Fierce Like a Firestorm (Hibiscus Daughter, #2) by Lana Popović

Fierce Like a Firestorm (Hibiscus Daughter, #2)

In the bewitching conclusion to Lana Popovic’s sumptuous and romantic teen fantasy duology, Malina must use her gleam to rescue her twin sister from a magical power more dangerous than Death.Twin sisters Iris and Malina thought they knew how to reverse the ancient curse that haunts their line, the spell that destines them to use their gleams—unique forms of beauty-manipulating magic—to entice and enchant none other than Death himself.But bo...

Details Fierce Like a Firestorm (Hibiscus Daughter, #2)

TitleFierce Like a Firestorm (Hibiscus Daughter, #2)
Release DateAug 21st, 2018
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreFantasy, Young Adult

Reviews Fierce Like a Firestorm (Hibiscus Daughter, #2)

  • Jenny
    I didn't like this one quite as much as the first. I did like the magical world of Death, that was pretty cool, but otherwise not a lot seemed to be happening until the end. The writing is still beautiful, though, and I love the two sisters. I really wanted more Luka in this one though!
  • Breanna
    this book took a turn for the worse and went downhill real fast after that.(view spoiler)[Here's a Tip: Maybe don't have both the protagonist and her established love interest have sex with other people in the middle of the sequel? What the actual fuck. (hide spoiler)]
  • Anniek
    As much as I enjoyed the first book in this duology, this was a letdown for me. While it was imaginative, it didn't live up to its potential, mostly because hardly anything happened throughout the entire book.
  • Shima
    I probably have, but at the moment I can't remember reading any other book that took as long to pick up as this one. The first half of this book, if not more, is basically descriptions of Iris and Fjolar in their kingdom of wonder. OOow look! The sky's filled with moons here. An infinite waterfall. A toxic garden. A ginormous tree. Now I'm not even one of those readers who are opposed to sensory descriptions. It was what I loved about Wicked Like...
  • Danielle
    I desperately need books to give us some kind of summary/reminder as to what happened in the previous novel. I read Wicked like a Wildfire a year ago and was anticipating the second book. I’m of an age now where finding time to read is a luxury and rereading ahead of publication is not something I want to dedicate a lot of time to. Trying to move back into this world felt exhausting in a few pages – as others have said, at times the text is f...
  • Victoria Moschou
    "Nothing but love was ever free, and often not even that."~Fierce Like A Firestorm, by Lana PopovićI read Wicked Like A Wildfire last year, I fell in love with the story and the characters and when I found out that the sequel was coming out this summer, I just had to read it! 💜Yet again, technically speaking, this book was filled with beautiful, long descriptions, both of this world and another, otherworldly handsome dimension. It was lyri...
  • Booklepuff
    I absolutely loved Wicked like a Wildfire so I was super excited for Fierce like a Firestorm to come out and I wasn’t disappointed! I give this sequel 4.5 stars and it only falls short of 5 stars for a couple of reasons! Firstly I loved that the book was split between both girls POV rather than just Iris (although I do love the Iris chapters more it was great to get an overview of what was going on for both sisters). I feel like the plot had go...
  • Anne-Wil
    I’m not entirely sure about this book. It took me a while to get into, some kind of summary (especially with an intricate story like this). Once I got into it, I could follow it. However, the story didn’t have a hold on me like the previous book had. I mostly finished it because I wanted to know how it would end, not because I really enjoyed the story. It also got a bit of an open ending, which I don’t like.Still, I gave three stars, becaus...
  • Mandy Anderson
    I started out enjoying the multiple perspectives in this book, but Malina’s really lacked for me. Her character development was rushed and only happened towards the last 50 or so pages which was frustrating.However with all that being said, I did enjoy the book.
  • Mira
    It took me several days to write this review; not because the book was bad or I didn’t enjoy it, but I was so invested in the story that some of the author’s decisions broke my heart and I needed some time to get some objectivity, perspective, and calm down enough to think about the events without sending ten texts to my boyfriend about how sad I am.So, prepare yourselves.It was an excellent follow-up to Wicked like a Wildfire, with all the s...
  • Paula Clapon
    It was just perfect! Exceptionally well-written, I loved the character development. A magical book, emotional and astonishing.
  • Renee
    Eeeek such a beautiful ending to this story!
  • Brianna
