Giovanna (Sweet Land of Liberty Brides #1) by Lorena Dove

Giovanna (Sweet Land of Liberty Brides #1)

The year is 1892, and Giovanna is a young widow struggling to raise her daughter on her own. Hard-working, beautiful, and honest to a fault, Giovanna's dreams of a life with her husband, Frank, were cut short when he died soon after they arrived from Calabria, Italy, four years earlier. Now Giovanna must find a way to help her sick daughter, Rosa, before she loses the only thing she loves! Laars Gundersen has broken from his family in Minnesota t...

Details Giovanna (Sweet Land of Liberty Brides #1)

TitleGiovanna (Sweet Land of Liberty Brides #1)
Release DateAug 2nd, 2015
GenreRomance, Historical, Historical Fiction, Westerns, Historical Romance

Reviews Giovanna (Sweet Land of Liberty Brides #1)

  • Cindy
    I love mail order bride stories but this was pretty weak. Husband's views changed so fast I nearly got whiplash.
  • Mark Mcdaniel
    A book that fails on just about every level! The plot is predictable and lacks drama, the characters are so thin they might as well be flat-landers.
  • Carol Mcgrath
    A very nice story.This is a very nice story a d a quick read. Obama's husband had died shortly after coming to America. When her daughter Rosa became ill she didn't know what to do. She had met a woman who suggested that she become a mail order bride and helped her find a husband. She received a letter from Laar's who agreed to marry her. When they arrived he did not know that Rosa was sick and was quite upset when he found out. When Rosa was dyi...
  • Ogz
    I’m a big fan of Mail order bride storiesGiovanna a young widow with a daughter, randomly becomes a mail order bride. She leaves all she’d known since moving to the states from Italy and then finds herself in a similar position years later.Like every mail order bride, she’s uncertain of her marriage and her daughter’s life.This was extremely short that I felt there were important parts missing.Giovanna should have kept in touch with Mrs F...
  • Glenda Dykstra
    Lovely easy readIt is definitely a love story. I really enjoyed it. It was too short though. :-) other than the length, it was a good tale. It could use a little more fleshing out and would be much more.
  • greg hebert
    Very interesting bookliked Giovanna determination to raise her daughter no matter what. Did not like husbands lack understanding until he realized howMuch he had at stake after understanding proved how much he really caredLiked From your
  • Bonnie E Case
    Good short story This is a sweet story. I like it a lot. This story had me from the first page. This us a clean Christian story and I highly recommend it.
  • Danielle Carpenter
    Characters are lackingMaybe due to the length but I felt the story could have been more promising but the characters somehow lost in this book.
  • Carma
    Cute storyNice and short. Sort of an elementary writing style, but it kept me hooked until the end. I hope she keeps writing!
  • Cheryle wilson
    ShortI didn't know this was a short story. Was good a made me cry. I wish it was a novel
  • Hanna
    Unique plotMy biggest complaint with this book is that it felt like a novella. I felt shortchanged because just when I was really getting into the story it ended.
  • Eric L. Crowell
    Sweet romanceI liked book and the sweet romance. Learned more of Giovanna t Han Lars but it was good. I'd read it again.
  • Ruth A Calvin
    It was okay. But author could have made the connection between the couple take more time. I wouldn't recommend it though I gave it four stars.
  • Diane Bailey
    Short and cleanI enjoy mail order bride stories. This one was simple and short. It was free from sexual tension and descriptions. Fluffy light read
  • Kelley Marie
    Sweet romanceThis was a really sweet book. Great story and lovable characters. I liked the story. The little girl was a lovely addition to the plot.
  • Sue Ferryman
    Short Story.Surprised the story was so short, but it had a good storyline. It is hard to develops characters, but I did enjoy it.
  • Melanie
    Loved it. A fan!I'm a fan. A delightful read. I love Miss Dove and her unique take on humankind. Loved it! Give us more Lorena.
  • Ppianogirl1963gmail.Com
    Quick readA good book but short. I enjoy books about mail order brides. I'll continue the series. Just wish they were a little longer.
  • Patricia
    This was a good mail order bride story. I felt all her heartaches & was glad when husband realized what was important.
  • Shonda
    A sweet short readI wish the book was longer. I loved the characters and the plot was good. Would like to read more by Lorena Dove.
  • Janet Archambault
    RosaCute story. Italian and Swedish immigrants coming together to form a family with sick child pulling them together. A mail order bride book.
  • Pat Christie
    EbookShe’s a widow with a sickly child, she answers a mailorder bride add. He’s not ready for wife and child but there’s something about her ...
  • Alice
    Reminds reader of courage and adaptability of women settling the American west.good model of risk-taking
  • Elisabeth Turner
    History and InspirationImagine traveling for days to marry someone you've never met. The life of this mail order bride is heart-rending and inspiring.
  • Jeene Hobbs
    Mixing cultures in Dakota TerritoryAn Italian woman with an ill daughter travels west to marry a Scandinavian in Dakota Territory. It is a story of desperation, misunderstanding, and forming new families.
  • Debra Reeves
    this about a woman whose husband has died. she has little money to take care of her daughter. She becomes a mail order bride to take care of her daughter.
  • Lauren
    Giovanna2.5 starsNot too exciting and I did not really get into the story. The characters were one dimensional and boring to read about.
  • MissyLynne
    Okay story. Would have been better if written as regular fiction rather than Christian fiction. It was not even lukewarm in the romance department.
  • Patti Brennan
    A good book A story of love lost and found a new. It was an easy book to read and it was enjoyable