The Forgotten Recipe (Amish Heirloom, #1) by Amy Clipston

The Forgotten Recipe (Amish Heirloom, #1)

After losing her fiancé in a tragic accident, Veronica Fisher finds solace in the old recipes stored in her mother’s hope chest—and in a special visitor who comes to her bake stand to purchase her old-fashioned raspberry pies.Veronica Fisher knows how lucky she is to be marrying her best friend. Seth Lapp is kind, hardworking, and handsome—but most importantly, he loves Veronica.When an accident on the job steals Seth away from her, a hear...

Details The Forgotten Recipe (Amish Heirloom, #1)

TitleThe Forgotten Recipe (Amish Heirloom, #1)
Release DateDec 8th, 2015
GenreAmish, Christian Fiction, Amish Fiction, Romance, Christian, Fiction

Reviews The Forgotten Recipe (Amish Heirloom, #1)

  • Susan
    I have been enjoying Amy Clipston's stories for many years and THE FORGOTTEN RECIPE is exactly why. The twists and turns in Veronica and Jason's lives pop up when you least expect them. Amy pulls you right in and makes you feel as if you are right there experiencing all the heart wrenching feelings that her characters are. When I hear that Amy Clipston has a new book coming out, I run to it. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite Amish author...
  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    Well, I wanted to read a genre I hadn't before, but Amish romance is just like any Christian romance, just with a few Amish details sprinkled in here and there - pies, walking and taking buggies to see one another (no phones, no internet). I was disappointed the book didn't include a recipe since the raspberry pies are such a major plot element! I will have to do some research.An easy read, a bit repetitive and obvious, but it is likely I am not ...
  • Jerry
    I really enjoyed this one! A great start to the series!
  • Deanne Patterson
    This was a fun book to read. Several years ago I read the Kaufmann Bakery series Amy has out and loved it. I just knew I'd love this book and did. All is blooming roses with Veronica Fisher's life. She is engaged to Seth Lapp and she dreams of their life together. In an instant it's all gone though as a tragedy at work steals his life. Barely able to function she pays her respects at his funeral. Seth's best friend Jason Huyard is there to pay hi...
  • Brittany
    I was really looking forward to reading this story because I have enjoyed many of Amy Clipston’s books in the past. What a pleasant surprise it was that this book ended up being even better than I expected.Guy meets girl. Guy falls for girl. Girl might be falling for guy. Girl doesn’t know that guy not only knew her late fiance’ but was with him when he died. What could go wrong? With a premise like that you know there is going to be a grea...
  • Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls)
    About this book:“After losing her fiancé in a tragic accident, Veronica Fisher finds solace in the old recipes stored in her mother’s hope chest—and in a special visitor who comes to her bake stand to purchase her old-fashioned raspberry pies. Veronica Fisher knows how lucky she is to be marrying her best friend. Seth Lapp is kind, hardworking, and handsome—but most importantly, he loves Veronica. When an accident on the job steals Seth ...
  • Barbara
    I could not get enough of this book! I didn't want to put it down. I cried with Veronica. I cried for Jason. I wanted the recipe so much.
  • Maureen Timerman
    The forgotten recipe is about a newly found old recipe that Veronica’s grandmother used to make. This recipe turns out to be a great hit with everyone, and is the catalyst to bringing the main two characters together.Jason Huyard’s mother hears about this wonderful pie and wants her sons to get her some from a sweet Amish girl Veronica Fisher, and thus the story of a new relationship begins. Not an easy path, this is one that has a shared gri...
  • Wendy
    BACK OF THE BOOK BLURBVeronica Fisher knows how lucky she is to be marrying her best friend. Seth Lapp is kind, hardworking, and handsome--but most importantly, he loves Veronica.When an accident on the job steals Seth away from her, a heartbroken Veronica is certain she will never love--or be loved--again. Yet when she discovers a batch of forgotten recipes and opens a bake stand to sell her Mammi's raspberry pies, Veronica picks up a regular cu...
  • Sharon
