Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants (or bowties) (or bowties) (Professor, #1) by Penny Reid

Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants (or bowties) (or bowties) (Professor, #1)

First written as a Valentine’s Day short-story for Nocturnal Book Reviews' 3rd Blogoversary in 2014.In December 2016, it became a serial available via Penny Reid’s newsletter over the course of 2017. On November 7, 2017 a longer version, with additional scenes and expanded content, was published.Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants is now Kissing Tolstoy, the first book in the Dear Professor series.

Details Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants (or bowties) (or bowties) (Professor, #1)

TitleNobody Looks Good in Leather Pants (or bowties) (or bowties) (Professor, #1)
Release DateDec 19th, 2016
PublisherPenny Reid
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Humor, Funny, New Adult, Short Stories

Reviews Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants (or bowties) (or bowties) (Professor, #1)

  • Mysza
    Penny Reid, you know you have to write more about them now, right? I want to know what "I" stands for!Anyway, that was cute little thing, I hope we'll get some more.
  • Dali
    Updated 04.20.2017Do you LOVE getting one of your favorite author's newsletter? I do because each month we get a new chapter in this story!!This short story has evolved into a serial written by Penny Reid and only available to her newsletter subscribers. “These are truths universally acknowledged. Men who ride motorcycles, who wear leather like a second skin, and look hot doing it don’t date ladies who idolize Tolstoy. Tuesday night is trivia...
  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    Awww this was a super cute short story! Can't believe I had never seen it around before. Bravo Ms. Reid! I wish this was a full length novel.***this is a FREE short story you can read online***http://nocturnalbookreviews.blogspot....
  • Norah Una Sumner
    Probably one of the best short stories I've ever read.Penny Reid is a freaking genius.I love her writing,her characters,her humor-everything she writes,even if it's as short as this story,is just fantastic and extremely fun.I wish that she would write more of this story,I NEED TO KNOW WHAT "I" STANDS FOR!Oh,and you can read this beast on Nocturnal Book Reviews Blogspot.
  • Karla
    4 Stars! Fabulous Freebie Short!!Weeeeellll...that all depends on who's wearing the leather pants! Goodness gracious, I hope the author takes the leather pants and runs with them...I want more! Adorable! My first Penny Reid and just from this short I can see why so many readers find her stories appealing. Thanks for free read Penny Reid, now I'm off to buy one of your books, we need to keep you in money so you can keep writing!
  • ♥~♥Geri Reads ♥~♥
    This is a free read written by Penny as part of Nocturnal Book Review blogoversary celebration!Dear Ms. Penny Reid, I myself would like to know what the "I" in Mary I. Harris stands for.So if you could write more...that would be great. :DGeri
    5 I Want More Stars! This was a fabulous short story that just teased me & had me wanting more! This guy was delicious!!! :D
  • NixLapi
    If you're asking yourself why buy something that has been given free (Penny Reid's newsletter contained an installment each month thru 2017), the expanded version really rounds out the details in the story. Also Luca's POV and epilogues! Also charity (all proceeds from sales in Nov. 2017 are going to hurricane relief).I often enjoy the professor/student trope, but don't typically enjoy NA story - this definitely did not have the feel of a typical...
  • Sophia Triad
    Super cute little story. Marry I. Harris, one year after having broken up from her douche boyfriend, starts looking for love again. Her friend Emily sets her up with Lucas.Marry and Lucas will meet for a blind date at valentine's day wearing leather pants. Lucas has a big surprise for her.You can find it for free at Nocturnal Book Reviews.
  • Lady E
    I know this was a short story, I do, BUT REALLY PENNY REALLY??????? You can't just get me all invested, drop the mic, and then WALK AWAY!!!!! NOT COOL! I think you should take some time, from your busy writing books I love and laugh way to hard in public at schedule, and consider making this one full length. Mkay? THANKS!! I'll wait......
  • Irina
    Edit - Nov 7, 2017: The published version is here! Edit - Oct 27, 2017: The new cover for the actual book: Edit - Oct 24, 2017: Oops. Still not the end. Yay! Edit - Oct 19, 2017: This was the last part and it was one of the best. But still not enough. I want moar. Edit - Sept 19, 2017: Part 12!Can't wait to read the whole thing again in November. I'm tired of trying to remember the previous "episodes".And "a la" was again without accent 🙄 Edit...
