Sycamore Gap (DCI Ryan Mysteries, #2) by L.J. Ross

Sycamore Gap (DCI Ryan Mysteries, #2)

THE EXPLOSIVE SEQUEL TO THE UK #1 BESTSELLER HOLY ISLAND The past never stays buried for long... Detective Chief Inspector Ryan believes he has put his turbulent history behind him. Then, in the early hours of the summer solstice, the skeleton of a young woman is found inside the Roman Wall at Sycamore Gap. She has lain undiscovered for ten years and it is Ryan's job to piece together her past. Enquiry lines cross and merge as Ryan is forced to f...

Details Sycamore Gap (DCI Ryan Mysteries, #2)

TitleSycamore Gap (DCI Ryan Mysteries, #2)
Release DateSep 9th, 2015
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
GenreMystery, Crime, Fiction, Thriller

Reviews Sycamore Gap (DCI Ryan Mysteries, #2)

  • Sue
    SYCAMORE GAP by L.J.Ross is a DCI Ryan Mystery, the SEQUEL TO BESTSELLER HOLY ISLAND, which I just finished reading. I would suggest reading these books in order to gain the full effect of the character development. I enjoyed this dark mystery even more than Holy Island. The past never stays buried for long... “Detective Chief Inspector Ryan believes he has put his turbulent history behind him. Then, in the early hours of the summer solstice, t...
  • PattyMacDotComma
    4.5★A body stuffed in a gap ten years ago points Ryan to his sister’s killer, but how? He’s in prison. LJ Ross has given us another in her excellent series about the handsome, troubled detective who is driven to find the killer who butchered his sister in front of his eyes.DCI Ryan and his now girlfriend, Anna, were introduced to us in Holy Island: A DCI Ryan Mystery. Both books are self-contained mysteries (in case you stumble on the secon...
  • Cora ☕ Tea Party Princess
    5 Words: Crime, murder, cult, history, trust.I'm definitely addicted. Addicted to DCI Ryan.I loved the twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat as I read. I also loved that this book had me researching various little titbits of local history (about three hours I think? Whoops!).There is a dark mixture of crime, obsession and history, with a creepy old cult of the rich and powerful thrown in for good measure. And it's a fantastic cockt...
  • G.J.
    The DCI Ryan #2 is a great follow up story to the first, entitled Holy Island. I think LJ Ross is a talented writer who creates well rounded characters, both good and bad and plenty of tension in her stories. I am not usually drawn to Detective series, but I confess that as I grew up in the North East of England my heart still resides there, and this series transports me back to so many familiar locations. As a teenager I enjoyed many school hiki...
  • Daniel Smith
    This was a great second book in the DCI Ryan series, although a little slow to start to the second half made up for it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Will be reading the next one.
  • Linda Strong
    DCI Ryan is back and just when he thinks everything has returned to normal and he can concentrate more on his relationship with Anna, a man stumbles across a skeleton.It belongs to a young girl who disappeared 10 years earlier and was hidden inside the Roman Wall at Sycamore Gap. Ryan is going to have to face his own past to discover who killed her and more importantly, why.As much as I enjoyed the first book, I think I like this one even better....
  • Jean
    What do the centuries old Hadrian’s Wall, Circle of Satanic worshipers, a serial killer, and DCI Maxwell Ryan have in common? Much more than one might think. LJ Ross has woven another dark, intense mystery involving Ryan and his colleague, Frank Phillips, as they attempt to unravel the interlocking puzzles of two murders: The skeleton of a young woman is found hidden within the old Roman wall; apparently it has been interred there for ten years...
  • Sarah
    This is the second book in the DCI Ryan series and another corker of a read. This has to be one of the best settings for a crime series. There is so much history as well as stunning views and even though there are plenty of murders that occur, that certainly didn't put me off wanting to move there. If anything I thought that at least house prices would be cheap with such a high death rate!Ryan is just starting to move on with his life with a litt...
  • Petra
    This follows on from the events in Holy Island, the first DCI Ryan mystery. Ideally, they should be read in order. I enjoyed this one even more than Holy Island. For starters, the romantic relationship between Ryan and Anna is handled so much better. It's become a lot more realistic. The plot relating to The Circle pushes the bounds of credibility a bit though, but I enjoyed how it was linked to Ryan's previous case before Holy Island. It added a...
