Marry Poppins (Impossible Dream #3) by Beth Ciotta

Marry Poppins (Impossible Dream #3)

When fate bobbles your dream, sometimes you have to make your own magic…. Award-winning author Beth Ciotta presents 'Marry Poppins', the third book in the contemporary fairy tale series—Impossible Dream—celebrating hope, love, and the magic of the human spirit!Reader Advisory: Feel-good romance with humor and heart! Mild sexual content and profanity. For fans of quirky love stories.BOOK DESCRIPTIONShe wants a family. He needs a wife. A marr...

Details Marry Poppins (Impossible Dream #3)

TitleMarry Poppins (Impossible Dream #3)
Release DateFeb 1st, 2016
PublisherBC Ink

Reviews Marry Poppins (Impossible Dream #3)

  • Ann Lorz
    We might have had to wait for what seemed like forever but I'll tell you it was well worth the wait. Of course when you do wait over a year for the next book some things about the series are hard to remember. I had to go back and review the first two books just so I got a idea of who all the players are. Once I had everyone straight in my head the story moved much faster. I was able to jump into it and enjoy it. I really liked Georgie from the pr...
  • Sue
    Marry Poppins by Beth Ciotta is a well paced small town romance with a lot of emotion. All Georgie has ever wanted is a husband and children...a family of her own. This has eluded her though, so she turns to unconventional means to achieve her dreams - Impossible With no response from them after a few months, Georgie has all but given up. Then the man she's secretly always loved has a need she can fulfill...what starts off as a conven...
  • Andrea Guy
    This is the first book from the Impossible Dream series that I've read, but it is not the first book by Beth Ciotta that I've read. Marry Poppins is the third in this series, but these are all stand alone novels. Having finished this one, I know I have to go back and read the other two, because these just made my heart so happy.Georgie Poppins is a character that I could really relate too. She's unlucky at life and love. Bryce is a guy she's had ...
  • Deidre Motto
    I loved this story for it's positive message of love, forgiveness, bravery, and being true to yourself, and valuing family. I am not giving more than that away, because if you are a fan, you know that you will be happy, and if you aren't, I will tell you, that when I want to read something that reaches out to all of my emotions, I choose Beth Ciotta. From drama, comedy, willy-nilly silliness, hope, joy, she delivers in every book. It is great to ...
  • Becky
    Such a sweet story! I love older brother's best friend/unrequited teenage crush stories, and Marry Poppins is a great example of one :)At the book's start, both Bryce and Georgie aren't having the best of luck. Bryce has just gotten custody of his twin niece and nephew, five-year-olds he didn't know existed until his sister died and left them in his care. Oh, and he's about to get dumped...a few yards shy of the actual altar, so that's better, ye...
  • Gaele
    Plain and simple – this story (and series) is adorable! Mixing a fairy tale feel with a rather improbable but wonderfully enjoyable romance makes for a read that will leave you smiling. Georgie Poppins is one of those jack of all trades, ok at most sort of girls who can’t seem to actually settle on one thing. While none of her choices have been colossal failures – she’s bright, capable and skilled: she’s never really felt ‘at home’ ...
  • Valerie
    I love the Impossible Dream series. Each book focuses on one of the girls from the group known as The Inseparables. Childhood friends, the girls are trying to find their place in life, including Georgia Poppins. She's fed up after having multiple jobs and wants to honor her commitment to stay in Nowhere, Nebraska, raise a family, and make a difference. Months after she applies to the Impossible Dream Agency asking for a family, and hasn't heard b...
  • Kelli Jo
    Beth Ciotta makes us sigh in love again!! Georgie Poppins is tired of trying to make ends meet - they just will not do it. So, when she gets her eviction notice and a break up, by text, from one more guy, she breaks down and goes on and asks for her dream job - a nanny position with the possibility of marriage. And she waits four months - and nothing happens. So she gets dolled up and goes to the wedding of the guy she's been ...
  • Madison Warner Fairbanks
    Marry Poppins by Beth Ciotta, an Impossible Dream novelSweet, and enchanting. I'm inspired by the emotional issues each of the women have and how they "pull on their big girl panties" and prove themselves better and worthy of love. And relationships. This story brought tears of worry and joy to my eyes. In the end, it was a breathtaking romance with double the pleasure. Sigh worthy.These wonderful romances make me wish there really was a magical ...
  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .
