Beauty Like the Night (Spymasters, # 6) by Joanna Bourne

Beauty Like the Night (Spymasters, # 6)

Severine de Cabrillac, orphan of the French revolution and sometime British intelligence agent, has tried to leave spying behind her. Now she devotes herself to investigating crimes in London and finding justice for the wrongly accused.Raoul Deverney, an enigmatic half-Spaniard with enough secrets to earn even a spy's respect, is at her door demanding help. She's the only one who can find the killer of his long-estranged wife and rescue her missi...

Details Beauty Like the Night (Spymasters, # 6)

TitleBeauty Like the Night (Spymasters, # 6)
Release DateMay 6th, 2017
PublisherHeadline Eternal
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Regency, Spy Thriller, Espionage

Reviews Beauty Like the Night (Spymasters, # 6)

  • Caz
    I've given this an A- at AAR, so that's 4.5 stars rounded up.Beauty Like the Night, the eagerly awaited sixth book in Joanna Bourne’s widely acclaimed Spymasters series, tells the story of Séverine de Cabrillac, whom we first met as a very young child caught up in the revolutionary terror of late eighteenth century Paris in The Forbidden Rose.  Ten years after being brought to England by William Doyle, Sévie ran off to war where she joined...
  • Geri Reads
    4.5 stars!Loved this cleverly written historical romantic suspense by Joanna Bourne. Sèverine de Cabrillac was a former military intelligence who is now using her "skills" as an investigator. As intelligent as she is beautiful, Sèverine is one of the most interesting heroines I've read in a long time. Drawn back into the world she tried to leave behind, Sèverine must confront the demons of her past at the same time help Raoul Deverney discover...
  • Jaya
    4.15 starsBourne never disappoints.
  • Bj
    4.5 "A Love Interconnected by Espionage" Stars!Why did I wait so long to discover this series? Being a lover of historical romance and mystery/suspense, Beauty Like the Night satisfied my desires on a number of fronts. I also really enjoyed Ms. Bourne's talented writing and witty repartees between the hero and heroine. Now I simply must go back and read or listen to Ms. Bourne's Spymasters backlist titles!For those who are wondering if this story...
  • Joanna Loves Reading
    "One did not, he suspected, write poems to Séverine’s eyebrows. One slew dragons for her, or stood slightly to the left, holding her spare lance and buckler, while she did the slaying."I am a fan Joanna Bourne's books. She writes intrigue better than anyone in HR, IMO. The attraction and romance is wonderfully done, against a dark intrigue-filled setting. This book features plenty of Doyle and Hawker, who have been great characters throughout ...
  • Brandy Painter
    Holy dialogue, Batman! This book was full of some of the best examples of banter I've ever seen. Nearly every page was one I wanted to reread. If possible, I would have jumped in just to take a bath in the words. It was that good. Sevie is wonderful. Her story was well worth the wait and I really enjoyed learning about how she became a spy, the work she did, and her relationship with Doyle. (Which is just fabulous-I'm trying to think of any other...
  • Giedre
    3.5/5“That was nicely done, by the way. I am filled with fear and respect.”“You’re filled with lies.” “That too.”Sadly, the long awaited new instalment in the Spymasters series does not live up to its predecessors (specifically, the last three books). Bourne's prose is lovely as always, but I had a hard time engaging with the romance between Sevie and Raoul. Mostly because Raoul did nothing for me. Dare I say, he was kind of bland. ...
  • Karen
    Somehow I knew that I would love Séverine's book. And it's interesting how the addition of a tragic and brave 12 year old child can change the dynamic of the story so completely. Loved the characters in this one. And in my experience any hero with the name "Raoul" will never fail to melt my heart.
  • Mandi Schreiner
    Favorite Quote: Hawker muttered distinctly, "Another corpse. What is it about today?"To say I love this series is an understatement. Joanna Bourne can write a sentence like no other. Her words fill me up and her characters are so clever and engaging and I'm greedy for all of her words.Joanna Bourne has created a cast of characters so rich and vivid, that I hang on every detail. But I'm selfish. I want each book to be about Hawker. Or Doyle. Or ev...
  • kris
    Séverine de Cabrillac is a private investigator in London when Raoul Deverney climbs through her window, tosses a knife in her lap, and accuses her of kidnapping a child and stealing an amulet. Sévie is not amused. After agreeing to look into the murder/kidnapping/theft, she realizes that her boner for Raoul is horribly distracting. She is even more not amused. Raoul, meanwhile, goes about his cat burglary business and flirts with Sévie and de...
  • Lisa - (Aussie Girl)
    Not quite as good as some of the other books in this series (there was a whole lot of backstory concerning both the major characters which would have been better told in a separate book) but still Joanna Bourne does have a lovely style of writing. Is this the end of this series? I hope not there seems to be a new generation of little spies waiting in the wings.3.5 stars
  • Em
    I've given this 4.5 stars at Romantic Historical ReviewsThe Spymasters series is one of the best historical romance series ever written. If you’ve read them, you already know they’re wonderful; if you haven’t, they’re awesome and you should read them IMMEDIATELY. Each book works as a standalone, although they’re linked and it very much enhances your reading experience if you’re familiar with Ms. Bourne’s world. Her characters are co...
  • Piper
    This was a perfect ending to the Spymaster series (or perhaps it's not the end?). I loved Raoul and Sévie ♥♥♥ and was very happy that Doyle and Hawker were in this book as well. I do wish that Adrian and Annique had been present in some of the other books other than their own story. Perhaps Ms. Bourne will write a 7th book that will grace us with their presence. I really do like her writing style which mixes romance and suspense. Each book...
  • Jess
    Joanna Bourne just writes so beautifully. This was a book worthy of Sevie. I wish that we'd gotten more of the women from earlier in the series, but Doyle and Hawker were pretty adequate substitutes. I'm sad that there won't be more in this series, but I'm so glad that I picked up The Spymaster's Lady all those years ago, because book to book, this is probably my favorite romance series of all time.
