The Mountain Midwife by Laurie Alice Eakes

The Mountain Midwife

For nearly two hundred years, women in Ashley Tolliver’s family have practiced the art of midwifery in their mountain community. Now she wants to take her skills a step further, but attending medical school means abandoning those women to whom she has dedicated her life, the mountains she loves, and the awakening of her heart.Ashley Tolliver has tended to the women of her small Appalachian community for years. As their midwife, she thinks she h...

Details The Mountain Midwife

TitleThe Mountain Midwife
Release DateDec 15th, 2015
GenreContemporary, Fiction, Christian Fiction, Romance

Reviews The Mountain Midwife

  • Shantelle
    4.5 stars! I really, really enjoyed this book! ^_^ I should probably stop saying that I don't like contemporary fiction, because I keep finding gems in this genre! I've read some of Laurie Alice Eakes's historicals, and was expecting The Mountain Midwife to be one also. As it turns out, it's a sort of contemporary companion novel to one of her historical series about midwives. At first I was disappointed. But that soon changed!The story centers o...
  • Beth
    More like 3.5!The Mountain Midwife opens with an engaging scene that pulled me immediately into Ashley Toliver’s world – that of a midwife for the women of a small Appalachian community. Awakened in the night, the last thing that Ashley expects is an abduction of her patient right after the birth. This light mystery takes off from there, pulling in another mystery of Hunter McDermott’s birth mother. Both of these threads intertwine nicely a...
  • Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower)
    Laurie Alice Eakes quite simply has a way with words… and with characters. I was delighted to see these strengths just as evident in The Mountain Midwife, her first contemporary novel, as in her historicals. The fact that characters in The Mountain Midwife descended from characters in two of her historical series made it just all the more thrilling for a book adorer like me.When I read novels like this, books that wink at the author’s other w...
  • Mandi
    As a former OB nurse, I generally adore novels that have midwifery in them. However, this novel felt like a mix of Harlequin romance and Christian fiction and was defiantly not for me. Unrealistic, cheesy at times and the ending was far too tidy for the situation.
  • Angie Fehl
    Ashley Tolliver has been carrying on the tradition of Appalachian midwifery that's run through her family for centuries. Lately though, she's felt compelled to temporarily leave her community to pursue a medical degree, so that she might serve her community that much better. Her hesitation lies in the possibility of offending family or community members with her decision. Mountain midwives get plenty of flack from "city doctors" for their lack of...
  • Rebecca
    Set against the lush backdrop of the Appalachia mountains in southern Virginia, "The Mountain Midwife" traces a lineage of midwives straight to Ashley Tolliver, a young woman who is determined to pursue medical school in order to advance her skills beyond those of a trained midwife. One troubling night changes everything; a young pregnant teen delivers a baby at Ashley's in-home clinic, bleeding terribly and then mysteriously disappearing with th...
  • Daphne Self
    I've always find myself enjoying any historical novel by Laurie Alice Eakes. Historical novels have always been synonymous with her name. It was Lady in the Mist that first introduced me to her midwife series. From the start, I read each one and proceeded to other novels written by her. With The Mountain Midwife, Laurie Alice Eakes reintroduces her midwife line and life in the Appalachians, but this time it is a foray into a contemporary setting....
  • Joyce
    The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through Book Look Bloggers.Laurie Alice Eakes ventured into the world of contemporary fiction with the writing of this book, which raises my curiosity about her previous work, which is historical in nature. This being my first read by this author, my intent is not to criticize.While romance is not my favorite genre, nor midwifery my favorite subject, I really enjoyed reading thi...
  • Maureen Timerman
    Ashley and Hunter paths cross in unexpected ways, and their lives and all that they have ever believed have then shaken to the core.Ashley has put her life wish of becoming a doctor on hold as she gave up her studies and came home to help her Grandmother and in the end take over her practice. She is still saving and planning to eventually go back to school and fulfill her dream.Hunter is and engineer and has lived a very affluent life in the Wash...
  • Rachael
    This was my first read by this author, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It follows a lady who came from a long line of midwives. She wished to become a doctor so she could better help the people in the Appalachian mountains. However, to do this she must leave her current patients. Is she really ready to do this? Are her patients really the motive?This story was enjoyable. Hunter has a mystery to solve about his birth. He needs to track down informati...
  • Kelly
    A nice, easy story to escape into. Made the time pass quickly while waiting in the hospital
  • Sheila
    Light romance with decent storyline.
  • Stacey
    While the opening chapters pulled me in, it went downhill from there. Could not finish when I got to the part where after defending the highly educated background and training that she and her friend had completed, the main character helps her friend feel better by encouraging her to freshen up her makeup. Not for me.
  • Denise
    The Mountain Midwife: A Novel is the first book I've read by Laurie Alice Eakes. The story sounded so interesting and intriguing that I wanted to pick it up and read it right away. The storyline reminded me of Jolina Petersheim's The Midwife, which is one of my all-time favorite books, so I went into it eagerly expecting another page turner. The front cover is absolutely gorgeous and looks super inviting. The back cover reads:"For nearly two hund...
  • Kristina
    The Mountain Midwife by Laurie Alice Eakes is a heartwarming Christian novel two mysteries in it. Ashley Tolliver is twenty-nine years old and a certified nurse midwife. Women in Ashley’s family have been midwives for over two hundred years. One night she is awakened by pounding on her door. A young woman with a man are on her doorstep. The young woman is in labor and needs assistance. Ashley lets them in and delivers the baby. The young woman ...
  • Amy
