東京喰種トーキョーグール (Tokyo Ghoul:re, #4) by Sui Ishida

東京喰種トーキョーグール (Tokyo Ghoul:re, #4)


Details 東京喰種トーキョーグール (Tokyo Ghoul:re, #4)

Title東京喰種トーキョーグール (Tokyo Ghoul:re, #4)
Release DateSep 18th, 2015
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Horror, Fantasy, Seinen, Graphic Novels

Reviews 東京喰種トーキョーグール (Tokyo Ghoul:re, #4)

  • Maria
    someone, please, help Tsukiyama. my heart is bleeding for him 😪
  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    Check out more manga and graphic novel reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...As this is a multi-volume series my opinion is also influenced by the previous volumes... THERE WILL BE MINOR REFERENCES TO PREVIOUS VOLUME - SO READ WITH CARE! Here is my review of volume one... and volume two... and volume three...In the sequel series to Tokyo Ghoul, Haise Sasaki has been tasked with teaching his special squad of half-ghouls how to be outstanding Inves...
  • Taylor Ramirez
    While there were a little too many plotlines for my liking I still really enjoyed this book. I’m happy to see Shu and more about his backstory. He’s even more of a crazy fucker. We got a cute Christmas short and a new character named Hairu who’s cute and awesome. Touka is gonna murder Shu in the book.
  • Michael Schmid
    Es war einfach wieder soooooooooooooooooooooooo gut *____*
  • Anna Faltracco
    SPOILERPiano piano stanno ritornando tutti i personaggi dell'Anteiku, e non potrei essere piú felice! Assistiamo all'incontro in prigione tra Sasaki e Hinami, che cerca di capire se Kaneki tornerà mai. Sasaki che le porta i libri è certamente un buon inizio. Inoltre dopo aver ricevuto una maschera, anzi LA maschera, Sasaki cerca di restituirla al mittente, e cosí va nel negozio di UTA!! La gioia!! Quanto mi piace Uta *.* Ma la scena dove Uta ...
  • Paola
    Este volumen se centra en Tsukiyama y su familia (feels for Shu), pero también empieza con una sorpresa navideña, se descubren algunos misterios y se complica la trama –no sería Ishida si esto no se convierte en una tragedia. Destacable: desarrollo de personajes (Quinx Squad), la presencia/importancia de las máscaras y la depresión/decadencia de Tsukiyama.
  • Fatemeh
    I love how Ishida developes all characters...I want more of it!+ Those letters at the end of volume were too sad (╥_╥)(view spoiler)[+It has been 4 volumes but I still can't belive what happened to Amon... I can't forgive you for that Ishida-san (╥_╥)(╥_╥)(╥_╥) (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]
  • Marla Lannister
    si de normal ya siempre me encanta tokyo ghoul, este tomo donde desarrolla a uno de mis personajes favoritos...para qué decir más?
  • Kate
    I feel bad for Tsukiyama.
  • Paula
  • Kari Trenten
    The action which kept me at the edge of my seat during the previous volume slowed down considerably. This book more than made up for it in character development, lots of character development, explored in the bulk of the manga and the various journal entries offered by various members of the cast. Tsukiyama Shu blossomed into three dimension relief, showing a softer, kinder side, glimpsed through the loving eyes of his father, Kanae, and the othe...
  • Joti
    One month later & it’s almost Christmas & Sasaki’s parenting his squad & they’re spending time together. They have a party & Juuzou & Arima & Akira come with others. And the next day, for Christmas, there’s a gift from the writer Kaneki likes, Takatsuki, and it’s a mask - like he one he used to wear… :O Sasaki is still questioning Hinami about Aogiri Tree & getting information from her. Shu is still hungry & Kanae wants to help him, b...
  • Paulina Bautista
    Hacía casi 6 meses que no leía Tokyo Ghoul RE, (por lo que ya no recordaba algunos detalles), pero aprovechando que hoy se estrenó el primer capitulo de la tan esperada (y temida) tercer temporada, decidí retomarlo de una vez por todas en lugar de esperar a que llegue la entrega completa a México. Como siempre me ha sucedido con Tokyo Ghoul, al ser de mis cosas preferidas en la vida, me cuesta bastante ser objetiva al leerlo y a cada rato me...
  • Cassandra
