Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Children of Time

A race for survival among the stars... Humanity's last survivors escaped earth's ruins to find a new home. But when they find it, can their desperation overcome its dangers?WHO WILL INHERIT THIS NEW EARTH?The last remnants of the human race left a dying Earth, desperate to find a new home among the stars. Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, they discover the greatest treasure of the past age - a world terraformed and prepared for human...

Details Children of Time

TitleChildren of Time
Release DateJun 4th, 2015
Number of pages600 pages
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Space Opera

Reviews Children of Time

  • Brad
    There's something wildly giddy welling up within me, and I blame it entirely on this book.There have been a couple of brilliant SF titles to come out this year and I would swear belong on the Hugo list, and this is yet one more. Kim Stanley Robinson's Aurora was one, as was Scott Hawkins's The Library at Mount Char, but if I had to break down the individual merits of each, I might wind up saying that this one deserves it the most. For pure SF, it...
  • Carol.
    Sympathetic spiders? Inconceivable!–I do not think that word means what you think it means–Nope, in this case, it pretty much does. It's not that I have a spider-phobia--I like to think we have a truce regarding squishing and biting--it's that something about their structure and movement speaks to a primeval instinct to run away. Children of Time popped up in friend reviews, but I'll be honest--it wasn't until I realized there were giant spi...
  • Algernon
    This is the future.This is where mankind takes its next step.This is where we become gods. Science has given mankind the tools to travel to distant stars, to terraform their planets and to play with the building blocks of life : genetics.It sounds like a dream come true, an utopian future in which everything is possible.In practice, the deployment of miraculous scientific discoveries from the laboratory to the real world is fraught with the same ...
  • Robyn
    Five stars because this puppy had me rooting for arachnids. Five stars for carefully crafted characters, humans and otherwise alike. Five stars because of the incredible, millennia- spanning plot. Five stars because of that ENDING! Not what I expected and so satisfying.
  • Justine
    An absolutely brilliant and fantastically imaginative piece of science fiction. This is one of the best books I've read this year.
  • Lata
    I loved this book! It's got an arrogant and brilliant scientist (Doctor Avrana Kern), an ark ship full of desperate humans, who are a remainder of a dead Earth looking for a new planet, a deadly AI guardian/god, and an amazing bunch of spiders.I think it takes some skill for an author to get past my automatic heebie jeebie response to spiders and instead have me cheering their every little development, and worrying at their every setback. I liked...
  • Andreas
    Copy from my blogSynopsisEarth was dying long ago in war and pollution. A scientific mission terraformed a couple of planets, one of them with the target to uprise monkeys in a closed environment using nanocytes. The experiment went wrong and right at the same time: The monkeys never landed, but the nanocytes formed other lifeforms on the planet – spiders, ants, and beetles. The novel follows the accelerated rise of their cultures through exemp...
  • Basia
    What an adventure!My, my. This one is not easy to write about, no it's not. It came out the same year that Mount Char literally MOVED me. I mean, upon finishing it, it felt like someone had picked me up, and then dropped me, that's how intense the book was for me ... continues to be so, still. It was also the year The Fifth Season entered my life. This book? Children of Time? It passed me by somehow ... until now. :)This book. It feels like readi...
  • Liam
    God this was good.This is my first experience with Tchaikovsky but goddamn it was positive one. A friend has been reading through his Shadows of the Apt series so going into this I knew he had an interest in creepy crawlies - I didn't realise just how prevalent that interest would be.Humanity, in its endless narcissism, is lonely in the universe and so seeds a planet with life and a virus to help the primates there evolve to human sentience in me...
  • Liviu
    excellent stuff on par with the author's superb Shadows of the Apt decalogy; obviously there are spiders as main characters (and ants, beetles and the like around) and the rise of their civilization that comprises one of the two strands of the novel is superb - the idea of a civilization that rises fast in evolutionary terms due to various factors is of course not original (the late R. Forward had a novel set on a neutron star, the Orthogonal tri...
  • Claudia
    Hard science fiction = a category of science fiction characterized by an emphasis on scientific accuracy or technical detail or both. Just to be sure what are we talking about.The detailed info about Portia, the jumping spider and Scytodes, the spitting spider are as accurate as they can be, no doubt here. In fact, there is an entire chapter at the beginning with characterizations of both species, which is, after all, fascinating, but non-fiction...
  • Nino
    Ovo je upravo osvojilo Arthur Clarke Award. Awesome!
  • Ints
    Šo grāmatu es nopirku impulsa vadīts, skatījos gūdrīdos, ko lasa citi. Tad pievērsu uzmanību šai grāmatai, un man viņu uzreiz vajadzēja izlasīt. Par autoru es biju dzirdējis jau agrāk, bet nebiju veltījis laiku, lai papētītu ko vairāk. Galu gala Čaikovskis man asociējas ar komponistu nevis ar zinātniskās fantastikas rakstītāju.Zemei ir sākušies tumšie laiki, galvu ir pacēlis ekoterorisms,. Tā pārstāvji uzskata, ka ...
