We Come Apart by Sarah Crossan

We Come Apart

From two acclaimed authors comes an emotional story told in verse about friendship, love, and overcoming unbeatable odds.Authors Brian Conaghan and Sarah Crossan have joined forces to tell the story of Nicu and Jess, two troubled teens whose paths cross in the unlikeliest of places.Nicu has emigrated from Romania and is struggling to find his place in his new home. Meanwhile, Jess's home life is overshadowed by violence. When Nicu and Jess meet, ...

Details We Come Apart

TitleWe Come Apart
Release DateFeb 9th, 2017
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens
GenrePoetry, Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Fiction

Reviews We Come Apart

  • C.G. Drews
    My main confundled feeling with this book is that I don't really know what it was trying to say. Maaaaybe that's just me, so AS ALWAYS, I encourage you to read it for yourself! It's basically by two teens who have awful lives and what they choose to do about it. But their decisions made about as much sense as as the existence of marmalade. (Spoiler: there is no point in marmalade.)ANYWAY.The beginning confused the ACTUAL BRAIN out of me. It's dua...
  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    This book is definitely coming out at the right time (with what's happening around the world right now) and its message is immensely powerful.It follows two unlikely friends as they meet and get to know each other as a part of a juvenile reform course due to both Nicu and Jess being caught shoplifting. Nicu has recently emigrated to the UK from Romania and Jess lives in an unsafe and abusive home. As this book isn't officially released yet, I'll ...
  • Laura
    ‘But I want to stay here.’ I praying to them.‘Here, what is here?’ Tata say. ‘People hate us here.’‘Nicu, people here only see our skin, not the thing within,’ Mamica say, We Come Apart is a very heartbreaking novel beautifully written in verse about friendship and love. The themes of immigration, racism, abuse, and bullying are all very prominent to the story as well. It is a quick read that took me no more than a couple hours. T...
  • Rebecca McNutt
    We Come Apart is a very timely story told in verse, and I liked the two main characters, but I often found the poetry disjointed and scattered, and the ending made absolutely no sense at all. Jess was also kind of a jerk to Nicu, which seemed very odd for two characters who are supposed to have some sort of connection.
  • Sarah
    This was a quick pleasant read. I can't give it more than three stars though because I had quite a few issues with it. It is such a relevant book though and so I think people should read it. I'll start off with the good! Nicu was a lovely character. He was so adorable and sweet, I loved him! I'm not sure which author wrote Nicu's POV but it was amazing. The author completely submerged themselves into writing this character and I found Nicu was do...
  • may ❀
    hardcore skimming from 50% onward there's nothing technically wrong with this book. i just found it REALLY hard to read through the verse. the plot did nothing for me and i was very uninterested after a few pages. and its so sad bc i really love sarah crossan's work but sadly this one was a total bust.also the ending ??? why ???
  • Maddie (Heart Full Of Books)
    I read this book in one sitting, and that's not just because of the verse form! For a book that has way less words than your average YA, We Come Apart managed to create characters and scenarios with such depth and reality, I was blown away by how much I could empathise, with so few words to go on.I loved both Jess and Nicu's voices and how, together, they found themselves, learning that judging someone by appearance or from a first impression is ...
  • Gabriela Pop
    I feel so bad to give this book such a low rating,but rating it any higher would feel like a fraud since my reading experience was terrible and I did not really enjoy it one bit.I understand if people do find it likeable and I certainly can appreciated some of the ideas that the authors tried to get across,but overall I was enraged from page 1.As a Romanian emmigrant myself,I found this rather rare representation of others in this position to be ...
  • Romie
    I honestly tried to read this — I got through more than 30% — but I some point I had to say stop.This could have been a great story, but I couldn't deal with the broken English. Coming from a family of immigrants, I know you never immigrate to a country and suddenly master the language, but this broken English hurt my soul. You have broken and broken. There is a broken English that doesn't sound fake, and it wasn't this one.Also I didn't real...
  • Stacey (prettybooks)
    One is one of my favourite novels ever (seriously, read it). Like One, We Come Apart is told in free verse but, unlike One, we're introduced to two narrators. Jess's home life is tough and Nicu recently emigrated from Romania. When they're both arrested for theft, Jess and Nicu become unlikely companions. And Jess's friends – who throw racist remarks and abuse at Nicu – won't let them forget it.We Come Apart is very current. It's not about b...
  • Coreen (AsThePlotThickens)
    “We come together. Now, we come apart” This is a very powerful read, despite the fact that it looks awfully short, each verse is loaded with such impactful words and thoughts that just makes up for the page shortage.I’m not saying that all the things that our main characters have done in this story are good but I think they are certainly justifiable. (yeah, different people, different opinions, fellas) except for the stealing of course.I d...
  • Rebecca
    Okay but in all seriousness, where are was the resolution? Y'all forgot to actually end the book.
  • ✧Hessa ✧
