Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Emotional Intelligence

Everyone knows that high IQ is no guarantee of success, happiness, or virtue, but until Emotional Intelligence, we could only guess why. Daniel Goleman's brilliant report from the frontiers of psychology and neuroscience offers startling new insight into our "two minds"—the rational and the emotional—and how they together shape our destiny.Through vivid examples, Goleman delineates the five crucial skills of emotional intelligence, and shows ...

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TitleEmotional Intelligence
Release DateSep 26th, 2006
GenrePsychology, Nonfiction, Self Help, Business, Science, Personal Development

Reviews Emotional Intelligence

  • Taka
    Descriptive but not very practical--The main and only thesis of the book is: emotional intelligence is important. That's it. Goleman spends over 13 hours in this audiobook to pretty much buttress the thesis with evidence from various sources including psychology, medicine, and educational programs.The content is interesting at times but overall, the message got repetitive and I was looking for any useful information to put to use in my daily life...
  • Jim
    This visionary book by Daniel Goleman is one of the most important in my collection. I see it as a seminal contribution to understanding the human condition, and a roadmap of practical steps for living better, both within ourselves and with those around us.I begin by recommending the excellent review by Lars - a clear, well-written summary of the major points in the book.Here I will focus on 3 topics from the book: 1) the evolution of brain mecha...
  • Lars Guthrie
    After several years of looking at this seminal work on my to-read list, I am happy to have finally read it. It should be on the to-read list of educators and parents. To learn and to grow, children first need to be ready to learn and to grow. However, how and what we need to learn today can differ significantly from the requirements of our ancestors. Evolution equipped us with an early warning system, the limbic system of our brains and its marve...
  • Andy
    It certainly contains a lot of useful info, but boy, is it ever dense! Reading it is like hacking your way through a dense jungle with a dull machete. It must also be noted that it is most definitely of the school of 80's/90's "hard-wired" thinking about the brain, and hard-sells the view that, to put it simply, mind comes from brain, and not the other way around. In other words, nature, not nurture. (For comparison, try Sharon Begley's Train You...
  • Tina
    I read this book after a big break up and it really opened my eyes to how I contributed to that break up. It's extremely important to have emotional intelligence and this is a fascinating discussion behind the theory and science of EI.
  • د. حمدان
    ذكاء المشاعر – دانيال غولماندانيال غولمان هو أخصائي نفسي أمريكي من مواليد عام 1946 كان يكتب عن الدماغ وعلوم السلوك بشكل دوري في جريدة النيويورك تايمز وقد حقق كتابه هذا والذي نشر عام 1995 نجاحاً ساحقاً.. وتصدر لوائح الأكثر مبيعاً لفترة طويلة.يتحدث الكت...
  • Raya راية
    كتاب ممتع جداً ومفيد يوضّح أهمية المشاعر ودورها في حياتنا.وكيف تؤثر فيها و على اتخاذ قراراتنا و إدارة حياتنا ككل.
  • Wafaa Golden
    الذّكاء العاطفييتحدّث الكتاب عن كيفيّة التّحكّم بردّات الفعل العاطفيّة والانفعاليّة..أو ما هو تأثير ردّات الفعل تلك سواء كانت إيجابيّة أم سلبيّة..الكتاب جيّد جدّاً في موضوعه لا بل ممتاز..أعتقد أنّه من الضّروري أن يقرأه الجميع لما فيه من نصائح وقصص...
  • Kristl
    I had to read this book for a leadership academy I was in and I found this to be a surprisingly good experience.The book introduces and explains the concept of "emotional intelligence," which, since beginning to read the book, I see is so much more important than almost any other awareness one could have on a day-to-day basis personally and professionally.Don't be shocked, if, in describing the many levels of emotional intelligence or lack thereo...
  • Amir Tesla
    Recommended to: If you think you don't have a high IQ and thus, your are condemned to a mediocre life. What this book is about:The apostleship of the book is twofold, Firstly it is to convince you that EQ matters far more than IQ in achieving high levels of success and it does it perfectly through providing N+1 lengthy repetitive case studies.Second, it provides an almost accurate introduction to what EQ is, what elements contribute to a high EQ ...
  • عمر الحمادي
    "أي شخص يمكن أن يغضب ، هذا سهل ، لكن ما ليس سهلا هو أن تغضب من الشخص المناسب في الوقت المناسب للسبب المناسب وبالشكل المناسب" أرسطوعندما ضحى أبوين بحياتهما من أجل إنقاذ طفلتيهما عن طريق دفعها خارج نافذة القطار الذي سقط في النهر ، فإن علماء الارتقاء ال...
  • Jim
    There are some interesting things in the book, things that are hard to disagree with, such as emotional skills and self-knowledge are important. I think a lot of people who liked this book focused on that self-help aspect. I have no problem with that. My problems with this book stem from the wider claims Goleman makes for EQ as a mental function. Goleman bases this aspect of his theory on some whopping assumptions. The biggest one is the idea tha...
  • Mimi
    The subtitle "Why It Can Matter More Than IQ" is misleading. It should be "Why It MIGHT Matter More Than IQ (provided you're comparing people of similar age, education, background, career, aspiration, social economic status, race, ethnicity, gender, and so on and so forth)."The group that was looked at in this book was executives, and what the author found was that the thing that set these people apart from their peers and others vying for the sa...
