My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 5 by Takuma Morishige

My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 5

Globe-trotting Goof  Seki, Rumi and the rest are on a school trip. But even with so much to see and do, Seki continues to look for ways to goof around. Rumi is not going to miss the opportunity to keep him in check.

Details My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 5

TitleMy Neighbor Seki, Vol. 5
Release DateNov 24th, 2015
PublisherVertical Comics
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Humor, Graphic Novels, Academic, School, Comedy

Reviews My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 5

  • Perla Villa
    Still loving some of the things Seki does.
  • Chris
    So silly and nothing ever happens, but I still like it.
  • Allybopolis
    6 stars out of ten
  • LG (A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions)
    Seki continues to goof off, and Yokoi continues to be fascinated/charmed despite herself. Or she tries to thwart him, especially when his games showcase his sadistic streak. In this volume, Seki tries (and fails) to outwit Uzawa. Also, Yokoi teams up with Seki's mom during parent visiting day in an effort to defeat his games. Goto continues to think Yokoi is passionately attracted to Seki. And the robot family is back again. Yokoi (view spoiler)[...
  • Jason
    My favorite parts: Yokoi "bonding" with Seki's mother and Yokoi's ever-increasing fascination with the robot family. It's curious that Seki is the focal point in terms of being the character that is notorious for not paying attention, but the joke might actually be that Yokoi is cut from the same cloth because she can't seem to keep herself from being distracted by Seki's antics. In some ways, she's worse off, because her fascination with him see...
  • Kristine Hansen
    Hooray for Seki and all the wonderful antics he gets into! This volume includes the class trip. Seki doesn't stop playing wherever he is, much to Rumi's absolute disgust and fascination. I kind of wish she'd cut him some slack, or at least allow herself to play right along with him more often. I do love how engaged she gets in things though, especially in regards to the robot family.As a side note, I discovered the anime today. It's absolutely pe...
  • Leigha's Little Library
    *3 or more is good for comics, manga or graphic novels. I never really know how to rate some of these. There are some where I'm totally in love, know automatically it is a 5 star, but then some I am just not sure about in the first couple volumes.*I love the series as a whole, it is cute and funny.
  • Erin
    I read this thinking it was volume 5 until I got to the end and realized it was book 5. (Not my fault - the cover read Vol 3. ) I was wondering why there were events mentioned that I didn't remember. This book (aside from the wracking my brain for memories I didn't have) was a delight.
  • Tami
    Seki's mum might be my new favourite character
  • Sarah Evans
    Fun, as always!
  • Erica
    Always excited to see more of Seki's family. Also the school trip was hilarious.
  • Sean O'Hara
    Ooo, a bunch of double-sized chapters with actual plot developments, including the arrival of Seki's mum.
  • Ashley
    Seki's mom is awesome!
  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    Another good volume. Story keeps getting more and more cute. And those covers are still adorable.
  • Lélé Books
    Une petite déception concernant ce 5ème tome... ----------------A small disappointment concerning this 5th volume ...
  • Elizabeth Licata
    my theory that Rumi is slowly going insane is being upheld