Adventures in Human Being by Gavin Francis

Adventures in Human Being

We assume we know our bodies intimately, but for many of us they remain uncharted territory. How many of us understand the way seizures affect the brain, how the heart is connected to wellbeing, or the why the foot carries the key to our humanity? In Adventures in Human Being, award-winning author Gavin Francis leads readers on a journey into the hidden pathways of the human body, offering a guide to its inner workings and a celebration of its ma...

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TitleAdventures in Human Being
Release DateOct 13th, 2015
PublisherBasic Books
GenreNonfiction, Science, Medical, Health, Biology

Reviews Adventures in Human Being

  • Petra X
    This book wasn't a blog but it might as well have been. It is a series of essays on different body parts, from the head down. The author concentrates on the medical, with anecdotes, always interesting, but also brings in what history, mythology, different cultures and even literature have to say about that part of the anatomy. It reminds me a little of F. González-Crussí, especially Notes of an Anatomist, but González-Crussí's meditations wer...
  • Elyse
    "The book is series about the body in sickness and in health, in living, and in dying."A very beautiful book... magnificent work of Human Anatomy, Physiology, History,Philosophy, Literature, Nature, Art, and an informational guide about the body. We take a journey with Dr. Gavin Franciswho shares with us his experience as a doctor... sharing real case studies of ways the body has been imagined and portrayed over the millennia. In one of my favori...
  • Bettie☯
    BOTW Gavin Francis leads us round a cultural map of the body - an adventure in what it means to be human. Taking in health and illness, and offering insights on everything from the ribbed surface of the brain to the unique engineering of the foot.Drawing on his own experiences as a physician and writer, he blends first-hand case studies with reflections on the way the body has been imagined and ...
  • Jay Green
    In the 1980s, Picador brought out a bunch of books featuring anecdotes about the human body by the Mexican physician F. Gonzalez-Crussi. I lapped them up. Apart from the suspicious overuse of the word "guerdon," the stories were well told, interesting, educational, and sometimes a little awe-inspiring. Gavin Francis's book follows in the same tradition, but without any of the enthusiasm. These are drily recounted chapters with the necessary exhib...
  • David
    Gavin Francis is a surgeon, an emergency room specialist, and a family physician. He takes the reader on a quick tour of the human body, from head to toe. He blends together anecdotes from his personal experience with literature, science, and history. This is not a comprehensive guide to human anatomy. Each chapter is but a cursory glance at some body part. But, as a result, the book is highly entertaining and engaging. Francis avoids excessive j...
  • Jeanette
    Exceptional poetic, lyrical (quotes too by past poets and philosophers included)detailing of the human body. Human body systems are equated to geographic shapes and movements of wider nature through the treatments of their own special workings. Dr. Francis starts with the brain and moves on down to the last chapter on feet /toes. Lovely, peaceful, respect of awe poise is rare and exquisite! I've never come across something this aesthetic "light" ...
  • Joe McNally
    I reviewed this book on Amazon's UK site. It's worth noting that the book, and my review, refer to the UK's National Health Service (the NHS), which makes many mistakes, but without it millions of lives in Britain would be seriously affected. For all its UK 'bias' (Dr, Francis lives and practices in Scotland, it is a book that will cross all boundaries and cultures, and I urge you to read it.Medicine men...I never quite know what to make of those...
  • Barbara (The Bibliophage)
    More reviews at Gavin Francis truly takes readers on Adventures in Human Being. From stem to stern, tip to toes, Francis picks a vital part of anatomy and verbally dissects it. It’s a fascinating premise for anyone who enjoys information about their body, or who is just beginning the learning adventure.Francis organizes his essays in seven sections: Brain, Head, Chest, Upper Limb, Abdomen, Pelvis, and Lower Limb. Ea...
  • Hameed Younis
    الكتاب برمته محاولة لاعادة تذكر اعضاء وحواس الجسم البشري بطريقة تجمع بين الادب والتاريخ والخيال كتب جميل لكنه ممل جداً... ربما لأنني اعلم الكثير عمّا كتب فيه، لذلك قمت بالقفز كثيراً بين الصفحات، وهذا ما لا احب ان افعله عادة
  • Nikki
    Gavin Francis’ book is basically a series of essays about the human body and how it works (and how it breaks), from the head down. It’s pretty readable, with anecdotes from Francis’ time as a doctor, though it’s not something that grabbed me as much as, say, Henry Marsh’s Do No Harm. Actually, it’s fading a bit from memory already. It’s certainly readable and filled some time during an epic plane and train ride from Canada through A...