My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 2 by Takuma Morishige

My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 2

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Details My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 2

TitleMy Neighbor Seki, Vol. 2
Release DateApr 14th, 2015
PublisherVertical Comics
Number of pages176 pages
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Humor, Graphic Novels, Young Adult, Asian Literature, Japanese Literature, Comedy, Teen, Academic, School

Reviews My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 2

  • Moby F.
    Macam Rumi cakap-- Seki is such a cheeky jerk. In a cute way, of course. I always find it amazing on how Seki could survive doing all that stuff while in class. Tapi menariknya hubungan sahabat Rumi Yokoi dan Seki ini buat saya rasa pelik pula kalau tiba-tiba Seki acting all normal. Rasa kasihan sungguh saya dengan Rumi. A fun and cute read, sama macam yang pertama. Entah apalah Seki nak buat selepas ini.
  • Selena
    So the total ignoring of class continues!In this volume, we have what you've come to expect if you read volume one. There's really no need to read volume 1, since there's no overarching story, so it's not a problem if you skipped the first one.This volume has a few chapters outside of the usual classroom and a new character to shake things up. If you enjoyed the first volume, you'll probably like this one too.
  • Kim
    Such a fun manga. Love the anime, but glad I get to see some of the manga didn't make it into the anime, so I could really enjoy the manga too. I think my favorite was the class trip. Seki is such a little devil.
  • Adan
    More ridiculous hilarity as Seki plays more ridiculous games that disturb Yokoi. But now there's a third classmate, Goto, who has only seen part of the goings ons, and has developed an entirely different reason for Yokoi's intense glances at Seki.
  • Kristine Hansen
    Seki is up to his usual tricks. What I like is the way the perception of the class as a whole is filtering into the story.
  • Felicia
    The appearance of Goto adds to the ridiculous hilarity plus I love how reluctantly Yokoi gets so immersed in Seki's antics. Heh.
  • Sean O'Hara
    If you can imagine Calvin and Hobbes as told from Susie Derkins' point of view, you'll have a good idea what My Neighbor Seki is like.Rumi Yokoi is a good girl, a diligent student who wants to pay attention in class and get good grades, but she's had the misfortune of getting assigned a seat all the way at the back of the room, right next to Seki, the class goof-off. Now Seki isn't the disruptive class clown type. No, he prefers to take advantage...
  • Judy (Geeky Reading)
    ~4/5This series is so fun and so adorable.Yokoi and Seki are getting into lots of classroom antics again. Seki is blindfolding himself while creating a face on his desk. He’s making armies out of his food and boardgame pieces, trying to win jenga. Challenging himself to think of funny or sad memories. On a fieldtrip, he tries hiding his past games, inadvertently getting Yokoi to help. When he brings out his robot friends at the pool, Yokoi gets...
  • Anna
    Action, adventure, romance? This quirky manga has none of those, but I loved it anyway. It is about a school girl and the kid that sits next to her in class. I've tried to think of a good way to describe it, but I'm at a bit of a loss. I mean nothing really happens. Seki wiles away the school day playing games, while Yokoi wishes he would concentrate more on his studies. Instead of getting Seki to mend his ways, she finds herself caught up in wha...
  • Biondy
    Masih tetap selucu jilid 1. Rumi dan Seki masih tetep aja sibuk sendiri pas jam pelajaran. Entah yah, punya teman samping kayak Seki ini asyik atau musibah. Seru sih ngeliat dia sibuk main-main pas jam pelajaran, tapi kalau diperhatikan terus, pelajaran malah bisa amburadul :))Di sini bertambah lagi 1 karakter ke dalam lingkaran Rumi dan Seki. Cuma di sini karakternya itu malah salah paham. Dia kira Rumi dan Seki itu pacaran :)).
  • D.M. Dutcher
    Even more stories not found in the anime, and every one is hilarious. Yokoi must deal with a school trip to a place Seki-kun visited in his youth, Othello of the Undead, a shy girl named Goto assuming that her and Seki are dating, and the return of the Robot Family.I don't give five stars easily, but this series is just as wonderful as the anime, and is well worth buying. It's especially wonderful in that it is all ages, and makes a great intro t...
  • Lily
    Neighborly CharmLove this fun series! Innocent and full of make-believe charm, it tugs at the child within us all (even within the grouchiest). As Rumi participates more (reluctantly, willingly, and otherwise) in Seki's games and play, are they getting a bit closer? Maybe not as close as new friend Goto thinks! Note: The second bonus mini-chapter about getting a hair cut is hilarious!
  • Indah Threez Lestari
    Wahahaha....Mangaka-nya sudah pasti sama kreatifnya dengan Seki-kun dalam menciptakan berbagai permainan yang bisa dilakukan selama jam pelajaran. Jangan-jangan... pengalaman pribadi? :DDi jilid ini, bertambah satu orang pengamat lagi. Tapi kali ini pengamat Rumi yang selalu mengamati Seki (permainan Seki, maksudnya), sehingga malah timbul misunderstanding yang kocak :P
  • Mariah
    Even I would be distracted by a classmate like Seki. Although with his playful imagination and the interesting scenes displayed through his playfulness I think I'd want to videotape it for later viewing. Seki is hilarious and Yokoi's reactions are just as hilarious. The school trip. Pfft. Oh man. I belly laughed so hard. "Dragon killer."
  • Erin
    Yokoi and Seki strike again. I was laughing as much as I did in the first one. The mini golf episode was one of my favorites and I cheer out loud (literally) whenever the emergency conscious robots make an appearance. Clamoring for more...
  • Titis Wardhana
    di sini kyknya yg kelebihan imajinasi si Rumi sama Goto...pertama, Rumi yg merhatiin Seki main, Rumi bikin cerita sendiri di pikirannya, trus si Goto yg ngeliat Rumi sama Seki, bikin cerita sendiri soal hubungan mreka berdua.... :D... ada2 aja :D
  • Sarah Valerie
    This volume is similar to the first, with Seki doing the most random of things during class, but I like that there's a bit more going on, such as with a girl assuming Yokoi and him are in love and etc. I enjoyed this one more. ^^
  • Euan Blackstone
    This manga was a preety good sequel to the original. Everything Seki does in this sequel is random, just like the original. There is added variety with the fantasies of Goto, a girl who wants to be yokoi's friend, which make the manga even better.
  • Vi
  • Jasmine Rose
    This series is a delightful way to pass the time.
  • Hardian
    Sepertinya karakter Goto mewakili perasaan beberapa pembaca^^Walau imajinasinya terlalu liar xD
  • Sasha Boersma
    After volume one, I was concerned with out well this would translate into additional stories. I'm thrilled to see my concern was unfounded! Still kookie. Still sweet. I'm hooked on this series.
  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    Seems this just keeps getting more adorable and makes you want to keep reading. And the covers for these are also good.
  • Belle Augusta
    parah! bodor banget lah ini komik. kasian Rumi-nyaa. mana kocak banget dengan imajinasinya si Goto terhadap Seki-Rumi ><
  • Arielle
    This series is cute. I read this volume after a long day at work and it helped me relax.
  • Kelly
    So simple, yet so funny.
  • Janice
    4.5 stars
  • Jennifer
    The addition of more characters only makes this book funnier. And the misunderstandings are hilarious. I really love the parts with the small robots.