Scion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra, #1) by Amish Tripathi

Scion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra, #1)

Ram Rajya. The Perfect Land. But perfection has a price. He paid that price.3400 BCE. INDIAAyodhya is weakened by divisions. A terrible war has taken its toll. The damage runs deep. The demon King of Lanka, Raavan, does not impose his rule on the defeated. He, instead, imposes his trade. Money is sucked out of the empire. The Sapt Sindhu people descend into poverty, despondency and corruption. They cry for a leader to lead them out of the morass....

Details Scion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra, #1)

TitleScion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra, #1)
Release DateJun 22nd, 2015
PublisherWestland Publication
Number of pages376 pages
GenreFantasy, Mythology, Fiction, Asian Literature, Indian Literature, Historical Fiction, Cultural, India, Amish, Philosophy, Religion, Novels

Reviews Scion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra, #1)

  • Swapnil Tembe
    Read Scion of Ikshvaku. Like me, i am sure many who loved the Shiva Trilogy would be disappointed to some extent. Here are some goods and bads.Goods1) The ocean of imagination knows no bounds when it comes to Amish. One of the reasons why we fell in love with the first trilogy. It continues to some extent.2) Connecting these to the Vayuputras and Nagas discussed in this previous books.3) Character building.4) A great Cover design (Not sure if it ...
  • Avanthika
    Bending and re-telling the actual story with whooping level of imagination is Amish’s usual way of entertaining and he strikes again, “The Scion Of Ikshvaku” is for the people who do not whole-heartedly believe in the Raamayan. Ram. The prince of Sapt Sindhu. Son of Chakravartin Samrat Dasarat. Yet he is considered inauspicious and his birth year is marked as tainted 7032 for the defeat Dasarat faced. While Sapt Sindu is facing bankruptcy, ...
  • Charn Singh
    Is there any particular reason for rewriting an epic that’s more than perfect in its own originality? Answer is yes- to show the lack of inspiration and inexcusable mind-numbing dumb levels to which an "un-author" can reduce a great work to.What this so called blockbuster "Scion of Ikshvaku" really is, a clichéd, redundant, kindergarten stuff. The writing has relatively little character or style. "Un-author" is just what he is- an IIM guy who ...
  • Nandakishore Varma
    I have not read this book, and do not plan to. This is a troll review, posted to express my resentment at an idiot murdering Indian mythology to line his pockets. So sue me!-----------------------------------I am going to resign my engineering job and write a novel on Lord Krishna. In my novel, he will be gay - to hide which fact, he marries multiple women. Also, Kamsa will be a benevolent lower-caste ruler, who is treacherously killed by Krishna...
  • Swetha
    Though the scene in the cover looks like a young Milkha Singh aiming his bow at a helicopter, it is apparently a bearded Lord Ram shooting at the Pushpaka Viman which has rotary blades. If covers speak volume, this serves the same purpose that a machine on mute does.Amish Tripathi borrowed the characters and setting of the Ramayana, made it the continuation of The Shiva Trilogy and then used his own imagination. IIM did him well and Ramayana play...
  • Saloni Sharma
    Should be retitled "How To Give Mythology A Screw Over".
  • Mith
    I want my money back.
  • Rahul Khatri
    Zip-Zap-Zoom Read ........ !After re-introducing Lord Shiva in Shiva Triology , Amish Tripathi has pen down the Scion Of Ikshvaku , Ist of instalment in Ram Chandra Series .As the book was exclusively available on Amazon , I Recieved my Pre-ordered Copy Yesterday and once I start reading , it kept me hooked till the very end . Truly Spell Bounding Ist Instalment as The Immortal of Meluha was from Shiva Trilogy was .FRONT COVER ~Front Cover which ...
  • Shwetha Anand
    Less said the better. Forget acceptable standards of literature, is it too much to ask for a decent read that doesn't involve inane statements like" Shukracharya was from Egypt"?? Well apparently it is..
  • Sookie
    The book is set in same universe as that of the Meluha trilogy. And like Meluha trilogy, this novel has to be read without constant comparison to Ramayana as we have come to know. Treat this story how you treat any other characters that are loosely based on popular mythology. If done well, this can be an interesting trilogy, even better than Meluha perhaps. Amish delivers his own (not entirely original) brand of philosophy as he explains Gods and...