    [ 3.5 stars ]‘But I want to stay here.’ I praying to them.‘People hate us here. Nicu, people here only see our skin, not the thing within,’ This was a quick read but I have to admit it wasn’t what I was expecting ..we follow two character : Nicu who is a immigrant from Romania to earn enough money to pay the family of a bride in Romania and marry Nicu off and Jess who lives with her mum and abusive step dad . their lives come together w...
  • Kristina
    Such a relevant story considering everything that’s happening in the world right now. I really liked how realistic it was without any sugar coating. If you enjoy diverse stories, then give it a go.
  • Kelly (Diva Booknerd)
    3.5 Stars.Jessica is a character who has endured torment and abuse, her stepfather a domineering and violent man. Although I've also experienced domestic violence as a child, I couldn't relate to Jessica and her often merciless attitude. Having committed her third offense and Nicu caught thieving, the two teens are both sentenced to the Reparation Program, an initiative to rehabilitate adolescents rather than facing prison.Nicu's narrative was ca...
  • Emily Mead
    I'm kind of mixed about this one. On the one hand it was a wonderful story of friendship and exclusion and outsiders. But on the other hand, I was only really a fan of Nicu (Jess rubbed me the wrong way) and the ending felt incredibly rushed. Longer review to come soon.
  • Cassandra (Thebookishcrypt)
    *ARC provided by Bloomsbury in exchange for an honest review*"We never get lostAndWhen I wakeI fear that our love will never beFound."This was my first book by Sarah and Brain I was quickly blown away by them. I'll admit, I was intimidated by this book as soon as I found out that it was written in verse. I've never read a book like this and honestly, it was way out of my comfort zone. I always feel like I won't understand what the authors are try...
  • Aditi ~ •A Thousand Words A Million Books
    AS SEEN ON: A THOUSAND WORDS A MILLION BOOKS I received an ARC from Bloomsbury India, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own Quotes are subject to my ARC.“We Never Get LostAndWhen I WakeI fear that our love will never beFound.”I read We Come Apart in one sitting. In fact, I think it’s the quickest I’ve ever read a full-fledged novel. Despite the fact that it was told in verse (like the quote above...
  • Alessandra Crivelli
    Full review is coming really soonWe come apart is written in verses like One and it is such a fast reading. It might help you to get out of your reading slump. MIGHT.I don't think I was able to complete enjoy this book because of my bad mood and reading slump but I felt a connection with Nicu as a romanian immigrant during Brexit time. I just wanted to hug him -- I am not an immigrant (yet -- but I would love to move in the UK in a few years) and...
  • nabilahwashere
    3.5 stars
  • Shayne Bauer
    This book is told in verse in alternating chapters from the two main characters' perspectives. Very appealing as well as a very quick read.The two characters manage their individual family struggles and come together through their one common characteristic of being thieves. They meet while doing community service yet continue their unlikely friendship afterwards. In today's world of intolerance, it teaches a valuable lesson of looking past surfac...
  • Bee (Heart Full of Books)
    This was my first experience of reading a book in verse, and it was really fun, the actually book itself was not fun. I'm calling it a modern tragedy because I had no hope for either of the characters' futures beyond the final page. This story was heart-breaking - not always explicitly, sometimes it was just in the assuming what the consequences were - but I couldn't put it down. We Come Apart follows a Romanian boy, Nicu, who is a refugee that h...
  • Bridget
    The individual voices in this story, Niku and Jess, are distinct and different to anything I've read. I loved them. I swallowed this book in a big gulp in one sleepless night. Jess has a horrific homelife, she is fighting to stay in her home but the bully her mother is living with is terrorising her and her mum. She is forced to watch her mum get beaten. Niku is Romanian and has come to England with his family, he cannot speak English and is trea...
  • Sprinkled Pages
    this was a short book so i managed to read it in a single sittingi did enjoy but i found the use of verse to be unnecessary as it didn't add anything however i loved the characters, even if the plot was quite dull. also, the ending ;'(for more, read my review: https://sprinkledpages.blogspot.com.a...
  • Claire (Book Blog Bird)
    So. I did really like this book and I rattled through it in a morning. I'm not saying I didn't like it.I don't really know why this didn't blow me away *quite* as much as Sarah Crossan's other books. It had excellent writing (free verse, which, as I've mentioned before, I don't like as a rule, but with Sarah Crossan's writing it just really, really works), it's UKYA, slow-burn romance and massive social issues (racism, bullying, domestic violence...
  • Kathy Martin
    This novel in verse is told from two viewpoints. Jess is a girl in a bad home situation. Her mother's live-in boyfriend beats her and forces Jess to take videos on his phone. She knows that her mother will take punishment if she does anything to set the boyfriend off. Nicu is a recent immigrant from Romania. He has come with his parents who want to earn enough money to buy him a wife back home. But Nicu doesn't want a wife or to go back home.The ...
  • Andrea Tome
    So...• the Romani immigrant POV is written by a white author who decides to mimic his broken English. Because that’s totally fine and not at all borderline racist.• the Romani character’s whole character arc is: him suffering racism and prejudice, him suffering because of his culture, him falling in love with the white English character, him sacrificing himself for the white English character. Because POC are only here to make white peopl...
  • Esther
    Jeetje, dit vond ik een mooi boek. Het raakte me tot op het bot.
  • Sofie Trebbien