Pashmina by Nidhi Chanani


Pashmina tells the story of an Indian-American girl who struggles to fit in at high school, then discovers more about her family's history with the help of her mother's magical pashmina.

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Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Young Adult, Comics, Fantasy

Reviews Pashmina

  • Tara
    Priyanka is an American teenager who is curious about her Indian ancestry and wants to visit India to find out more about her mother's past and meet some of her family. She finds a magical pashmina in her closet that gives her glimpses of the India she has always imagined. I liked how the illustrations change from grayscale in her real life to vivid colors in the fantasy scenes. The story and the illustrations were wonderfully done! [I received a...
  • Elisa The-Bookie-Monster
    I was granted an advance e-reader copy thanks to NetGalley, thank you!I really enjoyed reading about Priyanka. So often we have pre-established thoughts about foreign countries, only to one day learn they aren't true.. Priyanka dreams of visiting India, her mother' home country. She finds a beautiful Pashmina which transports her there, but it is much different there than it actually is. She gets her chance to finally go to India and it's not exa...
  • Rachel
    I read an ARC of this from NetGalley; it's due to be published in Oct 2017. As a whole, the story was clever and poignant, and I'm glad to see strong Indian women as the subject of a YA graphic novel. However, I found myself struggling at times to follow the action from page to page; it felt like it was lacking appropriate transition panels and that was confusing at times.
  • Stephanie Cooke
    Pashmina is such a wonderful, empowering book for young women in the world. The story is about Priyanka, a teenage Indian girl who was born in America and has only ever known that as her home. As she explores her life through her creative projects, she begins to wonder more about her family in India and what happened there to her mother to drive her away from those she loved most and why she would want to start anew without them. She longs to kno...
  • Shaeley Santiago
    Like most teenagers, lots of good things happen to Priyanka. Her teacher enters her comic in a contest, she is learning to drive, and she spends time regularly with her favorite Uncle Jatin. However, she also gets teased at school, can't stand to drive with her mother in the car, and isn't going to get to spend as much time with Uncle Jatin once he and his wife have a baby. She also doesn't know much about her father or what her mother's life was...
  • Jilly
    Pashmina is the story of Priyanka "Pri" as she tries to uncover her mother's complicated relationship with India and her own relationship with her mother. The story itself is a really great story of identity and family. The artwork of the novel is beautiful. The story switches between black and white and color panels as Pri moves from the real world to the world of the pashmina. It's stunning and effective. Overall, I really enjoyed this graphic ...
  • Ryan
    This was an interesting story about a pashmina that can show the wearer their options and what can happen. It can help make life changing decisions. Our girl want to know more about her life, her family, and her home country of India. But her mom says these topics are off limits. When the pashmina show her India over, and over again, it helps make the case for going. Overall I like this graphic novel and love what the illustrator has done with th...
  • McKenzie
    Beautiful illustrations weave between color and black and white depending on the realistic storyline of a young Indian-American girl trying to make sense of her heritage amid the bits and pieces of information provided by her mother. A great addition to a diverse graphic novel collection.
  • Leanne
    I absolutely loved this graphic novel! Priyanka has trouble fitting in at school and has questions about her past. She finds a pashmina in her mother's closet which magically transports her to a world more colorful than any she ever imagined. Will the questions about her past finally be answered? The transitions from black and white to color, really made this story come alive.
  • Allison
    Wow, what a beautiful book. It was a beautiful story and the illustrations were gorgeous. I enjoyed that it was a different take on an Indian girl growing up in the United States with the cultural differences between herself and her family. That piece of the story reminded me specifically of "Born Confused" by Tanuja Desai Hidier. But incorporating Hinduism with prayers to Shakti was a special touch that was important to the story and to Priyanka...
  • Heidi Schutt
    A young Indian-American woman has lived years without answers to questions about the family and life her mother left behind in India, but when she finds a pashmina in an old suitcase, answers begin finding her and she's not sure she's ready to know it all. The different uses of bright colors and muted colors in the illustrations were fantastic. I also appreciated the glossary in the back of the book. I received this advanced copy from NetGalley.
  • Marisa
    I had high hopes for this book because of the amazing illustrations. I was hoping it would be something I could give kids who love realistic fiction graphic novels. The illustrations drew me in, but the storyline and story development could have been better.
  • Mary Luzader
    Priyanka, a young Indian-American being raised by a single mother, is an aspiring graphic novelist who yearns to learn about her father and her mother's family in India. After winning a comic contest, and a little magic, Priyanka gets to meet her aunt in India and learn about everything she'd been wanting to know. But Priyanka didn't expect the news she would learn.I love the bright colors used when the Pashmina is working its magic. It allows re...
  • Amy Nicole
    Pashmina is a story about Priyanka, an American-Indian teen who wants to know more about her Indian heritage, but when she asks her mother, her mother skirts around the topic and won’t divulge anything about Indian or the family she left behind, including Priyanka’s father. Priyanka finds a magical Pashmina that transports her to a fantasy version of India. This sparks a new desire to visit India and see firsthand the country, heritage, and f...
  • Natalie
    I received an ARC courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.The illustrations were beautiful, but I would have liked more development in the story. Some story lines - the bullying, the baby's recovery - were dropped or rushed.
  • Tedi
    Beautiful artwork and culture infused. I wish that I got to spend more time with the story after Priyanka learned what the purpose of the pashmina was, and less time with the story before that when the true meaning of it wasn't available to us. But I truly loved the concept of the pashmina and loved how the Indian culture was effortlessly woven into the story of a girl who has only known America.
  • Nadine
    Very much enjoyed this multi-cultural book about identity and sense of place. Breaks the stereotypes about Indian girls and provides a good story to boot.