Extinction Evolution (The Extinction Cycle, #4) by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Extinction Evolution (The Extinction Cycle, #4)

Book 4 in Nicholas Sansbury Smith's bestselling & top-rated Extinction Cycle seriesThere's a storm on the horizon... Central Command is gone, the military is fractured, and the surviving members of Team Ghost, led by Master Sergeant Reed Beckham, have been pushed to the breaking point. While the strong return to the battlefield, the wounded are forced to stay behind on Plum Island and fight their inner demons. Betrayed by the country they swore ...

Details Extinction Evolution (The Extinction Cycle, #4)

TitleExtinction Evolution (The Extinction Cycle, #4)
Release DateOct 19th, 2015
GenreHorror, Zombies, Fiction, War, Military Fiction, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic

Reviews Extinction Evolution (The Extinction Cycle, #4)

  • RedemptionDenied
    As good as the previous books in the Extinction Cycle series - though this one was a lot more emotional; especially the ending. New characters are introduced at the beginning of the book: Marine Staff Sergeant Jose Garcia, Tank and four other members of a Marine Force Recon Team; known as the Variant Hunters. Their primary objective is to scope out Key West, Smathers Beach, as recent intel suggests the Variants may be changing faster than previou...
  • Michael Hicks
    Here's the deal: Extinction Evolution is now the fourth (out of five) books in Nicholas Sansbury Smith's Extinction Cycle series. If you've read the previous three, then you know what to expect here - vicious Variant violence, great military action, and human scientists continuing their quest for a biological weapon that will eradicate the threat decimating mankind. If you have not read the previous three, then you need to start back at the begin...
  • Geoff
    Another winner in this series.One of my favourite authors right now.Only problem is having to wait until February for closure.Highly recommended.
  • Suleika Santana -All About Books
    Gosh! Definitely the best one so far. I'm a mess right now, I'm going to go to sleep and post my review tomorrow because I just can't right now... too many emotions.Edited to post actual review:OK, here we go...First of all I think I held my breath for most of the book, it was very intense and I do that when I'm expecting something bad to happen.I also cried, I knew not everyone was going to make it, I mean, it is very obvious from the kind of bo...
  • FanFiAddict
    Give me a moment. Be still my beating heart.*Wipes sweat from brow*As you probably know by now, I am a big fan of this series. Not only does the story improve with each book, but so does Smith's writing ability, especially this one in particular. Instead of the run-of-the-mill action/bang-bang/shoot em' up Team Ghost mercin' Variants here and there, we follow (2) YES (2) MORE storylines that all converge into one epic firefight. Smith does a fine...
  • Cheryl
    This 4th book in the EXTINCTION CYCLE series is a "monster" hitI've made no secret that I'm a fan girl of this series. I loved EXTINCTION HORIZON, EXTINCTION EDGE and EXTINCTION AGE. And this story is the best one so far.What do you get when you mix monsters, medicine, and the military? A mega great time!Dr. Kate and Beckham are back battling the Variants, along with their trusty band of friends and new comrades...and the Variants just keep getti...
  • Karen
    I received an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.I am completely blown away by this book. I loved it! The story is being built upon in such an effortless way that it is almost as if it is happening right in front of me. The characters continue to grow and expand as individuals as more are introduced who come forth as full blown people. The tension continues to build pulling you further into their world and their lives. Though this is j...
  • Nikki
    Intelligence is based on how efficient a species became at doing the things they need to survive.~Charles Darwin I thoroughly enjoyed the 4th book in the Extinction Cycle series. We are introduced to some new characters and get some much needed character development on some that were previously introduced. The Variants are evolving and it will take all the knowledge of every person left alive to figure out how to take them out.I truly appreciate ...
  • Yvonne
    Another winner in this zombie series, but I'm getting exhausted for all involved. I'm hopeful that #5 will wrap up the series nicely.
  • Soo
    Mini-Review:Just like the title states, this book focuses on the adaptations of the Variants. The changed humans are evolving at a rapid rate. You get in deep on the oddities and damage that the more intelligent Variants cause as they change to conquer in whatever manner necessary. The book is all doom and gloom. There's not a lot of sunshine but somehow hope still burns within the core group of characters. Death and mayhem flails with unpredicta...
  • Amy
    So far, this was my least favorite book in the series. I think there was too much going on, new groups of characters were introduced and while it's pretty easy to tell when someone is going to be important later on, it just seemed a little like new characters were recycled into positions vacated by other characters who died. Some of the language and events are getting old and boring. I shouldn't complain, I'm the one who signed up for at least a ...
  • Kate
    I should have known. I thought-I'll just start this and read a little bit before I go to bed. 4 hours later I finished the book. I can't put these down! They are like book crack to me. Another totally exciting escapade----now the Variants are evolving faster and getting smart-not good for humans. Ends on a major cliffhanger so you will want the next book handy!
