Shingaling by R.J. Palacio


Almost 2 million people have read the  New York Times  bestseller  Wonder and fallen in love with Auggie Pullman. Readers have also been given a special look at another side of his story with  The Julian Chapter and a peek at his life before Beecher Prep in  Pluto. In this third Wonder Story, they’ll get to see his first year of school and what follows in the beginning of the next year through the perspective of reader-favorite Charlotte...

Details Shingaling

Release DateMay 12th, 2015
PublisherKnopf Books for Young Readers
Number of pages127 pages
GenreYoung Adult, Fiction, Childrens, Middle Grade, Contemporary

Reviews Shingaling

  • Ryk Stanton
    Completely irrelevant to the Wonder story. I'm disappointed.Charlotte is one of the three kids who is asked to show Auggie around the school when he goes to visit the campus before the school year begins. She is polite and helpful but then just sort of fades away as the book goes on. She's not a friend, not an enemy ... just a nice kid who helped out when the principal asked her to.Nothing that happens to Charlotte is relevant to the action of th...
  • Aya Hamza
    This was disappointing.I didn't enjoy the story at all. I didn't care about these characters' life-styles.The 2 stars are for Summer and Charlotte whom I loved in the original Wonder story.
  • Sean-Wyn
    Even though Auggie didn't show up much in this, I loved this Wonder story! It's a close second to the Julian chapter. I felt like I could relate to Charlotte so, so much-the group dynamic between her, Ximena, and Summer (a friendship that becomes hidden the moment they enter their social groups at school), her obsession with the homeless man, her constantly fluctuating feelings. Even though she's an elementary schooler, some of her experiences mi...
  • Lindsey
    This story takes place from the viewpoint of Charlotte, one of the Beecher prep students. I felt like this story started off pretty slow and was mostly just repeating the same occurrences we have already read, especially if you have read Wonder, The Julian Chapter, and Pluto. So I was pretty bored with it at first. However it did get better and later on we start to see more about Charlotte and we find out even more about the Beecher Prep students...
  • Mimi
    In "Wonder", "The Julian Chapter" and "Pluto", we learn about the boys in the fifth grade, their relationships, and how they change and grow in these relationships as the school-year progresses. This book, "Shingaling" is not a story about Auggie; it is about the girls in Auggie's class. We see the clicks these girls form, their preconceived ideas about some of the other girls in the class, and how many of them learn to look beyond those preconce...
  • G
    There are some actions or ideas that are needed to be contemplated first before doing, but being kind isn't one of those. Just a fine amount of goodness to make one's day fancy! On the side note, I am hoping that R.J. Palacio will soon come up with a fresh concept apart from narrating the stories of the characters from Wonder.
  • Vlad
    I liked this one the most out of all the short stories/novellas. It's just so cute to see Charlotte's evolution throughout the year, how she started from being the nice-girl wannabe to being an actual nice, kind, considerate friend to everyone. However, I'm so sad I'm done. Looking forward to future novellas like this one.
  • Danny Phanton
    Ser amable es el primer paso para ser bueno.Bueno, bueno, pues la verdad es que el libro es bastante entretenido y se lee en nada, como todos los de R.J. pero como dije en el de Julian, igual y ese era un poco necesario en la historia y conocer más del chico que molestaba a August y todo, pero en este libro de Charlotte creo que no aporta nada, de verdad, nada a la historia, podría ser un libro completamente diferente hablando de Charlotte y li...
  • Dany
    "It's not enough to be friendly. You have to be a friend."Charlotte is barely mentioned a few times in Wonder's story, but I knew there was more to say about her. In "Shingaling", we learn how Charlotte experienced Auggie's arrival, how the first year of middle school went for her and we realise she is also friends with the lovely Summer, so she also appears a lot in this nice short book.Four stars!
  • Tudor Vlad
    This was okay, I quite liked it, but it had way too much teenage drama for my taste. I'm glad I'm finally done with all the Wonder novellas. I planned to read them right after finishing the main book (I loved that book), but I always found myself starting some other book...
  • Denise
    The difference between nice & kind.
  • Kats
    Even though I think that Ms Palacio should consider writing an entirely new story instead of spinning off more and more stories riding on the coat tails of Wonder, I can't deny that I love returning to the familiar setting at Beecher Prep School with the various characters in Auggie's life. This is Charlotte's story; she was part of Auggie's "Welcome Committee" organised by Mr Tushman at the beginning of grade 5. Charlotte is seen by most (includ...
  • Cynthia
    RJ Palacio has done it again! After reading this I had both my daughters 9age 9 & 10) sit down and read it as well. Wonderful story for tween girls, how to be a good friend, expectations and misperceptions of classmates. Many lessons in this quick read.
  • Flor Méndez
