The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 4 by Kore Yamazaki

The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 4

"I am not alone."Chise has been summonsed to the Dragon Aerie to begin crafting her very own wand, but her journey has more to offer than she had anticipated: magical wonders, enlightening visions, and perhaps most importantly, insight into Elias' past and the secrets he has been reluctant to reveal about himself. Yet while Chise finds some answers about the inhuman mage's history, mysterious beings are displaying an unexpected interest in Chise ...

Details The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 4

TitleThe Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 4
Release DateApr 12th, 2016
PublisherSeven Seas
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Comics, Magic

Reviews The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 4

  • Jennifer
    I enjoy reading this manga for two main reasons, 1) It's wonderfully atmospheric in the way that it combines fairies/fae/supernatural ideas, and 2) I'm always pleasantly surprised by the way in which the title is character- and relationship-driven. There's a particular page that bluntly describes how mages is in this setting often take apprentices, and that the master-apprentice relationship is similar to a parent-child relationship, but that it ...
  • Jessica (HighFantasyFanatic)
    Another interesting instalment. It was definitely more character development focused than other ones and im happy i know a little more about Elias.
  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    RTC excellent
  • Alory Shannon
    So far, all of the books in this series have been lovely and wonderful. That's also true of this volume, but this one touched me a little deeper than the others:"And yet... A few kind words or an offered hand can be enough to save another creature. Therefore, your parents have my gratitude for choosing to preserve your life... And I wish that you might take a little more pride in yourself. Pride for having the reach out your hand to...
  • Selena
    I WANT A WOOLLY BUG!!!! It would be very happy in my house and could live in my basement in the summer. ^^*ahem*So, volume 4. In this volume, Chise gets her wand, learns more about Elias, deepens her relationship with said skull-head, shears some adorable sheep-bugs (the previously mentioned Woolly Bug that are so dang cute), and has a meeting with some interesting visitors to the cottage that leads to general chaos. Elias, meanwhile, learns a bi...
  • Angela
    I am loving this manga. Truly a magical story that is fast becoming a favourite. Have caught up with the monthly released chapters now, which sucks because now I have to wait. Wahhhhh... But well worth the wait. Adore the two main characters Chise and Elias. Their relationship is growing fast and just super sweet. The artwork is fantastic and the creatures around them are magical. Might have to collect this one in paperback.
  • Woowott
    Seriously, my current thing. I have a few manga that I think are the best things ever, and this is one of them. It's close to being up there with 'Twentieth Century Boys' and 'Blade of the Immortal' and 'Loveless' (one cannot accuse me of being narrow-minded in my manga reading). This manga is so lovely. So, so lovely....Lovely...
  • Monsour
    Its the best Volume so far.Their adaptation to the old European culture and add their own magic to it is simply amazing. In this vol. we get a little bit of backstory to the characters not just for Chise but the others too and some character development of course. We've get to see their celebration of Winter solstice and their purpose of celebrating it. We also get to see some old faeryfolk story, like faeries the replacing children with their ow...
  • Katja
    This series has been excellent overall but this volume was my favourite so far. While it doesn't really have a plot, it instead builds the characters. The atmosphere really captivates you.
  • GigaBuri (PeachyFishyBooks)
    This series reaches those cold, deep places of my heart. It captures those feelings I have of having a place and people to call "home". I'm totally tearing up.
  • Ian
    This book is rated Teen and is not all that bad though there are some references to eating humans (one of which is a reference to an earlier volume) if that bothers you then you might want to avoid this series though between the artwork, interesting characters, and ever growing story I hope you can overcome these issues. After all no one actually gets eaten in the book so far. :)Chise had to leave Elias's side to return to the Dragon Aerie in the...
  • Carrie
