Extinction End (The Extinction Cycle, #5) by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Extinction End (The Extinction Cycle, #5)

Hope rises in the hearts of those still left standing, but safety seems to be just an illusion. In a single night of shattering terror, Plum Island is destroyed, and key scientist Dr. Kate Lovato is abducted.The end has arrived...Almost seven weeks have passed since the Hemorrhage Virus ravaged the world. The remnants of the United States military have regrouped and relocated Central Command to the George Washington Carrier Strike Group. It's her...

Details Extinction End (The Extinction Cycle, #5)

TitleExtinction End (The Extinction Cycle, #5)
Release DateFeb 29th, 2016
PublisherAmazon Digital Services
Number of pages450 pages
GenreHorror, Science Fiction, Zombies, War, Military, Fiction, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic

Reviews Extinction End (The Extinction Cycle, #5)

  • Willow Brooks
    I will never, ever, EVER forget this series. With every victory, I cheered. With every loss, my heart ached. I had the strong urge to email this Mr. Nicholas and give him a piece of my mind, but that's not lady like. Anyway, I loved Apollo. He was my favorite character in this series. How can a character without words have one of the biggest impacts on the tone of a story as serious as Extinction? Because it was the best dern dog ever written int...
  • RedemptionDenied
    After the incursion on Plum Island by the Variants and the human collaborators: Kate, Meg, Tasha, Jenny, Donna, Bo and other survivors are taken back to Manhattan by their captors. The Alpha Variant: known as The Bone Collector is leading them back to their lair.The remnants of Team Ghost: Beckham, Horn and Fitz (Chow is recovering after he got maimed trying to capture a Juvenile Variant back in New York), and what's left of the Variant Hunters; ...
  • Nikki
    I’ve been sitting on this review for a while because I really just wasn’t sure where to begin. This series had me feeling so many things and it all came to a head in the final installment. Hope, loss, anger, betrayal, it’s all there. I honestly have to admit to almost crying more than once (I’m not a crier so this is something for me). In the final installment we really get to see what the different characters are made of, and it’s not ...
  • Cheryl
    The end of a super seriesI had very mixed feelings as I started reading EXTINCTION END, the final book in the five-part EXTINCTION series. Author Nick Smith brought the characters in these books to life. I felt like I got to know and love (and hate) them.Reed and Kate and all the Variant hunting crew felt like family. And how do you just say goodbye to family at the end of the book?I still feel that way but I wouldn't have missed this slam-it-out...
  • Michael Hicks
    You’d think after five books, the Extinction Cycle might start to get a bit stale. Somehow, though, Nicholas Sansbury Smith has managed to keep this series rocking and rolling, presenting a cross-genre affair that continues to impress and excite.I’ve really appreciated the way Smith continues to up the ante, transforming the Variant threat into a global crises that only grows more and more complicated. The elements involved in crafting an Ext...
  • Yvonne
    Well, I was hoping for something different, but it was more of the same. That's not bad, but with this being the last book of the series I was looking for a bigger, more hopeful ending. I may have reached my zombie limit.
  • Michael Flanagan
    With more twists and turns then any hard-core roller coaster fan could handle Nicholas Sansbury Smith again demonstrates why he is one of the most exciting new kids on the block. This latest edition to the Extinction Cycle starts off at a blistering pace and keeps it up to the very end.This book has it all action, thrills, horror, suspense, heartbreak, hope, desperation, friendship and love. These are all mixed together to deliver a perfect story...
  • Geoff
    If Goodreads had 10 stars out of five, I would use that rating. I can't begin to tell you all how much I love this series. It's pretty much perfect military post-apocalyptic horror.I was worried the author wouldn't be able to end it well enough to match the ultra-quality of the previous four books, but I was wrong. This is perfect. Absolutely perfect.Do not miss out on this series.
  • Aletia
    The end does not come swift, or silentlyI expected the end to come sooner than it did. Just like he does, you think things are going along fine, and then BAM, let's have a little more action. I am mostly happy with the ending. Hopefully there will be another story, showing us this new world.
  • Anita Nasceif Willman
    Actually found Nicholas's Extinction series by accident as I was browsing sci-fi titles. I would shout if I thought you could hear me, but Nicholas is one of my favorite writers to date, and I have been an avid reader for over 50+ years. All of his books have you on the edge of your seat as his characters come to life, battling freaky monsters or humans turned traitor, trying to save the world. Then there is Apollo, man's/woman's best friend. I'm...
  • Amanda J Spedding
    Brilliant. Just brilliant. Was in that terribly good place where you're reading quickly to see how it ends, but forcing yourself to slow because you don't want it to. Very much looking forward to see where Book 6 takes me.Full review to come.
  • Erik Dabel
    Book 5 of the series. Chugging along. Same review:Good read. Interesting twist on the popular subject, bringing some science into the zombie apocalypse genre. I've already read the second book, and have just started the third. These books are a quick and entertaining read, and would probably make a great movie series.I'd give it 4 stars, but at times it reads like a video game with a good plot but lacking in quality dialogue, and at other times i...
  • Curpenen Robin
    Eversince I've started this series, I've never been let down by the twists, emotions emanating from the author's writing. Simply put, that now i am a huge fan of the author. I definitely recommend this series.
  • Kevin C
    Well I have just finished devouring this five (soon to be six) book series and I'm deeply bummed. I so thoroughly enjoyed each book that I'm going have severe withdrawl until the sixth book is released in a few weeks. There really isn't much I can say about this book as a separate entity because it really is just the final chapter in a really long and extremely entertaining story. While it is primarily a science fiction story, the events that st...
  • Joanne
    It felt like I was waiting for this book for years. As soon as I got up this morning, I checked my Kindle and there it was. I haven't moved since the moment I opened the book and began to read.This book is utterly FANTASTIC! I hate using capital letters and exclamation points, but this is a situation that calls for them. This book picks up right where the last one left off and from the first page it's almost non-stop action. And not action just f...
