Still Waters (Sandhamn, #1) by Viveca Sten

Still Waters (Sandhamn, #1)

On a hot July morning on Sweden’s idyllic vacation island of Sandhamn, a man takes his dog for a walk and makes a gruesome discovery: a body, tangled in fishing net, has washed ashore.Police detective Thomas Andreasson is the first to arrive on the scene. Before long, he has identified the deceased as Krister Berggren, a bachelor from the mainland who has been missing for months. All signs point to an accident—until another brutalized corpse ...

Details Still Waters (Sandhamn, #1)

TitleStill Waters (Sandhamn, #1)
Release DateOct 1st, 2015
GenreMystery, Fiction, Crime, Thriller

Reviews Still Waters (Sandhamn, #1)

  • Richard Derus
    Rating: 3.5* of five, rounded upI downloaded this onto my Kindle when it was a Kindle First offering about three years ago. It finally snagged my attention. I think it finally got me because, when I opened it, I read this:The department’s coffeemaker produced a liquid that was positively toxic. How Margit could knock it back in such quantities was a mystery. Thomas had switched to drinking tea for the first time in his life because of it.THOMAS...
  • Aditi
    “Anger, resentment and jealousy doesn't change the heart of others-- it only changes yours.” ----Shannon L. AlderViveca Sten, an international best-selling Swedish author, has penned a fast-paced gripping thriller featuring Thomas Andreasson, in her book, Still Waters which is the first book in the Sandhamn Murders series. The story, set in Sandhamn, a small island in the central-peripheral part of the Stockholm Archipelago in central-easte...
  • Maxwell
    A decent domestic mystery. I liked the mix of a policeman and a lawyer, but I felt like the characters were just starting to develop when the book ended. I'd be willing to continue with the series just to see what happens with their personal lives, but I won't be rushing to get to book #2.
  • Chris
    You know that old adage, "the book is always better". This is a case in point. I picked this up because I recently got Hulu, and the TV series based on these books is something I watched. While I enjoyed the series, I thought Nora was dumb and while she didn't deserve to be smacked, her innocence act was over the top because she was kissing the man her husband accused her of crushing on. The television series (at least the 3 seasons that were up ...
  • Dale Harcombe
    Three and a half starsWhile walking his dog on the island of Sandhamn a man finds a body tangled in a fishing net. Police detective Thomas Andreasson seeks to uncover whether this is an accident, suicide or murder. But then another body turns up. It is the dead man’s cousin. Suddenly, it seems the two deaths are related and there is a murderer on the loose. One of the other main characters is Nora Linde, married to Henrik and a close friend to ...
  • Melodie
    This was a kindle first selection some time ago that's just been laying there waiting to be read. Most of the kindle first selections are just so-so. This was an exception. A mystery set in Sweden, enjoyable with interesting character backgrounds and subplots. I might even check out the series that is evidently on Hulu!
  • Denise
    A good detective story that was a Kindle First download, I found this Viveca Sten novel to be long on characterizations (they were excellent and believable) even if a bit short (or somewhat predictable) in terms of plot. I also enjoyed the scenic descriptions -- never having been to Sweden, I felt like the author described the settings so that you could really imagine the seaside towns and the archipelago. I also liked the way all of the question...
  • Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου
    Η μόδα των καιρών μας επιτάσσει η σύγχρονη αστυνομική λογοτεχνία να περιστρέφεται γύρω από ψυχοπαθείς δολοφόνους που σκοτώνουν κατά συρροήν, από ανθρώπους με έντονα προβληματικό παρελθόν, από τα παιδικά τους κιόλας χρόνια, τους οποίους κυνηγάν...
  • SweetSweeede
    I should probably start by mentioning I read this book in Swedish, i.e. its original language, and my native tongue. I had seen several movies/TV mini series based on this series of books and enjoyed them very much. Therefore, I knew who the killer was and their motive before I started reading the book. Fortunately for me, I'm horrible at solving mysteries, and my memory is sketchy at best (sorry officer, I can't tell you what I was doing last We...
  • LindaJ^
    2.5 rounded to 2 stars.This was a Kindle free book. It is translated from Swedish. Thomas and Nora are lifelong friends. Thomas is a policeman; Nora is a lawyer who works for a bank and is married to Henrich and has two kids. Thomas is recently divorced after he and his wife lost their first child and he is just starting to be able to think clearly. There is no romance between Thomas and Nora, they are just good friends. Nora and Henrich spend th...
  • Tulay
    Enjoyed the story.Slow going story, I enjoyed the location and reading about the lighthouses. Googled and learned more about them. Murders in this small island and relationship between husbands and wives. Who and why the murders was shocking.
  • Alaina Meserole
    Still Waters was such a good audio book. However, some of the characters really annoyed me. It was probably how they acted at something in certain situations or how they were throughout the entire book. Either way those characters really made me dislike some of this book.The one thing about this book that I really enjoyed and had no problem with was the overall mystery. I had no clue who the murderer was the entire time. I also didn't even try to...
  • Nathalie Bakelandt
    Een nieuwe favoriete schrijfster gevonden. Prachtig verhaal in een leuke omgeving en verweven spanning. Op naar de volgende delen
  • PennsyLady (Bev)
    kindle first3.5 ★Sandhamn (Sweden’s idyllic vacation island)...Police detective Thomas Andreasson and childhood friend, local lawyer Nora Linde.
  • Jeanne
    Viveca Sten's Still Waters is the first in a series set on the island of Sandhamn (in the archipelago of islands east of Stockholm). In Still Waters, a pair of cousins die in a short period of time. Maybe murder? Then a third person who knew the second also died. Another murder?Thomas and the rest of the police department begin investigating, but all doesn't easily fall into place – as is probably the case in the real world. While Thomas is the...
