Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants (or bowties) (or bowties) (Professor, #1) by Penny Reid

Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants (or bowties) (or bowties) (Professor, #1)

Proceeds for the month of release go to hurricane relief efforts. What do you do when you discover that your super-hot blind date from months ago is now your super-hot Russian Lit professor?You overthink everything and pray for a swift end to your misery, of course!‘Kissing Tolstoy’ is the first book in the Dear Professor series, is 46k words, and can be read as a standalone. A shorter version of this story (28k words) was entitled ‘Nobody ...

Details Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants (or bowties) (or bowties) (Professor, #1)

TitleNobody Looks Good in Leather Pants (or bowties) (or bowties) (Professor, #1)
Release DateDec 19th, 2016
PublisherPenny Reid
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Humor, Funny, Academic, College

Reviews Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants (or bowties) (or bowties) (Professor, #1)

  • Christy
    4 stars! “You are flawless to me” I love all things Penny Reid, so when I saw this book was live, I jumped to one-click it. Something more amazing? The first months proceeds went to hurricane relief efforts. Penny is a fantastic human being, but enough about that! On to the book… Kissing Tolstoy is the story of Anna. Anna is a smart and quirky girl. I loved her from the start. She goes on a blind date, it turns kind of weird, seeing as s...
  • Melanie
    “If Russian literature and tragic novels had taught me one thing it was this: disappointment and heartache might be around the next corner. But adventure, love, joy, and happiness—the living of a rich, meaningful life—was now.” Holy adorable, this was the cutest. This is a fluffy, but sexy, short, little romance, that centers around two people and their love for Russian literature! And before I even start this review, let me state that t...
  • Mysza
    Penny Reid, you know you have to write more about them now, right? I want to know what "I" stands for!Anyway, that was cute little thing, I hope we'll get some more.
  • Bibi
    The book universe needs more authors like Ms Reid. Kissing Tolstoy is such a refreshing take on the student-professor trope and with a bi-racial (Nigerian) heroine to boot.Loved it!
  • Alex ♈
    Thanks to my friend Kiki for recommending this book to me!The book is brilliantly written, well, Penny Reid is known for her intelligent writing. She did it again!I happened to know a bit about Russian literature and I didn’t find any inaccuracies, so the author knows the topic well. Amazing!As to the romantic side of the story – not quite my kind of a romance. I didn’t like MCs much, they frustrated me a lot. The heroine came across as imm...
  • Sabrina
    Get it here:Amazon US * Amazon UKKissing Tolstoy was a cute, short read. I really liked these characters together and the added bonus of a forbidden professor-student relationship only made me like it even more. The best thing about this was that Anna and Luca didn't fall into a relationship easily. There was a lot of back and forth between them and they challenged each other. I really liked getting to watch them together and I'm actually sad tha...
  • Karen
    4.5 STARSLoved this. My only objection was that it was too short. Loved the characters and their witty banter. Loved all the philosophical musings of life, love and tragedy. For being such a short book, I sure did my share of highlighting. So the ending came abruptly, and left me wanting much more from the characters and the story. "You infect me, body and soul, with primitive thoughts of claiming and conquering. I do not know who I am when I t...
  • Dali
    Updated 04.20.2017Do you LOVE getting one of your favorite author's newsletter? I do because each month we get a new chapter in this story!!This short story has evolved into a serial written by Penny Reid and only available to her newsletter subscribers. “These are truths universally acknowledged. Men who ride motorcycles, who wear leather like a second skin, and look hot doing it don’t date ladies who idolize Tolstoy. Tuesday night is trivia...
  • Cait • A Page with a View
    3.5 stars. Ok so I typically avoid romance novels because I cannot stand the weird way most men act in them and just end up skimming all of the TMI sexy times like where is the plot. But several friends told me to read this because it's funny & quirky etc. I was a little hesitant about the story in the first 1/3, but it actually ended up being a pretty enjoyable read! There were a ton of really fascinating conversations about... wait for it.... R...
  • Kiki
    *******reviewing ebook - Kissing Tolstoy*******Also known as: Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants (or bowties) I was speechless for a while after reading what was part 13 in the newsletter.I couldn’t believe my eyes and from that point this book already became a 5 star read for me.I loved that part so much, that I was contemplating writing an email to Penny Reid and cyberstalking her and gush about how much I love her and serenade her or somethi...
  • Stacey is Sassy
    The motorcycle man has a brainI am so glad Penny Reid decided to raise money for a good cause. See, I’m not a fan of reading snippets or excerpts. Crazy, I know, but I don’t want to get sucked in without instant satisfaction. A snippet ends too soon. An excerpt doesn’t leave me satisfied. What if I got to the end and I’m desperate for more…and I have to WAIT. That waiting could be, like 5 minutes (search, buy and download) or it could b...
  • Book-Bosomed blog