    Veronica Fisher is set to marry her best friend, Seth, until Seth dies in a tragic accident. Seth was also a good friend to Jason who worked with him. Jason blames himself for not being able to save Seth’s life. As Veronica grieves, she finds her grandmother’s recipes (in a plastic box, no less) in the attic in her mother’s hope chest. She sets about making raspberry pies to sell at her newly established bake stand. The author says the rasp...
  • Diamond Jones
    I always enjoy reading books by Amy Clipston and she didn't disappoint me. The Forgotten Recipe is book one of the new series An Amish Heirloom Novel. Veronica Fisher is a young Amish women preparing to marry her Bestfriend Seth Lapp. When a tragic accident ends Seth life, Veronica decides she will never love again to honor is life. When she meets Jason Huyard she is instantly attracted to him but tries to stay clear of him and her emotions.Jason...
  • Cindy
    Amy Clipston has another great story. The Forgotten Recipe will make you long for more. Veronica's life has taken a turn she never expected. The loss of her fiance has her bound in grief and unable to move forward in life. Jason cannot help his fascination and attraction to Veronica. Has he messed up the way he has handled their budding relationship? The characters of this story are well written and thought out. I am looking forward to the next b...
  • Natalie
    Such a sweet story about a second chance at love. I haven't read much Amish fiction before, but I really enjoyed this. It was bittersweet yet really cute. Veronica, the main character, is grieving the death of her fiancé Seth who has died in a tragic accident. Jason, a coworker of Veronica's fiancé wants to express his sympathy to her and ends up falling for her. There's also an overreaching arc storyline involving Veronica's mother's hope ches...
  • Sarah
    3 StarsChallenges♥ Amish in April - A: April♥ 2018 Where Are You Reading - #39. Pennsylvania
  • Karla
    I am always excited upon hearing that a great author has begun a new series! Since Amy writes Amish fiction, one of my favorite genres, I knew I was in for a good read! "The Forgotten Recipe" is the first in the collection entitled, "Amish Heirloom ". Excitement reigned in our household upon finding this new book in my mailbox! I found myself totally engrossed in this tale as it allowed me to escape the real world for an entire day. "After losing...
  • Chastity Ray
    Food warms the heart and soul but is it enough to heal a broken heart and a shattered future?Veronica has always loved cleaning but when she discovers her grandmother's recipes she discovers a joy of baking,something she hasn't felt since her beloved Seth's tragic accident.Jason is struggling to come to grips with Seth's accident. He keeps blaming himself thinking "if only I hadn't" or "I should have". He knows it's the Lord's will of course, but...
  • Kristi
    As a fan of all books by Amy Clipston I was sure I would enjoy The Forgotten Recipe, book one in the Amish Heirloom series. However, I wasn't prepared for how much I would LOVE this book. Once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down. I was immediately connected to the characters and their story. It was so easy to sympathize with Veronica and Jason and to feel their grief over the loss of their fiance and friend. The characters were co...
  • Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)
    I recently had an unexpected opportunity to visit Lancaster county in Pennsylvania and knew that I had to read this book while the vibe of the Amish community was still fresh in my mind. It completely enhanced my reading experience being able to acutely picture the setting. What really made the book stand out to me though was the high level of emotion in the characters and the author's skillful way of enabling me to connect with their feelings du...
  • Connie Lynch
    Amy Clipston has a way of teaching a life lesson to each reader. This reader learned many things reading this book. It gives you a wake up call on your own life and makes you think about your own actions and reactions, at least for this reader it did. The Forgotten Recipe is not really about the Recipe it is about Veronica's journey and the guidance she receives from her Mammi when she loses the love of her life, Seth in a work accident. She find...
  • Cathy Cermele
