Sleeper (Hunter, #3; Thieves, #8) by Lexi Blake

Sleeper (Hunter, #3; Thieves, #8)

When Neil’s past catches up to him, Kelsey must choose between her new family and an old love…With tensions rising between the Council and demonkind, Kelsey finds herself investigating a series of murders that threaten the fragile truce between them. If she can’t stop these killings soon, they could ignite a fire sure to burn the supernatural world down.Unfortunately for her, Kelsey’s problems don’t stop with a pile of dead halflings. H...

Details Sleeper (Hunter, #3; Thieves, #8)

TitleSleeper (Hunter, #3; Thieves, #8)
Release DateOct 17th, 2017
PublisherDLZ Entertainment LLC
GenreRomance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal, Shapeshifters, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Vampires, Erotica, Menage, Fairies, Fae

Reviews Sleeper (Hunter, #3; Thieves, #8)

  • Talltree
    3.75 stars
  • Kazza
    As per the blurb, there is a crime to be solved, and Kelsey Owens wants to use her role as the Nex Aparatus and her PI skillset to solve it. She also has a vendetta going on with Nemcox - aka Stewart, aka Matthew - and I was on her side because that demon has just pissed me off throughout. Part of the vendetta means using magic to summon him, normally having a demon's name means you can call him to hand but demons have contracts with loopholes in...
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    I'm not normally a fan of paranormal romance, but in the Thieves series, Lexi Blake sweeps the reader along in a tour de force of delightful characters, complex plots, and tender romance, sweetened with a sprinkle of humor. In addition, we have angels, demons, vampires, shifters, and possibly other out of this world creatures, living on different planes, but intersecting on earth. Sleeper is the third entry in the series that deals with Kelsey, t...
  •  Rosebud
    Kelsey has accepted her role as King Daniel Donovan's Nex Apparatus though she has her own opinion on what her actual responsibilities and loyalties are and continually tests status quo. Coming into her own powers, Kelsey is determined to be her own person and do what she feels needs to be done despite what her superiors and handler tell her. When her past love comes back into the picture Kelsey will find that problems of the past are nothing com...
  • Shayna
    BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES OUT THERE!I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this INCREDIBLE SERIES! But, I will try...only for you. Please excuse my rambling, because there will definitely be excessive amounts of rambling on my part. You’ve been warned...First of all, as you know, Lexi Blake is one of my FAVORITE AUTHORS - whether she is writing PNR, Romantic Suspense, Erotic Romance - it doesn’t matter because she is queen of a...
  • ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme
    I waited years for this follow up? I'm a bit let down. Waffling between a 3 and 4, I've decided on a 3.5. Kelsey is back and it's a train wreck. It's like everything she does is the bloody hard way. Why can't it be where she isn't so pigheaded? What is wrong with working with others? She takes lone wolf to a whole other level. And the men she is in love with. Marcus is the one who saved her and yet she aggravates him to a point that he has to wal...
  • Novel Grounds
     It is finally here! I binge read the rest of this series and have been itching to get my hands on Sleeper. This book doesn’t let down for a second.Side note, I need to gush a little on how perfect Lexi’s titles for this series are. They are spot on. By the time you finish the book you have a huge BING moment where it clicks.All the drama in this book. The romance heat up and while some relationships fare through it, others have run their co...
  • Kimberly / Love Notes Book Blog
    4.25 stars. This book was so much better than the first two books in the series! This is the continuation of Kelsey Owens story. In this book, Kelsey finally comes into her own. She is comfortable with who she is and what her purpose is. I really began to love her character. She has grown so much since book 1. Kelsey is badass and she fights for what is right, standing up for the little people and for herself. She has found her own friends and fa...
  • A.BookNerd.Bookseller&Bibliophile.Blog
    This series is PNR perfection. This book....oh my had me on the edge. So much happens!! The action....the intrigue....the passion....all of it is jammed into this book. I dare you to try and not read this in one sitting. It's impossible to put down. Lexi Blake is a genius. I'm already salivating for the next book.Reviewed by: A Bookseller
  • Heather Soligo
    This series is PNR perfection. This book....oh my had me on the edge. So much happens!! The action....the intrigue....the passion....all of it is jammed into this book. I dare you to try and not read this in one sitting. It's impossible to put down. Lexi Blake is a genius. I'm already salivating for the next book.
  • Sandra
    I fell head first into Lexi Blake’s Hunter/Thieves series about 3 weeks ago when I agreed to review an ARC of her latest book, Sleeper. With Sleeper book 3 in the Hunter spin-off series and most definitely not a standalone, I had to catch up. Honestly, I couldn’t read them fast enough once I got started. And, to say I had no idea what I was getting myself into is an understatement.First, I think it’s important to recognize that this book an...
  • Bambi Unbridled
    I'm very greedy for this series, to the extent that I did an entire series re-read last year and then bought the whole series from Lexi at the RT Convention. So I did a happy dance when I saw we had a new installment coming out this month. And, seeing as I got the ARC on my birthday... happy birthday to me!!!As this is an urban fantasy series, you really need to read all the earlier books before embarking upon Sleeper. There are new storylines fo...
  • Sarah
    I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. I’m now totally obsessed with this series! In this third book, we see Kelsey continue to come into her powers as she attempts to prevent an apocalyptic war between heaven, earth and hell. This third book has a little less action and focuses a little more on the political maneuvering between various groups - though it ends with a spectacular battle. In this story, Kelsey moves ...
  • Julie