    The writing was just as beautiful as the first book. I can't say that this one captured me as much as thr first did, but it was stillna wonder to read.
  • Andy Kornylo
    See full review for Fierce Like a Firestorm at: https://toomanybooksnotenoughshelves....This book took me way too long to read, and I’m guessing that the reason it did was because the concept with fractuals and magic and spells just got to be too confusing. There were moments that I went and did everything else just so that I wouldn’t read this book. But I knew at some point I had to finish it, and when I finally sat down and focused on it I ...
  • Teenreadsdotcom
    FIERCE LIKE A FIRESTORM is an incredible follow-up to Lana Popović’s debut, WICKED LIKE A WILDFIRE. Bursting with gorgeous prose and stunning characters, the duology is truly magical and one of the best series I’ve had the privilege of reading.Set in Montenegro, the series introduces readers to twins Malina and Iris. The two live with their mother and de-facto Grandfather in Cattaro, hidden from the rest of the world due to their gleam --- m...
  • Maja
    So it would have been hard for me to love this as much as I loved the first one, given the sheer magnitude of my feelings about it; in terms of style, plot, character arc, and taking the story to a decent conclusion, it definitely does a decent to great job, across the board. I enjoyed it as a story, and I appreciated seeing what became of the girls, and I loved getting Malina's POV, and I REALLY love that it complicated our understanding of who ...
  • Leonie Byrne
    I have come to the conclusion recently that sequels tend to be disappointing. I'm happy to say that this is not the case with Fierce Like a Firestorm. I absolutely fell in love with Wicked Like a Wildfire last year. It really drew me in with its magic, folklore and the beautiful setting of Montenegro. After the revelations of book one, Fierce Like a Firestorm was one of my most highly anticipated books of this year. As usual when reviewing a sequ...
  • Amanda
    This did not disappoint. All the beauty of the first one was here and the story didn't let up. Iris and Malina have been separated after trying to break the curse on their family. They have to learn to rely on themselves without leaning on each other all the time. The cast of characters is fairly large, and the intricate family tree can be daunting, but the author does a fantastic job weaving it all together in a way that's not overwhelming. The ...
  • Lyrand
    I loved the first book. I absolutely loved it. I waited anxiously for a whole year for this.I cannot even adequately express my disappointment right now. I applaud the writing, but oh my God, I cannot with the romance. This had a very specific pet peeve of mine in it plus its own delightful spin on it that ruined the entire book for me.This is a completely personal opinion and my emotions are running high, because I just finished it but the roman...
  • Jamie
    i can't believe it's over. the dynamic differences between Malina and Iris are echoed through every part of this book. i think my heart broke at every other chapter over what they had to sacrifice or push through so they could save so much more than themselves. I can't say im surprised that the two most volatile women feel like they need to leave to save the others in the end but it doesn't hurt any less that after all they accomplished they stil...
  • Julie
    I picked up the first in the series at the library and brought it along on holiday, and when I finished it, ordered this one right away. It didn't disappoint. The writing is lush, exotic, and typically where I am not fond of overly descriptive narrations, the writing fit the setting and characters. I was a tad disappointed with one of the characters mid-book, however, it didn't stop me from reading through. I especially loved Mara and Jasma. I lo...
  • Johanna Kraynak
    This book was even more of a mess than the first one. I enjoy the detail and care the author put into the setting and descriptions of everything, but nothing connected. Each chapter seemed like a vignette into its own and never connect emotional or literarily to tell us anything fully. The cover art is gorgeous but I was greatly disappointed. And there was unnecessary stuff, like the cat.
  • Katie O
    This plot felt like it had a lot of potential but just wrapped up way too quickly. The ending actually took a little piece of my heart with its abruptness—like the sisters were so close, and that's what happened? Also, the end battle felt a little Pirates of the Carribean 3 with a giant goddess figure. Wouldn't mind a spin-off of the other coven.
  • Judith Moore
    More like 3.5 ish, enjoyed the book but got a bit stuck in some of the passages.
  • Ali
    I need to talk to someone about this book
  • hajira islam akhter
    BeautifulBoth of the books really set !y.imagination afire, I feel bereft without them. I really got immersed in their world.Truly adore these books, they are wonderful