Lean in 15 by Joe Wicks

Lean in 15

THE RECORD-BREAKING NO.1 BESTSELLER EAT MORE. EXERCISE LESS. LOSE FAT. In his first book, Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, reveals how to shift your body fat by eating more and exercising less. Lean in 15 features a hundred recipes for nutritious, quick-to-prepare meals and guides you through Joe's signature HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) home workouts - revealing how to combine food and exercise to ignite intense fat-burning.

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TitleLean in 15
Release DateDec 28th, 2015
GenreNonfiction, Food and Drink, Cookbooks, Sports, Fitness, Health, Cooking, Diets, Food, Reference

Reviews Lean in 15

  • Saunders
    this was given to me as a gift from my thoughtful son. As someone who is a keep fit fanatic I am always on the look-out for a good recipe book that provides fast and tasty meals that can be prepared in advance. This ticked all my boxes.I liked the fact that Joe introduces you to a programme of healthy eating, exercising and what to eat pre and post workout. He also provides a meal menu and an exercise programme and diary at the end of the book. S...
  • Rachel Inman
    I saw Joe on Sunday Brunch and decided to read his book instead of pay almost £200 for the 60 day plan. The book makes total sense, has loads of great recipes which I'll try out and also a couple of HIIT workouts. Rather than completely change your diet, this allows for more simple changes but always revolving around fresh ingredients, made from scratch. The tips I'll take away are only eat carbs after doing exercise; I think this is good advice...
  • Sarah Howard
    When I started healthy and clean eating to fuel my weight loss, I purchased this book. I followed Joe on Instagram and he's so inspiring and fun. I'm only 19 and my mum still cooks for me every night so I literally couldn't even cook some pasta without needing help! This book has really helped me improve my cooking skills and I try to learn about 2 new things a week. it teaches you that we need to stop demonising fats so much as we do need them t...
  • Sarah
    Love this book incredibly easy to follow love the samples of his daily schedule and exercise. Joe has such a laid back look to healthy Balance and instead of feeling like your dieting it's tasty healthy food where a don't feel like I'm starving to get healthy Definitely check his books out really interesting and educational about foods
  • Anna
    Nicht so wirklich das, was ich mir darunter vorgestellt habe.. Rezension folgt unter anderem auf meinem Blog: https://liveyourlifewithbooks.wordpre...
  • Joanna
    I can't tell you if it works yet so I'll write a proper review after 3 months of trying the principles! My current five stars are based on feeling extremely motivated and it being a really easy read with fab explanations on how this way of eating really can help you to get lean.
  • Tisha
    I'm really looking forward to trying out these recipes in the kitchen!
  • Philippa
    I applaud Joe Wicks for how he's inspired thousands of people to get healthy and fit, cook, and take better care of themselves and their bodies. I also admire how anti-diet he is and how he encourages people to switch their focus to being strong and healthy rather than what they look like. Having said that, this book (and his two others, which I borrowed from the library and feel the same way about so won't log them separately) just didn't do it ...
  • Maire Prendiville
    The recipes are easy to follow, with ingredients that can be found in Lidl and Tesco. To date I have tried over 15 of the recipes, all of which are my favourites. The eggs in avocados were a huge surprise, the Vietnamese sandwich was as amazing as it sounds and the spiced cashews are more addictive than crack. I made and followed a food plan for the week and although it took a while, the results are already paying off. The amount of food you are ...
  • Kathy
    The Body Coach came onto the scene out of nowhere- thank you friend for showing me his hilarious, fun, lean in 15 Instagram videos. Makes me LOL with his lucy bee, ingredient yelling, midget trees and awesome Brit accent. Had to get my hands onto his book to learn more.He has a great philosophy about easy ingredients and a healthy mix of proteins, fats and carbs related to exercise. Have to try those recipes at some point and intrigued to see wha...
  • Jade
