Extinction End (The Extinction Cycle, #5) by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Extinction End (The Extinction Cycle, #5)

Hope rises in the hearts of those still left standing, but safety seems to be just an illusion. In a single night of shattering terror, Plum Island is destroyed, and key scientist Dr. Kate Lovato is abducted.The end has arrived...Almost seven weeks have passed since the Hemorrhage Virus ravaged the world. The remnants of the United States military have regrouped and relocated Central Command to the George Washington Carrier Strike Group. It's her...

Details Extinction End (The Extinction Cycle, #5)

TitleExtinction End (The Extinction Cycle, #5)
Release DateFeb 29th, 2016
PublisherAmazon Digital Services
GenreHorror, Zombies, Science Fiction, Fiction, War, Military Fiction, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic

Reviews Extinction End (The Extinction Cycle, #5)

  • RedemptionDenied
    After the incursion on Plum Island by the Variants and the human collaborators: Kate, Meg, Tasha, Jenny, Donna, Bo and other survivors are taken back to Manhattan by their captors. The Alpha Variant: known as The Bone Collector is leading them back to their lair.The remnants of Team Ghost: Beckham, Horn and Fitz (Chow is recovering after he got maimed trying to capture a Juvenile Variant back in New York), and what's left of the Variant Hunters; ...
  • Willow Brooks
    I will never, ever, EVER forget this series. With every victory, I cheered. With every loss, my heart ached. I had the strong urge to email this Mr. Nicholas and give him a piece of my mind, but that's not lady like. Anyway, I loved Apollo. He was my favorite character in this series. How can a character without words have one of the biggest impacts on the tone of a story as serious as Extinction? Because it was the best dern dog ever written int...
  • Nikki
    I’ve been sitting on this review for a while because I really just wasn’t sure where to begin. This series had me feeling so many things and it all came to a head in the final installment. Hope, loss, anger, betrayal, it’s all there. I honestly have to admit to almost crying more than once (I’m not a crier so this is something for me). In the final installment we really get to see what the different characters are made of, and it’s not ...
  • Cheryl
    The end of a super seriesI had very mixed feelings as I started reading EXTINCTION END, the final book in the five-part EXTINCTION series. Author Nick Smith brought the characters in these books to life. I felt like I got to know and love (and hate) them.Reed and Kate and all the Variant hunting crew felt like family. And how do you just say goodbye to family at the end of the book?I still feel that way but I wouldn't have missed this slam-it-out...
  • Michael Hicks
    You’d think after five books, the Extinction Cycle might start to get a bit stale. Somehow, though, Nicholas Sansbury Smith has managed to keep this series rocking and rolling, presenting a cross-genre affair that continues to impress and excite.I’ve really appreciated the way Smith continues to up the ante, transforming the Variant threat into a global crises that only grows more and more complicated. The elements involved in crafting an Ext...
  • Yvonne
    Well, I was hoping for something different, but it was more of the same. That's not bad, but with this being the last book of the series I was looking for a bigger, more hopeful ending. I may have reached my zombie limit.
  • BookLoversLife
    I have started this review many times but wasn't able to formulate the words that I wanted to say, not because this was bad, but because it was exceptional and the words I wanted to say weren't enough. This book, and indeed the whole series, has been phenomenal. So Kate, Meg, Tasha, Jenny and a few other islanders were taken by the variants and their collaborators back to the lair of the Bone Collector. Beckham and team Ghost (well what's left of...
  • Michael Flanagan
    With more twists and turns then any hard-core roller coaster fan could handle Nicholas Sansbury Smith again demonstrates why he is one of the most exciting new kids on the block. This latest edition to the Extinction Cycle starts off at a blistering pace and keeps it up to the very end.This book has it all action, thrills, horror, suspense, heartbreak, hope, desperation, friendship and love. These are all mixed together to deliver a perfect story...
  • Geoff
    If Goodreads had 10 stars out of five, I would use that rating. I can't begin to tell you all how much I love this series. It's pretty much perfect military post-apocalyptic horror.I was worried the author wouldn't be able to end it well enough to match the ultra-quality of the previous four books, but I was wrong. This is perfect. Absolutely perfect.Do not miss out on this series.
  • Aletia
    The end does not come swift, or silentlyI expected the end to come sooner than it did. Just like he does, you think things are going along fine, and then BAM, let's have a little more action. I am mostly happy with the ending. Hopefully there will be another story, showing us this new world.
  • Soo
    Mini-Review:Solid series. I'll take that. I really like how Smith makes you think that everything is totally freaking awful and yet it doesn't turn out that way every time. The way he weaves in hope is great. There are definite themes that recur within the plot and characters. I'm okay with that. It shows how similar events can be despite happening at different times and with different people. Just when I thought the rest of the original crew wou...
  • Jenny Jo Weir
    Heck to the yeah! Nicholas does it again. This man does not disappoint. I am unable to convey the awesomeness of these books. If you want action, suspense and great characters, read this series!!!