  • Kate
    I've been consumed by this book over the last couple of days. It's one of those stories that you can't stop thinking about. Great storytelling and fantastic characters, not all of whom are entirely (or even a bit) human. Excellent SF.A review:
  • Amanda
    5 huge stars!! This book is brilliant in both its imagination and execution. Absolutely fantastic science fiction. One of the best I've read this year.
  • Kenchiin
    A very imaginative piece of work that dares to write about an old trope in an innovative way.The plot can drag a little, but it pays off at the end.
  • that_scarlet_girl
    That is the problem with ignorance. You can never truly know the extent of what you are ignorant about. Very clever sci-fi. Well written, darn good work on character building. Awesome worldbuilding (LITERALLY)
  • Jeannette Nikolova
    Read on the WondrousBooks blog. OK, here goes:I didn't like this book. Not because it's not well written, not because it lacks an original idea and not because the plot is stupid or crazy. I didn't like it because 20% in, I realized that it is simply not my cup of tea. I don't have a great experience with science fiction, but most of the movies I've seen, I've liked. I haven't read that many books in the genre and just recently I finished one whi...
  • Lindsay
    An amazing novel following the evolution of a completely different sort of civilization and technology and its interactions with the last desperate elements of our own.A mad genius scientist at the pinnacle of Humanity's progression towards the stars claims the first terraformed planet for an ambitious experiment in nanotech uplift on monkeys. Just as her experiment is about to begin civilization itself implodes in an ideologically driven conflic...
  • Carlex
    Cuatro estrellas y media. Si a bote pronto me preguntan qué debería tener una buena novela de ciencia ficción yo diría esto es lo que hay que tener. Con un regusto clásico en cuanto a los grandes temas de la ciencia ficción tratados; nombres como Hal Clement, Robert L. Forward, David Brin y Vernon Vinge te vienen a la memoria, por aquello de los hombros de gigantes. Pero la novela no tiene nada que envidiar a las obras de estos autores y co...
  • j
    I loved it. If only the author had written another book about giant bugs. What's that?Oh. Oh.
  • Maryam
    Review originally published on The Curious SFF ReaderChildren of Time was the last book that I had to read to complete my personal goal of reading the entire Clarke shortlist before the winner announcement (which is tomorrow by the way). Before reading it, I read two meh books (Best Served Cold and The Dragon Engine) and because of that, when I picked it up I was like “Well book, you better be damn good” which is not always the right mind set...
  • Sara J.
    "Children of Time" is a standalone sci-fi novel by Adrian Tchaikovsky - who writes mostly fantasy (probably most well known for his 10-volume Shadows of the Apt series which I have yet to read) but, if this novel is any indication, can also write pretty good sci-fi.It's a bit hard to write a review for this one without revealing too much - but let's give it a go...Firstly... the timeline is pretty epic - spanning literally thousands of years from...
  • Tudor Ciocarlie
    Even if the human storyline is nothing special, the part that shows the evolution of spiders from insects to an extra-planetary civilization is absolutely superb and makes Children of Time one of the most interesting exploration of evolution that I've ever read. Also very good is the last part, where the two civilizations clash and take the reader in a great roller-coaster, both emotional and intellectual.
  • Tanja Berg
    I picked this up at an airport bookshop last week. I liked the cover and the blurb. A check on goodreads let me know that the ratings were sufficiently high to risk buying it. After about 10 pages I knew I had struck gold. I have rarely been as pleasantly surprised, the book exceeded all expectation!This is a space opera and evolution drama rolled into one. Before the highly technological "ancient" humans finally kill each off, they have managed ...
  • Miquel Codony
    Aunque en la primera parte de la segunda mitad pierde fuelle y puntos, es un libro de ciencia ficción ambicioso, lleno de buenas ideas y con algunos pasajes brillantes. No llega a volar tan alto como pensaba que volaría durante la primera mitad, pero me parece un libro muy recomendable. Le doy al menos una o media estrella de más de lo que se merecería en conjunto porque lo bueno es muy bueno.De este habrá reseña completa, pero será difíc...
  • fromcouchtomoon
    A well-done generation starship tale of uplift, First Contact, and the best I've read of animal-pomorphized aliens. The documentary-like spider strands steal the show over the stale space opera characters in the other strand (as Tchaikovsky successfully avoids the too-easy anthropomorphizing of aliens from other SF tales), but when those strands converge, it's apparent why Tchaikovsky works to keep the humans at 2-D characterization. It's one SF ...
  • Katherine
    I first started reading this last year, when I got about 1/3 of the way through before DNFing it because I just wasn't enjoying it. When it recently appeared on the shortlist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, I decided to give it a second chance. I very nearly DNFed it again, because the start of the book was just such a slog to get through, but I persevered and it ended up better than I thought it would. However overall, unfortunately, it just was...