A Question of Inheritance (A Very English Mystery #2) by Elizabeth Edmondson

A Question of Inheritance (A Very English Mystery #2)

December 1953Hugo Hawksworth is on the tail of rogue Cold War agents at a top-secret government facility, while back home at Selchester Castle they’re awaiting the arrival of the new Earl—an American, the long-lost son of the murdered Lord Selchester.The town of Selchester, rich in scandal and gossip, is unsure what to make of the Earl or his teenage daughters, but they know that his sharp-tongued half-sister, Lady Sonia, furious at being dep...

Details A Question of Inheritance (A Very English Mystery #2)

TitleA Question of Inheritance (A Very English Mystery #2)
Release DateOct 27th, 2015
PublisherThomas & Mercer
Number of pages288 pages
GenreMystery, Fiction, Historical

Reviews A Question of Inheritance (A Very English Mystery #2)

  • Ingela
    Review written January 19, 20163 1/2 Stars - Perfect audiobook for a girl with the flu. Another lighthearted cozy mystery set in the 50:sBook #2A Question of Inheritance is the second part in an modern 1950:s (non romance) mystery series I started a month ago with #1-A Man of Some Repute (3.5 stars). I listened to the 8:16 hours audiobook ver well narrated by Michael Page. Looking forward to new parts in the future. ******************************...
  • Ivonne Rovira
    Elizabeth Edmondson proves that her excellent debut novel, A Man of Some Repute, was no fluke with the sequel, A Question of Inheritance.Set a few months later than A Man of Some Repute, it’s now December 1953, and Hugo Hawksworth and the late earl’s niece Freya Wryton managed to track down the new heir, a widowed American academic with two teenaged daughters. Seventeen-year-old Babs and 13-year-old Polly Fitzwarin, plucked from comfortable A...
  • Tempo de Ler
    Com uma contextualização histórica muito interessante, Elizabeth Edmonson cria em A Intriga e a Herança um mistério bastante intrigante.Gus, simples cidadão americano, nunca sonhou acabar com passaporte, título e castelo inglês... mas foi exactamente isso que lhe aconteceu! É suposto que Gus e as filhas, Barb e Polly, se habituem a viver num castelo medieval numa Inglaterra pós-guerra em que os próprios habitantes ainda estão a tentar...
  • Debbie
    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.I was so excited to be able to read and review this book before it comes out next month! I absolutely loved the first one, (A Man of Some Repute), and had actually pre-ordered/bought this one already, to be honest! This sequel does not disappoint!It's Christmas at Selchester Castle, but all is not quiet. The new Earl has arrived from the United States with his two daughters, joining Mrs. Partr...
  • Maria Alice
    Gostei há semelhança de todos os livros desta autora, e posso dizer que já li todos, no entanto no final fiquei com a sensação que ainda poderia haver um outro livro para continuar a colecção selchester.... a ver vamos já que tanto quanto Seia a autora faleceu este ano com muita pena minha pois adoro a sua escrita e os seus enredos
  • Christy
    A Question of Inheritance follows fairly closely on from A Man of Some Repute, with the empty space between the books revealing the shocking news that Lord Selchester had an heir in America. Strange things happen, some accidents appear a little bit too co-incidental and once again someone is murdered at the castle - it seems like a bit of an unlucky place! For a second time Hugo, with the help of his sister Georgia and Freya must use their invest...
  • Corgi Folk
    I found the prose less engaging than Edmonson's first novel in this series and even reread a significant portion of the novel due to fear I had missed pages (read on my Kindle), which I had not. The writing was really more of a screenplay than a novel and I found this unappealing. I also wondered at the protagonist: was it Freya or Hugo? The lack of definition in these characters was disappointing because they each have such potential, but neithe...
  • Beachreader
    This is the second book in the series. The first was quite good, but this one had too many characters and a storyline that was difficult to follow. So much of the book was slow and boring. While the reocurring characters are likeable and interesting, the author doesn't know how to write a tight story around them.There will be no more from her on my reading list.
  • Damaskcat
    The new Earl of Selchester is due to arrive at the castle in time for Christmas. He is an American and never expected to inherit the title and everything that goes with it. Hugo Hawksworth and his sister Georgia have been lodging at the castle and fear that they will need to find a new home while Hugo continues to carry out top secret government work. Freya - who has been looking after the castle - has her own secrets to hide and she also fears s...
  • Julie
    There were many things about this book that I enjoyed tremendously. I like the characters, I love the setting and the cozy British writing style. But the kindle version, at least, which is what I read, didn't seem quite polished enough for publishing. There were lots of errors - words left out, repeated, etc. And after a long, slow detailed build to the climax, the ending seemed overly rushed and simplified. Overall a good read, but left me feeli...
  • Nadine Leaman
    I enjoyed the first book in this series "A Man of Some Repute" more than this one. It's a long book and that's okay. I was enjoying the story and the characters until close to the end. The pace picked up significantly to the point where it felt rushed pulling everything together to wrap up the who-done-it.
  • Linda Baker
