僕のヒーローアカデミア 4 [Boku No Hero Academia 4] (My Hero Academia, #4) by Kohei Horikoshi

僕のヒーローアカデミア 4 [Boku No Hero Academia 4] (My Hero Academia, #4)

障害物競走で1位だったデクくんが次の騎馬戦で大変な事になっちゃいます。でもそれってすごく注目されるって事だし、デクくんならきっと大丈夫! 私も負けられへんわ! 父ちゃん母ちゃん見ててね! “Plus Ultra”!!

Details 僕のヒーローアカデミア 4 [Boku No Hero Academia 4] (My Hero Academia, #4)

Title僕のヒーローアカデミア 4 [Boku No Hero Academia 4] (My Hero Academia, #4)
Release DateJun 4th, 2015
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Fantasy, Shonen

Reviews 僕のヒーローアカデミア 4 [Boku No Hero Academia 4] (My Hero Academia, #4)

  • Maria
    Amazing!!! The sports festival allows us to get to know new characters and learn more about everyone’s personalities and quirks. I’m happy to see how friendly and supportive the characters are being towards their classmates/teammates. P.S. Shoto Todoroki is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Such complex character with a tragic background. P.S.S. Do not underestimate Fumikage Tokoyami, kids 👀🦅
  • Artemy
    In the great tradition of other shonen mangas like Dragon Ball, the tournament that started in the previous volume takes up the entirety of this follow-up book as well, and it seems far from over. It’s also very entertaining! We find out even more about the characters, and their development is actually pretty impressive. Also, I have to mention that Ochako Uraraka not only has the best name ever, but is hands down my favorite character in this ...
  • Tilly
    It's getting better!
  • Shannon
    So good. Can't stop won't stop.😄
  • Daniel
    Not much to say here. The plot is moving... but sloooowly. Still the art is nice and getting better.
  • Elizabeth (Elzburg)
    I feel like I've never wanted the next book in a series as badly as I want Volume 5 of My Hero Academia.This was some good shit, boys. Just like this series always is. I know it's already pretty fast that they come out every few months, but I feel like it could be even faster. Like does it really take that long to translate and touch-up and all that? I kind of feel like I'm talking like an ungrateful brat right now, so I'll stop.This whole volum...
  • Jamie
    The first 1/3 of the book was about the strange Joust-like tournament round. This was one of the weirdest games I have ever seen! Then the finalists go into the next round of one on one battles. We get to see a lot more quirks. Some interesting, others are just plain odd.The where several scenes that were not easy to follow. Too much action to understand properly. The panels also jump around a lot between characters on the field. Does not help. P...
  • Nicola Mansfield
    A great volume action-packed with battles but also gives us great insight into a lot of characters. The book starts off with a team challenge where the contestants divide themselves into teams of four and play until four teams have captured all the points. Then the rest of the book does one-on-one battles with the remaining sixteen players ending before the final battle. While the main character is developing and gaining in his powers it is the c...
  • Selena
    We're into tournament battles now! I'm glad Horikoshi-sensei keeps them short and to the point. Too often shounen series that have battle tournaments drag things on waaaay too long.These ones are interesting, too, since they're all with quirks. It reminds me a bit of MAR's battles later in the series, with all the crazy weapons and magic.
  • unknown
    Nothing like a pointless school competition to get me into a shonen manga.
  • Sulhan Habibi
    Anime nya lebih seru. Salah sendiri nonton dulu. Haha
  • Elias Alexander
    Oh my god 😱😱😱😱. This was so good.
  • Maiko-chan
    bbies so pretty in color. also I've completely fallen into KiriBaku hell and I love itguess who my favorite isI don't really ship it that much yet but I can see how TodoDeku is a popular ship
  • Dani St-Onge (Literary Lion)
    For more reviews and bookish content: http://literarylion.ca/Horikoshi is still finding his footing at this point in the series but it's already clear that it's going to be something incredibly special. This whole volume is solidly in the middle of the Sports Festival Arc which lets you get to know more about several student backstories and quirks. Hitoshi Shinso is a breakout hit minor character who became wildly popular with fangirls but we als...
