Fall (Archer & Bennett #3) by Candice Fox

Fall (Archer & Bennett #3)

A chilling, exhilarating new thriller from the award-winning Candice Fox, described by the Sydney Morning Herald as 'an important new voice in crime fiction'. 'I'm sure every day Eden looked in the mirror and wondered if she should kill me...'If Detective Frank Bennett tries hard enough, he can sometimes forget that Eden Archer, his partner in the Homicide Department, is also a moonlighting serial killer . . .Thankfully their latest case is provi...

Details Fall (Archer & Bennett #3)

TitleFall (Archer & Bennett #3)
Release DateDec 1st, 2015
PublisherRandom House Australia
Number of pages352 pages
GenreMystery, Crime, Thriller, Cultural, Australia

Reviews Fall (Archer & Bennett #3)

  • Brenda
    When Detective Frank Bennett and his partner Detective Eden Archer attended the gruesome murder of one of the night time joggers in Sydney’s parks, all indications pointed to the woman being killed by someone she knew. It was quite obviously personal – the destruction of the victim’s face told them that. But when a second body turned up, more brutally beaten than the first, they realised the race was on to find the killer before more bodies...
  • ☼♄Jülie 
    This is the third book by Candice Fox in this Archer and Bennett series, and once again she delivers.Action packed right from the start, you are not left waiting for things to start happening as homicide detectives Frank Bennett and Eden Archer are called upon to investigate the discovery of a body in a popular Sydney park.It soon becomes apparent that they may be looking for someone with a grudge against female joggers, and one particular celebr...
  • Carolyn
    Fall is the thrilling third instalment in the continuing story of Detective Eden Archer and her adoptive parent Hades Archer. In this episode, the focus is very much on Eden who is recovering from grave injuries that almost killed her in her last undercover investigation. When a jogger is found murdered with her face savagely attacked Eden and her partner Frank Bennett must try to find a merciless killer who likes to hunt down their prey. Frank s...
  • Matt
    Returning for a third instalment of the Archer-Bennett series, Fox takes readers down the more precarious of thriller rabbit holes while keeping things as sinister as her past two novels have exemplified. After almost losing her life to a serial killer and admitting her moonlighting as a killer herself, Eden Archer must rely heavily on her partner, Frank Bennett. Their latest case sees women targeted while out for a run, tranquillised and their f...
  • Marianne
    Fall is the third book in the Archer and Bennett series by Australian author, Candice Fox. As Eden Archer satisfies her bloodlust on night forays without her brother, her police partner, Frank Bennett seems to have caught the nesting instinct: he has a steady girlfriend in police psychologist, Imogen Stone, and a wreck of a house to renovate. But Imogen is not all she seems. Her focus on Eden could have dangerous results.Meanwhile, young, fit, ag...
  • Deborah
    Fall by Candice Fox is the third instalment in her series featuring detectives Eden Archer and Frank Bennett. Fox's first two novels in this series, Hades and Eden received a myriad of accolades here in Australia. And rightly so.Fall picks up where Eden (the book) left off. The character (not the book) is struggling to regain her strength after being almost sliced in half in the book bearing her name. Frank's still in the honeymoon stages of his ...
  • Tien
    Wow-Wee! Candice Fox delivers once again! This series is one that I would gladly re-read again and again. It is THAT good. I’ve rated all 3 five stars as each were unputdownable; I couldn’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next from one page to the next much less from one book to the next. I am hopping from one foot to another in impatience for the next instalment of Archer & Bennett.Eden ends with a threat hanging over Eden’s secr...
  • Christine Bongers
    Candice Fox is a huge talent. Loved all of her dark thrillers, so treat yourself and get all three. :)
  • Dash M
    I loved this gritty, clever and eloquent book. From the onset it is full of twisted turns and concise prose.
  • Zoey
  • Kira
    The quote above comes from a new character's POV: Amy. I was a little confused by the introduction of Amy at first, but she was such a great character that she easily became one of my favourites. The switch in POV in this book is excellent, and not only do we get Frank's, Eden's, the killer's and Hades, we get others as well.Frank's girlfriend Imogen was alway curious to me. I liked the conflict she brought to fall and the way it fed into the plo...
  • Paul
    After reading Hades, and Eden back to back at the beginning of December on vacation in Mexico, I had to read the next book in the series. Unfortunately it came out December 3rd, but only in Australia. I sucked it up and paid the $30.00 dollars for the book and $40.00 for shipping and managed to hold off reading the book as long as I could. In this case 9 days. Fall the title of the 3rd book in the series is better than the first two combined. You...
  • Karen
    Candice Fox is on the verge of scoring a rare hat-trick at this year’s Ned Kelly awards with the release of the third book in her Frank Bennett and Eden Archer series. Full review at Newtown Review of Books with a bonus link to Lou Murphy's review of the first book - Hades.
  • Jennifer