    Thanks to Zondervan Fiction & Netgalley for the ARC. I'm giving 'The Mountain Midwife 3 1/3 to 4 stars, and the reason is this. While Laurie Alice Eakes books are some of my most enjoyable reads, and yes this was very different from the English based books of hers I've read, this story ended in a way that didn't seem to come together as you've been led along to believe throughout the story.. Without spoilers, which I don't like to write in a revi...
  • Lisa Johnson
    Title: The Mountain MidwifeAuthor: Laurie Alice EakesPages: 352Year: 2015Publisher: ZondervanMy rating is 5 stars.Laurie Alice Eakes is a new author to me and I loved the main characters, Ashley along with Hunter. Ashley is a descendent of women in her family’s line who practice midwifery. Ashley is also a nurse who would love to be able to seek a doctorate in order to bring better care to the women she serves. Hunter is an engineer who has tra...
  • Nicole
    My first Fiction Guild book!!! I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I have to be honest when I first received this book, just looking at the cover made me think "Man this book just isn't going to be for me." I let it sit on my shelf for about a month. I just couldn't get the will power to let myself pick it up. I feel so bad about judging this book by it's cover and what I thought it could possibly be about. I thought it was goi...
  • Linda Wilson
    Ashley Tolliver has tended to the women of her small Appalachian community for years. As their midwife, she thinks she has seen it all. Until a young woman gives birth at Ashley’s home and is abducted just as Ashley tries to take the dangerously bleeding mother to the nearest hospital. Now Ashley is on a mission to find the woman and her newborn baby . . . before it’s too late.Hunter McDermott is on a quest—to track down his birth mother. A...
  • Diane
    The Mountain Midwife is both heartwarming and heart wrenching at times. This is a wonderful story of midwife, Ashley Tolliver, who serves the women of her county in Appalachia with dedication, love, faith and care. It is also the story of Hunter McDermott who discovers at 30 that he was adopted. He receives a call from a woman that says she is his bother and her sister needs his help in order to stay alive. This call takes him to the community wh...
  • Yvette
    The Mountain Midwife is a contemporary Christian romance with a great blend of sweet romance, mystery and suspense.Ashley Tolliver is a 29 year old midwife, single with cats, in a small area of the Appalachians. Hunter McDermott is a 32 year old engineer who travels the world digging tunnels. Their stories intertwine as she looks for answers to the abduction of a patient and he asks for information about his birth.The romance factor is slow build...
  • K. P.
    The Mountain Midwife builds on the stories from Laurie Alice Eakes, The Midwives Series, only this latest book is written in a current day setting. When her doorbell begins ringing in the middle of the night, Ashley Tolliver has no idea what to expect. Ashley is the midwife for her small Appalachian community; however, she has never seen this couple, standing on her doorstep, before. Now, Ashley must jump into action, as this young girl is about ...
  • Rebekah Gyger
    I have seen a lot of other great reviews of this story and I have to say that I agree with these... for the most part. The story starts off wonderfully, with an exciting incident that drives the story on, and a look at what it means to help those who need you. I was fully engaged and excited about this story until about halfway in.Toward the middle of the story, certain things started to take place that just did not add up. I wish I could explain...
  • Angela Bycroft
    A seamless blend of mystery and romance.The Mountain Midwife is a wonderful escape into the wild and remote Appalachian mountains, where centuries of Ashley Tolliver’s female descendants have faithfully cared for generations of women. Ashely is the latest in this line and takes her responsibilities seriously. But still she dreams of spreading her wings, and heading to the big smoke to study a medical degree with the dream of returning to her ho...
  • Jeanie
    He had never felt the lack of the knowledge until meeting this woman who seemed to draw some kind of strength from her heritage. Hunter McDermott has found out that he is not who he thought he was after the heels of rescue that was caught on youtube and brought him instant success. Hunter is a successful engineer, a man who cares about the world. His world suddenly comes to a standstill when he receives a phone call that his sister is in danger. ...
  • Katie Edgar
    I am very interested in midwifery, so this story was a compelling read! The Mountain Midwife has it all; everyday life and struggles, romance and mystery. I do think having a strong interest or curiosity of midwife skills makes this tale so engaging. My favorite part of the story were the characters though, and how real they were. This is not a light, fluffy book where characters are perfect or almost perfect with little annoying quirks. These ch...
  • Kav
    Exquisite mix of romance and mystery. This is Laurie Alice Eakes first contemporary novel and I was completely captivated. Has all the intricacy and depth of her historical novels but with a modern twist. And woot -- book nerd alert -- Ashley is a direct descendant of Griff and Esther from Choices of the Heart and Tabitha and Dominick from Lady in the Mist. Loved that nod to her historical midwife series. I'm smitten by this setting. Eakes captur...
  • Savanna Kaiser
    Between the beautiful covers of this book, you'll find a fresh story that ties the history with the present in a unique way. Even though it's a contemporary tale, there's much of family heritage and the past that connects the plot and characters together. Well-written and unique, the book is full of suspense and twists as curvy as the mountain roads of the Appalachian community.There were, however, still a few things I had difficulty connecting t...
  • Ashley
    DNF I was intrigued by this book in the beginning. It definitely starts off with a bang. But ultimately it felt a bit cheesy and melodramatic. The characters started to get on my nerves because they seemed a bit unrealistic, and at times, obnoxious, to me. And I really got tired of hearing all the prejudices and cliches about Northern Virginia vs Southern Virginia. It was so over the top, I couldn't stand it. I'm originally from Northern Virginia...
  • Martha
    All the other books I had read by Ms. Eakes had been historical, so I was pleasantly surprised by a contemporary. I enjoy history, but there is something about a well written historical. When it is about midwives, birth and such, it is even better. This book portrays the life of a nurse midwife that works in a small Appalachian community. As such, she gives her viewpoint as such. I enjoyed the storyline, with a mystery interwoven throughout, brin...