The Boy and the Blue Moon by Sara O'Leary

The Boy and the Blue Moon

On the night of a blue moon, a boy and his cat set out for a walk and find themselves on a magical adventure. Together they travel through fields of flowers, forests of towering trees, and lakes of deep dark blue. Flying through starry blue skies, they reach the blue moon. But the blue planet, Earth, calls the explorers home. Safely back in bed, the boy wonders―was it only a dream?

Details The Boy and the Blue Moon

TitleThe Boy and the Blue Moon
Release DateFeb 13th, 2018
PublisherHenry Holt
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Animals, Cats, Fantasy

Reviews The Boy and the Blue Moon

  • Barbara
    Although blue moons aren't as rare as one might be led to believe, they are somewhat unusual, and when they occur, there is a feeling of something special and all sorts of possibilities swirling in the air. In this picture book, the moon and many of the scenes are actually awash in blue as the illustrator has added blue inks to the images with a water brush pen as well as gouache, graphite sticks, pastels, colored pencils, and Adobe Photoshop, th...
  • Edward Sullivan
    An appealing magical adventure story with lovely, dreamy illustrations.
  • Michelle (FabBookReviews)
    3.5 stars"The cat and his boy walked through the bluebells toward the forest. A hundred thousand tiny bells were ringing out a song that no one had ever heard before."Picture book enthusiasts might recognize Sara O'Leary's name immediately- she is the Canadian author behind the brilliant children's titles This Is Sadie , When I Was Small (illustrated by Julie Morstad), and A Family Is a Family Is a Family (illustrated by Qin Leng). O'Leary has t...
  • Ris
    The illustrations by Ashley Crowley really carried this book for me. Picture book illustrators are unsung heroes. Her art was simply breathtaking and enchanting, and I was paying much more attention to the individual details in her images than I was to the story itself. The story was cute, but overall unimaginative. Blue moons aren't exceedingly rare, but they're uncommon enough to be inspiring, to make one feel as though something amazing is goi...
  • Christina Carter
    The night air breathed a wondrous sound as "A hundred thousand tiny bells were ringing out a song that no one had ever heard before," beckoning a boy and his cat as they venture off into the forest on one irresistibly enchanting evening.The Boy and the Blue Moon takes the reader on a magnificent journey with a curious boy and his cat that is completely magical. I was in every way enamored by the brilliant blues used by illustrator Ashley Crowley....
  • Jana
    Because a blue moon is so special, it inspires a lot of imaginative stories. Anything can happen when there's a blue moon in the sky. With beautiful illustrations rendered in blue ink, the author takes us on an evening stroll with a young boy and his cat. As the two walk together through the woods they find a lake, another blue moon in the lake, and before too long they're on the moon itself. The boy is thrilled for this amazing adventure, but he...
  • Amber Webb
    The Boy and the Blue Moon by Sara O'Leary was a story of many children's dreams. On the night of a great blue moon a boy and his cat go on an adventure and end up on the moon. Wishes that come true aren't always what you expected and before long, they are wishing to come home. The illustrations of Blue Moon are spectacular and really allow you to feel the story on a different level. This would be an excellent book to share when classrooms are lea...
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    O’Leary, Sara The Boy and the Blue Moon. PICTURE BOOK. Godwin Books (Henry Holt) (Macmillan), 2018. $18. 9781627797740A boy and his cat go outside during a winters blue moon. They hear magical music, find a new lake, and even travel to the moon. Filled with blue and white illustrations. This was an odd book that I probably wouldn’t add to my library. This feels like a dream the author had, sort of personal and mystical. I think that most youn...
  • Maureen Agnes
    The story was lacking for me, but the artwork was simply magical. The porch lights, moon, stars, etc. really mimicked glowing lights. The swirling motions of the boy and the cat when they were playing gave it the illusion they were really moving. I would say this is a must buy and a favorite just for the artwork alone. The story I felt was more complicated then it needed to be.
  • Pam
    The illustrations are lovely and bring the text to life. The boy heads out to explore the forest under the blue moon. He makes a wish and ends up on the moon with his cat. After a while, he realizes he's lonely and returns home to wake up in his bed.Magical scenery in shades of blue enhance the joy of imagination shared in the story.
  • Mary Librarian
    A true play on the once in a blue moon phrase. Here a boy goes out during a blue moon and discovers there is magic afoot. Love the various shades of blue used on the page against the red clothing in the later pages and the cat companion is sweet.
  • Desiree
    The author's use of imagination and play while talking about the book is wonderful. The illustrations draw you into the story and makes the reader feel like they are on a journey to the moon as well. How perfect is it that I'm reading it during our second month of blue moons!
  • Vicki
    A different type of book to be sure, is it a dream or real?Hues of blue once is a blue moon - a boy and cat explore a dream world or is it.Book cover is different from the jacket. Interesting endpapers.
  • Cindy Dobrez
    Favorite line: "...somewhere high in the branches, something was singing. It might have been birds or it might have been dragons." The blue palette and the mysterious blue moon work together to support this creative fantasy adventure.
  • Alice Ball
    A magical nighttime journey for a young boy and his cat. Illustrations make you feel like you are floating, as in a soft dream.
  • Shana
    A very sweet story. Perfect for bedtime!
  • Carrie Gelson
    So very lovely.
  • Jennifer
  • Sara Ahmed
    I have to admit, The only thing I really liked about this book is all the blue that was used. Possibly because blue is my favorite color
  • Jaime
    Beautiful illustrations. Love the blue and the little splashes of red. I also love the illustrations of Earth. Gorgeous.
  • Michele Knott
    A quiet, beautiful book that celebrates imagination.
  • Krysta
    Lovely illustrations, though I don't find the story particularly remarkable.
  • Lynn
    Lyrical text and imaginative unusual illustrations make for a dreamy story.
  • Bella
    There is a cat
  • Kevin Summers
    Sample quote: "'On the night of the blue moon, anything can happen,' said the boy."
  • Annie Young
    Gorgeous art and a sweet story.
  • Meagan Myhren-bennett
    Cute story about the magic of the blue moon and imagination (could it be a dream?)The soft blue of the illustrations make for a soothing picture book perfect for bedtime reading.
  • Rebecca Caufman
    The illustrations are fantastic with all the blues and whites with a pop of red. The story is ok and a bit confusing. I wish they would have told more about blue moons.
  • Alisha
    This was a cute read. I read this for my son's reading time.
  • Elizabeth
    Really beautiful illustrations and a cute, quiet story.