The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney

The Nest

A warm, funny and acutely perceptive debut novel about four adult siblings and the fate of the shared inheritance that has shaped their choices and their lives.Every family has its problems. But even among the most troubled, the Plumb family stands out as spectacularly dysfunctional. Years of simmering tensions finally reach a breaking point on an unseasonably cold afternoon in New York City as Melody, Beatrice, and Jack Plumb gather to confront ...

Details The Nest

TitleThe Nest
Release DateMar 22nd, 2016
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Adult Fiction, Audiobook

Reviews The Nest

  • Navidad Thelamour
    The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney did absolutely nothing for me. (I clearly seem to be of the minority here, but I’m fine with that.) I had high hopes for this one going in—another brilliantly written cover flap did the trick—but my expectations were never met, and by mid-way, I stopped hoping and assuming that they eventually would be. In fact, this one almost didn’t get finished; sheer perseverance pushed me through. The Nest is abo...
  • karen
    congratulations! semifinalist in goodreads' best fiction category 2016! each dysfunctional family is dysfunctional in its own way...the only word to describe this book is "breezy." and that's not to imply it is "unchallenging" or "unsophisticated," just that reading it is a truly pleasurable experience and it both carries you away and sucks you in until you look up and it's four in the morning and you've forgotten to eat dinner and you don't even...
  • Diane S ☔
    2.5 Once again my reception of this book will have me swimming upstream from most of my friends on this site whom have already read this book and loved it.. I have given it three stars for the writing alone but the characters and the story I did not care for. Self absorbed, unlikable, selfish is how I found these four siblings. I occasionally felt a slight interest in Bea, but not for long. Too many side characters, which occasioned constant brea...
  • Cindy
    If I had to describe this book in one word it would be "shallow". There was no depth to the characters, the plot, the problem the characters faced- just pure surface level, mind-numbing, shallow reading. I really hesitated in reading this book because the blurb didn't appeal to me. I wasn't enthused about reading about these four siblings who are just sitting waiting for their inheritance. I decided to give it a go because if the ratings- really ...
  • Will Byrnes
    He hesitated. Above him, an ear-splitting screech. He looked up to see three enormous crows, perched on the bare branches of one of the few trees that had already dropped its leaves. They were all squawking at once, as if they were arguing about his next move. Directly beneath, in the midst of the stark and barren branches and at the base of a forked limb, a mud-brown leafy mass. A nest. Jesus. Leo checked the time and started walking. When Leo P...
  • Debbie
    Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Usually I’m the curmudgeon who doesn’t like a book that everyone else is cuckoo over. I usually have a complaint board full to the gills. I spend a lot of time ducking and feeling like a weirdo. This time, I’ll be damned. I really liked The Nest! In fact, this book grabbed me and didn’t let me go until the end.I went into it with low expectations. A family full of greedy people, arguing over th...
  • Jen
    I think the Nest 'egg' was more of a goose egg. A dysfunctional family relying on an inheritance that has been depleted by a brother who was in an accident. The dynamics of siblings, greed, entitlement and downright spoiled adult kids.The writing flowed well but the story consisted of too much whining, selfish, and shallow characters. It actually started to get better at page 300 but by that point I was ticked off having invested 5 days with thes...
  • Elyse
    A teen boy getting caught with his pants down, by the girls religious father, might have consequences and be embarrassing...such as what happened in the book "For the Love of Money", by Christopher Meades, but a 46 year old married man who has been avoiding his wife, who was barely speaking to him....( and who could blame her ...after catching Leo fondling the babysitter weeks earlier?), is beyond embarrassing and beyond a slap on the face from h...
  • Pouting Always
    The Nest centers around four adult siblings fighting over an inheritance that has been spent after one of them is involved in an accident. I can see why people may be disappointed with this book, the characters all have multiple flaws but for me that made the book more interesting. I enjoy having characters that make me feel conflicted. The writing was excellent also. There were way too many characters and I felt that the ending was anti climatic...
  • James
    3+ of 5 stars to The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney. I was excited to read this one because it fits right in with my own choice of writing: family dramas. And it doesn't disappoint. the family feels very real -- a little too much drama / secrets for one family, but then again, it did keep me interested. It has something for everyone, characters to love and characters to hate. I am disappointed in one of the 4 children especially since I don't fe...