  • Kara-karina
    Thank you so much, Penny, for linking it to my blog! I adored this story and keep hoping it will turn into something more... :) hugs xxx
  • Karen Woolf
    Reading this story one chapter at a time this past year has been absolutely torturous. However, it was beautiful torture. I loved these characters and their story. I liked how Penny Reid brought in famous literature and really incorporated it into the narrative. I've not read any Russian literature, but I saw the excellent 2016 miniseries, War and Peace...and I was glad I had that in my brain because it really enhanced my understanding of the sto...
  • Brenda
    WHAT THE HECK? I already love Penny Reid. Why I am not giving it 5 stars? BECAUSE I'M FUCKING ANGRY.WHY WOULD YOU WRITE SOMETHING LIKE THIS AND NOT CONTINUE IT?The sexual tension OMG *clapping*
  • Shayna
    This was SO SO SO SO SO GREAT!!! Review to come.
  • Barbara
    This was a treat via newsletter but it’s even better as a book. A quick read and one of the most romantic and well written that I’ve ever read in the romance genre. Reid manages to coin new words (that you feel you can’t wait to start using before how the heck did we live without them until now?!), spew one liners that are worthy of Oscar Wilde as well as on point with contemporary society, plus she gives voice to a highly literate and well...
  • Fiona
    Really needed to be longer as I have lots of unanswered questions about Luca's father - how does he rest when he finds out about the grant? When he meets Anna? How does Dominika react to Anna? Does Anna pass the course? No flack about their relationship? What about the mediation? It just.... ended..... and with BIG HOLES and I hate big holes and unfinished bits. I know it is a fundraiser but it is unsatisfying.
  • Michelle
    I can always count on Penny to deliver a smart, sexy, funny book. Not only do I really connect with her characters, I always learn something when reading one of her books, and I'm usually laughing out loud while I do. What more could anyone want? Penny is one of the few authors on my auto-buy list. In this book, Anna and Luca could not be more perfect for each other, even if they are both far from perfect individually. Loved this story.
  • Jaya
    How does she do it? Put you through a wringer of emotional highs and lows?I'v never been so jealous of any character as I am of Anna because she has someone like Luca in her life, dammit!
  • Ashley
    Whhhhaaaaaa!!!! I want to know too!! It sounded so good!
  • Beth Connolly
    In general, everything Penny Reid writes is....different. Different has negative connotations, but all it really means is that Penny Reid deviates from the norm. She stands apart and stands on her own. When I was first introduced to Anna and Luca, I knew to trust my reader gut and go with it. That this story would be more than a "hot for teacher" romance. Kissing Tolstoy is classic Penny: smart characters and smart writing, challenging, with high...
  • Julie
    I’ve been following this story in Penny’s newsletter for the past year and immediately purchased the book when it came out. My totally errant thoughts on this wonderfully entertaining story..I seriously enjoyed Anna and her quirks.Why weren’t my Literature classes this freaking fascinating in college?!! And yowzers, Luca is a helluva sexy brooder who could probably charm the wool off an alpaca.
  • Olivia
    5 Stars!!!If you haven't read anything by Penny Reid Kissing Tolstoy is a great place start. I promise you'll enjoy and this will not be the last Penny Reid books you will read.
  • Anaïs
    This review was originally posted on Fifty Shades of Books4 out of 5 StarsAfter a dateless year further to being dumped by her ex-boyfriend on Valentine's Day, Mary I. Harris grips the bulls by the horn and sets herself up on a blind date via e-mail. The guy she writes to has been recommended by her friend Emily.To make sure he recognizes her, she tells him that she'll be the girl wearing leather pants... Except the guy that eventually shows up i...
  • Melindeeloo
    What a great little evil tease of a short short story:) I want more!ETAWish has been granted, Reid is doling out a new chapter with each of her newsletters 8/14 so far and really good. It's going to be hard to wait for the restthe first part is still here. http://nocturnalbookreviews.blogspot....
  • Keri
    This is going to be doled out via PR's news letter one chapter at a time. Me want to Hulk Smash!!! Me want NOW!!! :0(