    I just recently watched the live action movie. In all honesty, it wasn't too bad. Acting and graphics were pretty good and it stayed pretty true to the story. It does end with Mado's death so maybe volume 3 of the manga...?Anyway, this is technically a reread as I already read it online but I usually understand better if I read the "officially" translated version which is what I count on my goodreads.This was very much a filler volume. Some backg...
  • Jesus Flores
    Aaargh, el ultimo tomo termino dejándonos una continuación interesante, y que tenemos al inicio? Una cena de navidad entre los miembros de la CGG, pero que paso aquí. Y si te deja ver un poco más de la personalidad de los personajes, pero te pausa bien feo Luego ya finalmente Haise Kaneki va a visitar a la ghoul prisionera, y casi ni le pregunta. Luego vemos la historia de los Rosewald, al principio es un tanto confuso quien es Kanae, quien e...
  • Rici
    Mal muss diese Serie wirklich mit Ruhe genießen, weil man so viele Handlungsstränge und Personen hat, die eine Rolle spielen. Ich habe das Gefühl, das die Welt immer größer wird, und alles viel komplexer. Man muss aber auch Lust auf diese Reihe haben, weswegen ich etwas gebraucht habe, um diesen Band weiter zu lesen. Durch die Entwicklung des Zeichenstils habe ich manchmal Probleme ältere Personen zu erkennen, die länger nicht aufgetreten ...
  • Elias Alexander
    Where do I begin with this. This was just SO GOOD. So many emotions. I was confused at the beginning but than I understand. It's another time skip. The story is just getting better for every volume. This volume also broke piece of my soul. Aaaaahhh I just have so much feelings after finishing this.
  • Eslem Ouederni
    I'm having an addiction !!! I'm really loving these books so much ♥
  • Ash Waltz
    my poor baby tsuki yikes he needs some help
  • Ross Valle
    Tsukiyama, my love
  • Angie Orens
    Oh my God, Shu, you glorious bastard ily and THAT CHRISTMAS DINNER, IT WAS SO PURE
  • Kaeneki
    It's getting better and better every volume!
  • Marina
    Me encantan estos mangas, ¡son geniales!
  • Raquel Leite
    Opinião de 4 volumeshttps://raquelcollin.wordpress.com/20...Pronto… depois daquela batalha com Arima e depois de ficar *acho que toda a gente ficou* a pensar que Kaneki tinha morrido e isso seria horrível, eis que chega esta novidade de Sui. Kaneki não morreu, mas também não ficou muito melhor.Na verdade Kaneki não se lembra de nada para trás, ou seja não se lembra de Touka nem do nem do que se passou em Anteiku, nadica de nada. O que ...
  • ☠tsukino☠
    TOKYO GHOUL: re - Vol. 4 ***** Le due vite di Kaneki/Sasaki stanno avvicinandosi sempre più.Arriverà il momento in cui ricorderà tutto? E cosa succederà?Intanto è tornata la maschera di bendato ♥EDITRilettura in attesa di leggere il sesto di TOKYO GHOUL: re
  • Hikaoru
    These people are all short sighted and I am terribly frustrated with the characters. They all have this goals that they're aspiring to and didn't care who they trampled to get there. Ah, we humans are selfish after all (yes, ghouls are also included in this context).Nothing really happen in this volume, more like fillers. Yes, Tsukiyama is recovering but even after a self-inflicted bed rest, he is still the same. *sigh* I mean his personality her...
  • M. Ashraf
    Are they really gonna bring him back!!!It would be great if we were still with the original title, but here, I don't think so though Sasaki is not the same as Kaneki and it is interesting seeing the world from the other point of view and it'd be great if at some point in the story we had Kaneki/Rize ~> Sasaki/Kaneki and letting the centipede lose 3:)
  • Daanyaal Nurgat
    Although I love this series, Tokyo Ghoul RE: is just not as good as it's prequel in my opinion. Re: started off really well I thought but new characters are always introduced making it so hard to follow! Maybe I'm just being slow but all in all, it's still a good series but it's starting to feel really scattered at the moment
  • Pretty Angelia
    Masih dibuat tergila-gila sama manga ini. Manga of the year lah buat saya >.
  • Lucia
    tsukiyama is back and I'm the happiest person now!!!