    I'm so glad with how the characters developed in this book and it makes the wait for more even harder. Chise and Elias both get some much-needed backstory and their real desires in life start to solidify. They're starting to feel like real characters to me, something I've been struggling with in the last few books, and combined with the fantastic magic and creatures and ideas that just keep coming... I really liked this manga from the start, but ...
  • Miss
    ittttttt's backstory time!this volume dives a little more into both chise and elias' history. it's well-placed because last volume had a lot of people encouraging chise to be more active in asking for answers from elias and learning more about who he is helps her make the choice to do so. it's nice because it puts them into a bit more equal ground -- he bought her, it's never going to be 100% healthy but their relationship is becoming something a...
  • Strider
    The best volume so far. There were so many beautiful drawings and scenes. We've got to know more about Elias and Linred and I really liked those flashbacks. Chise is getting better and better as a main character and Ruth is awesome as well. My only problem with this manga that it can be confusing sometimes especially with genders. I still dont really understand where the story is going but it's atmosphere is so unique and relaxing that I could re...
  • Faith Lackey
    This volume is much better than vol.3. I loved the process of the wand making, and I appreciate the peek into Chise's backstory and Elias's past. The art is beautiful, and I'm enjoying the world-building and the unique friends Chise encounters. Looking forward to seeing where Kore takes us...
  • G. Derek Adams
    Why weren't Jane Austen novels like this? Same structure, just with magic and fey beasts and dragons and WONDER.Ancient Magus Bride vol 4 got me blushing and feeling sad and wanting to stress-weep in the BEST WAY
  • Sam
    There is so much history and so much information in each installment of this series, I'm just trying to absorb it all. I feel quite a bit like Chaise in that manner. I am still really enjoying the storyline and I'm looking forward to the next one! 4.5
  • Danielle
    This has been my favorite volume so far.
  • Tere (La Vida Secreta de una Lectora)
    La Prometida del Mago, The Ancient Magus' Bride o Mahoutsukai no Yome es una manga (y anime) que nos contaran la historia de Chise Hatori, quien ha llevado una vida de abusos y desprecio en la que nunca ha conocido el amor, ni familiar ni romántico. Un día decide venderse para al menos tener algo en la vida y finalmente es comprada por un hombre/bestia que decide convertirla en su aprendiz y en su futura esposa.Una historia de fantasía y con u...
  • Hilda
    And then this happens. Gah!!! So much happened in this one. I love how we get to know more about Elias and how he's finally able to feel emotions. It was so interesting to see him become, dare I say, more human. I do! I also love, love, love to see Chise's journey into becoming a great mage herself. (view spoiler)[From the construction of her wand/staff to he abilities to use water as a mirror to communicate through. Whether it was a cruel joke o...
  • Elizabeth
    The Magic continues in this weird, but oddly familiar world. I love the new kinds of creatures I've never heard of before, the not often seen creatures that I am becoming more familiar with and creatures I've seen in almost every fantasy universe that are still interesting. And the modern world! That can be a curse or blessing in a fantasy universe. It is totally a blessing in this universe!
  • Robin
    Another really interesting volume - with beautiful art, interesting story, and strong character development. I'm always a fan of stories where the plot is really character-driven rather than force-driven, and these characters are varied and interesting.
  • Alisha
    I liked this one a lot. Some of the plot points seemed a little rushed this time. Chise's co-dependence is also starting to grate on me a little even though it is starting to get explained in this volume.
  • Adriana
    As always the art is gorgeous and Yamazaki still draws my favorite sprites/magical beings in manga.This volume reveals a lot about Elias' past and origins along with some of Chise's. The best part is how their relationship is growing. It's all so organic. The writing is consistently top notch.
  • Daniel
    I was hoping for Chise to go to the magic school I'm dissapointed now
  • Neveth
    love this series SO MUCH
  • Julie
    Still really, really liking this series. Although Chise is starting to approach Bella Swan levels in her doubt of herself and other people.
  • I Was A Teenage Polar Bear
  • Anu
    Tässä vaan on sitä jotain. Nyt kerrotaan salaperäisen Eliaksen tarinaa.
  • Melissa Noël
    Book #22 of the 2017 Reading Challenge