A Symphony of Echoes (The Chronicles of St. Mary's, #2) by Jodi Taylor

A Symphony of Echoes (The Chronicles of St. Mary's, #2)

Book Two in the madcap time-travel series based at the St Mary's Institute of Historical Research that seems to be everyone's cup of tea.In the second book in the Chronicles of St Mary's series, Max and the team visit Victorian London in search of Jack the Ripper, witness the murder of Archbishop Thomas a Becket in Canterbury Cathedral, and discover that dodos make a grockling noise when eating cucumber sandwiches.But they must also confront an e...

Details A Symphony of Echoes (The Chronicles of St. Mary's, #2)

TitleA Symphony of Echoes (The Chronicles of St. Mary's, #2)
Release DateAug 20th, 2015
PublisherAccent Press
GenreScience Fiction, Time Travel, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews A Symphony of Echoes (The Chronicles of St. Mary's, #2)

  • Choko
    *** 3.75 ***A buddy read with the MacHalo Freaks! Let's go back in History!!! "...“In this century, as in any other, men wore the comfortable, practical stuff, and the women wandered round expiring underneath over-decorated tea-cosies and with inadequate footwear.”..." I enjoyed the book. Mostly, I love the quirky humor and wacky time jumps. I enjoy the writing style, but there is something missing. I wish I could put my finger on it, but I c...
  • Sh3llraiser
    I liked it. You definitely have to have an inclination towards madcap zany predicaments and quirky heroines to enjoy this series. Max is strange and sometimes annoying. The story-telling is all over the place and the book is split up into several plots. One story is (sort of) resolved and then the story moves choppily into the next. Some questions are never answered or plot points ignored. Jack the Ripper? What was really up with him? We never re...
  • Bradley
    This second book still reads like an amazingly light-voiced opera of death, time-mystery, and casual sex... in other words, a great time-travel SF. :)Seriously though, her treatment of cars makes me wonder if they'll wind up going the way of the Dodos. Minus the Cucumber Sandwiches. :) I preferred this one a lot over the first book for once reason: It stayed in known-history for the majority of the book rather than with the dinos. I'm a sucker fo...
  • Trish
    So after a good night's sleep and a big hot mug of tea (yeah, I prefer mugs to St. Mary's typical nice and flowery china), I have now sorted my thoughts. This second volume was very interesting and fast-paced again, the characters amicable as ever and the events laced with wonderful historical tidbits. However, it did not get me to care as much as the first.The first volume was a rollercoaster that jerked me this way and that way and left me comp...
  • Richard Derus
    Rating: 4* of fiveThe Publisher Says: Book Two in the madcap time-travel series based at the St Mary's Institute of Historical Research that seems to be everyone's cup of tea. In the second book in the Chronicles of St Mary's series, Max and the team visit Victorian London in search of Jack the Ripper, withess the murder of Archbishop Thomas a Becket in Canterbury Cathedral, and discover that dodos make a grockling noise when eating cucumber sand...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    History is A Symphony of Echoes. Every little action has huge consequences. This series is a little bit on the sporadic side. I’m quite a linear thinker and so jumping about in time can be a little discombobulating at times. To jump around from London in the days of Jack the Ripper to sometime in the future and then back to hang out with Mary Queen of Scots, well it seems so patched together sometimes.I very much enjoy the time jumps and seein...
  • Kelly
    Also fun for most of the proceedings. I liked the back 40% or so the best. It's sort of clear that partly the issue Taylor's plotting is kind of just happening as the story happens and things occur to her. Which makes everything feel fairly gloriously spontaneous, but also means she doesn't consider things until she does because she's distracted by some other shiny thing she's interested in at the moment and we've all already thought of the thing...
  • Emma
    This series is very funny and often a literal riot! They are cleverly plotted and the world of St Mary's is well conceived. In fact for me, St Mary's is the main character. In fact I think I want to live and work there. It seems like a cross between Hogwarts, Mallory Towers, and barrack life circa WWII variety. You could even add Carry On films to the mix.Very much enjoyed this. Looking forward to the next. This isn't the place to start with this...
  • Roslyn
    I found this St Mary's instalment as compellingly readable as 'One Damned Thing After Another'. And like that book, it also needs an editor's hand. Actually there are probably fewer of the sentence structure/punctuation issues in this one, but I sometimes had the feeling that I'd missed something - that something had been rushed or glossed over or not explained properly. There is also a sense of disjointedness about the plot. The first bit of plo...
  • Robyn
    3.5 stars. This was madcap fun as usual, but with a plot that I found a little too all over the place and an unsettling incident and attitude towards the end around sexual violence that prevented me from rounding up.
  • Wealhtheow
    After surviving numerous murder attempts, foiling a coup, and dropping T Rexes on her enemies' heads (literally), Max has been promoted to Chief Operations Officer at St.Mary's. Using time travel pods, she and her colleagues can actually visit the periods they study, making them the luckiest historians ever. Of course, they also have a much higher mortality rate than most historians...The book begins with a truly creepy investigation into Jack th...
  • Kaitlin
    This is book #2 in the series and it's just as bonkers as the first one, but equally just as amusing. We once more follow the St. Mary's organisation of Historians who travel through time to see 'what really happened?' Our main character is called Max, and she's one of the less conventional people in the organisation who always seems to be getting into trouble somehow. Her adventures are often risky, but rewarding, and this book is no exception.T...
  • Steven
