Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #2 by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #2

On the eve of Sabrina's sixteenth birthday, she faces a choice that will determine her destiny as a half-witch/half-mortal, an unspeakable terror arrives in Greendale, and her name is... MADAM SATAN! At long last, the secret history of the Queen of Hell is revealed, and she sets her vengeful gaze upon the SPELLMAN family. No one, especially those close to Sabrina, is safe, and very, very soon, the quiet streets of Greendale will run red with bloo...

Details Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #2

TitleChilling Adventures of Sabrina #2
Release DateApr 15th, 2015
PublisherArchie - Archie Horror
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Horror, Paranormal, Witches, Fantasy, Comic Book

Reviews Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #2

  • Sesana
    It may be sightly cheating to review an entire volume when only a few of the planned six issues have been released. But at the moment, it seems like Aguirre-Sacasa is focused on the Riverdale and Sabrina TV and Netflix series to the exclusion of all else. We may get a couple of issues during hiatuses, but I'm not expecting to see much more than that. I'd love to be proven wrong, though, because Archie Horror is so, so good.
  • Iva
    Наступний номер аж у вересні!Втім, відмічати їх томами, все ж, менше чітерство відносно рідінґ-челленджа, аніж по номерах, бо ж дві позиції замість восьми. Сюжет, проте, став трохи передбачуваним, але ще подивимось. Шок-контенту не поменшало.
  • Allie Mayenschein (alliecatreads)
    This one wasn't my favorite, but I still really enjoyed this one! The sinister plot is starting to unfold, and I really appreciated how much we learned about the villain in this issue. It was super interesting to see, and I am wondering what Madam Satan is going to do. I think it will be super interesting to know if she plans on killing Sabrina or what other plans she could have for her. I think the story over the next few issues is definitely go...
  • Joanne Myers
    Much better this timeI really must investigate whether the show was based off these comics or vice versa because there are so many similarities. That being said, I'm enjoying the story!
  • Chloe (QuothTheBookLover)
    I liked this one way more than the first one! I love the main character of this and how brutal she is!
  • NeverendingReader
    Another mehThe plot was pretty awful again but alas we carry on because they are free with kindle prime and I like to do some comic reading before bed.
  • Samantha Gillogly
    This is the comic book series that makes me want to read comics again. I am just head-over-heels for this thing. It's an inventively dark new spin on an old franchise, and it does not shy away from gore and genuine terror. Aguirre-Sacasa is doing an excellent job of pacing the characters' origin stories alongside a tense and intriguing plotline. And can we talk about the amazing artwork? Hack's eerie, evocative illustrations are 100% spooky autum...
  • Cori DeVerse
    I really liked these comics. I am delving more into the comic world and I am definitely liking what I am finding! I love horror novels and I've read a few horror graphic novels, so far these were one of my favorites. I think they're even basing the new tv show that's coming out partially off of this. I like the darker side of these comics...everyone expects (probably because of the tv show) that nothing that bad will ever happen, but I think that...
  • I DRM Free
    The succubus that was summoned by two teenage witches and accidentally freed, just happens to be Sabrina’s dads ex-girlfriend. Who had committed suicide when he told her he had fallen for a mortal woman. This doomed her to hell as a Succubus.But now that she is free back on Earth, she seeks out Edward and his new human woman. She finds out they had a child and she seeks out a way to find her.Again this was an excellent comic in all ways. The ar...
  • Charlotte
    I liked this; the Madam Satan stuff is interesting, but the story somehow still feels a little... distant? Like the first volume was snapshots of Sabrina growing up and this one isn't going deep into the story either, for me. I do like it though, it's very dark compared to what I expected, which is pretty cool. I'm definitely going to give the next volume a try.
  • Emily Sullivan
    Not chilling enough. I read this whilst camping alone (well, almost) in a forest. I expected to be terrified at the very least but I am disappointed to report that despite reading this issue of Sabrina by torchlight I was correctly able to identify all shadows and uncreepy animal snorts in the woods. The nights sleep was I disturbed. Hopefully #3 will be more shiver inducing.
  • Karen
    Nice intro for a bit nice characterThis dark turn for the character is amazing and fun. Though Sabrina has not given herself over just yet you know she will because she is enjoying the things the dark side can give her. Things like access to Ann Margaret and help in getting what she wants. The artwork is nice and the story is good.
  • Rebecca Timberlake
    Better.I was iffy after reading the first one, but this makes me more hopeful. It developed the characters better, and started moving the plot along. Gory more than chilling, it has promise.
  • Alex
    *** not 100% finished but I am up to date as there’s more issues that are yet to be released. Therefore, I won’t be reviewing until the final set is published. But I will say it’s a very refreshing comic series and one that I’ll keep coming back to.
  • Lannoy 29
    Une entrée en scène prometteuse Ce second tome annonce de belles confrontations et une horreur grandissante. Une lecture tout à fait divertissante en somme. Allez, je file télécharger le tome 3 :)
  • Kate
    I am in LOVE with these Sabrina comics. I've always been a huge fan of Sabrina, but I really like the dark spin this series takes on the wholesome teenage witch. The art is perfectly macabre, and there is still the sense of humor fans of Sabrina expect.
  • Giovanni Idili
    The witch-wind is blowing hard tonightWhat a great book! The upbeat retro horror continues and Madam Satan (introduced here) is an instant classic and a great villain already. Bring on the next one.
  • Andi
    Creepy! The artwork is perfect for the feel of the series. Loving these.
  • Jacob Shelton
    I guess I'm partial to this collection because it reminds me of the time I fell in love with my boyfriend after his body had been taken over by my absentee father.
  • Therese Buchheit
    A fresh, appropriately creepy, take on Sabrina.
  • Anto Tilio
    Me siguen gustando los tonos del comic. Y acá conocemos a la villana, es bastante típica y hasta un poco cliché, pero me agrada. Le tengo fe a Madam Satan.
  • Terica Brester
    Dark and mysterious I’m really enjoying this mysterious, dark version of Sabrina. I’m left in suspense, wanting to read the next issue right away.
  • Lauren
    creepier than the first but just as good. the (view spoiler)[ canabalism (hide spoiler)] of the aunts is gross and ughh though.
  • Bruna ♛
    Bem rapidinho e gostosinho de ler ♥
  • Nick
    And now introducing....Get ready for chapter 2.MORE antics and witchery and intrigue. I am fast falling in love with this series
  • Nicholas Cottrell
    A classic villain reappears!The introduction of Madame Satan, overwrought name and all, heightens the stakes in this period piece about everyone’s favorite teenage witch.
  • Ginger Woods
    This woman is pure evil, and I love every bit of her. Of course she is evil she was hurt by the one she loved, and seeing that they made a child... It kills her empty heart.
  • Julia
    Dark and EnjoyableAnother enjoyable part to the Sabrina saga. There is trouble brewing in the young witch's life. Intrigued to see what happens next.
  • Jennifer
    Good read Fun and interesting if you’re into horror and slightly creepy graphic novels. I don’t read much but this one kept me intrigued
  • CuriousCompass