Crossing the Line (The Baltimore Banners, #1) by Lisa B. Kamps

Crossing the Line (The Baltimore Banners, #1)

Amber "AJ" Johnson is a freelance writer who has her heart set on becoming a full-time sports reporter at her paper. She has one chance to prove herself: capture an interview with the very private goalie of Baltimore's hockey team, Alec Kolchak. But he's the one man who tries her patience, even as he brings to life a quiet passion she doesn't want to admit exists. Alec has no desire to be interviewed--he never has, never will. But he finds himsel...

Details Crossing the Line (The Baltimore Banners, #1)

TitleCrossing the Line (The Baltimore Banners, #1)
Release DateJun 17th, 2015
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Number of pages190 pages
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Hockey, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Contemporary, Did Not Finish

Reviews Crossing the Line (The Baltimore Banners, #1)

  • Merrin
    A world of meh. Things I liked:It eventually ended. Also, I mean. I guess sentence construction was good? She used her words correctly?Meh:So like. She’s a female reporter trying to break into the male dominated sports writing world, right? This book would have been SO AWESOME if that’s what it had been about. She convinces him to let her interview him by challenging him to a shootout early in the book and I think MAN, this could be good. Exc...
  • Diane Lynch
    Amber Johnson is on a mission to become a full-time sports reporter, her assignment to get an interview with Baltimore Banners goalie, Alec Kolchak, the man who does not do interviews. I love how Amber gets Alec to give her an interview, and I appreciate Alec’s terms. It ends up making a fun and unexpected story. I really like both characters. Amber is persistent and smart. Alec is caring and sweet. I mean a real tough hockey player...Being som...
  • Chelle
    1.5 stars. Not sure what the extra half star is for but its not the worst book ever. The writing is good but what a silly story.Things I just didn't get:- they know each other, ok there's history. So that could be interesting. Nah, let's not share that- there was some kind of tabloid scandal involving them both, again could be interesting. Nah, let's not share that either- there's some bad bet. Where he wages her to move in. Why? No idea, let's n...
  • Diane Lynch
    Crossing the Line (Baltimore Banners #1) by Lisa B. Kamps Amber Johnson is on a mission to become a full-time sports reporter, her assignment to get an interview with Baltimore Banners goalie, Alec Kolchak, the man who does not do interviews.  I love how Amber gets Alec to give her an interview, and I appreciate Alec’s terms.  It ends up making a fun and unexpected story.  I really like both characters.  Amber is persistent and smart.  Al...
  • Kristiej
    I'm still on my hockey romance marathon. This is an author I hadn't read before and Ms Kamp impressed me. I'm going to continue with this series.Alec was my favourite kind of hero, gruff bear on the outside, rather marshmallowy on the inside. He's the goalie for the team and anyone who knows anything about hockey knows that goalies are different. They are on the ice the whole time, just standing their watching for a good part of the game until th...
  • Lisa
    Confused. Just confused about this book. I felt that there were large potholes in this plot. I was excited to read this, excited for the push and pull of their relationship but I never got it, which was disappointing. Amber 'AJ' Johnson is a reporter that wants a chance to break out of the stereotypical pieces that she has been given this far. A chance at snagging an exclusive interview with the illusive and extremely private NHL goalie Alec Kolc...
  • Rachael Fick
    This book was such a letdown. What could've been something great was instead one of the most superficial, one dimensional, train-wreck-of-a-books that I've ever had the misfortune to read. I mean, there was absolutely no character development, no clear storyline, and not one redeeming quality in either main character. As much as I love hockey romance, I'm going to pass on the rest of this series.
  • Jacquie
    am always looking for romance books based around Ice Hockey. What can I say? They are always hot to me. I stumbled across this new author's work and I am very pleased I did. Absolutely loved, loved the stories. Not so much covered on the ice hockey story but a great interaction between the 2 main characters involved in the storyline.The covers to the books are rocking hot and very well done in my eyes. Great job Lisa and I look forward to reading...
  • Carole
    This story had just the right amount of romance, drama and sports thrown in.Alec is the goalie for the Baltimore Banners and A.J. (Amber) is trying to get aninterview with the elusive Alec. He never has given any type of interviews ever.A.J. is working in a mans field of journalism and just wants a break, but she ispitted against the workplace favourite Gerry. Whoever scores an interview withAlec gets the coveted job.What ensues is really enterta...
  • Kristy France
    Amber (AJ) Johnson wants to be taken seriously as a sports writer. Being a woman in a man’s world is difficult enough when your colleagues don’t value you, but it becomes especially difficult for AJ when she is tasked with obtaining an interview from Alec Kolchak, hockey goalie, who refuses to interview with anyone. AJ is put to the test when she makes a bet with Alec to get her chance at the interview. Little did she know that Alec would up ...
  • Beth