    From The Book Junkie Reads . . . Marry Poppins (Impossible Dreams, #3) . . .Dreams and wishes can come true with the help of self-confidence and a dose of 'I Believe Magic'. has made magic for many. Georgie Poppins believe that its her turn to have a little of that magic, but as time drones on she begins to doubt. Up to the day and time that, who but the one, Bryce Morgan, she has wanted comes in and she was the one that he n...
  • Cathy
    4.5 STARS"Marry Poppins" by Beth Ciotta is a refreshing story that pulls at the heartstrings and makes the reader smile and feel good. I adored the main characters - Georgie is fun and upbeat. Despite some hard times, she strives to stay on her feet and keep an upbeat attitude. Bryce is sort of in his own world but when life hits him hard, Georgie is there to support and love him - oops, it's not love though! I found Ms. Ciotta idea of Impossible...
  • Cara Ross
    So as a nanny in my real life, I am always eager to read a nanny romance and even though the female lead in this story is not a nanny, it is still a delightful story.Georgie Poppins had a rough childhood, where her Mom bounced from Husband to boyfriend to husband again and again. But thankfully Georgie managed to have a great network of friends and and her ex-step brother Ryan…oh and Ryan's best friend Bryce "The Bullet" Morgan, the man with wh...
  • Sherry
    In this 3rd book in the Impossible Dream series, the primary focus is on Georgie Poppins, one of the lifelong friends who call themselves the Inseparables. Georgie is as good-hearted as the day is long, but she has made some poor life choices and just can’t seem to get ahead. She decides to apply to Impossible for her ultimate dream come true – a nanny job with the possibility of marriage. Impossible worked for Inseparable...
  • Ashley Woods
    'Marry Poppins' is book #3 in the Impossible Dream series. It is about a woman who decides to take fate into her own hands. She jumps into a marriage of convenience to help both the guy she's marrying and herself out. This story never has a dull moment as it has something happening or going on through out the whole story. It keeps you on your toes and of course rooting for the main characters. Once again Ciotta created a story for me to loose mys...
  • Melissa Morr
    What a fun enjoyable read Marry Poppins was indeed. This was the 3rd book in the series of Impossible Dreams & what a delight it was, I really hate to say I haven't read the two first books in the series, but they are definitely going on by TBR list, heck I am a virgin of any books by Beth Ciotta, what a way to get de-flowered. What isn't there to love about this book it had the small town atmosphere, close friends/sister of the heart feeling, ma...
  • Amy
    I received a digital copy of this book, for an Honest Review! This is the 3rd Impossible Dream book! As soon as I started reading it, the book went fast!:) I love the positive energy in all the Beth Ciotta books I have read! This book made me laugh, cry, and sigh!:) You may want tissues handy!:)Deep levels of romantic love, for several characters! The "steamy bits" are well, and tastefully, done. I had a feeling Sinjun was connected to all the ha...
  • Jill Vaughn
    Once again I found myself in Nowhere and in Love. I was immediately pulled into Georgies happily clumsy life. In love since childhood with the beautiful Bryce Morgan, who doesn't feel the same she has settled for a less than perfect life in NE. With a string of bad luck and a whole lot courage she accidentally makes a sort of life proposal/ business arrangement when Bryce gets stood up at the altar. Did she just make the biggest mistake of her li...
  • Karin
    Impossible Dreams Book ThreeGeorgina Poppins has had a thing for Bryce Morgan since she was a kid, but now that they're older she is certain there is no chance for them. After waiting four months for a response to her request to, Georgie has given up on a match. When Bryce's fiance leaves him just before their wedding, Georgie jumps in to offer her nannying services. Bryce accepts and even brings her on his non-honey moon to E...
  • Carrie
    My favorite of this series, and I loved the first two. I could have easily polished off reading it in a single day if things like eating and sleeping weren't required. Georgie has never had an easy time of things, with her family, with her career, with men...but nothing seems to dampen her spirits for long. Bryce has had a series of hard blows leaving him doubting his luck and a little lost for direction. Some intense chemistry leads to a marriag...
  • Anne
    4.5 StarsDelightful! At turns light-hearted & fun, quirky & charming, and emotional & a bit sexy. Georgie & Bryce were likeable, easy to love characters that had you cheering for their HEA. Simply lovely!
  • Marti
    I realized this weekend that I had not read this book in the series and immediately had to resolve this oversight. Loved it! Looking forward to more by this author in this series!