Julián Is a Mermaid by Jessica Love

Julián Is a Mermaid

In an exuberant picture book, a glimpse of costumed mermaids leaves one boy flooded with wonder and ready to dazzle the world.While riding the subway home from the pool with his abuela one day, Julián notices three women spectacularly dressed up. Their hair billows in brilliant hues, their dresses end in fishtails, and their joy fills the train car. When Julián gets home, daydreaming of the magic he’s seen, all he can think about is dressing ...

Details Julián Is a Mermaid

TitleJulián Is a Mermaid
Release DateMay 22nd, 2018
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Lgbt, Favorites

Reviews Julián Is a Mermaid

  • Betsy
    When you walk into another person’s home, there’s always a distinct smell to the place. Homes absorb the lives of their occupants, and the end result is as much an olfactory experience a visual one. I love it when a friend moves house because when I walk into their new home it smells just like their previous place of occupancy, with just a twinge of difference. It is this experience of walking into a house and being overwhelmed by the sense o...
  • Monica Edinger
    What Betsy said. http://blogs.slj.com/afuse8production... (Can't imagine anything beating this for the 2019 Caldecott.)
  • Kari Percival
    Swimming in the pool with his Abuela and her friends during aquatic aerobics, Julian dreams of being a mermaid among mermaids. On the subway, seeing women dressed up on their way to Coney Island's Mermaid Parade, he is inspired to dress up like a mermaid when he gets home, improvising with his Abuela's curtains and plants. Will Abuela be angry? In that magical way that only grandmas sometimes can, she SEES him, and in the moment, choses what is i...
  • Beth
    Prediction: 2019 Caldecott winner
  • Caitlyn
    The sweetest book.
  • Mrs. Krajewski
    Love love love Julián and his abuela! Promotes the importance of acceptance. Gorgeous illustrations.
  • Asia
    Beautiful illustrations and sweet reaffirming story about curiosity, identity, and love.
  • Taylor
    Love. Love. Love.Jess Love is the consummate artist - a talented storyteller, illustrator and actress. I had the rare pleasure of reading a final proof of this book, and could not have been any more blown away by her talent. Love has crafted a story that every child (and parent) should read; it celebrates individuality with a unique take that can only be found in NYC. Long story short, you should run out and buy this beautiful book for the child ...
  • Stephanie
    Love everything about this book. An Afro Latinx protagonist. An Afro Latinx protagonist who knows he's a mermaid. An Afro Latinx protagonist who knows he's a mermaid and has an affirming abuela. Love love love. And lovely illustrations to boot.
  • Jillian Heise
    Stunning. On so many levels. Beautifully full of heart and acceptance and family and love and joy. I could pour over these illustrations over and over and never tire of it.
  • Linda
    On the subway home with his abuela, sweet Julian notices three very dressed up, classy ladies. He loves them, wants to "be" them, and creates a way at home for his own outfit: a periwinkle curtain for his tail, the fronds of a potted fern for his headdress. What will Abuela think of the grab of the curtain and parts of the plant? Tension mounts as there is another question: What will she think when she sees "how" Julian wants to "be". It's a shor...
  • Katy
    I absolutely could not love this book more. The art is gorgeous beyond belief and the whole book simply immerses you in the feelings of Julian and his world. There are a couple of two-page spreads in this that are just jaw-dropping. The facial expressions on Julian as he first worries he's done something wrong by breaking the mold and then is accepted by his grandmother for who he is is just makes your heart skip a beat.
  • Lauren
    Gorgeous illustrations and a simple text story about a boy who loves mermaids. For what it contained, it was definitely 5 Stars but I would have liked more text and more of a story considering the subject. But it’s a really sweet, gentle example of gender fluidity (possibly?). That isn’t clearly stated but that’s my taking based on the illustrations.
  • Victoria
    Gorgeous, fluid illustration; gorgeous, fluid Julián; wise grandmother; mermaids on parade; a celebration of uniqueness. Jessica Love has created a children's book worthy of a sky full of stars but five will do.
  • Bethwyn (Butterfly Elephant Books)
    Review to come! ^_^
  • Kristin
    Beautiful illustrations help tell the story of family and acceptance.
  • Ireadkidsbooks
    Surprised by three costumed mermaids in his train car one afternoon, Julián's imagination pours forth to lead him on his own underwater adventures. Once Julián and his Abuela return home, Julián finds palm fronds and draping fabric to transform himself into one of the sea creatures that had transfixed him. When Abuela finds Julián dressed up, his vulnerability is palpable. Yet Abuela sees and honors Julián for all he is, taking him by the ha...