No Saints in Kansas by Amy Brashear

No Saints in Kansas

A gripping reimagining of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood and the brutal murders that inspired itNovember is usually quiet in Holcomb, Kansas, but in 1959, the town is shattered by the quadruple murder of the Clutter family. Suspicion falls on Nancy Clutter’s boyfriend, Bobby Rupp, the last one to see them alive.New Yorker Carly Fleming, new to the small Midwestern town, is an outsider. She tutored Nancy, and (in private, at least) they were cl...

Details No Saints in Kansas

TitleNo Saints in Kansas
Release DateNov 14th, 2017
PublisherSoho Teen
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Mystery, Fiction, Crime

Reviews No Saints in Kansas

  • Jen Ryland
    For the record, I love Truman Capote's writing and true crime in general. And a re-imagining of Capote's In Cold Blood (which itself is Capote's take on a real life 1950s-era murder) sounds like a cool idea to me. But the first few chapters of this were not very gripping. For reasons that were not clear to me, a (fictional) girl named Carly is investigating the murders of her (based on a real person) classmate Nancy and Nancy's family. Carly keep...
  • Olivia (The Candid Cover)
    Fans of Truman Capote and his infamous In Cold Blood may be intrigued by this new YA novel that fictionalizes how the teens in Holcomb reacted to the tragic events of the time. While it may seem like an interesting concept to focus on the teen perspective of the notorious Clutter family murders, No Saints in Kansas is an inadequate historical fiction novel that has an unrelatable main character, and is a true story that is better left alone.No Sa...
  • Katherine
    ”’ I thought that Mr. Clutter was a very nice gentleman. I thought so right up to the moment I cut his throat.- In Cold Blood” Synopsis: A wannabe Nancy Drew detective takes it upon herself to bungle up the investigation of what will become the inspiration for Truman Capote’s legendary book, In Cold Blood. Biblio-Babble My Masterpiece Destroyed: Let me just preface this by saying that I have never read the book that was the inspiration ...
  • Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd)
    “People always think highly of the dead when they’re dead. It’s definitely not how they thought of them when they were alive.”No Saints in Kansas is a reimagining of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. We follow Carly Flemming as she and the town come to grips with the grisly murders of the Clutter family and trying to find out what happened and why. Things I Liked :This book had really short chapters, which I always love. They let me reall...
  • Cynthia
    It's all but impossible not to refer back to Capote's beautiful classic prose and storytelling (fact telling) in "In Cold Blood" and in fact brashear includes many clever references back to Capote's work but that isn't her focus. Her focus is to retell the story through a fellow teenager's eyes for a teenage audience. Carly Fleming, her younger jock brother Asher and their defense lawyer father and '50's housewife mother move from Manhattan, the ...
  • Laura Henderson
    This is a marvelous book! As soon as I saw the synopsis for this book I had to get my hands on it! I am an avid fan of Truman Capote and love thriller type books. This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I had already known before I read this book who had murdered the Clutter family due to me reading Capote’s book and researching the actual murders themselves, but this didn’t stop me from needing to keep reading on and turning ...
  • PinkAmy loves 💕 books📖, cats😻 and naps🛏
    1.5 STARSIn 1959, the 4 members of the Clutter family were murdered. Truman Capote wrote the famous fictionalized non-fiction account, IN COLD BLOOD spawning a few movies and documentaries.**Factoid “Nell” Harper Lee accompanied her friend Capote during the days following the murders to assist with the investigation.**The story of the Clutters, and even the story of Capote writing about the murders are both more interesting than NO SAINTS IN ...
  • grieshaber_reads
    Ouch, why all the hate, Goodreads? No Saints in Kansas is not Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood and that’s perfectly fine because author, Amy Brashear, isn’t trying to rewrite In Cold Blood. As she explains in her author’s note, Ms. Brashear became fascinated by the Clutter family murders (the focus of Mr. Capote’s book) when she moved to a town near the scene of the crime, Holcomb, Kansas. She decided to write this book because of that fas...
  • Fremom3
    My (former?) friend and fellow librarian handed me this ARC, because she knows I am a fan of IN COLD BLOOD, and because she can’t read them all. I will NOT be recommending this book for purchase in our library.I question the amount of interest that the average teen will have in a nearly 60 year old murder case, but I guess you never know. This book felt, from the start, like a BAD idea. Most people realize that Truman Capote took liberties (to ...
  • Grace
    This book lived up to many of my expectations of a retelling of the classic "In Cold Blood". Although I felt that some characters were less developed and could have been more integral to the plot, this was a great look at Holcomb, Kansas from the outside. Carly Fleming even reminded me of Scout Finch in a way, the same determination for justice and being active in the community. I wished this book had gone on even longer because it was such a gre...
  • Sophie
    This was probably the least emotional, most boring rendition of any murder mystery I ever could have read in my entire life. Choppy as hell, surface level relationships, and juvenile 'detective' main character. Yeah, no.
