Lainey's List (Jackson Boys, #2) by Jen Frederick

Lainey's List (Jackson Boys, #2)

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Details Lainey's List (Jackson Boys, #2)

TitleLainey's List (Jackson Boys, #2)
GenreNew Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Sports and Games, Sports

Reviews Lainey's List (Jackson Boys, #2)

  • LadyDarcy0103
    I'm so sad this book hasn't been written yet. Still holding out hope.
  • Timitra
    I ran through a gamut of emotions while reading Lainey's List. At times I was annoyed. Or so very angry, those angry times usually were because of Chip, man I hated that motherfucker. Nick and Lainey made me angry too because of choices they made or didn't make but my anger for them was never on the level as what it was for Chip. Just thinking about him now is getting me angry. Sometimes sad, other times so giddy with happiness but overall I trul...
  • Psycgirl
    2.5. I realize it was a serial but it was very choppy and the plot didn't make sense at times. I find that Jen Frederick is very hit or miss for me.
  • Anna
    Loved Nick & Lainey! Can't wait for the book to be published :)
  • Zita
    3.5 stars, Review to come.
  • Sonja Forbes
    Can't remember the start of the book gonna read it again now that its finished. I did like it though.