    Call me a convert! I've been following The Body Coach on social media for a while now and keep playing around with the idea of signing up. Today the notion took me to go through his book and see if it seemed like something I could do and enjoy. He's friendly, well informed and completely accessible. He doesn't advocate a strict diet but a balance with the power of facts and key nutritional information behind it. I'm so excited to start using his ...
  • Emz82
    Some really good recipes and advice to take away from this book. I've only read it and not started anything from it yet, but I do feel motivated to get started and change my way of working out and eating. The main things I've noted is low carbs for rest days and a higher carbs for workout days, that seems reasonable and he has some tasty treats in there so you won't feel deprived of sweet stuff. Understandable, informative and enjoyable book :)
  • Andrea
    I absolutely love this cookbook. I tried making "In a Hurry Curry Fried Rice", which made others drool from the smell, and "Black Bean Tofu with Shitake and Rice". I like the ingredients lists because they include items easily available and commonly found at home. I like the fact that the recipes are simple, and delicious. And I like the fact that the author is cute. ;) the one comment/criticism I have is that the cookbook binding is a bit strang...
  • Shriya
    I am not new to Joe's methods but I still wanted to borrow this book from library. I love maintaining in shape and may even add some of the workouts to my routine. The majority of main meal recipes were meat. Yes I understand you can sub it with Quorn of Tofu just how Joe states. However I feel their should have been a balance. I have decided to try one or two smoothies and dips. The results are fabulous - congratulations to those who managed cha...
  • Nat
    Joe Wicks is a complete fake. He doesn't care about anyones fitness or health, all he cares about is the amount in his bank account.There's next to NOTHING healthy about any of his recipes. Just look at all the fat, eggs and meat, it's not healthy at all. Read more here http://veggieathletic.com/joe-wicks/
  • Shelley Wilson
    I've bought both of Joe's books so that I could mix and match the recipes. There is a fabulous selection of recipes ranging from quick makes to more complex meals. The information at the front of the book is incredibly interesting, and the work out (HIIT) section at the back in very helpful. The Lean in 15 Heroes section has inspired me to sign up for the 90 Day SSS Plan.
  • Nat
    Joe Wicks is a complete fake. He doesn't care about anyones fitness or health, all he cares about is the amount in his bank account.There's next to NOTHING healthy about any of his recipes. Just look at all the fat, eggs and meat, it's not healthy at all. Read more here http://veggieathletic.com/joe-wicks/
  • Sandy King
    Lots and lots of eggs. If you're not an eggy type (I really don't like poached, boiled or fried eggs) you might struggle but the principles are excellent and you can easily adapt recipes to suit. I also love the fact that I get to chuck out the bathroom scales. Hurrah!
  • Lorraine
    This is a great book. Simply and healthy recipes which are tasty, nutritious and quick to prepare.The exercises work but they are hard. But then there's a saying about anything worthwhile takes hard work ...
  • Alison Brownlee
    Some really nice recipes even if a few ingredients where hard to find. The book was well thought out and the authors enthusiasm really shines through but my stuff never turned out great so just the three stars.
  • Carol
    Have already made 4 things from this simple and friendly cookbook and think there's quite a few more I'd try. In my opinion that's a win. Plus Joe is dreamy.
  • Stacey
    Loving these two books! Cooking out of these, and doing Cathe.com streaming, and back to the weight I was 18 months ago in under a month.
  • Ali
    Yum Yum and all manageable for this non-cook. Simple uncomplicated life style and workouts too.
  • Rebecca
    very intense, but good looking recipes!
  • Barbara Hopkinson
    Brilliant book, the low carb recipes are beautiful!!!! Tried most of the recipes and the exercise's love it.
  • Simon Bruce
    More cookbook than anything else, however it does contain all you need in a very straight forward way, to change your health.
  • Samantha
    Good nutritional advice with ingredients you can actually find in the supermarket. Please read this instead of the latest diet craze book.
  • Naciye Ozbilenler
    Great recipes and love the exercise section at the back.
  • Lynnette
    Great book, easy to read and understand. Recipes all look amazing and easy to do with no obscure ingredients difficult to find locally! Can't wait to try some of these out.