  • Jenny Jo Weir
    Nail biting, edge of your seat, heart stopping action!I seriously could only do about half an hour at a time because I would get so nervous and panic. My anxiety was through the roof I tell you. freaking fantastic book. This series rocks hard core!
  • chucklesthescot
    With Central Command gone and the President's bunker under threat, control of the military situation is moving to the carrier group. Men in boats are casing out Plum Island as General Johnson takes over command there, to the suspicion of Beckham. The variants are adapting and mutating which is making them harder to kill and the population of survivors is dwindling. Fitz and Apollo are sent with a team into the city to try to capture a kid variant...
  • Laurel
    Fans of this series won't be disappointed to pick up this next instalment in the Extinction saga. Well written and fast-paced, Smith's writing continues to be of a quality that draws you right into the heart of the action and holds you there. The characters were still in my head a good couple of days after I finished the book.In Extinction Evolution we get another roller-coaster ride as Beckham and Kate - and a few others - work to reclaim the wo...
  • Debbie Winfield
    Book four in this series is by far the best book yet. From the start there's tension and rightly so I was worried for the main characters in the book. No spoilers here but I was absolutely blown away with jaw dropping revelations throughout the book and devastating fight and action sequences towards the end of the book. The ending of the book was superb and finished with a cliffhanger that has me desperate for the release of book five which can't...
  • Kathy Ann'tie
    OK seriously, I don't know how I am going to be able to wait until February with this major of a cliff hanger. I think this was the best book yet. Team Ghost, The Variant Hunters and evolved Variants beyond belief! My heart is pounding, the end of this book was so full of action that my adrenaline was pumping and I wanted to be out there fighting right along with everyone else.There is a reason that Nicholas Sansbury Smith is #3 out of 100 on the...
  • Nomi
    Holy CowSeriously, I am so involved with these characters that at this point they better survive this apocalypse. I do really recommend these books to anyone who like military, apocalyptic and fantasy. It will fit any and all these categories. Can't wait to see what happens in the conclusion.
  • Deb
    It's about time Finally Kate tells Beckham she's with child. They should have sent their top team in the first time. Bureaucrats who needs them. Well written. Exciting and well worth reading.
  • Aletia
    This book is just like the other 3, it grabs you and pulls you in and keeps you wanting to see what's next! Find new friends, lose people along the way, and we find out very disturbing news on the Variants. One more book, and we'll have all the answers.
  • Shane Hough
    WonderfulLoved this book. Wish there were more like these out there. Cannot wait until the next one. To long of a wait.
  • Ed
    Awesome series. Looking forward to the next one.
  • Rita
    Non stop action!!!This is one of the best series I have ever read! Flesh eaters, military action, romance, politics, and more in just one series!
  • Tammy Stark-kennedy
    Great! Awesome! Can't get enough of this series. Fast paced, love the characters, action packed, can't put down until you finish it. Waiting on the next book.
  • Melissa Levine
    Story:While the beginning seemed a little slow-going for my liking, the book turned around, and my attention was grabbed. Nick is really good with the details without out overdoing them/adding in extra fluff. I enjoyed all the new characters introduced, especially in relation to the Variants. It was sad about Riley, but the huge cliffhanger at the end was great!Questions/Comments:It seemed as though, Thomas and Tank were always together, so they ...
  • Banshee
    Probably closer to 2 stars but I like little indie authors (although I don't know if I can call him an indie author anymore after he got picked up by Orbit but I bought this book when he was first starting out). This novel jumped the shark, oh man was it a big shark too. Pregnant variants... seriously? The variants weren't a bad enough enemy now you need to add little armored children with venom (sorry that is actually revealed in the next book, ...
  • Lisa
    What did I just read?!? Holy crap! Just when I thought things couldn't get more intense. Just when I thought we had seen the worst this apocalypse has to offer Nicholas Sansbury Smith throws in a whole new twist...or two....or three...I now have to add Fitz in with my Reed love. That man is fierce! This book ramps up and up and up and then... I was scream at the book and possibly calling NSS names cause holy crap! I didn't see all that coming.......
  • Brad Marsh
    Mr. Sansbury didn't let me down on this one! If you are a fan on the Extinction Cycle series you will not be disappointed by this latest entry. Once again Mr. Sansbury gives his readers a roller coaster ride through the Extinction Cycle World. Like the other three books in this series there is action, heroism,close calls, and story filled with characters whose human stories contrast perfectly with the hellish end the world as he know backdrop thi...
  • M. Ro
    I most note the strong female leadership in this series. Regardless of gender, the characters are complex and engaging, but it is not the norm in this genre to come across so many badass women in one series.The action keeps coming strong, can't wait for the next one!