  • Bhanuj
    You can also read the review here Argumentative WatermelonRamayan was written over a period of more than 1200 years, it went through so many changes and interpolations that what came out (its many versions included) was a masterpiece.Sadly the same can’t be said about the Scion of Ikshvaku. It is a retelling of the great epic with its own moderation and revisions. The core of the story is the same, Amish chiseled the outer surface to remodel it...
  • Arunita
    Regretting those hours of my life that will never come back.One of the worst books I have read in a while.Ramayana is already viewed as less interesting than the Mahabharat(Edit: Since someone has taken this as me thinking 'epic' Ramayan 'less interesting,please note I have implied no such thing.A lot of people around me while reading mythology based FICTION prefer Mahabharat to Ramayan b'coz Mahabharat has many 'not sonoble and ideal' characters...
  • Anmol Rawat
    Scion of Ikshvaku Detailed Book ReviewAll hail Amish! This is such a beautiful book that I was disappointed it ended so soon. Excellent narration, excellent character development and excellent emotions. Scion of Ikshvaku is one of the best books I have read this year and I highly recommend it to all my friends. Eagerly waiting for the next installment now.
  • Shravanthi Kripa
    Hmmm....Yeah, so I read this 'Ramayana remake'. Didn't like it. Well okay....maybe I liked only tiny portions. Kinda-sorta okayish book I'd say.Ram is born on the day of Dhasharath's first defeat against Raavan!(preposterous, and ridiculously twisted) This victimizes Ram in Dhasharath's eye. The King blames his first defeat on the new born. How is a baby responsible for a king's blunders in war? I don't know. But it says a lot about how much we s...
  • Mondit
    The moment I opened the book, following words stared at me.Parents are like a bow, and children like arrows. The more the bow bends and stretches, further the arrow flies. I fly, not because I am special but because they stretched for meThe words, which are so apt for a book about an Archer, who is the apostle of a culture where Parents are worshipped above gods, where a prince renounces throne and embrace the life of wild people for his father.A...
  • Vikalp Trivedi
    The first book in the Ramchandra Series 'Scion Of Ikshvaku' is set in the same arc in which the Shiva trilogy was set . The book is a fast paced book , the characters are bit changed than their conventional forms and are well built . It is true that the series is Amish's version of Ramayana . The only character which I felt remained underused was of Raavan . In many of the episodes Amish has used resemblenses with the contemporary incidences , es...
  • Nivedita (thebooklovingnerd)
    First of all, I am going to take a moment to shamelessly praise Amish for his immense amount of imagination and the way he brings his imagination to perfection. When I read the Shiva trilogy, I was stumped by the way Lord Shiva was portrayed and I couldn't stop myself from reading them. This book is based on Lord Ram of Ayodhya, who believes in a perfect idealistic society where people follow all the rules and keeps crime and corruption out of it...
  • Raksha Bhat
    Firstly I must admit that I have not read the previous books of this author, I know this sounds a bit on the up and up. Well, the urge to read this one was purely due to the number of status updates of people in my friend list saying Reading ‘Scion of Ikshvaku’ on various social networking platforms. Curiosity may have killed the cat but it never kills a reader in my opinion. Reading new versions of an epic like Ramayana just adds to our expe...
  • Piyush
    Amazing Read!!Things I liked:- Great character building.- Deep undercurrent philosophy.- Though set in ancient times, yet very much contemporary, especially parts with Asuras and Roshni's episode.- The way Amish leveraged the concepts, laid in Shiva Trilogy, in this series as well, like Nagas, Vayuputras etc.- Like first two parts of Shiva Trilogy, story is surrounded with secrets and open questions.Things could have avoided/added:- Over descript...
  • Fuad Fidah
    So far, very interesting. Although the author may have over simplified a few things, his way of looking at theology is somewhat interesting. Eagerly waiting for the next books.