  • Arrington (agirlandher_books) Moore
    Let me start by saying that In Cold Blood is one of my all time favorite books. I was so excited that this was a young adult book teaching a new generation about this horrific crime and about such a classic book. I was a little let down though. I was not crazy about the narrator Carly. She is not very reliable and in some parts her actions seem a little unbelievable and over the top. I did enjoy that the book touched on high school bullying and h...
  • Brooke
    An interesting take on In Cold Blood, with a fictitious heroine.
  • Sarah
    Pretty hard to not compare it to Truman Capote, and In Cold Blood is hard to beat.
  • Rachitha
    A re-imagining of In Cold Blood? Yes please! I can't believe this hasn't been done before. I had such high hopes for this one, and while I did enjoy a lot about this book, unfortunately, some things just didn't work out for me.I really liked the main character, Carly Fleming. I thought she would annoy me to no end, but I actually appreciate how stubborn and strong-willed she is. If not for her, the story would have gone nowhere. Also, the fact th...
  • Bamboozlepig
    DNF'd this one. Brashear had a really good idea but failed to bring it to fruition. The MC, an angsty, whiny teenager named Carly Fleming tries to "solve" the Clutter murders, made famous by Truman Capote's book, "In Cold Blood". I did not like Carly at all. Her character was annoying and weak and constantly rolled over to take shit off from everyone without even attempting to stand up for herself. Her narrative voice began to grate on my nerves ...
  • Sarah
    This was a retelling of the classic In Cold Blood story. Teenage Carly was best friends with (okay really like the nerdy tutor of) Nancy Clutter, one of the family who was murdered by an unknown killer. Carly finds herself obsessed with finding the answers, along with the local police, and famous author Truman Capote. Can Carly find the answers before anyone else who is important to her gets hurt? The story moved fast. Carly was a likeable charac...
  • Caitie
    I thought this was a well written and compelling book, it’s interesting to read about people, even if they are fictional, reacting to real events. I read In Cold Blood last year and thought that it was also well written, if not disturbing because of the subject matter. A family of four is killed in their own home by two ex-cons who thought there was a safe in the house.No Saints in Kansas tells the story of Carly Fleming, the new girl in town. ...
  • Becky
    NO SAINTS IN KANSAS by Amy BrashearIf you are at all familiar with Truman Capote’s IN COLD BLOOD, you will recognize the story Brashear has used as the backdrop for her teen angst novel. Outsider Carly is a “friend” of Nancy Clutter who is the ultimate insider. The novel revolves around Carly’s obsession with solving the murders of the Clutter family in 1959 and clearing Bobby Rupp, Nancy’s boyfriend.The characters are believable; the s...
  • Cait
    I’m surprised to see such negative reviews. I loved this book! Maybe I liked it a lot because I had never read In Cold Blood, nor have I heard of the Clutter murders, so I had nothing to compare it to.
  • Cherise
  • Brandi
    I finished In Cold Blood shortly before reading this novel and perhaps Capote's masterful depiction of the Clutter murders made this one pale in comparison. However, it seems more than that to me. The author made the strange decision to portray Nancy Clutter as something of a "mean girl," a character trait that was absent from Capote's account. Turning an actual beloved victim of a brutal murder into a vain, snooty schoolgirl seems inappropriate ...
  • Rachael
    1.5I never read In Cold Blood, and maybe that was my problem, but I just could not get into No Saints in Kansas no matter how hard I tried. Ugh.The main character, Carly, was really annoying and did not make good decisions. However, it wasn't the kind of bad decisions where you can see where she was coming from or at least see her reasoning behind it, rather, they were the kind of bad decisions that made me sit there and just think "why why why w...
  • Sarah
    I received this copy as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I am a big fan of true crime, and I really enjoyed In Cold Blood. When I heard that this book was being published, I jumped at the chance to try and get a review copy and I am so glad that I did. No Saints In Kansas appealed to the slightly dark part of me that loves mysteries, Dateline, and watching a lot of ID's re-cre shows (I'm looking at you Joe Kenda). Told from the perspective...
  • Marisa
    A good reimagining of a gripping story. Enjoyable.
  • Cely Hutchinson
    I've never read In Cold Blood, but this book makes perfect sense and is easy to follow as a stand-alone. Even still it makes me want to read the inspiration for it. The story itself was very easy to read, and went by very fast. Only once did it lull a bit, but after I was grateful for the lull because it gave me time to process what I read. Being a 16 year old girl myself, the character was really relatable and fun. I believe this book is an amaz...
  • Carrie O'Maley Voliva
    I sometimes wanted to shake Carly Fleming, the main character, as she just kept digging and getting herself into more and more trouble. I had to keep reminding myself that it was a very different time and sneaking into courthouses would be easier than it is now. It's an interesting concept and kept me interested, despite it being based on true events and therefore taking the mystery out of the murder.