Watch the Lady (The Tudor Trilogy, #3) by Elizabeth Fremantle

Watch the Lady (The Tudor Trilogy, #3)

THE QUEEN'S GODDAUGHTER. HER MOST TRUSTED MAID.ADULTRESS.ENEMY OF THE STATE.WHO IS THE REAL PENELOPE DEVEREUX?Penelope Devereux is a legendary beauty in the court of Elizabeth I, with a smile that would light up the shadows of hell. But it's not just her looks which have won her favour with the Queen wing; her canny instinct for being in the right place at the right time, and her skilled political manoeuvrings under the guise of diplomacy, have r...

Details Watch the Lady (The Tudor Trilogy, #3)

TitleWatch the Lady (The Tudor Trilogy, #3)
Release DateJun 18th, 2015
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, English History, Tudor Period, European Literature, British Literature

Reviews Watch the Lady (The Tudor Trilogy, #3)

  • Marita
    Imagine Queen Elizabeth in all her splendour. The world of England revolves around her. The nobles vie for her favour. Clever Thomas Cecil, he of the crooked spine, is determined to be acknowledged and even loved. Who stands in his way? Why, it is Robert Devereux, the Earl of Essex who is the favourite of the queen. He is also loved by the people, and they shout "ESS-EX, ESS-EX". But the queen doesn't take very kindly to anyone who crosses her. T...
  • B the BookAddict
    The famed beauty Penelope Devereux, reported to be the muse of poet Robert Sidney, was born in 1563. She’s the great grand-daughter of Mary Boleyn by Henry VIII and her mother is Lettice Knollys who vexed Elizabeth I by marrying her favourite Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester after Penelope’s father dies. Her beloved brother is Robert, second Earl of Essex and she will support him in all his political endeavours, even the final one: (view spoi...
  • ``Laurie Henderson
    Once again Elizabeth Fremantle fails to impress.Penelope Devereux, the sister to Robert, led a very exciting life during the Renaissance reign of Elizabeth I and I've tried to read every book I could find about her.With such riches from which to mine when writing this book, Fremantle's characters never come alive and the book is never exciting.For new readers just discovering this subject I imagine it would be a very exciting read.
  • BAM The Bibliomaniac
    For many of us history buffs, the story of the Earl of Essex is well known, but not so much the story of his older sister , Penelope. The author of this book expressed her desire to adhere to historical fact whenever possible, but she often had to resort to conjecture because so much is not known. Having said that, I finished this book having developed great respect for the courage for this great lady of the Elizabethan age. She had guts for sure...
  • Jennifer
    This was another great read by Elizabeth Freemantle. This time she delves into the later years of the reign of Elizabeth I by telling the story of Penelope Devereux, lady in waiting to Elizabeth and sister of Elizabeth's favorite of the time; the second Earl of Essex, Robert Devereux.What I loved most about this novel was how the author was able to create the atmosphere of backbiting and jealously in Elizabeth's court. The rivalry between Robert ...
  • Naksed
    "Watch the lady; watch and wait" Lord Cecil admonishes his overeager son. "Water hollows a stone, not by force but by falling often."The lady in question is Penelope Devereux, a descendant of Mary Boleyn and therefore related to Queen Elizabeth I, and the object of Robert Cecil's wrath as he tries to thwart her and her brother Essex, convinced as he is that they are traitors to the Queen. And plot and prod, they do, incessantly, inexorably, with ...
  • Kate
    What a wonderful book! A fascinating look at the last 15 years or so of Elizabeth I's reign, a time that rarely receives attention, focusing on charismatic siblings and Elizabeth's favourites Penelope Devereux and the Earl of Essex.
  • Caz
    I've given this an A-/B for narration and a B+ for content at AudioGals.Watch the Lady is a fascinating piece of historical fiction based on the life of Lady Penelope Rich, the sister of Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex. Penelope is widely believed to have been the inspiration for Sir Philip Sydney’s famous sonnet sequence, Astrophel and Stella; and her life was an unconventional one, to say the very least. She was beautiful, possessed of a fine ...
  • Janina
  • Arleigh
    Penelope Devereux, daughter of Lettice Knollys, the woman Queen Elizabeth I called the “She-Wolf” for marrying the royal favorite, is pitted against the Essex faction’s rival, Robert Cecil, in this panoramic Tudor narrative. Penelope, beautiful, level-headed and witty, makes a perfect waiting lady and voice for the out-of-favor Devereux family, though it is her brother who catches the Queen’s attention.Robert Cecil, son of the Queen’s m...
  • Terelyn Marks
    It's good to read something about the OTHER people in the courts -- Penelope Devereaux, Elizabeth's cousin, lived a fascinating life and one you don't hear much about. She was actually quite influential and close to the queen.
  • Jules (Never enough time to read)
    Elizabeth Fremantle is fast becoming my favourite historical author.
  • Kathleen
    This was the best Elizabeth Fremantle book so far and I truly hated for it to end. I did not know much ( or anything actually) about Penelope Devereux and just a bit about her brother, Essex. Written about one of my favorite families, the children and grandchildren of Mary Boleyn.Fascinating and well done history( yes I looked things up)about a family who events forced to live in normalcy for the most part. They were Elizabeth Tudor's support tea...
  • Michelle Ryles
    I think it's safe to say that Elizabeth I would not have liked this book as she is not the star of the show, instead it is someone I had never heard of: Penelope Devereaux. I had, however, heard of her famous brother: the queen's favourite, Essex. I do love to read both fiction and non-fiction set in the Tudor period and it does seem to be a popular topic with lots of authors, but what makes this stand out from the crowd is the main character, Pe...
  • Anna
    Ich hatte das Buch bis zur Hälfte eher für schwächer gehalten, doch dann hat es an Fahrt gewonnen und die Stärke der Protagonistin noch einmal besonders herausgestellt. Also doch ein toller historischer Roman! Meine ausführliche Rezension gibt es bald auf meinem Blog: https://liveyourlifewithbooks.wordpre...