  • Priya
    DNF in July, skimmed the rest yesterday to find out that oh-my-god-no, (view spoiler)[ Sita is kidnapped by (hide spoiler)] oh-my-god-NO (view spoiler)[ Raavan (hide spoiler)]!!
  • Nithya Subramaniam
    I have always like Mythology, especially Indian mythology and I was really looking forward to this book. I wanted to meet Ram the man who created the perfect city Meluha. However, Imagine your disappointment when none of this was his idea but Sita's. The characters fell flat especially Ram and Raavan. Here's what I expected some grey shades of Ram and some redeeming qualities in Raavan. We all know that Ram was all good and Raavan was evil, but I...
  • Girish
    3.5 stars more like. To be honest, the book started as a 'getitoutofthesystem' read for me. In parts, you could taste the essence of what the author was capable of, that made his earlier books a bestseller, before he became a 'literary popstar' who had to sell brand "Amish'Amish Tripathi is the Rohit sharma of books - Talented but frustratingly distracted. This book had definite strong points like the masculine and feminine societies, the smritis...
  • Sindhu Naidu
    I Pre-ordered my copy and I received the book mark which I very much loved. The idea to provide readers with a bookmark is really thoughtful. Initially I was disappointed that the author has chosen the character of Lord Ram for his novel. Ramayana has been the subject of writing for a very long time now and re telling the same story is not very exciting. However when I started reading I've understood that the author has come up with many incident...
  • Ashish
    Amish's Shiva Trilogy - The Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of the Nagas and The Oath of the Vayuputras has attracted a wide and devoted audience since its publication. Scion of Ikshvaku is Amish's version of the Ramayan. It's Amish fictional and interpretation of the tale of Lord Ram and Lady Sita. Book is fast-paced adventure based on several versions of the Ramayan, melded with historical theories and imagination. The story tracks the journey ...
  • Sreejitha Sasikumar
    I would go with 0 rating if there was such an option. the book doesnot have anything new to offer. Atleast thats what i fell. And to add, its very boring. I feel its better to read ramayana again than these books. Its common these days for certain writers who had fallen under the " fame and name" category to produce gibberish nonsense. Just because there are many people to promote their work and of course there is social media too. I had tried re...
  • Rahul
    Re-writing the Story of Ram is bound to attract speculations and comparisons with the many earlier versions of ancient and modern era. I found the book quite so-so in variety and quite repeated in line with some other versions. The story dragged at some places and hopped over some other. The author is sketching a prequel series to the Shiva trilogy and it will be a patient wait to whether it will culminate to satisfaction.
  • Sheetal Maurya (Halo of Books)
    So Finally I finished reading this book. Shiva Trilogy by Amish is my favorite book and I expected the same perfection from this book. But to my disbelief this book is nowhere to the previous ones. I do understand that the author wanted to retell the story, but while doing this he forgot the main essence of the story. He has literally amend everything, I mean there was a certain time when I thought what? This is rubbish! I literally skip many pag...
  • Divya Sarma
    I know Amish Tripathi's style and I have no quarrels with it. Sure, his writing is very bad, sure books read like a cross between a book and a screen play. And his version of pop philosophy is pretty irritating. But the Shiva trilogy remained enjoyable. He made things exciting, juxtaposing different stories from mythology into a coherent narrative. When he tries the same with Ramayana, which we have already consumed as a coherent narrative only, ...
  • Shree
    Note : This review was first published in my blog - Book And Ink After ‘humanizing’ Lord Shiva, writer Amish has taken upon re-telling Lord Ram and his life story. Scion of Ikshvaku is Amish’s fictionalized version of Ramayana, the epic that has been interpreted and narrated by countless people. This book has been recorded as one of the most extensively marketed books with the book trailer going viral, pre-orders jumping and a lot of digita...