Unearthed (Unearthed, #1) by Amie Kaufman

Unearthed (Unearthed, #1)

When Earth intercepts a message from a long-extinct alien race, it seems like the solution the planet has been waiting for. The Undying's advanced technology has the potential to undo environmental damage and turn lives around, and Gaia, their former home planet, is a treasure trove waiting to be uncovered.For Jules Addison and his fellow scholars, the discovery of an alien culture offers unprecedented opportunity for study... as long as scavenge...

Details Unearthed (Unearthed, #1)

TitleUnearthed (Unearthed, #1)
Release DateJan 9th, 2018
GenreScience Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews Unearthed (Unearthed, #1)

  • Elise (TheBookishActress)
    It’s easy for the international alliance to say they’ll be careful on Gaia. It’s easy for them to dismiss the warnings from the Undying, the stories of their own civilization’s downfall. But the human race has been dismissing the decline of our planet and the destruction of its resources for centuries now. We’ve gotten pretty good at it. This book is entertaining and nothing more. Honestly, my feelings here were basically a more extreme...
  • Cait • A Page with a View
    This really was like Indiana Jones in space! With a bit of Doctor Who maybe? I used to say I'm reallllly not a sci-fi person, but Amie Kaufman made me second guess that with Illuminae. And here we go again. I'm actually starting to like space...The idea of the story is pretty simple when you look back on it, but there are so many twists and things to solve while reading that it feels like a huge adventure. I think the characters were what really ...
  • Cait (Paper Fury)
    I totally understand the pitch of "Indiana Jones in space", because YES. Also you know that dumb iphone game Temple Run? This is Temple Run but the occasionally stop and make delicious snacks. Anyway. Overall I thought the story was fun! It's not super deep or ever very scary, but the characters were great! I just unravelled for the sole reason that reading about people running through booby traps and sorting mathematical puzzles is...not...my th...
  • Kaylin
    3.5 StarsAmie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner team back up for the first time since their Starbound series. Taking place on a distant planet, this story follows Jules and Mia as the navigate the ‘temples’ of an extinct alien species who ironically were called the ‘Undying.’ (Basically it started out Indiana Jones in space and somehow turned into Doctor Who.)The plot itself is fun. These are the sort of zany, broad spectrum adventures that make...
  • Crazy4Books
    I was beyond excited when I got a review copy of this book. I wanted to read it right away and only with major restraint was I able to wait closer to the publication date. Ive been obsessed with Scifi lately and the premise of a treasure hunting adventure on an alien planet sounded like a lot of fun. After 2 very different teenagers, a scavenger and a scholar sneak onto this dangerous alien planet they decide to team up to evade deadly treasure...
  • Heather 'Bookables'
    A fun scifi book!Indiana Jones in space is what I would say is the perfect way to describe this book!It didn't wow but but was enjoyable!
  • Stacee
    THIS WAS AMAZING!!Love love love Mia and Jules. She smart and sassy and he’s a British scholar and together they’re adorable. I love getting dual POV and each of them were charismatic characters who were easy to root for. Plus there’s some kissing and deliciously long glances when the other one isn’t looking. Plot wise, it’s like a scavenger hunt x a million. There’s so much on the line for Mia and Jules, that it really made for some ...
  • Ryan Graudin
  • RavenclawReadingRoom
    Trigger warnings: violence, death, explosions, mentions of...forced prostitution? I guess that's the best way to refer to it. So here's the thing: this, other than The Upside of Unrequited, was my most anticipated book of the year from the moment that I read the first chapter in one of those chapter sampler bind ups at the start of the year. I was hooked from page 1, and I knew that I was going to love this for the following reasons:- Archaeology...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    2.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum https://bibliosanctum.com/2018/01/07/...I felt I gave this one a fair shot, despite everything from end-of-year burnout to post-vacation blues seeming to conspire against me. In the end, this was simply not the engaging tomb-raiding adventure on an alien planet that I was expecting, and mostly found myself bored and unable to see why this book couldn’t be half the length with the same plot content.The story b...