  • Nicholas Driscoll
    This volume made a bigger impression on me. The relationship between “hot and cold” and his father is frustrating and moving in its way, even if it isn’t extremely developed yet. His father, though the second most popular “hero” in the superhero community, should be counted among the villains for what he did.This issue also has a tournament (a must for battle manga). The fights were not very memorable so far, though.
  • Taylor Ramirez
    This was a really great book! We got to learn more about Zuko—I mean Todoroki…who is totally not Zuko at all. Tenya was an earnest dork which is always a plus. And Deku is really starting to gain control of his powers. Plus we got more information about some in Class B which is cool. I really liked this!
  • cindy
    Izuku yg berhasil menjuarai fase eliminasi di festival olahraga, malah skrg punya tanggungan terberat, poin 1 juta terpasang di kepalanya, untuk diperebutkan oleh semua tim lain. *aku suka ide permainan ini, adu lihai strategi selain cuma kekuatan*
  • Kenneth
    In this volume sports festival starts! You can see most of the classmates fighting and using their super power. Until this volume, most characters doesn’t appear much so I was very happy to see them all.
  • Rollin
    On the plus side, this one mostly sticks with the UA festival, which is a treat. The one-on-one battles are glorious, even if the big stuff is saved for the next volume. A good read, but feels like filler in an otherwise packed series.
  • Elinor
    Un très bon tome !! Faut dire que les tournois, c'est mon truc... évidemment la prochaine rencontre promet beaucoup, du coup ben... comme toujours... j'ai hâte de lire la suite ! ^^
  • Laura
    I love this manga and univers so much :')
  • Caedes
    I've seen the anime so I know what happens, and yet! This still hooks me like nothing else does.
  • Cate (The Professional Fangirl)
    I want to see more of Shinsou.
  • Justin
    Tournament arcs can be hit or miss, easily becoming filler material if they drag on for too long, or the fights/matches start getting repetitive. I'm happy to say that, so far, this arc of My Hero Academia is avoiding both of those pitfalls. In fact, we get through an entire section of the sports competition, and into the next one in this volume, so the pace is certainly good, and there's a good amount of variety in the challenges. Overall, this ...
  • Abby
    (I rated this volume 4 stars).I love the tournament arc but the action that is centered around character development (Bakugo vs. Ochako, Todoroki vs. Midoriya) doesn't happen until next volume, and all of the "meaningless" action which this volume consists of looks a lot better and is more interesting and easier to follow in the anime.Anyways, it's My Hero Academia so it's great as always.
  • Ella
    Can't wait to buy this is english
  • Andre
    1) Deutsche Rezension2) English Review 1) Deutsche Rezension Was ist mit diesem Autor und seinem Ständer für Bakugo? Jetzt behauptet er sogar, dass die explosive Macke vielseitig ist, obwohl es in Wahrheit nicht wirklich ist. Die einzige Möglichkeit, die Stärke zu kontrollieren, ist die Menge an Schweiß, die er auf seinen Handflächen produziert ... wenn er zu sehr schwitzt, könnte man argumentieren, dass explosiver Schweiß eine Bedrohung ...
  • Ben Truong
    My Hero Academia, Vol. 4 continues where the previous tankobon left off and contains the next nine chapters (27–35) of the on-going manga series.The U.A. Sports Festival continues with a Kibasen Match, which is like a Chicken Fight, but on land. Since Izuku Midoriya's headband is worth ten million points, no one wants to join him. Although being on his team will give them a total of ten million plus points – they have to defend it for the ent...
  • Daken Howlett
    Dopo la vittoria nel primo evento, il festival dello sport dello Yuei continua con un nuovo evento che prevede la possibilità per tutti i partecipanti di sottrarre i punti guadagnati da gli altri studenti nel corso della prima prova, e Izuku, essendo il vincitore della precedente prova, si ritrova ad essere l'obiettivo di tutti gli altri partecipanti...riuscirà il nostro eroe a conservare il primo posto in classifica e vincere anche questo even...