Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

Never Split the Difference

A former international hostage negotiator for the FBI offers a new, field-tested approach to high-stakes negotiations—whether in the boardroom or at home.After a stint policing the rough streets of Kansas City, Missouri, Chris Voss joined the FBI, where his career as a hostage negotiator brought him face-to-face with a range of criminals, including bank robbers and terrorists. Reaching the pinnacle of his profession, he became the FBI’s lead ...

Details Never Split the Difference

TitleNever Split the Difference
Release DateMay 17th, 2016
GenreBusiness, Nonfiction, Psychology, Self Help, Favorites, Language, Communication

Reviews Never Split the Difference

  • Pouting Always
    A lot of what affects how much you enjoy these books is, again, how self aware you are or how much consideration you've given to how you talk to people and the best way to get what you want from others. If you already easily have any easy time convincing people, or have thought about it and are self aware of how you behave and talk to others then I don't think any of these things are going to be surprising or helpful but if you haven't ever actua...
  • James Q. Golden
    I'm sorry, but it seems you're looking for a review to help you decide if you Really want to read this book--if it's worth your time--or not. Wondering if somebody would be kind enough to provide you with that one review which would appeal to your tastes.I have EXACTLY what you're looking for, but why would I provide it for you? I'm thinking No. Go ahead: tell me. Why would I bother saving your time with an eloquent and thorough review that would...
  • Rita Arens
    I actually TOOK NOTES on this book.
  • Mark
    One of the best books I've read over the last few years. In my opinion, the title does NOT do it justice. While this is applicable to negotiating, and the title DOES highlight a critical component, this book is valuable to MANY types of negotiating, even situations that we may not consider to be negotiating... things that happen every day. This borrows heavily from behavioral and neuro science areas to get at the way people work (all of us). It o...
  • ScienceOfSuccess
    tl;dr My animated summary of Never Split the Difference is available here: Voss is a former FBI hostage negotiator. If you want to learn how to negotiate, he’s your top teacher. Every chapter in his book is a lesson. Each of them feels like an episode of some crime TV series. Every lesson is based on a real-life example from author’s involvement with hostage negotiations. After the storytelling, Chris explain...
  • Mario Velarde
    Fantastic book. While I recommend it to everyone, I almost don't want to give away a competitive edge and prefer no one reads it--it's that good!
  • Simon Clark
    A very practical, easy to read book on the various psychological tricks and techniques you can use in persuading people to see things your way. I was recommended to read this with regards to negotiating with brands (making sponsored video content) and it has certainly beefed up my skillset. I've actually already used a bunch of tips from this book outside of formal negotiations, and I can confirm that much as some of the tricks sound unnatural on...
  • Christopher Lawson
    “WE’VE GOT YOUR SON. GIVE US ONE MILLION DOLLARS OR HE DIES!"And so begins this surprising book. The author begins the book by relating his experience at a prestigious seminar at Harvard University. Several of the college's top negotiators put him on the spot to see how he would negotiate in a hypothetical hostage negotiation. The author held his own against the expert negotiators, surprising the professors. How did he do so well? Mr. Voss ex...
  • Petr Bela
    One of the most useful books I've ever read. Full of great tips, practical examples and surprising points about negotiating (without the other party feeling they've been cheated), which can be used in business, school, or any casual situation.A few points I've remembered:- Every negotiation starts with a "no". If you start with questions leading to "yes" (Do you want to help the world? Do you think we should stop animal abuse? ...), the other par...
  • Philipp
    Update 31 October 2017:I used one of the techniques presented here (if you're asking for money, make the number look as precise as possible to imply that you've thought deeply about what exactly you need) in a small grant application to sequence some seagrasses and the grant was awarded in full, nice! Sadly I can't prove that it was awarded because I used a precise number...Original text:Fun short book from a former hostage negotiation expert tur...
  • Sreejith Pp
    A very useful book and one who's ideas I plan to test in the near future. I felt there was a lot of common ground with the charisma myth.
  • Tomáš
    Nejlepší knížka o vyjednávání, jakou jsem zatím četl. Žádná suchá teorie nebo vykalkulovaná soupiska rad bez šťávy a hloubky. Kdepak. Chris je bývalý šéf vyjednávač FBI a je to znát. Oceňuji přiznané neúspěchy i následné ponaučení. Skvělá je polemika nad klasickými přístupy, například kritika klasické 'Getting to yes', pod kterou se můžu, byť jen jako laik, podepsat. V praxi jsem vyzkoušel pár rad a b...
  • Luboš
    Zajímavá a nad očekávání praktická kniha o vyjednávání. Raději jsem se připravoval, že budu zklamaný, ale zbytečně. Jednu hvězdičku si schovávám, protože to jistě lze napsat ještě o něco lépe, abych si z toho sedl na zadek. Ideální by bylo s praktickým cvičením, ale určitě něco zkusím sám i bez učitele.Nejspíš opravdu popisuje aktuální trendy ve vyjednávání, protože se v mnohém shodoval s tím, co na ...
  • Alper Çuğun
    Totally delivers what it promises and then some: a Talebian addition to the literature about negotiation. Good pace and a nice mix of theory, summary and real-world cases that makes this a thrilling read.
  • Rob
    Excellent !!The content. The writing style. The summary at the end of each chapterI make no illusion that I'm going to become a better negotiator just by reading it. It requires re reading (which I'm planning to do) and practice and experience
