The Agony House by Cherie Priest

The Agony House

Denise Farber has just moved back to New Orleans with her mom and step-dad. They left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and have finally returned, wagering the last of their family's money on fixing up an old, rundown house and converting it to a bed and breakfast.Nothing seems to work around the place, which doesn't seem too weird to Denise. The unexplained noises are a little more out of the ordinary, but again, nothing too unusual. But when flo...

Details The Agony House

TitleThe Agony House
Release DateSep 25th, 2018
PublisherScholastic Inc.
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Horror, Young Adult, Mystery, Fiction

Reviews The Agony House

  • Kelsey
    ***Big thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review***This book is definitely different from what I normally read. I have never been into graphic novels, not that I'm against them, they just haven't been my thing. But this cover is gorgeous and I was intrigued by the synopsis. I had REALLY hoped that it would have been a BIT more scary. This book focuses on a young girl, Denise, who moves back to New Orleans y...
  • Akoss
    @Kidlitexchange #partner - I received a copy of this book from the Kidlitexchange network in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.Releases 9/25/18Denise and her family move back to New Orleans in hopes of changing their fortune by renovating an old house and turning it into a bed and breakfast. Old houses are a tricky business to handle but when it becomes undeniable that the house didn't want Denise and her family around, she d...
  • Billie
    A New Orleans haunted house story with graphic novel elements? Yes, Please!For someone who devoured a steady diet of Lois Duncan as a tween, this was right up my alley. Bonus points to Ms. Priest for including social, racial, and economic issues in a way that is educational but not preachy. And a healthy step-parent/step-kid relationship? Extra bonus points, plus gold stars and sparkles. (And unicorns and donuts for the shout-out to indie booksel...
  • Cassi
    This book was amazing! Everything I wanted it to be and more. I loved I Am Princess X and I was really excited to hear that she had a new book coming out in a similar format. I saw copies available at ALA and I picked it up without even reading the synopsis. Then I read the synopsis and was even more excited.It was incredibly apropos that I received a copy of this book at ALA in New Orleans because this is a book set in New Orleans, which is just...
  • Taylor
    See full review on my link text my blog of reviews on books that haven't come out yet!I picked this one up because not only was it a ghost story, but it's also part graphic novel, which I thought was the coolest thing! I liked it and the ending was cute.I really liked how the characters weren't in denial about ghosts the whole time because that just takes away from the story so I'm happy that didn't happen. The cast of characters was interesting ...
  • Jennifer Hill
    A hybrid of text and graphic novel. Denise has just moved back to New Orleans with her mom and step-dad. They are planning on fixing up an old, dilapidated house into a bed and breakfast, but the neighborhood is not exactly welcoming. Weird things start to happen in the house, unexplained things and Denise begins to research what happened in the house and learns a famous author died there. She begins to realize there are TWO spirits, one that is ...
  • Engel Dreizehn
    Whoa! I blown away again just like "Princess X" which I considering this book to be a "spiritual successor" of. It had very fast paced action and intrigue abound all tightly woven...I did not see that ending coming! The supernatural elements was so light and subtle that it makes the reader wonder was that real or not? Plus the amazing comic-text hybrid makes the narrative every immersive and an enjoyable ride!
  • Jenn
    I was a little disappointed that this mystery/horror story is not as well written as Priest's earlier work, I Am Princess X. I do appreciate her combination of graphic novel and prose.
  • Carrie Shaurette
    Read for School Library Journal review.