  • AudioBookReviewer
    My original Extinction End audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.The Hemorrhage Virus, created by doctors of the military hoping to create the perfect soldier, is still a deadly threat but now the variants have morphed and become more deadly over the last seven weeks.  Dr. Kate Levado and her colleague, Ellis, have tried to save the world only to discover that the variants are morphing to fit their environments and ...
  • Ken
    Extinction End (The Extinction Cycle Book #5) by Nicholas Sansbury Smith is the fitting conclusion to Smith’s account of the zombie apocalypse and the scientists and soldiers who fought against all odds to bring back the human race. “Sometimes, in order to kill a monster, you will have to create one.” Every time a new biological weapon is developed to kill the Variants, it fails. All attempts to capture a specimen just results in more casua...
  • Monique
    This novel was good, that's it. I really enjoyed certain portions of the novel but other portions annoyed me. The plot was typical of his other books, very heavy on the military and their ability to complete almost impossible mission with minimal causalities. The science in this novel was discovered last minute which enables the heroes to save the day. The characterization was good, I liked how there was a nice blend of male and female characters...
  • Suleika Santana -All About Books
    I absolutely loved this series and I am sad to see it end. The last book was great and I liked it but...The reason why I am not rating this book 5 stars it's because I found myself mad about things that happened in the story (really mad). I wondered why the author decided to do some things that made me mad, I guess because this was the last book I was expecting it to be a little more hopeful. At 85% of the story I had to close the book and take a...
  • Hans P Melius
    Variant ExterminationThe war to rid the United States and eventually the World, is at hand. Will Kryptonite and Earthfall take out the original Variants as promised? And if so, how will we defeat the genetically different and superior offspring? Read on to find out! What a wild ride this series has been! I'm looking forward to reading what happens in 'Aftermath'.
  • Karen
    I love this series and am very happy with the way things have played out in this last entry in the main story. The writing has just gotten better and better from book to book.The characters were already well done but have also seemed to gain more depth and emotion as things have progressed throughout. The language never caused the story to drag either through dialogue or descriptions. The action was just that, action packed and engrossing. The mo...
  • Christopher
    The Zombie war in America comes to a moderately satisfying end.This really isn't the zombie war in America so much as it's the Zombie war in New York City, Atlanta, and a little bit around Washington DC. Despite the GLOBAL population being reduced to maybe 5 million people and (we're repeatedly told) nearly every military installation being completely overrun, the command and control of the American military remains remarkably intact. As the book...
  • Loretta
    Extinction End is a most outstanding ending to one of the most amazing series I have read. The final book in the series certainly did not disappoint. In fact it defied all my expectations and ended in a bang. I am sad to see the series end as it has been a most amazing whirlwind of a journey. I have become so attached to the characters. I will miss Beckham, Kate, Fitz, Big Horn, Davis and of course Apollo. These characters have taken me on many a...
  • Nathan Yokoyama
    I could not wait to read the final conclusion of the Extinction Cycle series. I loved Extinction End! The author's storytelling keeps on getting better and better. Rather than get burdened down by blow by blow military maneuvers (which I don't enjoy) or science that tries to explain things to the nth degree, the author has created a very enjoyable, fictional world that revolves around the characters and their struggles with a man made virus that ...
  • Kathi Kelley
    I had mixed feelings about reading the last book in the this incredible series. Nick Smith brought this series to life through his creative, fast-paced story telling and excellent character development. Each book got better and better, major characters became three dimensional and Mr. Smith built a believable world with characters that became family to me. It's just hard to let go and frankly I found some passages difficult to read, very emotiona...
  • Idiotsguide
    Massacre Marines, Rinse and Repeat:I have just completed all FIVE books in this series. (audiobooks)I kind of enjoyed but..... 1) Firstly it should not have been five books. Three books and this would have been great, but it got quite repetitive at times. It is obvious that the author set out to write five books but the story or characters are not strong enough to carry this through. 2) In order to string out the story the mutations of the "Varia...
  • Kimm Reilly
    The end is hereThe stunning conclusion to the Extinction Cycle gives its readers all we could ask for and more. In the fight to deploy Kryptonite and find away to reclaim cities from the offspring not everyone makes it out whole and many don't make it out alive. There were several points long the way that broke my heart and made me walk away from the story before I could continue on. I've never cried reading a "zombie book" but I'll be damned if ...
  • Sabrina
    What a magnificent ending to an epic series! Nicholas Sansbury Smith has a firm place on my list of authors to follow (and read everything they've written).This fifth and final (hopefully not) book in the 'Extinction Cycle' series was another breathless treat. As extinction of the human race grows closer, the weapon that Dr. Kate Lovato has created to wipe out the Variants (and save the human race) is almost ready. The plans to implement it are c...
  • Laurel
    I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.Phew! This book was a tough ride. But in a very good way. I think part of it is that, going in, one knows this is the final book of the series and one BADLY wants things to work out well, but seriously, THE. CHAOS. DOES. NOT. STOP!!!!! I could swear that Smith threw everything (else) he could think of at Team Ghost and the Variant Hunters within the pages of this book. And there a...
  • Kathy Ann'tie
    What a great series! I hate spoilers so I hope not to do that here. Nicholas Sansbury Smith has told a remarkable story about the human fight against amazing odds. The ending of Extinction Cycle was full of action. I always want happy endings but the author wouldn't be doing us justice if everything ended wonderfully. I would like to say that every one of the characters that I have come to love will survive to the end but some will sacrifice thei...