  • imane
    ان الغضب يجعل الشخص غبيا. عندما يضطرب الشخص عاطفيا يفقد القدرة على التصرف بطريقة صحيحة وعلى اتخاد القرارات السليمة. ان الذكاء الاجتماعي والذكاء العاطفي هو سر نجاح الفرد سواء في حياته الخاصة مع اسرته او في عمله. القدرة على التكيف والتناغم مع مشاعر ا...
  • Katja
    Emotional Intelligence produced such conflicting feelings in me that I am torn as to what to write about it. For the most part, it is well-written, intelligent and compelling. The messages are simple yet profound, and I have to agree that the importance of social and emotional skills can’t be understated. On some level I think Daniel Goleman and I think in much the same way, and even though the book is 15 years old now, on the whole it is as ap...
  • Mahmut Homsi
    I think the best part of the book is when he explained about the five major components of the emotional intelligence as:1. Self-awareness: Recognize and understand your own moods and motivations and their effect on others. To achieve this state, you must be able to monitor your own emotional state and identify your own emotions. Emotional Maturity in this trait shows:-Confidence-Sense of humor (can laugh at self)-Aware of your impression on other...
  • Thomas
    A great book that delves into the science behind emotional intelligence, the components that comprise the trait, and the practical applications of possessing EI. While I knew a decent amount of the information beforehand as a Psychology student, several points stood out to me, such as the explanation of child molesters' mindsets, the idea that abused children gain heightened emotional perceptiveness, and almost all of the brain-related informatio...
  • Alok Mishra
    The book is informative and it can certainly be enjoyed by the readers - serious as well as casual page-flippers. The book has a lot of useful information for the first category readers and a number of interesting facts for the second category readers. I read it somewhere in-between and was delighted as well as informed.
  • Paul Fulcher
    A difficult book to review and my 2 stars are an honest reflection on what I gained personally from reading the book, rather than what the world gained from the book having been written.This was clearly a groundbreaking and seminal work, particularly in bringing the important topic of emotional intelligence to a wide audience. However, that doesn't necessarily make it a worthwhile read 20 years later, particularly for those in search of practical...
  • Huda
    الكتاب جميل وناقش الموضوع بتحليل مفصل ودراسات وتفرع الى كل المواضيع المرتبطة فيه اللي ممكن تخطر على بالك.. تفاجأت من ارتباط هالموضوع بحياتنا اليومية وانفعالاتنا وردود أفعالنا من الصغر بالضبط من عمر شهور لمن نحس بالتعاطف او الشفقة مع الأطفال الآخر...
  • Lyn Elliott
    I read this years ago - the reading date of 2004 is entirely arbitrary and I'm writing this at the end of 2015.I remember the essential messages vividly, especially his discussion of why emotional thresholds differ, and the importance of counting to 10 to let the rational brain kick in over the primitive amygdala response. A good deep breath goes a long way.I love the concept of emotional intelligence - very useful in dealing with others.
  • Γιώργος Κατσούλας
    Αν και κάπως δημοσιοσχεσιτικο (δηλαδή σου λέει πως μπορείς να τα έχεις καλά με προϊσταμένους διευθυντές συναδελφους) είναι πολύ ενδιαφέρον
  • Stevie
    Insightful book on the importance of relating well with others and being in tune with one's emotions.Poignant Quotes:...childhood and adolescence are critical windows of opportunity for setting down the essential emotional habits that will govern our lives....social intelligence is both distinct from academic abilities and a key part of what makes people do well in the practicalities of life.social competence - how well or poorly people express t...
  • Lize
    When I first read this book in 1995--the year it was published--it was required reading for my job in human resources consulting, and I found it amazing and insightful. Fifteen years later it still has some good things to say, but knowing how we've not only ignored Goleman's advice but actually run in the opposite direction (empathy, anyone?) it just made me sad. The book concerns itself with a key set of characteristics he calls 'emotional intel...
  • Mon Maryum
    Firstly, I don't agree with the title of the book. One shouldn't matter more than the other but rather, there needs to be a balance of IQ, EQ and CQ. We need every aspect of intelligence and not just have a push-pull relationship like 'This is important but oh, this matters less that THAT intelligence". Most of the contents in the books seemed unnecessary to me. It is mainly the author just rambling on and on about all the stories he heard in all...
  • Wendy Yu
    The funny thing about reading old seminal books that have already made their point is that your natural attitude toward their genius society-shaking discoveries is "duh" Emotions are important. duh.Emotional competence is a better predictor of success than intelligence. duh!Once you recognize your emotions, they lose their power, as you are more able to manage with reason. duh! duh!Anger works like Super Mario Bros., triggering events in quick su...
  • Fatima abuzaied
    ربما ما ينقصنا في هذا العالم المعقد القدرة على السيطرة على انفعالاتنا ... يتكلم جولمان في كتابه عن علاقة الذكاء وعدمه وفي التاثير على انفعالاتنا ... يربط ذلك فسيولوجيا دماغ الانسان ...فقد اثبت علميا ان الكثير من الاذكياء دراسيا هم اغبياء اجتماعيا... عل...
  • Patve
    Un excelente aporte a la educación. Un libro que todo profesor debería leer