Mind is your Business by Sadguru

Mind is your Business

For most people, the mind seems to be an unruly cacophony, attempting to grasp and shape everything which falls in its purview. In mind is your business, Sadhguru explains that only if we make it “our business” to transform this uncoordinated mess into a well – coordinated symphony, will we able to use the mind, rather than be used by it.Sadhguru is a yogi and profound mystic of our times. An absolute clarity of perception places him in a u...

Details Mind is your Business

TitleMind is your Business
Release DateApr 30th, 2015
PublisherJaico Publishing House
GenreSpirituality, Self Help, Business, Psychology, Nonfiction, Asian Literature, Indian Literature

Reviews Mind is your Business

  • Rinkan Rohit Jena
    This book is devided into 3 parts , and contains a lot of questions and also humorous answar to those in depth , and also in the last part there is Isha kriya on that and some info on the organization what they are doing and all .I liked the part where he told about the knee doctor and then the mahashri patanjali's definition of yoga . If you want to spend 30-40 mins and argue with your own mind then go for it and feel mind is magic or a circus a...
  • Naman
    get high on lifethis book entered my life at a crucial point as i dealt with substance abuse and procrastination which further pushed me into a lower self esteem and i suffered immense pain and unhappiness. Safhguru's words are humble and precise to cut through the confusion and chaos gathered in mind. though he had logic, he transpired it into experience and gave me a clear followable path to reinvent myself. recommended for sceptics and purists...
  • Ujjawal Sureka
    : Quite a few insightful words by sadhguru on the philosophy of mind and how it relates to the body and the brain.: He says that mind should be liberated rather than being controlled. Also that one should not attach too much weight or importance to one's thought, that is we must accept that we do not know everything there is and we actually are quite stupid, knowing this can help us put our ego in check as well as have a broader perspective on th...
  • Prasad
    Another wonderful book by Sadguru. He has very scientific way of looking at all problems, it makes this book interesting to read. Whatever he says sounds logical to us. In this book author tried to analyze most subtle part of our body, our "mind". Many times we dont know reason behind our thoughts & lot of people get suffered due to excessive thinking or imagination in our mind. Here author explain how mind works & give some tips to liberate from...
  • Gaurav Sikarwar
    Whole life we can remain a servant of mind without realizing it. There is famous proverb mind is a wonderful servant but worst master. We never think what we are? Mind, body or soul. This book definitely will raise this question in your mind. Once we realized we are not the mind and body then we can try to control it. One thing is very new in this book regarding mind that is Sadhuguru never talked about to give so much focus on controlling mind i...
  • Suneel Madhekar
    The book is presented in a question-answer format. The questions are asked by anonymous seekers of truth, and the answers are provided by Sadhguru, of course. Though the wisdom contained in the answers might sound familiar from several of Sadhguru's talks available on the Internet, this should not discourage someone curious from going ahead and reading the book. The answers are profound, and every time you read and reflect, you are likely to find...
  • Harshit
    MIND IS ONLY WE GOT SINCE BIRTH IF WE KNOW HOW IT WORKS WE WILL BE MASTER NOT SLAVEsuperb explanation by sadhguru , it opens our eyes how we see mind and our inner self , mind cannot be controlled if we sit in our mind but if we maintain some distance from mind and sees the mind then there will be enormous pleasure of being yourself without alcohol drugs or other chemical we will be high in life without all these temporary stuff ...
  • Shail Y
    I started this book to get some help to stop the unwanted thoughts hovering in my mind all the time. I will not say this book helped me to do that but yes it's a good read. I did learn some interesting facts from this book. This author mostly talks about the Shambhavi Mudra and insisting indirectly to join their course. I'm sure this course will be helpful to keep the mind stable. The book shares the power of yoga and stable mind.
  • Cheena Chopra
    What a read! There are a certain books, which help you get your logics straight; they change the way you have been living. This one made me more aware of the things happening around me and how I react to them. It also helped me understand the bigger game and my stand in it. A quick read, this book will surely help you in putting things into perspective and living your life just a little better.
  • Aaditya Khandelwal
    Great insights on mind and it’s functionality. We get a deeper understanding on how our thoughts work. Why are we still living on past. It gives a better is insight on living on present. It’s a small book, but with great answers to your questions. Give time on understanding each line of the book, as it has a greater meaning to just a written text.
  • Ajitabh Pandey
    I have been listening to the inner engineering podcast by Sadhguru and a lot of topics here were covered there verbatim. Nevertheless, a very good refresher to all the good things about mind and body by Sadhguru.
  • Siddharth Kumar
    To be honest, who am i to "rate" a book based on the discussions with an enlightened being like Sadhguru?It's simply a book that will clear up some basic misconceptions about yourself and your life activity.Pick it up, if you are on the journey towards discovering yourself.
  • Jayesh
    Mind, body, and me, a subtle distinctionAmazing words of sadhguru, and true wisdom of life. Must read book for leaders, visionaries, and thought. This book sketches a line between similar perceived concepts of mind body and oneself
  • priyanko Chatterjee
    Good insight into the truth of identifying real self which to us is a combination of a mind and body. This Real-I-Sation is a major lesson that you could use to have a blissful life. l recommend this book to others who are suffering from their past experiences.
  • Sourav Agarwal
    I read 34% of this book and gave up. I believe in a philosophy which is simple enough to drive a human into action. This book was not what as I expected. Though there were a few lines which made sense to me, for which it gets ⭐⭐
  • Soumitra
    Questions answered by SadhguruSimple to read than to follow. Answers are straight forward and to the point as always. Overall a good read.
  • Shashank Singh
    This book will change the perception of your life I will consider this as one of the books which can actually change your life . Explained life in very beautiful words.
  • Raj Shengale
    Absolute delight alwaysReading sadhguru's books are always a delight. The more I read his books, the more I crave to read further.
  • Yogitha Np
    Good read but very little content on the topic itself.
  • Rajat Bansal
    For detailed review, Please visit my book reviews blog
  • ankush tomar
    Good book on mindThis book deep knowledge how our mind works and we can control it . it also give knowledge about meditation and requirement of meditation to us.
  • Nitika Sharma
    Good readThis is the first book I have read in the series by Sadhguru and I find it quite insightful! Inspired to read more.
  • Pradeep Karuppuchamy
    Everyone should read it
  • Supreya
  • rahulsharotri
    Good BookA nice book , which gives us brief insight on our way of thinking towards life and how we can overcome it .
  • Subhash samota
    WonderfulIt is always a new perspective to life when I read sadhguru's words. Another wonderful experience to read this book.
  • Yogesh
    Great bookI am reading yhis book after reading Inner engineering and found that most of the ideas are almost same as that of inner enginnering book..but overall great book to read
  • Mangesh Durge
    Answers to the questions of lifeThis book provides answers to some of the questions of life you are struggling with. This book is certainly practical and influential.
  • Krishnha Sheshan
    InsightfulFirst few chapters and the lastfew very meaningful...Also Isha Kriya explained in detail. On the whole a good read ...