    Precioso, quizás mi favorito del universo Wonder después del principal (incluso, quizás, más que El Libro de los Preceptos del Señor Browne). Charlotte es súper honesta y es la primera vez que vemos la historia de Auggie y el universo escolar desde el punto de vista de una de las chicas; la amistad-rivalidad entre el grupo es tan real, dude. Kudos a R.J. Palacio por acordarse de cómo eran sus 10, 11, 12 años.
  • IzamaRi H. Fabela
    RESEÑA COMPLETA ➜ Supongo que a estas alturas del partido ya deben de saber que soy fan de la historia de Auggie en donde conocemos a varios personajes que son clave para el crecimiento del personaje. Son precisamente algunos de estos personajes de los que la autora lanzó tres historias cortas donde nos cuenta su punto de vista de la historia complementándola así. En esta ocasión es Charlotte quien nos cuenta su histo...
  • Miss Bookiverse
    I wish this story had been from Summer's or Ximena's point of view. They were much more interesting and likable than Charlotte. First of all she's pretty bland, she's really proud of always staying "neutral" but it felt more like a lack of backbone. She always wants to please everybody. I know she's still young and might need space to grow but uurgh, she just made for such in uninspiring character to read about.Also the writing rubbed me the wron...
  • Marina
    Me ha encantado este libro. Tenía unas ganas inmensas de leer este libro. Tenía muchas expectativas, y se han cumplido. Me ha encantado ver los problemas que tenían las chicas, ya que principalmente habíamos visto las peleas que habían tenido los chico. Los problemas que tenían las chicas, eran totalmente ciertos, muchos de ellos yo los he vívido. El personaje principal, Charlotte, es genial. También me ha sorprendido mucho Ximena: hay qu...
  • Earl
    You would think I'd be tired of all these Wonder novellas floating around but I'm not. Shingaling is a strong addition to the series focusing on one of Auggie's classmates, Charlotte. We get a female's perspective on things that have transpired that faithful fifth year in Beecher Prep.In hindsight, it would probably have been better to categorize these stories under Beecher Prep since everyone (including the teachers) seemed to have a fascinating...
  • Syifa Luthfianingsih
    Alright I started reading this book on the last day of 2016 and finished it on the first day of 2017.Throughout the reading, I found myself wondering why did the author decide to tell Charlotte's point of view instead of Summer's. Like, come on, Charlotte has nothing to do with Auggie at all, except for the fact that they're both students at Beecher Prep. It's quite disappointing, tbh. But I somehow can relate to this quote,Some friendships are l...
  • David Yuan
    I really enjoyed this story! Summer, my favorite character from Wonder, plays a prominent part in this story. I am an adult man, but this story allowed me to see what middle school would be like through the eyes of a young girl with all the associated drama. It's a story about friendships and how they are not always what we expect. I thought it rang true. I can't wait for my two daughters to read this story. I know they will enjoy it as well.
  • Aryaman Bharath
    I definitely recommend this book because although the book is in the perspective of Charlotte the setting was the same but the whole story was on the girls side of thing in Breacher Prep. One thing I like is seeing everybody's mind and reading about what they do and how they think at certain situations. Overall I recommend this book because it is a little different to the wonder story with the only similarity being the setting.
  • Isabel
    I love this story, even if it doesn't really add to the plot of Wonder. It gives a girl perspective of what was going on with the "boy war" and also what was going on with the girls. Summer, Ximena and Charlotte's friendship was really nice and I really like the way everything turned out in the end.
  • Angie
    Creo que todos los libros anexos a "La lección de August" han aportado aunque sea un granito a la historia principal, sin embargo "Charlotte tiene la palabra" se concentra demasiado en la historia de Charlotte y muy poco nos cuenta sobre Auggie. Estuvo bien, pero sólo eso.Reseña en
  • Steph
    Not my favorite Wonder Story and doesn't have as wide as an age range appeal as some of the other Wonder tales in my opinion. I can see how young fans wanting to know more about various characters, particularly the female ones, might find value in this story though.
  • Michelle
    While this short character story wasn't quite as involved or eye opening as the story about Julian, I still really love and appreciate these deeper character insights. Really helps complete the Wonder story
  • Mary Drayer
    The Wonder series continues...I really liked Summer in the first-Wonder book- now we get to find out a little mnay others in the world of Wonder.
  • Tammy Kesteloot
    Well written, very nice! A great incite into Charlotte's character. We saw her character often in Wonder, but again she wasn't very explored until this book. Her growth was nice as well.
  • Leymy
    Wow this was.. not my favorite... Maybe I should stop now before I ruin my view on wonder.
  • Lorelupin Acevedo
    Como siempre es un gusto volver a esta historia a la cual le tengo mucho cariño y que como saben es de mis favoritas y en cuanto me entere que salio el libro al día siguiente no dude en ir por el y en ese mismo día terminarlo por que como sabrán si los han leído son lo máximo y puedo decir que esta historia es muy bonita, sin dudas me gusto mucho ya que fue muy interesante conocer a Charlotte, no solo la parte en como ve ella las cosas que ...