    I couldn't put this book down. In this third instalment of the Archer-Bennett series, Eden & Frank are on another serial killer hunt. There are a lot of story lines going on and sometimes, too much time in between each and some seem to end too quickly. But I loved it anyway. Cannot wait for a fourth Archer-Bennett book - the end alludes to one that may be the darkest of them all.
  • Simon McDonald
    With her first two novels Candice Fox carved a distinctive square on the map of contemporary crime writing. Taut with suspense, well-oiled plot mechanics, explosive bursts of violence, and chockfull of surreal, yet somehow relatable characters comprised of a plethora of doubts, anxieties, and hidden darkness, Hades and Eden made it abundantly clear: Fox is an enormously skilful writer, and unquestionably Australia’s hottest talent operating in ...
  • CriminalRepurcussions
    This might be a good place to end this series as a Trilogy.The ending, like a good thriller tv series (The Killing 3 for instance) or film, leaves reader open to imagine what may happen to whom next, without it being taken further by another over-the-top plot in a series. To take this further borders on overkill (a bit like Eden!) because it's already ridiculous, yet thrilling. This Book 3 seems to sit more comfortably with the reader, it doesn't...
  • Heidi Gonzalez
    I was so excited when I saw there was a third book in the Archer/Bennet Series but my excitement was dashed when I found it wasn't available in the USA right now. I wrote to a family member in Australia to send me a copy and I'm glad I did.Eden and Frank's relationship is strained due to his growing knowledge of what Eden likes to do when she isn't working as his partner detective. Eden is struggling to recover from her near fatal injuries and fi...
  • Erlene McKenzie
    Just waiting for moreLove her characters, the way she tells the story, some parts are quite thought provoking, true life. Looking foward to more
  • Deb Bodinnar
    When I grabbed Hades off the shelf a few years ago, having not heard anything about Candice Fox, I had a feeling I would love her writing and that her books would be great. Well I was right, Hades and Eden both won awards and I have NO doubt Fall will too. Following the life of Eden through all three books I got to know the character because of Candice's fabulous knack of making her characters come to life (some to death!) so well. The introducti...
  • Sam
    Well 4.5 actually, but close enough. I really liked this new novel by Candice, though not quite as much as the first in the series (Hades), hence the 0.5 reduction in the rating. I stated reading this on Christmas day and finished it a few days later. I adored the fact that we find out a little more about Eden, but that she becomes grittier and darker again (more like her character in the first book). I also enjoyed delving into the psyche of the...
  • Tina
    Read ahead of the event I'm organising with the author - https://www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/sub...Liked this one a bit better than the last. Interesting idea to reveal the serial killer's identity at the beginning. Wasn't sure it'd work - but it did. Twist at the end didn't have the punch I'd perhaps have liked and some ends were tied up too quickly. Still a very good read though.
  • Alyssa
    4 1/2 stars. The series is dark, but well written and suspenseful. Eden Archer is a detective with a troubled past, but that doesn't stop her partner Frank Bennett from constantly trying to figure out how her mind works. As the two work on a serial killer case, their own relationship is strained, especially when Frank's girlfriend enters the picture with ulterior motives. These just keep getting better.
  • Gus
    Fox is hitting her straps - big time on this one. With the characters now fully defined she can go about the story and what a great one. Using the Sydney that we know and love you can't help but believe that the scenario might actually happen. With the addition of some great new characters this series will be huge. Bring it on Fox!
  • Jay Dwight
    Candice Fox's third novel is her best yet - and the first two both won awards! Eden Archer and Frank Bennett return for another instalment. This time, they are on the hunt for the "Sydney Parks Strangler", whilst someone is delving into Eden's past trying to find her true identity.
  • Adele Simpkins
    5 stars....BUT please don't surrender to just throwing in mention of Byron Bay (and heavens forbid, Suffolk Park ...WTF was that for?) and making out as though it was just an afternoon's drive north of Sydney!!
  • Mindy
    Twisted and brilliantYou know you are hooked on a book when you passionately wish that something would befall a character. But Fox went one better than I had hoped in an ending that was more twisty and turns than a twisty turny thing.
  • Joanna Nelson
    This was my first Australian crime thriller and it certainly stood up to any international writers. So nice to read local talent.
  • Nathalie
    A lot of layers into it, almost every plot major. Kinda like chocolate sansrival. All yummy and dark and sinful. Damn, now I feel hungry. Thankfully not as much gore here as in the prior book (Eden).
  • Natalie Mullan
    Absolutely brilliant. This needs to be a movie! The 3rd in the series & the characters have continued to develop, evolve & enthrall. Love the new character 'Hooky' & can't wait for the next novel.
  • Christine Riches
    The worst thing about finding an amazing series? Coming to the end of the last book. I've got my fingers crossed there will be another.