we can delve into. Hellboy in the 50s is just barely getting his feet wet, and it's nice to have the opportunity to see how he develops into the bad ass occult investigator we all love. A fair amount of action here, and Alex Maleev art - that, alone, was hook...