    A Question of Inheritance begins a few months after A Man of Some Repute in December 1953. Hugo Hawksworth and his sister, Georgia, along with Freya Wryton are still in residence at Selchester Castle; all three wonder what will happen to them upon the arrival of the long-lost heir. Housing is very scarce in post-war Britain and even though Freya is a cousin of the Selchester family she is afraid she will lose her much loved and convenient tower r...
  • Gail
    This is a continuation of the previous novel (A Man of Some Repute) and a novella. A new earl of Selchester has been discovered, the son of a hitherto unknown first marriage of the former, murdered earl. He comes from America with his two daughters to live in the castle and take responsibility for the lands and riches. The displaced Lady Sonia no longer inherits a great deal of money to add to her considerable fortunes and her nose is out of join...
  • Emily
    This book is a sequel to A Man of Some Repute. I enjoyed seeing some return characters and being introduced to new ones. The novel opens with Lord Selchester driving up to the Castle. I hadn't read the synopsis before I started reading so I was a bit confused for a little bit until I finally caught on that he is the next Earl, the son of Lord Selchester who was murdered in the first book. I liked it that the author reminded us subtly of what happ...
  • Nicole
    Very poorly edited. Chapter 5 has the sudden appearance of a main character who wasn't previously in the scene, but everyone acted like he'd always been there. There were also typos (maybe only in the kindle edition?)The book was authentic to the time, even being subtly anti-semitic (describing someone who was Jewish as dark, like another character, but "sallow"--ding, ding!) Subtle, because the characters were supposedly going to clear thefts by...
  • Vicki
    I greatly enjoyed this and the first book in the series, and was saddened to find that the author died in January 2016 after a short battle with cancer. I was so looking forward to where this series would go. What a loss to the reading world, as well as to her family and friends. RIP Elizabeth Edmondson.. :(
  • Vikas Datta
    Even better than the first with a host of new characters - some warmly engaging and a few despicable but there are surprises there too.... a satisfying though not very deep mystery but evokes the period very well..
  • Sarah Schattman
    E-book has been re-edited with happy resultsThe first couple of reviews I read reported egregious editing errors. I am happy to report these have been resolved. Good country house murder, solid characters, Commies and art works purloined by the Nazis. What's not to like?
  • Beverly Mccollum
    My review/rating is actually a 3.5. This is the second book in this series that I've read. Very enjoyable and an easy read. Liked the continuing characters living in a medieval castle in England. And the addition of stolen artworks from WWII was a nice touch. I'd recommend it.
  • Cyndie
    I've really enjoyed this series. The way it ended makes me think there will be another book, another mystery to solve. I hope so!Edit: I just saw she died earlier this year?!?! Oh no! I guess I'll never know what happened between a few of the characters. :-(
  • Stephanie
    Interesting characters and believable story. Story moved along quickly to a logical conclusion.
  • Angie
    Review to Come
  • Linda
    This book is #2 in the "A Very English Mystery" series. I enjoyed it, but maybe not quite as much as I loved book #1. Well written? Yes. It takes place in England in 1953- a plus for me. And in a castle: Yes! I wish that the author had written a book between book #1 and book #2, though. At the end of book #1 they find a letter from a women that was sent to the deceased Lord Selchester, calling him her husband. Book #2 starts with the shocking rev...
  • Lola
    I really enjoyed this book, as I enjoyed the ones that came before it. I look forward to the next. *Edit: I don't think there will be a next. Author died three months after writing this one. :-(
  • LeahBethany
    The second installment of "A Very English Mystery" was just as good as the first book. The characters are delightful and I hope there will be a third book to tie up the loose ends.
  • Cristina
    No final de cada livro fica um mistério em aberto!Muito bem pensado!Gostei!
  • Lexxi Kitty
    Both my second book by this author and second book in this series.Book opens with the new Earl of Selchester and his family driving to his new home. The Castle of Selchester. I felt both vaguely worried and vaguely confused. Last we met, so to speak, there was no Earl. The line had died out. And so . . . book opens with me being all confused. The worried part involved worrying that the book would focus on the new family to the exclusion of the ch...
  • Tanya
    Excellent follow-up to "A Man of Some Repute." Only disappointment was when I realized there were no more in the series! Am hoping Ms. Edmondson is working on the next installment now -
  • Karen
    This is such a great series. A whodunit with believable characters and complex story-lines without unnecessary confusion or complicated twists. Enough suspects to keep it interesting and kept me wanting to play the game and solve it. Probably better enjoyed if you read the first book, A Man of Some Repute.
  • Janka H.
    Even better than the first book in the series! We are again meeting with well-known heroes from the previous book - the Selchester and Hawksworth families and all the charming character around, with some new ones, interesting as well. It is Christmas in Selchester, and an unusual one, as the new lord Selchester arrives. And quite unusual one, as he is an American, who just recently got information about his true origin. Gus, classical scholar in ...