  • Kate~Bibliophile Book Club
    Sycamore Gap by LJ RossMany thanks to the author and Maxine at Booklover Catlady Publicity Services for my review copy of Sycamore Gap.I was super excited to get a copy of this book, as I had read Louise's previous book in the series, Holy Island and loved it. You can read my review for Holy Island here. About the book: (via Goodreads)The past never stays buried for long... Detective Chief Inspector Ryan believes he has put his turbulent history ...
  • Misfits farm
    Another brilliant piece of writing from LJ Ross. A body found after many years by chance or is it? Is it the same killer as before, or a copycat or someone as yet undiscovered? Unknown they maybe but they know about Ryan and his life, girlfriend and contacts. Is "the circle" still active or is this completely different? Police are not always what they seem- or are they? Somethings are left undiscovered which is where the next book , I hope, will ...
  • Lorraine
    Well, I did try to get to grips with this - not once, but twice, but I simply couldn't get past the first few chapters.I know this book has received good reviews from other people, so I must be in the minority, but I found the writing quite poor and what looked to be a sub-plot about a satanic cult in positions of high power a bit too much.Definitely not for me
  • Pat O'Halloran
    Read the first few pages and realised it was going to be as bad as the first book so found something else to read
  • Mike Sumner
    Continues seamlessly from DCI Ryan Mysteries #1 Holy Island and the trilogy is completed (I think) with Heavenfield. There are so many threads running through from book #1 that it is necessary to start there, if you haven't read Holy Island. The satanic sect known as The Circle takes centre stage once again. What Ryan thought was over - isn't. The nightmare for Ryan was seeing his sister brutally murdered on Holy Island, the perpetrator finally b...
  • Jen
    In the second book in the DCI Ryan series, we join our eponymous hero some six months after the events on Holy Island which put his girlfriend Anna in mortal danger. Their relationship has grown immensely and while it may have seemed new and awkward in the first book, when we meet them again, it has become more rounded and comfortable. And while it is far from being the main focus of the novel, Ryan's fears for Anna do form a key part of the over...
  • Leila
    I bought and read ‘Holy Island’ the debut novel by an exciting new author - L J Ross. I was fascinated by this first truly spell-binding story and deeply impressed by the quality of style and content. As I live in the area and know Holy Island well this also drew me to the book. When ‘Sycamore Gap’ her second novel came onto the scene I wanted it immediately. I was kindly given a free copy to read by a fellow Goodreads author who had admi...
  • Kerry
    I finished this late last night (23rd December) and now I can't wait to start Heavenfield (The DCI Ryan mysteries Book 3).Having read and loved Holy Island (The DCI Ryan mysteries Book 1) I was very much looking forward to reading Sycamore Gap. DCI Ryan is the most intriguing character and I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with him and his team again.When the 10 year old remains of a young woman are found at Sycamore Gap DCI Ryan and his team...
  • Angie Rhodes
    Magic and Mayhem, in Sycamore Gap, just what DCI Ryan needs. When the skeleton of a young woman is discovered in a wall on the morning, on.the Summer Solstice,, a murder investigation is required. The skeleton has been hidden there for at least ten years, and the questions are :Who is she, how did she die, why and who the hell commited the murder and is it someone local. Soon Ryan is getting close, and his life is in danger, from a ruthless kill...
  • Kate
    Sycamore Gap is the sequel to Holy Island, and we meet DCI Ryan 6 months on, almost like catching up with an old friend. That being said, I believe this book would work as a standalone for someone new to the series, there is enough detail in the narrative for readers to grasp what happened previously - but why deprive yourself of the first book?!DCI Ryan is tasked with a murder investigation when skeletal remains are discovered amongst the stones...
  • J. Kahele