    2.5 stars. There is potential in this story, but it feels unrealized. Star NHL goalie who shies away from interviews and a female reporter trying to break into the world of sports reporting. It could have been a great story, but it was under-developed. There is very little actual hockey in this book. Several scenes take place at the practice rink, and there is one game that is mentioned, but other than that, nada. I like my hockey romance to have...
  • Becky Swenson
    Good bookThis book kept my attention and was very well written. I will be purchasing the next book in the series.
  • Geri
    She shoots.....SHE SCORES!!!!!!!!!! Ms. Kamps is now one of my favorite authors! This is such a great sports romance and it held my attention from the first page. Amber (AJ) is working in a male dominant job area but is willing to work hard to make it. When she is given a chance at a promotion she jumps at it. That is until she hears what the assignment is. Both AJ and the male candidate, who happens to be a jerk must try and score an interview w...
  • Karen Komarinski
    This is not your typical Hockey\love story. Alec is the Star goalie for the Baltimore Banners who is knocked of his game when AJ a freelance journalist comes back into his life. She wants to move from writing human interest stories to becoming the head sports writer. AJ has to get an interview with Alec to be considered for the job, the only problem, the goalie for the banners does not give interviews. You'll have to read and find out if AJ not o...
  • Ana
    I received an ARC from BookRhythm in exchange for an honest review. It was pretty good. AJ is a writer and is looking to score an interview with hockey player, Alec. The problem is he is a private person and doesn't give interviews to anyone. From the synopsis you'll know they come up with a bet.AJ and Alec are attracted to each other which grows the more time spend together. In my opinion, they have great chemistry. Their feelings grow but thing...
  • bree
    YES YES YES YES YES! I love when I pick a random book and fall in love with it! It was so good! A lot of the time when you read a short book it feels rushed, but this book never felt rushed. It was the perfect speed and just ugh I loved it. Sorry if this review isn't as good as my other ones. It's just that I just finished it and I'm sill on the book high! So my thoughts are scattered and I just don't even have words! It was so GOOOD read it!
  • beth myrick
    I really liked this I loved the humor. The characters were great. The only thing lacking was description of the characters. I have no idea of their pasts. And I don't know what they look like. I think AJ has blond hair. I don't have a clue what Alec looked like physically so you just have to dig into your own creative depths and come up with your own descriptions. It's a good book, and it easily kept my attention.
  • Rubell
    great story...lots of ups and downsodd that the writer never really gave the characters physical features, hair or eye color, at least not that I noticed. but in doing that it left that information open to your to put your 'fantasy' characters into the story...I will definitely be continuing the series
  • Hazel Rayson
    A great intro story!This book was wonderful, from beginning right to the very end I didn't want to put it down. Alec is the guy fantasies are made of and the twists and turns, the evolution of his character make this story one that I know I'll read time and time again! A wonderful first novel, well worth the money!
  • Lorraine Backus
    Got hockey?I am so excited to have stumbled upon this series. I love sports romance books, but have a special place for my recently found love of hockey. This is a super cute story and well written. I ignored my children and husband and devoured it in a day:) Already purchased the next book in the series.
  • Jadine
    Free book on Goodreads. This book was pretty good. I know nothing about hockey, not that you had to to enjoy the love story. The end was predictable of course, I couldn't put this book down the but the ending could have been reworked. I didn't like the jumping back and forth between the 2 characters perspectives.
  • Ree
    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.I really enjoyed reading this low-drama sports romance. I liked the buildup to Alec & AJ's romance. It was well-written, and I find myself curious about the rest of the series. I look forward to reading more about the team, and more of Mrs. Kamps' work.
  • Ann Quinn
    FabulousFirst off I love anything with hockey players second this book wasn't just about sex it had a true feeling of everyday life the only thing I would change is the ending not enough information about their lives after that .
  • Stacy Barr-sooter
    good readI love reading sports romance. This is an author I will look up. Being titled book one tells me over books are to follow. It's a stand alone but I look forward to the next book. Definitely going to buy it.
  • Tania Smith
    First time read for this author. I really did enjoy this story. Both of the couple were easy to like. Romance with a touch of humour.
  • April
    So goodWhat a great book, so well written and easy to root for these characters to fall in love with each other. Great characters and situations they are put in book!
  • Logan Hr
    I loved this book from start to finish really! I connected with the characters in such a way! I really recommend this book!
  • Lea Blottiaux
    A Good Romance and ReadThis was a romance between Alex, of the Baltimore Banners goalie and AJ , an up and coming news reporter. It was a good romance and read.
  • Brooks
    Good first book and will definitely purchase the others in the series.