    So far this series is just so much fun!
  • Alisi ☆ wants to read too many books ☆
    I didn't like this one half as much as the one before. It was just so disjointed and ... meh. It actually left me not really wanting to read book three.The issues here are mostly the plot and all the filler stuff that happens for no reason. And there are some underlying world building problems.It starts out good but after that, it really, really slows down. That first part seemed to mainly be one example of a later "problem" but it really didn't ...
  • Lisa
    More time travel shenanigans - 2nd in the series and I did enjoy it......PAUSE FOR VERY MILD SPOILERS......but the novelty has worn off a bit and the 'romance' bit was extremely tiresome imo.I'll have a break and then see if I want to carry on with the series - I'm very torn - it's 50/50 on things I love and things I don't like but I do like the concept and main character so maybe the odds will improve in next one?!?
  • Allie
    Hilarious. Smart. Action-packed. Highly recommended.
  • Maria Dimitrova
    Buddy read with the Wednesday Group of BB&B.This had so much potential. If one can ignore the sporadic immaturity of some of the cast, especially when dealing with emotions, the story is a solid 4 star read. You get to enjoy different time periods and to experience history in a whole new way. In fact if JT abandons the romantic relationship between Max and Leon things will greatly improve.
  • Shelli
    This second in the series was not quite as good for me. I found myself being a little pickier and thinking it was chaotic at times. At one point I actually said "What just happened?"....out loud. I was getting annoyed with the main character Max. That being said, this is a fun series and no one told me to look for inaccuracies and the like. So why should I? That makes it not as fun! By the end, I was happy again and looking forward to the next on...
  • Rachel (Kalanadi)
    3.5 stars, enjoyed the craziness!
  • Marjolein
    Read all my reviews on http://urlphantomhive.booklikes.com I'm not a serial reader. I'm quite the opposite, even when I like books, I'm usually glad I can dive into another world next. However, having finished the first book in the St. Mary's series, Just One Damned Thing After The Other, I couldn't resist and immediately started the second book (and after that, the rest of the series). The world is amazing. It is super British, very witty, fille...
  • Aaron
    Now that I have the characters established in my mind, I am feeling like the story is just mediocre. There are some good bits of dialogue and dropping in a reference to "The Big Bang Theory" characters had me smiling.The issue I have is the protagonist's supposed intelligence. She has a doctorate! It comes through in her plots & schemes at times. At other times, I feel like Stephanie Plum has been plucked from Janet Evanovich.I am hoping that the...
  • Ian
    Max returns in the second book in the St Mary's Chronicles. This instalment begins with her confronting Jack the Ripper and it quickly moves on from there to rescuing the future St Mary's which has been taken over by villains, hunting dodos and returning to Elizabethan England to correct an error in history. This series is great fun. It's not what I would describe as a disciplined narrative. The story chops around and wanders off in strange direc...
  •  Olivermagnus
    This is the second book in the fascinating Chronicles of St. Mary's, an extremely entertaining time travel series. At the beginning of the book, Max, now a seasoned and trained Historian, manages to accidentally bring Jack the Ripper back from Victorian London, then goes back in time to Scotland where she needs to ensure the marriage of Mary, Queen of Scots, to preserve history. One of the very best sections of the book involves a Dodo hunt, whic...
  • Anita Reads
    I wasn't into this one as much as the first, but I still really enjoyed it, so a 4 stars for this one.
  • Christa Schönmann Abbühl
    Very emotional rides to work with this one. The time I did not spend mortally afraid for everybody, I was either crying or laughing. This morning I had a really hard time taking off the headphones and actually go in to work. I needed to know what happened next. Taylor is very cruel sometimes with the way she announces catastrophes about to happen. Had to remind myself to continue breathing from time to time.
  • Melissa
    I found the first half of this book disjointed, and seemingly going nowhere, but the second half improved significantly and I ended up liking the book as a result. Hopefully book three will be entertaining.
  • Barbara
    The second in this series was as much fun as the first one. Of course my favorite time jump was the last one when Max, the lead character, jumped to Edinburgh to make sure Queen Mary (of Scots) married Bothwell. there are many nerve-wracking scenes, and lots of humor. The super bad guy Ronan is back and Max's romance is on and off and ??? This is a smart and addictive series. I may pick up #3 at the library this weekend.
  • Hallie
    I'm not sure I can accurately judge my liking for this compared to the first book, but I can say one thing with no hesitation; I finished grinning and very happy that book 3 would be out soon. Of course there was the element of surprised discovery for Just One Damned Thing (especially as I was the first of my friends here to have read it) and that can't be repeated. Instead there are dreaded second-book Expectations. If one expects all kinds of m...
  • Sheryl
    Another fantastic book in the Chronicles of St. Mary's series! Max and the gang at St. Mary's get into all kinds of trouble again in book two. There's something special about this series that I just can't quite put my finger on. I love the richly drawn characters, the narration, the action, the absurdity and the humor. It's fresh and original and absolutely delightful. I enjoy every minute spent reading (or listening) to these books. Narrator Zar...
  • Nigel
    Mad cap entertainment from St Mary's again. The characters are very good & I love Max. The book is well written and makes for an easy read. Having had the 0.5 book on audio read by the author I found I could "hear" her voice at times which I enjoyed. I'll continue with the series when I have the time.