    "Proceeds during November go to hurricane relief efforts." A win-win situation right there: Readers essentially get a book and make a donation to a worthy cause all with one 1-click. And that's the best thing this book has going for it....2 StarsAnna Harris, 21, lives a boring life for a college student. She’s afraid to take chances, and she’s losing opportunities in the process. Luca Kroft, 31, is the leather clad, motorcycle riding by Valen...
  • Norah Una Sumner
    Probably one of the best short stories I've ever read.Penny Reid is a freaking genius.I love her writing,her characters,her humor-everything she writes,even if it's as short as this story,is just fantastic and extremely fun.I wish that she would write more of this story,I NEED TO KNOW WHAT "I" STANDS FOR!Oh,and you can read this beast on Nocturnal Book Reviews Blogspot.
  • Cyndi
    December brought the last installment of this book in Penny Reid’s newsletter. I didn’t want it to end, of course. I became so invested in the characters that it was hard to say goodbye. But, luckily I bought Kissing Tolstoy, which is the same story with some additions. Yay! 😘
  • Mandy
    My favorite type of romance novel is the forbidden kind, especially student/teacher. I was so excited to see my very favorite author was writing a book with this theme and it was even more than I was expecting. Romantic, well written, and characters with unique personalities - I loved everything about this story! The characters were really fantastic! The way they met was funny and the chemistry between them from that very first meeting was amazin...
  • Karla
    4 Stars! Fabulous Freebie Short!!Weeeeellll...that all depends on who's wearing the leather pants! Goodness gracious, I hope the author takes the leather pants and runs with them...I want more! Adorable! My first Penny Reid and just from this short I can see why so many readers find her stories appealing. Thanks for free read Penny Reid, now I'm off to buy one of your books, we need to keep you in money so you can keep writing!
  • ♥~♥Geri Reads ♥~♥
    This is a free read written by Penny as part of Nocturnal Book Review blogoversary celebration!Dear Ms. Penny Reid, I myself would like to know what the "I" in Mary I. Harris stands for.So if you could write more...that would be great. :DGeri
  • Jaya
    How does she do it? Put you through a wringer of emotional highs and lows?I'v never been so jealous of any character as I am of Anna because she has someone like Luca in her life, dammit!
  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*
    5 I Want More Stars! This was a fabulous short story that just teased me & had me wanting more! This guy was delicious!!! :D
  • Ashi- A hopeless romantic girl :D
    4 " i almost read 'war & peace' coz of this book" stars And i hate tragedies and historical fiction with everithing in me! There is a reason i read so much romantic hea fiction books😅 So, that's something.Now back to the book- First of all kudos to the author, who always makes brilliant efforts and research for her books and knowing she's a science person m not suprised but seriously i always learn something new from her books.So, now on the s...
  • Paige
    4 Stars!Cute. Quirky. Quick Penny Reid loveliness.
  • ♥Sharon♥
    I so enjoy Penny Reid's writing. I love her originality, wit and creativity. Her characters are always fun and endearing. Anna was sweet and open hearted and Luca was rather commanding. But of course he was handsome and sexy too.Such a fun story to read. Loved the dual epilogues we got too. So sweet.I'm looking forward Nobody Looks Good Naked!
  • Hollis
    "I suspect we will be the life of each other." Oh Reid. You are just so delightful. You with your silly but intelligent and insightful ladies. You also with your broody and intensely sexy men as ever helpless to resist said ladies. I could've read so much more of this even though, as usual, more than half of it was too smart for me. My ex was the John Willoughby to my Marianne Dashwood, if John Willoughby had quoted Pokemon and anime instead of S...
  • Paloma
    6+++++ “Andrei and Natasha” starsLord help me this book was like crack. “You infect me, body and soul, with primitive thoughts of claiming and conquering. I do not know who I am when I touch you. I am no longer civilized, I am blood and heat and lust. I barely recognize myself.” I’ve only ever felt this happy reading one other book and that’s The Hating Game by Sally Thorne.GUYS. READ.THIS.RIGHT.NOWHonestlyMy cheeks hurt from grinning...
  • Bianca
    I read Penny Reid frequently. She's my go-to writer for escapist romance with a difference. I one-clicked this, despite the horrendous cover art, but mostly because of Tolstoy!This had the ingredients that normally entice me, Tolstoy, a professor of Russian literature, who happens to be looking like a supermodel (just like in real life ;-)), rides motorcycles, ok, I can try to go with it... He's also the poor rich boy, his daddy bought his tenure...
  • Shayna
    Spot on! Brilliant! Love it! Incredible! Smart! Witty! Delicious! Believe me, I could go ON and ON and ON about Penny Reid’s writing! She’s absolutely magnificent in EVERYTHING she does and KISSING TOLSTOY is just another example of her brilliance!Kissing Tolstoy kicks of a brand new series titled ‘Dear Professor’. If you are a subscriber to Ms. Reid’s newsletter (which you absolutely SHOULD BE) then you will recognize some of this beca...
  • Sophia Triad
    Super cute little story. Marry I. Harris, one year after having broken up from her douche boyfriend, starts looking for love again. Her friend Emily sets her up with Lucas.Marry and Lucas will meet for a blind date at valentine's day wearing leather pants. Lucas has a big surprise for her.You can find it for free at Nocturnal Book Reviews.