    'Come out, come out, wherever you are.'I am not one for prologues, but found in reading this book by LJ Ross, it was necessary to read it. It starts during the Summer Solstice, Amy is gazing out into the valley near a large Sycamore tree, when footsteps startle her and turns to see a man standing there. It is a man that Amy has been close to at one time. When he tries to kiss her, she pulls away realizing the attraction she once had for this man ...
  • Elisa
    I received a free copy from the author and Booklover Catlady Publicity in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much!No sophomore slump for DCI Ryan. After solving the case of the Holy Island murders, he and his team investigate old human remains buried in Hadrian's Wall. The case is 10 years old and the infamous Hacker, who murdered Ryan’s sister, may have committed it. There is also a conspiracy building a web around him (if you read th...
  • David Gilchrist
    Following her debut novel, Holy Island, this book continues the theme. If anything this new works is even better than her first book, the book keeps your interest from start to finish with unexpected twists along the way. A story set in the North East along Hadrians Wall well structured and gripping. A real page turner from page one to the last page. A must read book that leaves you with a tease at the end. I am now looking forward to the next bo...
  • Serian
    If you're looking for a trashy detective novel, this is gold. It's a very easy read, because it's pretty terrible. I enjoyed it thorougly.
  • Lorraine
    Enthralling! L.J. Ross’ Sycamore Gap, #2 of the DCI Ryan Mysteries, begins as an early morning hiker discovers a victim of a 10 year old murder whose grave is a small part of Hadrin’s Wall. Enter DCI Ryan and his team. This murder starts a path for Ryan that leads him back to horrific personal memories, a murderer who he would like to kill, and suspicions about department for which he passionately works. Dr. Anna Taylor faces fear, anger, and...
  • Shell Baker
    For those of you that have been wondering why I have been quiet on social media recently, Is because I have been devouring my way through this flawless series of books.Having read Holy Island and hearing that LJ Ross has a fourth book coming out, I felt it was time to play catch up having heard so many rave reviews. And OMG what a series this is, I have read them more or less back to back. And thought it would be easier to write one review for th...
  • Neats
    Sycamore Gap is the second in the DCI Ryan series and we pick up with Ryan six months after Holy Island.When human remains are discovered within the stones of Hadrian's Wall it's not long before DCI Ryan is called in to investigate but it soon becomes clear that everything is not as simple as it appears.As the body count rises, Ryan is caught up in a wild goose chase and it looks like he may have to revisit his previous case despite the official ...
  • Sarah
    A woman's body is found buried in Hadrian's Wall. It is the body of Amy Llewelyn who went missing 10 years ago. DCI Ryan and his team recognise the girl as her photo was amongst the possessions of the man responsible for the deaths in the first book in the series. However, when another body is found which was very recently killed the team realise that he couldn't have been responsible. This book continues the storyline which begins in the first b...
  • Jackie Roche
    I would like to thank Booklover Catlady Publicity and the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and open review.I read and loved "Holy Island", so I was looking forward to reading this sequel. I was certainly not disappointed. If anything I enjoyed it more. The reason being that although I had visited Holy Island grew up in Newcastle and Durham. I could visualise so many of the areas described.It is a real rol...
  • Jo
    Unlikeable characters.Unconvincing events.Uncomfortable 'romantic' scenes peppered throughout. Really unnecessary.Main character is the weirdest mix of a chauvinistic, judgemental male detective with dodgy come on lines who seemingly exhibits the emotions and thoughts of a woman. Very unsettling.Hated the 1st book, was really hoping the second would grow on me, but I think I hate it even more. I can't even face the 3rd. Wishing I had not bought 3...
  • Lexie Conyngham
    Well, it was a bit better than the first one, which I suppose is a good thing. It carried on many of the less plausible features of the plot of the first one, which sadly are still not resolved by the end. The book has pace, but not much else - the characters are still weak, and the 'hero' is terribly inconsistent. The setting was unconvincing, and I had serious trouble in remembering where I was most of the time. I shan't be reading another one ...