  • Shan
    This was part of a Kindle read-the-world promo. It was especially interesting to me because I visited Sandhamm, where the murders take place, almost 20 years ago when my dad & daughter & I went to Sweden to meet my dad's relatives. The setting is vividly depicted, and the glimpse of life in Sweden was interesting. One of the subplots - Nora's career opportunity and her husband Henrik's arrogant dismissal of it - was especially interesting, becaus...
  • Clarabel
    L'amoureuse des contrées nordiques (que je suis) n'a forcément pas su résister à cette nouvelle invitation, direction une petite île au large de Stockholm, un paradis pour des vacances en famille ou une mise au vert en toute quiétude. Le charme scandinave par excellence. J'ai donc succombé, c'était parié.
  • Tanja Berg
    Rating 2.4* out of 5. I was going to write a few lines in Swedish about this mediocre murder mystery, but lo' and behold - this has been translated! Perhaps later books in the series will be better. I picked this up fairly reluctantly, but a recommendation together with the constant need of mp3 books sealed the deal. Swedish-Norwegian audio books are in fairly short supply and the English ones are overpriced in addition to being plagued by terrib...
  • Lynda Kelly
    Another Nordic series opener and a blinding one at that. It's not a new series in Sweden but is here. Plus they get a televised version as well so I am hoping that will follow here and NOT only for paying subscribers !!I was lucky enough to spot this in the September Kindle First offer and got it cheap as well so I'm very pleased with my whole experience.I did wonder at Thomas' detecting skills near the beginning when he was confused about someon...
  • Ken Fredette
    The story is very believable with all the people with quirks on the island. I can relate to Nora with diabetes and to Thomas, who was once in the maritime police, I was in the Coast Guard. I like the books that relate to how I live my life, I can relate.
  • Gross
    Vivid readingGreat imagery! She drew me into the book with a great opening! I could "see" Sandhamm and all the characters.
  • Bandit
    This book was free as part of the Amazon Kindle read the world program, which is a great idea really. Seems like all that comes out of Scandinavia nowadays is thrillers and this was no exception. Book 1 in a popular series that even became a tv show. Actually I might have liked it more as a tv show, as a book it left a lot to be desired. Mind you, Sweden is always an enjoyable armchair destination and this sunny summertime archipelago in particul...
  • Jennifer Lanak
    Let me see if I can break this one down - A body is discovered on Sandhamn (an island in Sweden). Thomas is the detective sent to investigate it. At first, it seems like it was likely an accident or suicide until the victim's cousin is found murdered on the island later that week. Thomas continues to investigate, sometimes using the help of his childhood friend, Nora, who lives on the island. Leads are few, then a 3rd body is found in the water. ...
  • J Jahir
    Fue un libro que terminé en el camino de viaje hacia guadalajara, preparándome para llegar a un congreso que íbamos a tener. Me ha gustado bastante el libro, me agradó la ambientación en que se llevó a cabo la novela, un lugar que en lo personal yo no conocía, el archipiélago de Sandamn. sin duda algo que asusta un poco al imaginar que ahí podían cometerse bastante recomendable.
  • Shorty
    I found this novel very boring. Deaths were happening, and I found it difficult to care. The narrator Angela Dawe, was about as monotonous as you could possibly think, and only made the audiobook worse, imo. I stopped after the third death, at about most of the way thru chapter 34, and I cannot possibly feel any better by jettisoning this novel to the wayside.2 stars, if that. Not recommended.
  • Una Tiers
    This book was a translation. The first half moved along but the second half dragged on. The characters were likable, although the main character while well educated, had little backbone. The plot was well seeded with bits of the reveal.
  • Nadine Jones
    Whoa there are EIGHTY books on Goodreads titled "Still Waters." That's not even counting variations such as "Beneath Still Waters" and "By Still Waters," etc. ***The trite title should've served as warning.1 star because this disappointed me so much I became angry.I've been trying to read more books that have been translated into English, running on the theory that a publisher bothered to hire a translator,, it must be really good, cream of the c...
  • Sandy
    3.5 starsIt's summer & everyone in Sweden is dying for their annual holiday break. Some literally.Many will flock to small islands that make up the Stockholm archipelago, eager for long days on the beach. Inspector Thomas Andreasson of the violent crimes unit is impatient to retreat to his cabin on one of the islands. It's been a turbulent year for him personally & he longs to get away from some quiet reflection. Unfortunately, his time there thi...
  • Jen
    Still Waters (Sandhamn Murders Book 1) by Viveca Sten is a new series for me. The novel is mostly set on the small island of Sandham in the Swedish archipelago and conveys a vivid sense of the island community.Police detective Thomas Andreasson is sent to Sandhamn when a body is discovered tangled in a fishing net. The body of Krister Berggren has been in the water for months, and it is uncertain whether or not the death was an accident. Thomas h...
  • Neva Williams
    I got this book free, through the Kindle First offers with Amazon Prime. Just when I had vowed to never bother with another free book, this gem comes along. I also am not a big fan of books set in other countries and I didn't know what to expect from a book set in Sweden. I loved this book. I loved the characters and the story and fell in love with the Country and as soon as I finished, I was looking online for photos of Sandhamn. It looks much t...