Crossing the Line (The Baltimore Banners, #1) by Lisa B. Kamps

Crossing the Line (The Baltimore Banners, #1)

Amber "AJ" Johnson is a freelance writer who has her heart set on becoming a full-time sports reporter at her paper. She has one chance to prove herself: capture an interview with the very private goalie of Baltimore's hockey team, Alec Kolchak. But he's the one man who tries her patience, even as he brings to life a quiet passion she doesn't want to admit exists. Alec has no desire to be interviewed--he never has, never will. But he finds himsel...

Details Crossing the Line (The Baltimore Banners, #1)

TitleCrossing the Line (The Baltimore Banners, #1)
Release DateJun 17th, 2015
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Hockey, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Crossing the Line (The Baltimore Banners, #1)

  • Love2ReadRomance
    Totally in love with Amber and Alec! Crossing the Line is a great entertaining read with great characters. I can’t wait to read book 2 to get lost in time with these characters again.
  • Merrin
    A world of meh. Things I liked:It eventually ended. Also, I mean. I guess sentence construction was good? She used her words correctly?Meh:So like. She’s a female reporter trying to break into the male dominated sports writing world, right? This book would have been SO AWESOME if that’s what it had been about. She convinces him to let her interview him by challenging him to a shootout early in the book and I think MAN, this could be good. Exc...
  • Diane Lynch
    Amber Johnson is on a mission to become a full-time sports reporter, her assignment to get an interview with Baltimore Banners goalie, Alec Kolchak, the man who does not do interviews. I love how Amber gets Alec to give her an interview, and I appreciate Alec’s terms. It ends up making a fun and unexpected story. I really like both characters. Amber is persistent and smart. Alec is caring and sweet. I mean a real tough hockey player...Being som...
  • Chelle
    1.5 stars. Not sure what the extra half star is for but its not the worst book ever. The writing is good but what a silly story.Things I just didn't get:- they know each other, ok there's history. So that could be interesting. Nah, let's not share that- there was some kind of tabloid scandal involving them both, again could be interesting. Nah, let's not share that either- there's some bad bet. Where he wages her to move in. Why? No idea, let's n...
  • Diane Lynch
    Crossing the Line (Baltimore Banners #1) by Lisa B. Kamps Amber Johnson is on a mission to become a full-time sports reporter, her assignment to get an interview with Baltimore Banners goalie, Alec Kolchak, the man who does not do interviews.  I love how Amber gets Alec to give her an interview, and I appreciate Alec’s terms.  It ends up making a fun and unexpected story.  I really like both characters.  Amber is persistent and smart.  Al...
  • Caryn
    I always forget how much I enjoy sappy hockey love stories until I start a new series of hockey romances! This was no exception. The unusual start to this particular romance was original and I loved it! Not unusual is that the main characters are always the last to realize they are in love but that is what makes each storyline fun to read. Lighthearted humor in some spots and some hot loving in others makes this story appealing. I recommend!
  • Beth
    2.5 stars. There is potential in this story, but it feels unrealized. Star NHL goalie who shies away from interviews and a female reporter trying to break into the world of sports reporting. It could have been a great story, but it was under-developed. There is very little actual hockey in this book. Several scenes take place at the practice rink, and there is one game that is mentioned, but other than that, nada. I like my hockey romance to have...
  • Kristiej
    I'm still on my hockey romance marathon. This is an author I hadn't read before and Ms Kamp impressed me. I'm going to continue with this series.Alec was my favourite kind of hero, gruff bear on the outside, rather marshmallowy on the inside. He's the goalie for the team and anyone who knows anything about hockey knows that goalies are different. They are on the ice the whole time, just standing their watching for a good part of the game until th...
  • Lisa
    Confused. Just confused about this book. I felt that there were large potholes in this plot. I was excited to read this, excited for the push and pull of their relationship but I never got it, which was disappointing. Amber 'AJ' Johnson is a reporter that wants a chance to break out of the stereotypical pieces that she has been given this far. A chance at snagging an exclusive interview with the illusive and extremely private NHL goalie Alec Kolc...
  • Deb
    AJ just needs a shot at doing a sports interview to solidify her career. Alex, a hockey goalie, never does interviews. I liked AJ's persistence. Good storyline. Enjoyable read. A cute, totally believable story!
  • Rachael Fick
    This book was such a letdown. What could've been something great was instead one of the most superficial, one dimensional, train-wreck-of-a-books that I've ever had the misfortune to read. I mean, there was absolutely no character development, no clear storyline, and not one redeeming quality in either main character. As much as I love hockey romance, I'm going to pass on the rest of this series.
  • Jacquie
    am always looking for romance books based around Ice Hockey. What can I say? They are always hot to me. I stumbled across this new author's work and I am very pleased I did. Absolutely loved, loved the stories. Not so much covered on the ice hockey story but a great interaction between the 2 main characters involved in the storyline.The covers to the books are rocking hot and very well done in my eyes. Great job Lisa and I look forward to reading...
    Didn’t finish after page 13. This may be an okay read, but I just read a lot of books so I’m looking for original, unique stories. This is your typical, dual point of view romance where the author over emphasizes the fact that the guy is hot and that the girl is also hot, and then makes them both monologue descriptions about eachothers hotness and all of the ways they are attractive and about all of the reasons they are attracted to the other...