    A promising start to what promises to be another fantastic series by Amy Clipston.I was engaged from the moment I started reading this book with its wonderful storyline and endearing characters.While grieving the loss of her fiancé Seth Lapp,Veronica Fisher finds an old trunk that belonged to her grandmother. She also found the recipe for what will bring her income and a second chance of happiness.Jason Huyard is dealing with the loss of his dea...
  • Molly Cafinated Reads Jaber
    Amy Clipston has brought her fans yet another captivating, fun ride. I truly enjoyed reading this start to her Amish Heirloom series. Her words, her characters, her story line all combine to create a read you won't be able to put down! I know I couldn't, as I read it in a day! I loved Veronica and Jason's characters. Both went through something emotional and tragic, and both had a fear in their heart. Watching them together, feeling like I was ri...
  • Susan
    Mrs. Clipston is one of my favorite Amish authors. I loved the plot. I felt the number of times Jason agonized over telling Veronica about Seth grew a bit tiresome. Also the narrator was mediocre and thus distracting. I'm looking forward to the next in the series.
  • Lisa at Farm Fresh Adventures
    I am finally going back and starting this series from the beginning. Thankfully each book stands quite nicely. And actually having read Mattie’s (the Mom) story first t explains all her comments and reactions so much more.
  • Vikki Vaught
    3.5 starsWhile I enjoyed the story and really loved the hero, he did something totally dumb which caused him a great deal of unnecessary turmoil. This could have used a bit more character development. Happy reading!
  • Liz
    "The Forgotten Recipe" is a story about a young Amish woman who finds purpose in the midst of her grief when she comes across her grossmammi's lost recipe for raspberry pie. Veronica's fiance, Seth, had recently died in a workplace accident, and she is finding it hard to go on with life. Seth's good friend and workmate, Jason, is in the same boat, until he sees Seth's suddenly single fiancee. Though they have never met while Seth was alive, their...
  • Tina Watson
    How many of us have put away an item, but to find it years later, and have it bring on a set of memories? I can't say I can in my own personal life. How many times are we given second chances? Well, I can say some of us give more than second chances to some people in our lives, depending on the circumstances.Yes, the Amish are different than us, Englishers. But the Amish are more rooted in their strong faith, along with keeping their families clo...
  • Lisa Johnson
    Title: The Forgotten Recipe (Amish Heirloom #1)Author: Amy ClipstonPages: 320Year: 2015Publisher: ZondervanMy rating is 5 out of 5 stars.Amish stories can be vastly as different as apples are to oranges, so too are the authors that craft the tales. I am new to Amy Clipston’s writing and am now hooked on her books, not because they take place in Amish communities or the characters are Amish. I enjoy her books because she tells a wonderful story ...
  • Whitney
    I love reading Amish fiction. Their lifestyle and tight-knit family dynamic really interests me. I especially enjoy Amish romances, and this one was wunderbaar.In The Forgotten Recipe, Veronica Fisher is dealing with the heartache of losing her fiance Seth Lapp in a work related accident. Veronica is so heartbroken and grief stricken she feels like she has to keep herself busy, and while cleaning the attic she comes across some of her grandmother...
  • Tina
    The Forgotten Recipe: An Amish Heirloom Novel**** by Amy Clipston A terrible accident happened and Seth Lapp died—Jason Huyard—his best friend blames himself. Seth's fiance, Veronica Fisher's heart is shattered. Can two broken hearts be mended....together? After finding a box of forgotten recipes—one for a raspberry pie—of her grandmother's, Veronica embarks on a new direction for her life in hopes her heart will heal. Jason has set his o...
  • Elizabeth
    The Forgotten Recipe ( An Amish Heirloom Novel - Book 1 )By: Amy ClipstonThe Forgotten Recipe is the first book in An Amish Heirloom Novel Series. I have been looking forward to reading this book that starts a new series, and I loved it. Amy Clipston hooked me right from the start and did not let go till the end, and then I was crying for more. Clipston did not disappoint me . The story and the characters both were well written and easy to follow...