  • Kate
    Seven weeks into the end of the world, and the action is still going strong!!! Some new characters-LOVE Davis, and those darn Variants are getting trickier and trickier. This series is really epic-all the books are smashing!
  • Anita
    Actually found Nicholas's Extinction series by accident as I was browsing sci-fi titles. I would shout if I thought you could hear me, but Nicholas is one of my favorite writers to date, and I have been an avid reader for over 50+ years. All of his books have you on the edge of your seat as his characters come to life, battling freaky monsters or humans turned traitor, trying to save the world. Then there is Apollo, man's/woman's best friend. I'm...
  • Amanda J Spedding
    Brilliant. Just brilliant. Was in that terribly good place where you're reading quickly to see how it ends, but forcing yourself to slow because you don't want it to. Very much looking forward to see where Book 6 takes me.Full review to come.
  • Melissa Levine
    I could have seen the series end here. Obviously, it's a good one, but (I'm stating this prior to reading/listening book 6), I think it would have been better just sticking with what was going on in the US since the mention of other countries is minor throughout this series. Story:There's a part when everyone is out in the streets, the good guys are shooting at the Varients, while the civilians cower in fear (essentially). Reed ends up spotting K...
  • Banshee
    This novel follows Team Ghost as they rescue the Plum Island survivors from the Variants and the final military attack against the Variants and the Juveniles. There is a bioweapon that will kill over 99% of the Variants but the Juveniles are resistant. So military teams are being sent deep into the major Juvenile’s lairs with a dirty bomb. Team Ghost is sent to Washington and one of the highest concentration of enemies. This novel was so over t...
  • Gabe Detweiler
    When i was reading this book it made me feel as if I was there in the moment. The Author Nicholas Sansbury Smith does a really good job at making the reader feel as if they were there with the characters throughout this book. At the beginning of the book the one of the main characters master Sargent Reed Beckingham goes on a mission against orders from his superiors to rescue his kidnapped friends. But during this rescue Beckingham and his team f...
  • Erik Dabel
    Book 5 of the series. Chugging along. Same review:Good read. Interesting twist on the popular subject, bringing some science into the zombie apocalypse genre. I've already read the second book, and have just started the third. These books are a quick and entertaining read, and would probably make a great movie series.I'd give it 4 stars, but at times it reads like a video game with a good plot but lacking in quality dialogue, and at other times i...
  • Amy
    True to its name, this book was the official end to the Extinction series. The author kindly added a note at the end letting readers know he may or may not continue the series, but that Team Ghost needed some R&R. If I'd been on the Sansbury train at the time the book was released, that would have ticked me off but since I knew there was another book it was okay. The book gives readers a relatively tidy end to the story, but as can be expected in...
  • Lisa
    Awesome end that I'm glad isn't the actual end! Every book in this series ramps up the pressure and this one is no exception. While we can finally see an end in sight for American, not everyone sees the same end being the right one and no matter what choice is made people are going to die. Master Sergeant Reed Beckham and the Ghosts once again jump into the fire for those they love and the country they swore to defend, but not everyone is gonna m...
  • Mary Hartshorn
    Wow! What a great way to lead into Fitz's stories! Fitz is an incredible Marine, who despite losing his legs in a battle before has not let this stop him. If anything this has made him even stronger and better than he ever was. I look forward to reading his story in the next installments. I highly recommend this series!!!
  • Brad Marsh
    This fifth book in the series grabbed hold of me, sucked me in, and didn't let go or give me time to catch my breath from the first chapter. I am sincerely hopeful we will all get to visit with team ghost again in the future.
  • Todd Gers
    Book 5 started right where Book 4 left off and the action was virtually non-stop. This book and series does not disappoint. I want to thank the author for including a nice epilogue. After following these characters through the series it is nice to get s glimpse to the after.
  • Michael Blumenthal
    What an awesome journey so far. This book does a great job of bringing closure to the current storyline while leaving it open for more in the future. This series is fantastic, with great adventure and character development.
  • Anita L. Peterson
    Best series in a longtimeThe first book about VX-99 and Lt. Brett was interesting but it didn't hook me. The rest of the series kept getting better and I didn't want it to end. Don't want to give much away but this series is a great read.
  • Frank
    SpellbindingI am captivated by the way this author keeps every book, every line, and every chapter something that I number for.
  • Felix
    Can team ghost stop a nuke from killing human kind along with the Variant army? Non-stop action!
  • karl wass
    What a journey ....The best set of novels I have ever had the pleasure of reading . Marvelous characters and relentless pace , cannot recommend highly enough , sublime .
  • Susan Day
    Non-Stop ActionThe remains of the military charge into battle to take back the U. S. from the mutant Variants. A great series.