  • Helena Wildsmith
    I absolutely loved this book! It was truly fascinating reading about Penelope Devereux and learning more about that period of history. I would definitely love to read more books by Elizabeth Fremantle.
  • Shirley Revill
    Really enjoyed. Recommended.
  • Marie Z. Johansen
    I have been a fan of Elizabeth Freemantle's and this, her latest, is surely one of the best.The Devereux and Knollys families were key peers during the Elizabethan period. Penelope was the daughter of the Queen's nemesis, Lettice Knollys, and the sister of the Queen's young favorite, the Earl of Essex. Penelope appears to have been the brains of the Devereux clan, while the Earl was the charmer of the family who gained great notice by being doted...
  • Julie
    This book is set in the time of Queen Elizabeth I and focuses on the people in her innermost circle who are constantly vying for position and at the same time they are all trying to feather their own nests and predict the replacement in anticipation of needing a new monarch. Penelope Devereux, a beauty who can also sing wonderfully, and her family i.e. her mother Lettice who has been banished from court for life. Her sister Dorothy – also banis...
  • Manda Scott
    Ever since Queen's Gambit took the world of historical fiction by storm 3 years ago, Liz Fremantle's books have been the ones to watch in the world of Tudor fiction. The combination of depth, intelligence and real historical imagination that she brings to bear on the lesser-known (but immensely powerful) women of the Tudor era is unmatched in contemporary writing and gets better with each book. Not that either of the previous ones were sub par - ...
  • Brian
    This is an extremely intelligent novel, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading, even though this is not - definitely not - 'my' period of history.SOME SPOILERS BELOW:-I had heard of Penelope Devereux before, indeed have come across her in various works of fiction, but she really comes alive here. Freemantle's Penelope is beautiful (and we have the evidence of Sidney's poems for that) but also highly intelligent, politically astute and remarkab...
  • V.E. Lynne
    The last years of Elizabeth I's reign were perilous times for many courtiers but particularly so for the Devereux family: Robert, the charismatic and unpredictable Earl of Essex and his sister Penelope, beautiful, spirited, married to a man who doesn't desire her as well as becoming the muse of renowned poet/soldier Philip Sidney. Penelope's role as 'Stella' to Sidney's 'Astrophil' takes up part of this book, and was a deep but unconsummated love...
  • Anna
    Stella star of heavenly fire, Stella lodestar of desire. Sir Philip Sidney, Astrophil and StellaPenelope Devereux is a beauty that inspires exquisite poetry. But that is not all she is; fascinating, intelligent, prudent, unafraid of flirting with danger... had she been a man, she would have surely been a renowned figure in English history. Goddaughter of Queen Elizabeth I, sister of the Earl of Essex, she loves Philip Sidney but her heart is to b...
  • Jane
    I have been fortunate to be asked to review this authors other historical novels, so when I was asked by to review Watch the Lady I was pleased and intrigued.I was familiar with the character Penelope Devereux in that was an English noblewoman and was the sister of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex. She married Robert Rich, 3rd Baron Rich(later 1st Earl of Warwick) and had a liaison with Charles Blount, Baron Mountjoy, (later f...
  • Blodeuedd Finland
    It was hard, but I refrained from googling to I could see how it all turned out! Oh, but it was so hard! My fingers were itching to see how it all would play out, but I stayed my course, and finished the book, and then googled! A good historical fiction novel always makes me google everything, and everyone.Penelope Deveraux, the name does not tell me anything. Her brother, Earl Essex tells me more. But then the author does mention how history lik...
  • Karen Mace
    Received this via the GoodReads Giveaway competition before release so thankyou to the publishers.This story follows Penelope Devereux and her trials and tribulations through her time in court with Queen Elizabeth. Her brother is The Earl of Essex so a huge favourite of the Queen which leads to others trying to find fault and cause more rifts.Fascinating studies of the lesser known characters of the time and it's full of wonderful detail and hist...
  • Deanne Wildsmith
    I was very happy to have received this book from Goodreads Giveaway as Elizabeth Fremantle is an author I have wanted to try for some time. Whilst I have read books about Elizabeth 1 and various other characters from that era, I did not know anything about Penelope Deveraux, Lord Essex's sister. Whilst I knew Essex's fate, I wanted to keep reading to find out what happened to Penelope. I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to people wh...
  • Rose Miyonga
    Beautiful, tragic, compelling. Watch the Lady tells the story of a fascinating and little-known historical figure (Penelope Devereux) with sensitivity as well as historical accuracy. Fremantle's writing is as ever gloriously detailed and has a visceral quality that shows the world of the Tudor court in a unique and complex light. The characters are as flawed as they are impressive, and Fremantle writes with great tenderness and depth.
  • Margaret Sankey
    Standard issue Tudor historical fiction(from the trend of finding a biography and then adding dialogue, thanking the historian you ripped off in the epilogue), this time from the perspective of Penelope Devereaux Rich, sister of the Earl of Essex.
  • Jacqueline
    Set in late 16th century Elizabethan England, the novel centers on the evolution of Penelope Devereux from a naive girl to a formidable woman. She comes from a noble line, and is one of the Queen's favoured ladies at court, but being at the heart of court matters can be very dangerous and she learns how to step carefully to her family's advantage. She becomes the beating heart of her family, having a mind for politics. She is often underestimated...