Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #4 by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #4

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Details Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #4

TitleChilling Adventures of Sabrina #4
Release DateOct 7th, 2018
PublisherBoom! Studios
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Horror, Graphic Novels, Paranormal, Witches, Comic Book

Reviews Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #4

  • Karen
    Things continue to get darkerI knew what was coming and still was hoping for a reprieve for Harvey. I have always had a soft spot for him and was hoping for the best. Ms. Satan is causing some serious trouble and she is not done yet. Betty and Veronica got a bit of a surprise too. This is a tight and suspenseful take that only gets darker as you move forward.
  • Mel
    Man, this strip started out surprisingly grim and dark, and it just turned things up to overdrive. Harvey Kinkle, the love of Sabrina's life, has--Well, you gotta read it to see what happens.I was stunned.A lot of things happened in this issue. Sabrina learned more about her legacy and her aunts (had new thoughts about the dinners they had together) and there is a cameo with Veronica and Betty that is creepy and campy at the same time.There's a l...
  • Lu
    4.5/5 ★¡No! este rompió mi corazón en pedazos, pobre Sabrina, ahora temo por lo que esté dispuesta hacer.La tía Hilda y Zelda muy malvadas (no me acostumbro a ello) y esto se está poniendo cada vez mejor.
  • Hope (HopelessBookAddict)
    Dark and spooky. Unexpected ending but I loved it!
  • Joanne Myers
    Another good readThe more I read the more I enjoy this. Considering I was dubious at the beginning its really growing on me and quite interesting
  • Vikki
    Super sad volume of SabrinaSabrina’s 16th Birthday celebration and baptism into the coven is interrupted by Harvey with sad results. I feel so bad for Sabrina.
  • Cori DeVerse
    I really liked these comics. I am delving more into the comic world and I am definitely liking what I am finding! I love horror novels and I've read a few horror graphic novels, so far these were one of my favorites. I think they're even basing the new tv show that's coming out partially off of this. I like the darker side of these comics...everyone expects (probably because of the tv show) that nothing that bad will ever happen, but I think that...
  • Priya
    Poor Sabrina :(
  • Kate
    Love the cover of this! In which Sabrina has emotions about Harvey, and did I mention how much I like Ambrose? And how Sabrina's aunts are really quite frightening?
  • Bruna ♛
    3/5 [SPOILERS]Achei a morte do Harvey muito triste, o tempo todo queria ele de volta. Meu coração doeu. Achei bem aleatório a Betty e a Veronica aparecerem nos quadrinhos, mas é bem legal ver novas faces. É uma leitura rapidinha e bem gostosinha! Acredito que lerei o resto dos issues hoje!
  • Terica Brester
    Suspenseful This horror side of Sabrina is really good so far. It’s suspenseful and leaves me wanting more. Especially with the cliffhangers. I’m not a fan of the art in this series, but I can get over it because the story is entertaining.
  • Ginger Woods
    I thought the scene of him running from the guys was a bit misplaced but I guess it does make sense later in the comic. I also loved the artwork is was so gritty and a bit raunchy and I love that the evil witch (view spoiler)[tricked Sabrinas boyfriend into kissing her and killed him. (hide spoiler)]
  • DJ
    so good!
  • Melissa
    Dang...another dark volume.I kind of hope this ISN'T how the CW show will be. -- YIKES!
  • Taira Cangro
    Well now...Omg I'm so sad :( I feel so bad for Sabrina, she didn't deserve any of what happened, and I wish this didn't happen to Harvey.
  • Julia
    I really love this comic. Dark and gritty and enjoyable.
  • Sandy
    WowChilling. For a graphic novel or comic book its excellent. Well written and illustrated. Not like the TV series though.
  • Daniela
    Love is the origin of chaos.
  • mghrebia
    ok but why kill harvey her one true love T.T
  • Ally Bryan
  • david Henao
    Good plotEasy to get involved with the characters and nice to read some horror set in the 70's good plot and art
  • Anto Tilio
    Se puso fuerte enseguida, y el final :O Estúpida Madam Satan.
  • Joseph W Colen Jr
    Dark dark funIt's a blast seeing Sabrina and the Riverdale teens so dark and horrible and gruesome. I'm absolutely hooked on series.
  • Rebecca Timberlake
    Archie!Clever little tie-in. I thought it was going to be a one off earlier in the series, but hopefully it continues.
  • Val Cuellar
    Chillier, darker, but I still think that it takes so much effort to make it witchier and scarier. Yes, I now know is part of the Archie's ”universe” and because of that, I would keep reading it.
  • Chloe (QuothTheBookLover)
    This series is so weird but I love it, I 100% regret reading it at midnight but it’s fine, I’ve never minded sleeping with the light on!
  • Samantha Gillogly
    This is the comic book series that makes me want to read comics again. I am just head-over-heels for this thing. It's an inventively dark new spin on an old franchise, and it does not shy away from gore and genuine terror. Aguirre-Sacasa is doing an excellent job of pacing the characters' origin stories alongside a tense and intriguing plotline. And can we talk about the amazing artwork? Hack's eerie, evocative illustrations are 100% spooky autum...
  • Janis Ismail
    4+ bye-bye-birdie-harvey stars.
  • Lynne
    Love this spin on the "Sabrina the teenage witch" story.
  • Michelle