  • Amber Robertson
    Thank you Allen&Unwin for providing me with a full copy in exchange for an honest review.THIS MINI REVIEW AND OTHERS FEATURE ON MY BLOG, CLICK HERE TO SEE ITM I N I R E V I E WI found Unearthed difficult to read. I’m not sure why. I wonder if maybe it was simply just a mood read for me and I wasn’t in the mood for a sci-fi action book? Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy Unearthed. I found that the writing styles of Megan Spooner and Amie Kaufm...
  • Lara (GryffindorMango)
    GUYS THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD YOU ALL NEED TO DROP EVERYTHING AND GO READ IT!What in the world was that ending though? They apologized in the acknowledgements but I do not accept. That was not okay.Review to come.
  • Aentee
    Fans of Amie and Meagan’s previous trilogy will enjoy this book, it’s a fast-paced and light SF that is focused predominantly on romance. The premise is interesting but the plot unraveled in a very predictable manner. Very limited world building despite the fact that it’s set on an alien planet, perhaps it will be embellished in the sequel.
  • Bec
    THAT LAST LINE. HECK!Review (without spoilers) here!https://rebeccagough.wordpress.com/20...
  • Casey
    Onward if you dare MEAN AND AMAZING BUT MEAN BECAUSE WHY DONT I HAVE THE NEXT BOOK ALREADY *cries*Oh pretty, shiny, twisty, ouchy, awesome book. Unearthed is amazing as I new it was going to be, seriously?! Alien planet, a thief and an academic, booby trapped temple, maths and ancient language translations, conspiracies ready to spike you fastr then the traps, a race of "people" that know impossibly to much about earth, and that END (view spoile...
  • Shae McDaniel
    I am one shred of self-control away from screaming out loud in my apartment and scaring the life out of my cat. This book is perfect. It is without question the best book I've read in 2017 thus far, and I don't foresee it losing that spot in the next five months. I knew I was going to at least like the book going in, because hey, it's Kaufman and Spooner and I love them when they're apart and when they're together. Just getting into the rhythm of...
  • Karen
    When I heard that Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner had teamed up for another sci-fi series after their much loved Starbound series, I was IN! And these amazing ladies did not disappoint with Unearthed! In Unearthed we have our home planet, Earth, no longer being sustainable, which forces exploration to find new habitable worlds. Instead the non-livable world of Gaia is found, along with ancient archeological finds and some amazing high tech which ...
  • Claire
    Where do I start?This was a wild ride of a book. Comparisons to “Lara Croft and Indiana Jones in space” (though I would also add a bit of Doctor Who and Arrival) are spot on, the two main characters are pretty much teenage versions of Lara and Indy, and I fell absolutely in love with both of them. Their chemistry was off the charts, their depths endless. I’m curious how Spooner and Kaufman wrote this one. Did they each pick a character and ...
  • Kristy K
    4.5 StarsI will read anything Amie Kaufman writes. She’s easily one of my favorite authors and her books are always a great blend of science-fiction, action, and romance, with a stellar cast. In Unearthed, Kaufman and Spooner create the perfect balance of humor and suspense. After a broadcast from an alien race is intercepted, many on Earth will do anything to get to their planet, Gaia, to see what technology and treasure it holds. Mia and Jule...
  • Alyssa
    It took me soooooooooooooooooo long to get through this book. I was bored out of my mind the entire time. I never fully got into the story, but at some point I stopped falling asleep on myself (that's 100% legit -- the first three times I attempted to read even a few chapters, I fell asleep. Maybe I'm just overworked? I don't think that's entirely the case though). It's not a BAD book, just really boring in the first half.***Review to come***
  • mith
    4?? 5?? 4.5?I don't know but omg what a thrilling and slightly confusing ride! AND JULES MY HEART. ---Holy shit another series by these two.Yesssss
  • Adri
    **4.5 STARS**Lara Croft + Indiana Jones in space is the perfect summation of this book. Most books have incredible sounding premises and then fall flat, but this one really lives up to it’s eye-catching pitch. Unearthed is an action-packed, thrilling and incredibly fun near-future Sci-fi book with ancient, booby-trapped temples, extinct aliens with inconceivably advanced technology and lots of puzzles and mysteries.🦊 My ThoughtsEarth is faci...