  • Grahamshircore
    tried to use it when negotiating for a new car. Epic fail. Will need to spend a bit more time on it.
  • Annie
    The book should have been titled "Start at No in Negotiations." Often, a "no" means "wait" or "I'm not comfortable with that." Probe deeper and listen carefully to uncover key information behind the "no" (such as "I want to but I don't have the money now" or "it is actually my spouse, not me, who doesn't agree"). This is a much more effective approach than trying to get the counterpart to say "yes," which the person might say just to get rid of y...
  • Andrei Savu
    Powerful like a knife or fire. It reads as a description of a military tool that can be used to nurture, drive change and action but also to exploit so many of the biases that plague us as humans in a very effective way. I find some ideas very challenging from an ethical and moral perspective outside of the FBI crisis negotiation realm but that doesn't dimish their power. Definitely worth reading multiple times. Take what you need to improve your...
  • Jeff
    This is by far the best book on negotiation I've ever read and newly entered into my top reads list. Never split the difference takes conventional thinking that negotiating is logical, is about "getting to yes" and "splitting the difference" to get achieve a "win-win" situation, then flips that thinking on it's head. The author frames negotiation as two parties working collaborating where the situation is the adversary - what a great way to appro...
  • Mikedariano
    Anyone will get something useful from this book. At the start of this old Nintendo (NES) game a player had to choose one of four characters. There was a footman, archer, wizard, and thief (I think). Each character had certain features. The footman was slow but strong. The archer was fast but weak and so on. None were perfect and after I died I always thought that if I only had the speed of the archer and strength of the footman. That idea came up...
  • Matthew
    This book on negotiating also happens to be the best book on sales I've read in a long, long time. Most folks just skim the surface in their interactions with others, but this book will teach you how to set your ego and fears aside to break through the facades we project. Among other incredible insights, the author reveals techniques to uncover the information that makes a sale happen or not happen (what he refers to as black swans).
  • Simon Eskildsen
    What a phenomenal book. Who would've thought we could learn so much from a field that could not be further from our life: hostage negotiation. In the end this is a book about listening. It's a book about making people feel listened to. This is a compilation of secret weapons that works like black magic when put into practise. Read the three first chapters, try it, and I promise you will not be disappointed.
  • Srakyi
    Užitečná knížka. Mám hromadu poznámek a už trénuju implementaci - zatím na diskusích s dětmi, když nastane krizová situace doma :)
  • Pavel Annenkov
    Эта книга поменяла мои многие установки про переговоры. Очень чётко, без воды и множество примеров из практики автора.
  • Adam McNamara
    This is an exceptional book. Never Split the Difference is to negotiating what Thinking, Fast and Slow was to psychology.(view spoiler)[The book's negotiation strategy is simple. People are not rational analysts as negotiating books would have you think. They're human - full of emotions, desires, cognitive biases. Therefore, your tactics should exploit these biases.A skilled negotiator is empathetic. They build rapport with their counter-party an...
  • Vighnesh Rege
    Imagine ISIS has kidnapped some US politician's son and are demanding a ransom and you are tasked with the negotiations. Seemingly, ISIS has all the leverage here and you have none. What if you heard of someone who has handled such negotiations and managed to free the hostage and not pay any ransom. That someone is Chris Voss, ex-head of FBI's International Hostage Negotiation unit. And he is now intent on applying his learnings to negotiations w...
  • Alex
    There are not a lot of books I keep in easy reach; books that I plan to reference over and over again for the rest of my life. Books so good that reading them is not enough, I must return to that well of knowledge repeatedly as I walk through life. Chris Voss' "Never Split the Difference" is one of those books. While the title sounds harsh, this is ultimately a book on negotiating well in your day-to-day life. The goals are normal: Get a good dea...
  • Leigh Kramer
    I've always been fascinated by novels and movies about hostage negotiators. I have a calming personality and when I was figuring out what to do after college, I briefly considered crisis negotiation as a career. My hat is off to everyone who does this kind of work. When I started reading this, I wasn't sure how much direct application it would have to my life and I was astounded by how much I learned. Chapter 4 on the role of No was a game-change...
  • Ties
    Very valuable book.The author shares both his own and his students' experience profusely and this completely 'makes' this book. While the most striking stories are from his FBI (hostage) negotiation days the business examples drive their point. His method is straightforward enough that I already found myself 'thinking ahead' in the examples that illustrate the various techniques and I see myself actually implementing this in day-to-day business l...
  • Yuri Chesses
    Very good book. Well written and put together, easily digestible sections which made you feel like you could actually put it to use and understand the basics. I tested this out on my recent trip to Mexico and did very well with the advanced anchor technique. Something that really stuck out for me was how well he seemed to detach emotion from the negotiation process, something which seemed like a key concept. Good summary at the end as well