    Life as a Hunter is never easy. There are so many hurdles that face Kelsey. The biggest is dealing with the men that possess her heart. One is a demon and the other a vampire. What could be wrong with that? Apparently a lot when you are pulled from both directions. Kelsey can’t help feel for Gray and Marcus. Both have played such a huge part in her life…..well, up until now.Heaven and Hell are at odds and Kelsey is doing her best to stop an a...
  • Avid Reader
    Sleeper (Hunter #3) by Lexi Blake5 starsM/F/M Shifter Romance MysteryTriggers: Murder, Body take over, I was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.This series just keeps getting more and more interesting! I love all of these characters!You still have the main character, Kelsey who is trying to figure out how to save her plane as well as protect her father's soul. That mystery is compelling and intriguing, if not slightly frustratin...
  • Amanda
    I like the first two Hunter series books, but not as much as I enjoyed Thieves. Well, with this book (Sleeper) I can say it is up there as equal favourite for me with the Thieves book #3 in this whole series. What a great read!!! I couldn't put it down, even reading it at work and at 2am. I can't wait to see where the story goes in book #4!!! I love Kesley and her men, and I love Zoey - she can totally be my Queen :D
  • Angela Cramer
    MY REVIEW:It been awhile since I had read a Thieves novel, but as I began to read SLEEPER, I was happy to say I had some, "Oh yeah" moments. There are things with ARCS that can bug you and you don't know whether to make note of them or not. I had one of those with this book. It was a word. I hadn't remembered it from before, which tells me it is either a word used by Blake for editing to fix, or something she wanted Kelsey to think/say. I am hopi...
  • Candace Fleming
    I am a huge fan of Lexi Blake and her paranormal books. The Thieves series is hands down on of my favorite. Sleeper is the best book of Hunter series. Kelsey really comes into her own. She seems to find her groove and gets her place in the world. She is comfortable with who she is and what her purpose is for everyone involved. I really began to love her character. She has grown so much since book 1. Kelsey is a true badass and she never stops fig...
  • Konny
    Sleeper by Lexi Blake is the third book in the Hunter and the eight book in the Thieves Series.This is Kelseys story.Hunter Kelsey Owens has to choose between her new family or her old love. But her problems dont stop with that, her connection with Marcus is frayed and Gray her lover is away for months. There is Trent, her werewolf part of her triad and love Trent.There is mortal danger, threats, fight for life and the world, enemies and acquaint...
  • Sara
    4.5 Stars!!Kelsey and the gang are back again to fight another big bad and this is the best one yet!Kelsey continues to come into her powers and gets stronger every day. Her love life is still a hot mess, but while some things are resolved another twist is thrown in the mix and it is hot and sexy! This story involves the safety of Kelsey's family and she is in it to win it like never before. I love this series! I seriously can't get enough. I lov...
  • Sarah
    Well I have done it again. I was expecting my usual Lexi Blake affair without reading the synopsis and I end up with a bizarre paranormal/werewolf/ vampire/every magical creature you have heard of story.It was actually a great story and I did really enjoy it however there were a couple of downsides.One) there were that many different characters who were all different species I did find it hard to keep track.Two) slight cliffhanger - don't like th...
  • Rebecca Goss
    The third in the Hunter series, Sleeper continues the story of Kelsey Owens and her tenure as Nex Apparatus. She serves to keep the Earth plan safe. Her relationship with her mentor, Marcus, is waning as she is learning her role quickly. In this installment, Kelsey learns more about her wolf heritage and opens herself to accepting her wolf’s needs. This book is all about girl power and bonding. There is romance but, there’s a lot more going o...
  • Irihapeti Ariana
    I honestly LOVED the thieves series with the action, romance and plot twists! Which made me so disappointed in the hunters book series. I felt like the romanced was so rushed between Kelsey, Gray and Trent. And the fact that Kelsey and Marcus didn’t work out makes me even more disappointed. I really wanted to read more about him and even though it mentions he will eventually find his “true love” it won’t be told from their prospectives......
  • Marie Pedrick
    An amazing story of vampires, werewolves, demons and angels. An epic battle and an unfortunate love triangle. Meet Kelsey the nex apparatus, the love of her life Grey, the dark prophet and Trent her werewolf protector.The angels have lost a sacred sword and the demons are using it to start a war. Follow the story of how Kelsey has to sort it out to stop the war that could kill all of human kind. I can’t wait till the next instalment I hope it...
  • Davia
    Superb!Okay I cried again! Somehow I get so invested in these characters their life drama wounds me a little and I cry. Very few authors can do that to me I am not a cryer. So brilliant. If you want a great shifter series this one is the top of my list. Bravo Lex love it! Write On.
  • Lidia
    I just can't get attached at this series and protagonists. This time while reading about Kelsey my mind went to characters as Anita Black and Merry Gentry, in some way they are very similar. The story was interesting and exciting but I didn't like Kelsey is treated, it's as everyone know and choose for her.
  • Rachel
    Lexi Blake does it again! I think I love everything she has ever written! This is the third book in the series and you do need to read Ripper and Addict before reading this one. WOW! I am not a huge fan of PNR, but this series is amazing!! Each book is better than the last and they all keep you on the edge of your seat! Can't wait for more from this author!! Five Star Read!
  • Melissa Parnell
    More action, suspense, romance and sexiness with the third book in this series. I am absolutely loving Kelsey and this Thieves series by Lexi Blake. It is fun and entertaining and each book keeps getting better to me. Each story is fresh ad interesting and the characters banter and chemistry kept me reading in one sitting. I absolutely cannot wait to read more from this series and author.
  • Kimmi
    A spectacular story that will have you crying and cheering at the same time. For me this was a tear jerker but I loved how Kelsey grew and matured in this book. Can't wait to see what happens to the gang in Outcast.