  • Alyssa Grace
    3.5/5 starsMaybe it's because I've come to expect more from J.B., but this latest instalment in her Spymasters series ended up kind of underwhelming. Something happened, then some other things happened, and in between there was a lot of intrigue and sexual tension, and then the story was over. In short, Beauty Like the Night represents the best that a formulaic Regency novel can offer without defying genre conventions. I feel that some of the pre...
  • eatbookseatworlds
    If for some (ghastly) reason I was forced to pick only one author to read for the rest of my life, Joanna Bourne would probably be it (or at least be in my top three). As a historical romance author, she is unparalleled. Her stories are riveting, and her characters incandescently alive, whether they be hero or villain. Beauty Like the Night isn't even in my top three Bourne favorites, and I still couldn't put it down until I'd read every word (th...
  • Beth
    I am not impressed. Where to start: the plot, which is contrived and convenient beyond belief? With Severine herself, a patchwork collection of attributes instead of a character? With the abrupt tonal shift - almost Justine’s voice, not at all Justine’s life?That was the story of her life. It mostly boiled down to she was lucky not to have been shot.That’s a GREAT line. It’s not at all appropriate for Severine’s story. She’d never had...
  • Caz
    I've given this a B for narration and an A- for content at AudioGals, which is a bit under 4.5 starsIn Beauty Like the Night, the sixth entry in Joanna Bourne’s acclaimed Spymasters series, the author turns her focus to Séverine de Cabrillac, sister of Justine (heroine of The Black Hawk) whom we first met when she was a very young child being taken away from revolutionary Paris by the man she now calls ‘Papa’, William Doyle, Viscount Mar...
  • Elena
    It's been far too long since Joanna Bourne published a book, but this was worth the wait.
  • Joyce
    Bourne is currently my favorite romance author--I love the blend of linked characters, adventure, historical setting, danger, and sparkling wit and humor--and I can think of no narrator better than Kirsten Potter to bring the characters and their stories to life. I devoured the book in one day. Severine de Cabrillac, French orphan adopted by Britain's top spy Doyle during the Peninsular wars, has spied in France and Spain but is now an enquiry ag...
  • Blackjack
    (3.5 stars) It's hard to believe Beauty Like the Night is the sixth book in Bourne's Spymaster series. It demonstrates well that there are still endless stories in this world she's created, and this particular story in no way felt stale. I really enjoyed the tight plotting of the mystery and spy action of the novel, but overall the romance itself never quite sparkled in the way in which I always hope and anticipate from a Bourne novel. I realized...
  • Alleyne
    I love Joanna Bourne's books for so many things: the beautiful words, lyrical scenes, the adventure, the compelling heroes and the kick-ass heroines. Beauty LikeThe Night did not disappoint. While I had one little quibble about a certain plot point (no spoilers here), loved it. It might be my second favorite of all her books.
  • Allie
    3.5 stars. Joanna Bourne is one of the few HR writers that I still read when I'm craving a good love story. (The Spymaster's Lady and Black Hawk are perennial re-reads.) But Severine and Raoul never came to life for me; they seemed like a pastiche of the previous characters and most of their interactions (even at knifepoint!) felt oddly flat. The urgency of their mission to find Raoul's missing daughter was undercut by his own lack of emotional c...
  • Sophia
    A murder, a missing girl, an assassination attempt, and two hostile people who fight an attraction come together in the latest of the Spymasters series in this delicious and twisting tale set after the end of the Napoleonic Wars.Beauty Like the Night is book six in the series. I would imagine the series works best read in order, but this was my fist of the novel-length stories and I was able to read it just fine. The plot was self-contained thoug...
  • Paraphrodite
    Not quite 4.5 stars.I really enjoyed this. Loved the interaction between the main characters and the appearances of characters from the previous books. The conversations are witty and the plot interesting. I especially enjoyed the actions and antics of the younger generation. I hope the author will continue with this series.
  • K.C. Bateman
    I love Joanna Bourne's writing, but I have to say I wasn't as completely sucked into this one as I have been with her previous books. I couldn't quite connect with Raoul as a hero, but that's probably just personal preference. That said, a book by her is always uniquely written and enjoyable. A fast read.
  • Regan Walker
    Wonderful Installment in the Spymaster Series!Great action, an intriguing plot and sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine make this a fabulous installment in the series. Set in London 1819, this is the story of Séverine de Cabrillac, orphan of the French revolution and sometime spy, who devotes herself to investigating crimes in London and finding justice for those wrongly accused. She is the adopted daughter of William Doyle (from The ...
  • Jessica Robbins
    For complete review check out my blog at https://booksaplentybookreviews.blogs...
  • Ana
    Severine de Cabrillac is a "retired" spy, cultivating a reputation as untouchable spinster who uses her clandestine skills as private inquiry agent. Although surrounded by family and loyal retainers she is haunted by the dark choices she made in the service of Military Intelligence during the wars in Spain.Like Severine, Raoul Deverney bears the scars of his years in Spain and the consequences of the risky and youthful choices he made there durin...
  • Sandy Williams
    I know I'm a sci-fi and fantasy romance author, but I also read a wee bit of historical romance on occasion. One of those occasions is when Joanna Bourne releases a new book.Joanna Bourne.Man! I don't know whether to love her or hate her.Okay. I do know. I love her. I adore her and every single word she puts on a page.Or a screen. Whatever.The point is, she's the greatest author out there right now writing books, and it's not just because her st...