  • Addictive_reads
    Crossing the Line (The Baltimore Banners Book 1) – One shot and love conquers all (4.5 stars)By: Addictive_Reads on February 15, 2018Crossing the Line is the first book in Lisa B Kamps’ Baltimore Banners series and this story is an intriguing twist within the hockey romance genera. It is captivating and sweet with just the right level of sexy and sizzle to warm up the coldest winter!This book centers around Amber "AJ" Johnson who is a freelan...
  • Michelle
    AJ has tried for years to prove that she is a hardworking journalist and she can produce more than just puff pieces. When a chance to become the fulltime sports writer for the paper opens up she knows that she has to take the chance, even if that means getting close to hockey player Alec. Alec is extremely private and guards his personal life but when AJ convinces him to let her have an interview, he knows that he's opened up a bag of worms. But ...
  • Kennedy Saunders
    I’m giving this book 3 stars. It could’ve been a 4 but the ending was disappointing and the story needed more. The pace of the book was great and the relationship between the characters didn’t seem too rushed. I feel like the author left out quite a bit of detail that could’ve been included such as the first article that AJ wrote about Alec or The fight between the Baltimore players at the banquet. But both things weren’t serious deal b...
  • Loz
    I really liked this fun freebie!I liked the main characters. AJ must get an interview with NHL goalie, Alec Kolchak if she's to land the sports writing job. Only problem, Alec has never given an interview. AJ is smart and sassy, and knows what she wants and stops at nothing to get it. Loved their 'bet', and their delevoping friendship. Alec is emotionally shut off, we never do learn anything much about him, or her for that matter; but the unease ...
  • Carole
    This story had just the right amount of romance, drama and sports thrown in.Alec is the goalie for the Baltimore Banners and A.J. (Amber) is trying to get aninterview with the elusive Alec. He never has given any type of interviews ever.A.J. is working in a mans field of journalism and just wants a break, but she ispitted against the workplace favourite Gerry. Whoever scores an interview withAlec gets the coveted job.What ensues is really enterta...
  • Krista
    I'm at 20% and I just can't go on. I mean as a heoine, AJ could be awesome - a woman in a male-dominated work world who's job is on the line. But I've got no idea what motivates her, why she wanted this job, why she likes Alec. Like nothing. It's all bland monologuing that tells me nothing. No sense of atmosphere. Nothing about Alec makes sense. Why his teammates like AJ is a mystery. And even AJ's co-worker, a misogynistic asshat, is so two-dime...
  • Tina Payne
    3 1/2 STRONG stars!So, I love a hockey romance! Alec is the reluctant hero to AJ's heroine. AJ (aka Amber) wants to be taken seriously as a writer in the sports world. Which is not an easy task as a woman. She concocts a plan to do a story on the elusive hockey goalie, Alec. She gets her story, though in an unconventional way! I really enjoyed this story and am looking forward to catching up on the rest of the series.
  • Bookish Addict
    I liked how the book started out. The tension between AJ and Alec was smouldering. I didn't care for AJ though. I like strong, witty women and she wouldn't fight back or stand up for herself when misogynistic jerks were talking down to her. She just frustrates me. There were also many times she had the opportunity to talk to Alex about her piece on him, but of course she didn't. Overall, it's a good story, but it could have been better if AJ wasn...
  • Stephanie Kelly-Hurst
    Steamy and Cold at the same timeVery creative imagination. The spice and connection between AJ and Alec are immediately felt the moment they spoke their first words to each other in the beginning. Alec's tenderness for AJ when he helps her through her migraines are heart grabbing; making me wish for a man like Alec.
  • Lindsay
    4 This is a new-to-me author,so I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the book. I ended up really enjoying it! AJ is so independent and all in when she does something; Alec is a bit closed off, but once he starts hanging out with Amber, he starts to open up. He doesn’t completely lose his guy-flaws, but he does learn. It’s a HEA and I would recommend this book.
  • Carrie King
    A good readThis book was a good read. It took me a little to get into it at first. But after a little bit I started to like it the only thing it seemed like it jumped a lot but other then that it is a good book! Kind of glad I got it for free but will read the other ones of this series.
  • Heather
    Ample four stars because I know what I’m getting into here. Far better than I expected, quick and entertaining. The workplace sexual harassment a little hyperbolic but, created a solid enemy force. I’d read another.
  • Lori
    Had to finish it in one sitting!Loved this book! It has some very hot scenes, friendship, funny moments, sarcasm, brawling between athletes, determination, and the best of!
  • Ashley Shannon
    Good readI do love me some hockey players and this book did not disappoint. The chemistry between Alec and AJ felt real and the other characters were well written. I felt varied emotions while reading this, it will give all the feels.
  • Lexi Divan
    This book started off really good, then Alec turned into a moron. He was awful to AJ when she needed him to stand up for her. He eventually apologized and was forgiven. This book was alright. The characters were somewhat okay. The story itself was decent. I liked it a bit.
  • Chari
    Amazing! Could not put it down! Makes you want to laugh ,cry,and angry all at the same time. I normally don't let sports books. But this one captured my attention from the beginning.